Thursday, November 03, 2005

A tight slap and a tight hug for you!

Ye olde idiote!

For lack of company for lunch, today I decided to catch up with three old friends -- SRK, Kajol and Rani. So out came the DVD, and I settled down in my chair to watch the first half-hour of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, before I went back to hit the books. Then came the scene, "Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya! Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya!" And I remembered you. I know I told myself not to remember the moronic you the whole of today, but I did.

I don't know why we fight. I don't know why we fight SO much. I don't know how we manage to forgive each other so easily after we fight. I don't know how we talk normally the next day as if nothing had happened.

I don't know how we're friends.

You have made me laugh. You have made me cry. You have made me angry. Like today. You managed to piss me off royally (and now I can't even remember why!) and I stormed off. And though I don't want to see your face or talk to you or communicate with you in any form at all today, look at me, blogging about you. You absolute moron. I don't know how I can feel like I hate you and love you at the same time.

But you know what?

When I look at how I see you, my friend, it shows me that I am capable of unconditional love.

Some time ago, I wrote a letter to your would-be-wife. Told her frankly that I will step into the background if she wants me to. But here's something. Until that happens (if it does), I won't budge an inch away from you. I'm right here. And I will stay right here. And I don't know why I will be there. But I know I will be. All the time.

I will be there to tell you that you look like a duffer in that shirt. I will be there to tell you that you look (kinda) handsome in the other one. I will give you pointers on how to patao girls. You can hit on them all you want, but if you become friends with them, I will get slightly jealous. Actually, more than slightly jealous. I will be there to listen to you tell me all your stupid stories. I'll be there to listen to you gloat about how that hot girl kissed you in that bar. I'll be there to listen to you tell me how someone at the airport thought you should be a Bollywood star. I will listen to all this and not go, "Yeah, right!"

If I perceive that you're gonna get your heart/life screwed over, I will tell you that you're gonna get your heart/life screwed over. But you won't listen to me anyway. After all, we're all hazards to ourselves. But after you get your heart/life screwed over, and need someone who won't say "I told you so" I'll be here. I will give you a big hug, and make you some hot pav bhaji, and we will sit and watch Dil Chahta Hai together (with nachos and super spicy tomato dip) and laugh. Sounds like a plan?

But once in a while, I will get really angry with you. That's just my way of showing you I care. That things you say or do affect me. Can you handle that? 'Cos If I didn't care, I'd leave you alone and just go my way. But I won't. I will show my anger. (I may apologise later after thinking through the issue, depending on whether it was my fault in the first place.) But at that point, I will refuse to talk to you. I may be very rude to you and say, "Who cares, just go to hell!" and storm off.

But before I storm off, I will turn around and say, "Lekin yaad rakhna, mere jaisi dost tujhe aur kahin nahin milegi!"

'Cos it's true and you know it.

~ Sayesha


rimjhim said...

me first

now lemme read it!!!!

spark said...

oh well, i love these posts where you talk about the 'close' relationships. how very true :-)

rimjhim said...

Unconditional love..
That is the rue beauty of love-hate-true-friendship.
Many use this woed..but very few actully act that in real life..its not there fault..its difficult to do..
And who has it..and the other who can shower that..R truly lucky..

Ashish said...

AWING@ you!!!

*senti* *senti*

*sob* *sob*

Jay said...

Sayesha Version 2.0 eh?;-)

Sayesha said...

Haven't seen you at Sayeshaz before. Welcome. And thanks :)

It's incredibly difficult, isn't it? 100% unconditional love? But I think I'm close to it, with this friendship.

Rona band karo aur baahar jaakar Virdi ke saath khelo!

Thanks for having enough sense to delete that comment of yours. I got it in my email and was amazed at the insensitivity.

Haha! There's no version 2.0 when it comes to friendship. One and the only :P

Ashish said...

huhh! What ???
Ohh Virdi ke saath :D Wow that'll be fun. Oh and yaad aaya, I have been reading him since sometime but haven't been commenting anything there ;)

@Virdi: I still cannot see you here :-? must be busy somewhere:( Hey man remember, remember we were talking abt some pics of a fat cow ;;) You rem. our pact na? :> :>

Bhole said...

I wish I had a friend like you....

Well I did...but things changed after she got married....

Sayesha said...

Take this outside please, you two. Else I'll personally kick ya guys outta Sayeshaz! :D

Hmmm... I too wish things wouldn't change... but I know that one day they will :(
However, I'm not gonna live in misery thinking of that day. For now, I wanna celebrate what we have! :)

Nandya said...

oh .....u poor baby...that was so touching...everyone shud have such close friends...u love them...u hate them...and then sometimes u take them for shud always live in the moment.....

anon gal said...

Oh dear .. how you manage to put things down so well amazes me... and the post left me thinkin of all those useless fellas i care just so much about .. my stoopid friends :p oh how much i miss 'em ..

Harshi said...

Isn't such a friendship soooo beautiful and priceless. Perhaps one meets such people once in a lifetime. I have never experienced another friendship like the way it was with him for whom I feel the same (Lekin woh abhi paas nahi hai :-( Miss him).

Long live your precious friendship Sayesha.

Rays Of Sun said...

Nice post, Sash!
Lekin Rahul aur Anjali, acche dost the, acche dost hain aur rahenge:)Even time could not dampen their friendship, hai na?? So well,Friends bring the most joy and the most pain. But they always find a way to mend your heart back together after they break it

Thanu said...

Great post abt true friendship. But, "Lekin yaad rakhna, uske jaisa dost aapko bi aur kahin nahin milega!"


Aethyr said...

everyone wants to have a friend like u..i want to have a friend like ur (this) friend..

nice one...

Humjoli said...

//I'm not gonna live in misery thinking of that day. For now, I wanna celebrate what we have! :)

brave words! I tried to do the same and well quite succeeded in that too. But, a big BUT that is, something broke in me after she got married. I attended her marriage. Was simply watching her on stage sitting with her husband. Can't explain my feelings at that moment. I was smiling standing out there but no one could figure out what might have been going on inside me. Though I have been acting normal since then but still i know something inside me has died.

aditi said...

:) touching post.... it hurts so much to fight with close friends and when they misunderstand u and get pissed... thats the worst! nothing makes me more sad, than the time when my best frienddd is upset with me!!

J'Adore said...

damn - didnt get any of the hindi bits :s

Anonymous said...

think sayesha think..marry this guy..!! thers nuthin lik being married to ur best friend..though i dont know you n ur friend much but he seems the kinda guy u can spend ur whole life with..soo dont let him go...

spamtaneous said...

nice post :) sure u will top u class...wohi bollywood thesis wala ;)

//"Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya! Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya!"

muvi mein to rahul aur anjali ki shaadi ho gayi thi... yaha kya haal hai

Vikram said...

I have never really had any "close" friend in my life. I wouldn't be able to relate to your post :(.

Siddhu said...

Dis guy sounds interesting, cuz I still remember your previous post to his wife - one of my all-time favs at Sayeshaz.:)

Ashish said...


Sayesha said...

Couldn't agree more :)

#Anon gal,
We all have a couple of these "useless fellas", don't we? :)

Yes, this is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime kinda priceless friendship, and I'm so thankful for it. And I hope you meet your friend soon!

Well said, my dear, well said! :)

I know I know, in my heart I do. But that statement would not have gone well with my storming off, you see! ;)

Hmmm... I wonder if this has anything to do with what the guy at the airport told him! ;)

Gosh I can totally identify with that! Even though it hasn't happened yet, but I can see something similar happening to me... :(

Hum dono ka chalta hi rehta hai.. and yes, it is upsetting. But as long as we know that no matter how upset we are with each other, we love each other the same, we can take on any number of fights! :)

Sorry yaar, I did wanna translate the hindi bits but it interrupted the flow of the post. Here you go:

"Rahul aur Anjali ka phir se jhagda ho gaya!" = Rahul and Anjali had yet another fight!

"Lekin yaad rakhna, mere jaisi dost tujhe aur kahin nahin milegi!" = But do remember, you will never find a friend like me ever!

Marry this guy?? Haha! Nooooo. Hmmm... maybe I'll consider him in my next janam ;)

Don't worry, yahan movie jaisa kuch nahin hoga :)
ps: Thanks for your wishes, buddy. Exams in four days! :O

Watch out, he/she may be just around the corner! :)

Hey, thanks! I remember you telling me that you really liked the letter wala post :)

Arre kya ho gaya munna? Virdi ki mummy usko baahar nahin aane de rahi hai? Homework karke aa jayega, tu ro mat!

oxymoron said...

awesome post sayesha!
would you like to be my best friend?

Vikram said...

//Watch out, he/she may be just around the corner! :)

I certainly hope it's a 'she'..:P :D

sheela_b said...

Hi,Sayesha! a touching post it is! It is said that love more, hate worse...i probly sound out of context though.

virdi said...

ashish bhai>> parnam... arre kuch problem chal rahi hai personal life mein... i will send you sayesha's nice photo... with a cow ki body... :-)

sayesha>> comments on this later... post the office photos... :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha,

I have been reading your posts from quite some time. It is really very good and very touching. Keep it up.

You are awesome in putting the things across. I would require your suggestions for some of my personal problems also.

Would you be intersted to help me out.

Sayesha said...

Best friend koi aise poochhkar banata hai? :)
It's like love yaar, kiya nahin jata, ho jata hai :)

Chal theek hai, I grant you a 'she'! Dekh meri bhavishyawani galat nahin hoti, baad mein pachhtao toh mere paas mat aana! ;)

Welcome to Sayeshaz. I've seen you before, on someone's blog, can't remember! :)

Arre tu meri side hai ki Ashish ki side?? :O

Gosh... Errr.. I'm flattered but dunno what to say... it's never my intention to use my blog to 'solve problems', but if my posts helped you in any way, I consider it an honour. And yes, if you feel that I can help you out in any other way, do drop me an email. .. though am not sure how much of help I'd be...

!xobile said...

this calls for an affection chapaat
kiss your hand and with the same handa give ur frnd a chapaat..
so u give a slap as well as show ur affection!

Ashish said...

NOOO. Virdi did came. We did play nicely. Virdi's mom is soo sweet and he is a sweetheart. I am not crying for him not coming.

Else I'll personally kick ya guys outta Sayeshaz

Anonymous said...

Oh this post made my and my friends' days. Please keep up the good work!

fao said...

sasha found her Will Truman. i was always wistful abt. not having a gay best fren. but now i ve virdi. *sigh!* what a pet he is! he n ravi make a lousy couple but m not gonna tell him that. n you don't either, k?

p.s.- ravi is his watchman.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sash,

Thanks for the reply. But i have not taken or used your blog as a problem solving blog.

Yours are very touching posts

Keep going on.

Prakriti said...

Your descrption of the blog as a bar is soooo apt! I come in almost everyday and always find a lot of chatter and noise. It's a comforting feeling. Sometimes I even go back home and discuss what I have seen and heard here. It is amazing.

Vikram said...

//Dekh meri bhavishyawani galat nahin hoti, baad mein pachhtao toh mere paas mat aana!

Hahaha...theek hai...dekhte hai

Ravi said...

whoa i being dragged into something i have no idea about? or are you confusing me with someone else? virdi pls look into this man.

virdi said...

hehehehe... hey Ravi u are not that ravi.. Ravi is my watchman... :-)


fao said...

ravi..i clarified everything in the post script, man. the ravi m talking abt. is sardar's watchman. unless u moonlight as his watchman, you have no cause to feel offended.

Sayesha said...

#Ze exa,
I just LOVE your concept of 'affection chapaat'! It's such a simple and yet, such a beautiful solution! :D

Oye don't you get all senti on me, I'm afraid I'll actually melt and be nice to you! :O

Thanks!! :)

Naah, he's not my Will Truman, he's my Joey Tribbiani :P

Hey I hope you did not misunderstand me! I was just taken aback because this had never happened before. But if you think I can be of help in any way, do send me a holler at!

You sound like you've been here for a while so I won't say 'Welcome to Sayeshaz'. But thanks for your comment, gal! :)


Gosh, duniya mein tu akela Ravi hai kya?? :D

Thanks for the clarification. If I am not wrong, you offered me accomodation in Ravi's quarters if I ever visited Chennai. Thanks a lot man.

Hahahaha! Now pple moonlight as Virdi's watchmen?? :D

Ravi said...

arey confusion nahi to mazaa nahi...Golmaal aise hi hit nahi hui.

PuNeEt said...

another very very sweet post...

a letter to your would-be-wife
its one of the best post i've ever read...

maybe coz i can relate it to my life...

Keep rocking


Anonymous said...

Hi Sash,

I have not misunderstood you da. I have sent you a mail on your id.

Thanks a lot.

Sayesha said...

Oooh Golmaal! Now I wanna watch it again! Damn!

Thanks! :)

Got it. Will send the reply after thinking over it.