Sunday, May 22, 2005

'My' things

I regularly lend my Bollywood movies to people at work 'cos I believe that good things in life, such as my favourite Hindi movies are meant to be shared with the whole world.

Had a sitcom/movie marathon with friends from work this afternoon. Starbreez returned the last two movies I had lent her, and borrowed a couple more. Lately, she seems particularly excited about Bollywood as is obvious in her latest post. We watched parts of the movies that she liked, went through the deleted scenes (I translated the dialogues for her as there were no subtitles), discussed the actors, the director, and whatever there was to be discussed about the movies.

And as I rocked my mental Bollywood database and disseminated the information, I
suddenly felt this renewed sense of adoration and pride for Bollywood. For Shah Rukh. For Karan Johar. For the emotions that flow freely in Hindi movies. Suddenly, they were all 'mine', and I was excitedly telling the 'others' about 'my' things.

I could not help but wonder -- why do we appreciate 'our' things more when someone else gets excited about them?

Why does my blue dress seem nicer than I thought it was when someone says, "Wow, nice dress!"?

Why do my parents appear cooler when my friends say, "Your parents are so cool!"?

Why does my job seem more amazing when someone says, "You have such an amazing job!"?

I suppose familiarity breeds contempt. But today was an eye opener. I think I am going to appreciate 'my' things a bit more from now on.

To family, to friends, to my hobbies, to things I own, to things I like -- if I had not expressed this earlier, I wanna do so now.

You rock my world.


Keshav said...

how true..

naari said...

gahr ki murgi daal baraabar

virdi said...

hey sayesha... u said "you rock my word" small story. there was some election rally in Madras and one mf my friends, saw a poster of Jayalalita lying on the ground and brought it to his hostel room and pasted it on his door. Written under it was "SHE ROCKS MY WORLD" hehehe... now thats funny...
nothing about ur blog... just yaad a gaya tha that incident..

Clueless said...

i know just what you mean...i saw this sitcom once where one of the characters says, 'I guess everybody wants their favorite people to like their favorite things.'... and it just sounded so right to me at that moment...i guess it's not exactly what you're talking about, but i just got reminded of it when i read your post...:)

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