Monday, May 09, 2005


This is a picture taken by one of my friends. One of my favourite pictures. Taken by one of my favourite people. This picture has so much to it. If I look at the sun, my eyes hurt. If I look at the water, I can hear the murmur of the ripples. If I look at the girl in the picture, I wonder what the expression on her face is like. Is she happy, is she sad?
What is she thinking?

I would have loved the picture even if it wasn't of me.

I'm just glad it's of me.



croondoodle said...

Mona Lisa in the silhouette? =)...the hilite on the beam is beautifully captured too ;)...nice pic

Kaps said...

Good snap. A blow up of this might look like one of the wallpapers adorning the living room. What place is this?

naari said...

Framed against the setting sun,
Catching the last rays of the day,
Breathing in the joy of life,
Before welcoming the night
Thinking about life's beauty,
Before calling it a day!!

The joy of a day gone by and the promise of a new tomorrow..

Sayesha said...

Hey Kaps,

Yeah this is my desktop wallpaper at work. And also at home. Hehe! :)

This was taken at the Red Onion at Port Dickson, Malaysia.

Malaysia is so amazingly beautiful, and there's SO much to be seen!

Angelsera said...

The picture looks v beautiful

Ro said...