Monday, May 23, 2005

Is the whole freakin' world hinting or what??

Friend of mine (let's call her Z here) is getting married. Yesterday I met up with her after a long long time.

While we were having dinner, we bumped into two friends from university who were there with coupla other people (let's call them X and Y).

The introductions went thus:

"X, Y, this is Z. She's getting married."

"Z, these are X and Y. They just got married."

"X, Y, this is Sayesha. Sayesha is a... (pause)... cool female... (pause)... editor... (pause)"

Cool... female... editor????

Since when did friends run out of words to introduce me??
Just because I don't fall in the 'married' or the 'getting married' category...

Later, Z and I went to a coffee place where we bumped into another group of people I see almost every week, two of whom are married. To each other. I announced the news of Z's wedding to them.

Round of congratulations later, we were ready to leave.

"Bye guys, catch you later!" I said.

"Bye! All the best!" came the reply.

All the best? All the best??? For what??

Whatever happened to good old "See you!"??


Young Master said...

i still think that the hinting in this case atleast was in your mind

Anonymous said...

Now I know why you were extra silent last evening woman!! Inspite all that excitement with teh dogs ;)

Anish said...

u put this awkward situations in words in a fabulous way....guess u r in the right profession !!

have a few things to learn from u about writing !

Anonymous said...

its just the beginning ;)...been there oredy! hehehe...better tie the knot soon...else, next you would be playing with their kids and then??? would end up as the branded 'isolated single one'!...and for them all, your life is wasted just cos you haven't taken the saat pheras!.. O! O! =O ab tera kya hoga erm wat do i call you huh! can't be kaalia of course! ;P...

Anonymous said...

Love and marriage,
Go together like a horse and carriage,
This I tell you brother
You can't have one without the other
Love and marriage, love and marriage,
It's an institute you can't disparage
Dad was told by mother
You can't have one without the other

- great sinatra song..

ps..this is a great blog..if you wrote books..i would Q to buy..

Anil said...

"X, Y, this is Sayesha. Sayesha is a... (pause)... cool female...

Well, I used to refer to my female friends as 'This female' and 'That female', but my friends out here (in the US) always find it very strange and funny. They are like "Call her a girl or a lady.. what's a female?".. 'Female' is considered such a 'technical' term that I've stopped usign it. Am glad that someone else uses it too.. yayy!!

Sayesha said...

Thanks, Anish and Tragicomix, for the support! Some day I do hope to write a book for grown-ups too.

Anil, I also tend to use the term 'female' over 'girl' or 'lady' (bah!). However, what I was complaining about was not the use of the term 'female' but the pauses between the words 'cool' and 'female' and 'editor'! I mean, how hard is it to say, "This is Sayesha, my classmate from university." Or "This is my friend Sayesha"??

Anil said...

how hard is it to say, "This is Sayesha, my classmate from university." Or "This is my friend Sayesha"??

or "This is the spinster you've always heard about" or "Kids, This is Sayesha, the girl I was talking about yesterday" (Flashback to yesterday: "Kids, eat your vegetables, and remember, when you are 21 and I find a nice guy for you, get married, or else you will be like 'her'")

Boy, am I mean or what!

virdi said...

If I was not in India, I would have never got married. My aunts and uncles are behind my ass more than my parents. I dont understand the funda of marriage. I mean is it like if I dont get married I will die?? mom dad all are like "Marriage is so necessary." and friends who are married they are like "Tu shadi kar ke dekh its a different experience" Everyone has a problem if u are not married. No one ever asked. "Beta why are you getting married??"
pata nahi. I think, I just dont want to be "A Brick In The Wall"

Sayesha said...

> No one ever asked. "Beta why are you getting married??"

Hahaha! This reminds me of Saif's dialogue in Hum Tum, "Sab kehte hain dulha aa gaya dulha aa gaya! Maza toh tab aaye jab log kahein dulha nahin aaya dulha nahin aaya!"

Hilarious! :D

Anonymous said...

Moms n Dads...can't blame them...they'd always try n avoid a lonely path ahead for you. Aunts n uncles...idle minds who'd love to see you 'latkofied' and if anything goes wrong, they'd be the first to say "Arre bechaara! ab iska kya hoga?" and then get on with their lives. And yep! once you tie the knot, their next question would be, "shaadi done, when's da new mehmaan due?" can't live n function as per their wishes! Karni hai toh karni hai, nahin toh nahin! =). If they have a problem, its their problem.

Anonymous said...

And I did that to a female from UK (had the impression they were all females) - actually said - she is a great female manager - it got escalated all the way till my boss's boss - it seems I was treating her like Indians treat females - by calling them females. It seems it is derogatory to call females females and to address them as she or her in their presence - UK style that is!

Anyways - great writing stlye :)

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Keep it running!

Ajj Kaim Singh said...

just thought about going thru the archives....if you talk as much as you write then I wonder how ur friends and family manage!

nice post girl :-)