Thursday, May 26, 2005

No skirts!

My 11-year-old tuition kid sent me an sms message when I was at work. She asked me if it was possible to bring the next day's lesson forward to that day. My immediate thoughts were, "Oh no, I can't go today. I'm wearing a skirt! And there is no time to go home and change!"

There are some things I just wouldn't do. Like wearing a skirt to tuition. Whenever I go for tuition, I make sure my legs are fully covered. Skirts, especially short ones, are out of the question! Totally. Yep, I don't even plan what to wear to work, but I do plan what to wear when I go to teach. And I would never ever wear a skirt to tuition. I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I just wouldn't.


To set a fine moral example for a little girl at an impressionable age?

You think?


Here's the thing -- she has a dog and it likes to jump around and lick random ankles it encounters.



The Village Idiot / Soldier said...

dogs are the cutest things on this planet. How dare you say this about them? :P

Packan said...

i agree..dogs can be too curious at times!!!

Anish said...

me too on the dog`s side :-)

Aye Kay said...

Well said soldier!!!

Sayesha said...

Oooh looks like Sayesha has opened up a can of dogs with this post! :O

Well, let me make a statement of defence here -- dogs are fine as long as they don't affect my fashion sense! :P

Keshav said...

dogs dogs and dogs..i know what dogs do..

Ro said...

hey, why dont u get back at the dog!

lick him back! it'll be his turn to wear full length trousers and dog shoes then :)

Sayesha said...


This getting up early business is obviously not for you. See what it does to your thought process?

I think it'll be a while before I can shake off the very disturbing thought of a dog in trousers, trying to shake off a Ro on bent knees, trying to lick the dog's ankles.

Sahil said...

I'm on sayesha's side. Dogs running around and licking your feet, (and doing God knows what else there), is abs. disgusting. Cute or no cute.

Let this post be gone to the dogs..

croondoodle said...

Perfect Solution! Ankle guards! tara! =)... You can keep a pair at work so you dun have to go home to change!

'Dawg bhi khush rahe aur ankle bhi na chhooay!' ;P

virdi said...

what you can do is, put some "Spicy Masala" and some "Mirchi Powder" on your ankels. And let the dog lick your ankels once. I believe that would be the last time the doggie would come near you.
I am so smart.. trumpet..

Sahil said...

...or then again, the dog might just take a liking to her ankles even MORE.

surreal reality said...

Hmm... just finished a module on Feminism for my Developmental Economics class.

“All men are dogs”

‘Cur’ to comment?

Anil said...

“All men are dogs”

‘Cur’ to comment?

Don't know about that, but I never met an ankle I didn't want to lick.

Okay! just kidding!

anubhav said...

well guess the eleven yr kid ..didnt have a cute brother....:D..what would be ur decision then...just kiddin..:D

ok..a lot of debate on dogs...i am not going say anything..except " men might be dogs but boy dont bitches love them.."

Anonymous said...

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