Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gang wars

All right, that's it. I have decided to confess everything about my gang in school.

There were two gangs in my class. If you drew a line right through the middle of the classroom floor, all those sitting to the left of the teacher were in my gang, and those on the right of the teacher were under the Other Gangleader -- let's call him OG here.

We were both referred to as 'Bhai' (brother).
Both of us had a right-hand henchperson each. Mine was a guy, his was a girl. All new students were given the option of joining either gang. Of course, there were people who did not want to be part of either gang initially, but soon they gave up and had to pick one. And the protection. For the perks.

The set of gang rules were the same for OG's and mine. Here are some of the rules (whatever I can remember now) that every gang member had to swear by:

- Thou shalt not help a member of the other gang with homework.
- Thou shalt not sit next to a member of the other gang, in the classroom or in the school bus.
- Thou shalt not even dream of sharing thy lunch with a member of the other gang.
- Thou shalt try everything in thy power to induct new students who join the class into thy gang.
- Thou shalt not nudge a sleeping member of the other gang in the Hindi class when the teacher spots him/her. In fact, thou shalt do all thee can to make the sleeping person more conspicuous to the teacher.
- Thou shalt not talk to a member of the other gang, except during inter-gang meetings, held for the sole purpose of sorting out problems in a peaceful manner.
- Thou shalt never smile at a member of the other gang.
- Thou shalt, by hook or crook, take revenge on any teacher who punishes a member of thy gang.
- Thou shalt always pick up a fight with seniors who take panga with members of thy gang.

Life was going on. Everyone was happy. But destiny had other plans. One fine day, my moronic henchman woke up and fell in love with OG's henchgirl. And the moronic henchgirl liked him back! That was it -- all hell broke loose. OG and I could not control the other members of the gang as they questioned our lack of authority and control over our own henchpeople. All members started breaking rules. Finally, OG and I, united due to our common situation, sat down and had a long long discussion. On some level, for the first time, we connected. And the two 17-year-olds made a serious decision. A merger. With joint ownership.

The two gangs became one.

Everyone became friends!

And that's how things stopped being fun.


Anonymous said...

U were a dada (big brother)?

cough cough.

I must say, your fictional writings skills are quite superb.

Sounds like something out of a bollywood movie.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!! Salaam Bhai ;)
Never realized you were a gangleader like in 'Josh'..hmmm..better not take panga with u :)

Sayesha said...

Sahil bhai,
Bahut uchhal raha hai aaj kal? Bhejoon kya tere naam ki supari? :D

Seriously, it all seems so utterly ridiculous now. I can't believe how seriously I used to take the gang thing back then.

Anonymous said...

Sayesha ji...dada...bhai. If this is true, I've got some new found respect for you!

that's way cool - dont ever call leading a gang, let alone being in a gang ridiculous again!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...about blogging itself - dont you think sometimes you've stopped writing for yourself and started writing for other...

Anonymous said...

hench peops falling in love!!!
stupid cupid had to spoil da game!
boleh toh! u should have taken a supaari in his name! Yaar! kaise bhai thhe tum! kam se kam sahi insaan ka supaari nikaalte! then you could still have kept your title and have a blog called 'Bhai Sayesha's World' ;P

Aye Kay said...

You gotta be kidding :s First you "bashed" up boys, and now that you were a gang leader??
Wah 'bhai' wah!!!

PS: you sure your not picking up something from one of your stories for your kids' magazine? ^_^

Anonymous said...

i remember we had a 'bramhachari' gang till i was like 12. ok.. i cannot tell a lie.. , 13. We wouldn't touch girls, wouldn't talk to them, wouldn't be seen associating with them, and my god, should a girl have some reason to talk to us, we would be ridiculed by our gang..
they even got a psychiatrist to come down and lecture us about how not to treat girls like outcasts, coz apparently the girls felt very oppressed and insecure. .
one year later, our hormones finally kicked in, and the girls got sweet revenge by going out with college guys, who had motor bikes (or at least kinetic hondas) leaving us poor idiots in the lurch. 40% of our batch's womenfolk went on to be models.
the girl i harbored an insane crush on in school, said something to the effect of "i always liked you, but you should have asked me out earlier", just as we were leaving school, thereby permanently etching the irony into my brain.

so..that about sums up my rather lengthy comment on this blog, which i can really relate to for some reason.
which is my retort to anonymous. it don't matter who you write for, as long as someone reads and relates to it..

Sayesha said...

For all those with sarcastic comments, thanks! I can't help it if you do not believe me. I can only hope that you do. 'Cos I'm proud of my past.

Aye Kay, if I put things like this in my magazine, I'm sure parents of my li'l readers would start issuing supari for me! :O

Anonymous, I'm still blogging for myself. Like I said in one of my earlier posts, to me, blogging itself is like basic salary. If people out there are reading it, identifying with it, and posting comments, that's performance bonus! :)
And I do hope that you really are anonymous and not someone I know. 'Cos I expect my friends to come out in the open if they have things like this to say.

Tragico, I think I know exactly what you mean. When I was in the eighth standard, I think the boys of our class had something like this. They just wouldn't talk to us! Of course, we found the way to break up the band of brothers. Our sinister plan -- we sent the prettiest girl of the class to give some more-than-necessary attention to one of the duh-est guys. The studs and dudes could not take it, and crash went the club! ;)

Anonymous said...

Calvin and Susie ?

Kaps said...

How did you become the leader of the gang? Is it by way of some election? What's the OG doing now?

Anonymous said...

hahaha...i am trying to imagine you as a 'dada' and being called 'Bhai'....its too funny in my head

Anish said...

from this day onwards,thou shall be referred to as "Sayesha Bhai."

any clue where OG is these days???

Anonymous said...

Guess OG must have his own blog and must be posting his side of the story swearing under his breath for having done the 'maandavli' all cos of two stupid smitten teenagers - a moronic henchman and a dumb henchgirl! De 'S' gang in Singapore and the 'O' gang in dunnowhere would have been across all medias by now!...woow! would have been real cool! ;P

Anonymous said...

I agree angelsera. Viewing Sayesha as a bhai is just too funny. But that plan about the prettiest girl to to brahmachari gang, well isn't that one of the easiest ways to disarm most guys..;)

Ram C said...

hi ...just dropped in from Kaps blog.. if possible will meet this sunday...

Sayesha said...

Kaps, Anish,

OG is working in Mumbai right now. We're not really in touch though. But thanks for reminding me, I think I should try and get in touch. For old times' sake...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I was in a boys school :(

virdi said...

i want to be 12 years again... i want to i want to i want to !!! school was fun... i even slapped "anil-weird hair" once and he fell on my feet saying mujhe maaf kar do...
he ha ha he ha ha.. mogambo ka bhateeja gogo khush hua...

Anil said...

i even slapped "anil-weird hair" once and he fell on my feet saying mujhe maaf kar do...

In your dreams, you twigbrained sardar! Ours was a super-geek school.. you cannot imagine the level of geekdom there.. even the girls were geeks! *shudder* I wish there were gangs like yours, Sayesha!

Unknown said...

ROFL bhai!!

Even knowing you were known as a bhai since long, this is the first time I guess iv called you that :P

Awesome rules, what gangs and all!! How I wish I was in your school and your henchgirl, I'd have slapped the guy of the other gang if he fell in for me :P
After all, apun ke gang ki koi izzat hai ke nahi, right boli na bhai ;):P

Great one :)
Take care,

Sayesha said...

Tch tch... you really missed out :)

Hahahahaha! :D

#Weird Hair Anil,
Hahahahahaha! :D

Sahi boli re tu! ;)

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