Monday, May 30, 2005

Sister act

My sister and I have always been total opposites of each other.

When she was two, she wreaked havoc in the house with her inexhaustible energy.
When I was two, I was extremely well-behaved and mostly silent.

When she was six, she was extremely well-behaved and mostly silent.
When I was six, I wreaked havoc in the house with my inexhaustible energy.

When she was eight, she would be at home drawing and painting pretty pictures.
When I was eight, I would be out climbing trees and bashing up boys of the neighbourhood.

When she was ten, she listened as people around her told her that she would be perfect in the arts field.
When I was ten, I listened as people around me told me that I would be perfect in the technical field.

When she was 22, she over-rode her first degree with a software design degree.
When I was 22, I over-rode my first degree (the damned engineering one) with my editorial job.

Now she's the one doing the technical stuff. She's programming.
Now I am the one doing the arty stuff. I am writing and drawing.

Last but not the least, she lives in the west. I live in the east.
My 10 am is her 10 pm.


Keshav said... things turn out.

naari said...

Maybe thats why the phrase poles apart was coined ;)

Sahil said...

Bashing up boys of the neighbourhood?

U were a fiesty little one, weren't u?

Princesse said...

haha !!.. that's too cute..:)

tequila said...

that's Awesome.It's completely fascinating, man, how two of the same kin can have such co-incidental oppositeness.

AngelserA said...

its funny how people make decisions for u based on 1 phase of ur life and after a while u realise tt u ve little trace of tt left in the next phase of your life

post said...

cool. it's like you and your sister are twins. except, sort of on opposite poles.

Anish said...

kewl :-)

Aye Kay said...

You used to bash up guys? (:-0) somehow just cant picture that :)

Sayesha said...

Sahil, Aye Kay,
Yes indeed, those were the days when I used to bash up guys. Some day I'll write a post about the two gangs we had in school. I was the leader of one of 'em! :)

Sahil said...

...somehow I picture you being the leader of a 1 person gang. If you've ever read calvin and hobbes (if u haven't u r simply deprived) - the girl in it probably bears a close resemblance to what you were like, right?


Coffee Maker said...

This is gr8 stuff man.. u got me hooked...

rachana said...

Thats the case with every 2 sisters i believe!!

Rebellion said...

WOW Sash...

What a nice analysis!!!

I don't remember how I was at the age of 2 but ya.. I was exactly like you (or mayb I should term as you were exactly like me.. coz I guess am lil elder to you) at the ages of 6, 8 & 10 but am glad you were not like me at the age of 22 & henceforth :P

Nice one :) It always feels nice to remember good old days with sisters.. I do it very often even today, even after she's a mom I tell her.. "Stop shouting at Lippi (thats my neice's nick), this is what you used to do to me" :P:P

Take care,