Friday, May 20, 2005

Indecent proposal

Sayesha gets a call on her mobile phone at work.

Sayesha - "Hello?"

Voice at other end - "One hour how much?"

Sayesha - "Excuse me??????"

Voice at other end - "I asked -- one hour how much?"

Sayesha - "What do you mean -- one hour how much?????"

Voice at other end - "I heard about you. One hour how much?"

Sayesha - "You heard about me? Heard what?"

Visions of a Sayesha lookalike, engaged in dubious activities flashed across the real Sayesha's mind.

Voice at other end - "That you give Science tuition. One hour how much?"

Sayesha - "Ohhhhhhhhhh!! Phew. Ummm... I only teach one kid. Sorry."

Voice at other end - "Hmmm.. okay. But one hour how much?"

Sayesha - "Errr... 25 bucks."

Voice at other end - "Okay!"

Sayesha - "Errr.. okay!"

Sayesha hangs up, but can't get rid of the indescribable expression she has on her face.


naari said...

"HAHAHAHA...*rolling on floor with laughter*......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" That was really funny..especially thinking about your dubious hamshakal and that indescribable expression..ooh!!!...HAHAHAH"

Kaps said...

You have 2 options

a) Change your mobile no.

b) Increase your hourly rate :-)

BTW is there a word called "indescribable"?

Aye Kay said...

Wow... That definitely started off as if going somewhere totally different ;-)

Sayesha said...

Hey Kaps,

Yupp, 'indescribable' is a valid word. Though it does sound like it's not :)

Starbreez said...

How come teach one kid only? I'm sure more kids in Singapore would appreciate your magic. By the way, I had this incredible Maths teacher once, and she taught tuition too -- but at 200 bucks per hour!!! But I think she would've been worth every cent.

Anil said...

But I think she would've been worth every cent.

Oh, was she thatttttt pretty? :-)

post said...

hahaha! oh man, your blog keeps me laughing. :) same with the previous post about the frog. you're a very happy person.

naari said...

Hey where is teh next post...?!

Sayesha said...

Coming soon coming soon! :)

Saturday night yaar :P

Anish said...

awesome !! can`t stop laughing :-)

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

The reader's mind thinks of the "other" thing only. :P Dubious activities, I mean!
So, did you get a new student? ;)

*Rushes off to drink more*

The Lonely Traveller said...

Phoebe (and her dubious twin Ursulla ) of the sitcom Friends is the first thing that came to mind ;¬)
Would have been a real shock to you.
Would have given anything to see the expression on your face ;¬)

PSV said...

aaj kal kya rate hai...hahahaha
did u get any other wierd calls after this?

Anonymous said...

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Prithi Shetty said...

Your blog is way to good !
My cheeks hurt from laughing.
You please publish each & every post & I will be the first one to buy that book !