Friday, May 13, 2005

A complete day

What a complete day.

Managed to finish some crucial stuff at work, something that I'd been working really hard on, this entire week. Re-established contact with an old friend from my university musical band. Had a heart-to-heart about the times he used to play the guitar and I used to sing. Those were the days...

And Sinnerman's back from Legolas' wedding! Met him and a coupla friends for dinner, and realised how peaceful and great it felt to be in familiar company, sharing mindless jokes and the usual meaningless guys vs gals debates.

Dinner was at Esmirada at Orchard. Apparently, the restaurant used to have the Greek tradition of breaking a coupla plates after dinner. I got very excited when I heard about this, and I really wanted to break some plates. We asked one of the waiters if they were gonna have the breaking plates thing, and he said, "I cannot tell you whether we'll have it or not." And he quickly cleared our plates! The moron! I could have broken a few on his head!

Anyway, my Friday night was rendered complete by Addy, the super talented singer and guitarist of the band 9Lives at Bar None. A mere smile of recognition from him was enough to make me ultra happy. He even asked me where I'd been all this while. I requested for his popular rendition of 'The reason' by Hoobastank. He convinced the band to play it even though they usually don't do this song early in the evening. That was so cool of him! And as he sang, "I'm not a perfect person" I could not help but think to myself, "What are you talking about, dude? You ARE a perfect person!" Haha.. On a serious note, I think it is indeed great that this guy who's so talented, is yet so down to earth. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms already, gotta go back there next week!

And when I came back home, I saw this comment on my previous blog post, followed the link and found this! Apparently this person is jealous of me and hates me! Dude, Virdi, thanks for all the compliments but don't hate me, man! I worked very hard for all of it. Well, except for the hand maybe! :P

Don't curse God saying that He gave me more than He gave you. I have my share of pain in life too. I just like to make a bigger deal of the happy stuff. :)


surreal reality said...

*Male vocals*

*Guitar Solo*

Wafadaari ki vo rasmein nibhayenge hum tum kasmein
Ek bhi saans zindagi ki jab tak ho apne bas mein

*phew* .. she came in at the right time with the right note..

*strum* ;)

Princesse said...

Love this song SOOooooo Much... it's ultra sweet...

Anil said...

Shucks, I posted about Virdi's fascination about your hand (to tease him really), and then realized that you already saw it. Ok anyway, I already posted that comment.. so there's nothing I can do about it..

This Virdi is not jealous of you.. he is just plain crazy... and I speak with experience that goes back many many years :-)))) See, he hates me too!

Sayesha said...

Haha, funny guy, that Virdi! His post took me by complete surprise!

Anyway, thanks for the note, Anil!

On an unrelated note, errr... is that a wig or your real hair?

Anil said...

I like to tell people that it's my real hair, but no one believes it beyond a couple of seconds. It's something I wore for halloween a couple of years ago. I kinda like that look though... afro+beer+stoned look :-))

post said...

haha, i want to break some plates! that greek tradition's always amazed me.