Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Funny forward

Some email forwards are so terribly funny.

Yesterday I received one. Guess who it was from? My university. Amazing, isn't it? Didn't think my university was capable of sending funny stuff to its alumni. Maybe it was a part of a new 'reach-out-to-the-younger-generation' strategy. Well, it seemed to work. I was laughing hours later, just thinking about it.

The email was an invitation to all alumni to attend 'A Workshop on Advanced RF Circuit Design and Manufacturing/ Workshop on Jamming Mitigation Techniques for Spread Spectrum Communication Systems'.

Hahahahaha! Like real.

Some things just find their way to where they belong. I found this in my junk mail folder.


Aye Kay said...

hehe. I stopped reading emails from my university ages ago. Mebbe, I should get back to opening them - sounds like it can be a very good pass-time :-p

Sahil said...

So you aren't going?

You're missing out big-time - maybe, its a sign.

Maybe its not a coincidence that you happened to read through your junk mail folder.

Maybe its destiny, and that great things are to come of this.

Maybe, you'll realise you're in the wrong profession, and should be a professional Jamming Mitigator engineer (?!)

And MAYBE, you'll find your future groom-to-be there too?

.... or maybe, its just junk mail.

naari said...

The only circuit design Sayesha hasever done is while drawing up intricate patterns of abstract designs ;) and as for jamming I think she is game anyday for those jam competitions where you just keep talking non-stop about funny topics..Hey remember any from teh good ole days Sayesha?

Anil said...

Holy cow!!! that sentence is so familiar! (scroll down to the second block)... never thought I'd hear that exact same sentence again :-)))

Sayesha said...

Yeah man, maybe it's a sign. Maybe I should quit editing and go back to being an engineer - a Jamming Mitigator engineer at that! Oooh that sounds so exciting.

Good one, Sahil!

tragicomix said...

A post at 4:32 am?

Sayesha said...

Yupp, got up really early today. For a good reason. Will talk about it in my next blog post :)

Anish said...

4:30 am...hope it wasn`t work !

I too can design...my doodles are awesome :-)

Anish said...

u have been blogrolled :-)

Anonymous said...

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