Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An apology

This is a public apology.

I want to extend my sincerest apologies to all the people to whom I've recommended the 'Piyu bole' song from the movie Parineeta.

I admit it. I got selfish.

But you have to forgive me. I was in misery. Utter misery. The song refused to get out of my system. I was playing it on loop almost all the time. When I wasn't playing it, I was singing it. When I wasn't singing it, I was humming it. When I wasn't humming it, I was singing it in my head. In case, you didn't know, that's the worst kind. I lost sleep because the song was always there in my head. If I got some sleep, I'd be dreaming about the song. It was driving me crazy.

It was as if the song had got a life of its own. And it was taking over mine.

I had to get over the song.
I had to get rid of the song.
I had to 'give' the song away.
I had to break up with the song.

So I recommended the song to all of you. Somehow I believed that it would help my situation -- as if sharing the song with others would somehow dilute the power it yielded over me. Maybe I was wrong. Now many of you are going through the same misery. And I want to apologise for it.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm doing no better. I tried to obsess over other songs in order to replace this with them. But I knew it -- all the others were rebounds. And a rebound will always be a rebound.

I decided to get back with the song.

I'm still listening to it. Are you?


Princesse said...

ummm now i'm really curious about the song. I havent heard of it.. but now that you speak of the emotional hold it obviously possesses and this captivating power it has to relentlessly hold on to you, I'm wondering should I listen to it?

Should I ... ?

p.s. I am the type who would listen to a song on loop too...

Sayesha said...

This reminds me -- I should probably also apologise in advance to the people who hadn't heard the song before they read this post, but will do so now.

Apologies to those who're gonna check the song up. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

Anonymous said...

i luv how u wrote this. Very witty. Brought a much needed smile to my face today.

Anonymous said...

hehe im in love with the song too :-p .. heard soona maan ka aangan? .. awesome as well ;)

Sayesha said...

Thank you, anonymous #1 :)

And anonymous #2, yes, soona man ka aangan is also very good, but maybe not as addictive as piyu bole :)

Aye Kay said...

Tick off 1 more on your "got them addicted" count (:-p)

Sayesha said...

Haha, I got one of my Chinese colleagues addicted too! Considering that she does not understand a word of Hindi, it's amazing just to walk by her cubicle and hear sounds of 'Piyu bole' from her computer! :P

Rebellion said...

Yeah Sash!

That song was really way too addicting... Even I had it on a loop for many days and that too without your recommendation (coz I didn't know you that time :p)

Recently.. Piyu bole ka addiction kam hua to I got addicted to 'Raat hamari toh' from the same movie and now you got me addicted to Gangster... I won't forgive you for this :p:p

But I love this kinda addiction haan :p

Take care dear,

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