Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just jealous!

[Ok fine, I gave in to temptation! Just this post, may I? Pleeeease?]

Some time ago, we had a course on creativity in the office. As an ice-breaker, the trainer asked the audience, "Do you know anyone who is so happy and so cheerful like all the time that it just makes you sick??" There was a general buzz of agreement and almost everyone in the audience grinned and nodded at the trainer. Except me. I have never really felt sick to see a very happy person who was cheerful all the time. If anything, I'd feel inspired. So I did not nod, and being the minority in the poll, kinda slunk back into my seat, having no desire to explain why I did not nod.

Boy, was I in for a lovely surprise. The trainer paused, looked at everyone and said, "Well, it proves you guys are just jealous. That's all."

Whoa, amazing turn of the tables! Everyone around who had just nodded in agreement either laughed nervously or looked away sheepishly. And I could not stop grinning for the entire duration of the course.

What a great lesson.

All those who are mean to you for apparently no good reason... who think you're too happy for your own good... who get bugged by your cheerfulness... who read your blog only to post nasty comments... who try to make you uncomfortable... who try to make you feel bad about yourself... are just jealous of you!

Certainly explains a lot of things and makes life a lot simpler, doesn't it?


Clueless said...

hehe..i was wondering when u'd break and succumb to giving us our daily dose of much-needed entertainment!! and oh, i absolutely cannot believe this!! first in line two times in a row!! heh! i'm getting gooood at this!! :D

anyways...i completely agree with what u said..being one of the happy-go-lucky ppl that some find so annoying, i can vouch for the fact that its absolutely fantastic to be cheerful all the time...we have only so long to live...might as well live spending each moment happily!! :)

Sayesha said...

Hehe... just rewarding myself for getting past the first exam! :P

Well, I am sure the people who are apparently "happy all the time" also have their moments of sorrow and anger, but it's just that when they're happy, they are so utterly happy that some pple can't stand it.

ps: Girl, what are you doing, up at this hour?? Hell, what am I doing, up at this hour?? Gotta get up at 6 to go to work! G'nite! :D

Parth Anand said...

Ya personally I don't feel sick if a person is happy, infact at times I am happy that he is happy but I am no saint..have to admit, that bouts of jealousy do creep into me and I so much want to be in his shoes then...but I don't resort to mean antics or any of it..

All the best for your other two papers...

Anat said...

hi sayesha, got to ur place blog hopping. have been going thru the archives. and i just wanted to leave a smiley, coz reading ur blog made me happy.

J'Adore said...

I'm in the same boat as you Sayesha - 2 pprs to go. how abt we go out and e-party once this is all done?
;-) I'm buying.

anon gal said...

nice to c u blog again.. i'm one of those freaks ppl say is happy fr no reason, like spreading a-little-bit-of-sunshine-wherever-i-go types.. hehe.. and boy, god knows how many ppl gimme those, what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you.. how-can-u-always-be-so-cheerful look.. bah! jealous pigs! but heck care, life's still sunny and great as eva now, innit sayesha?

Nandya said...

Sayesha is an absolute sweetheart with the most beautiful hands...a vivacious, and a smart cookie, to be dealt with gloves incase she bites like i deal with my python..

i was told by my grandmother that flattery will get me anywhere...dadiamma zindabad...

have i lost my sanity..i think so...

Pradyot said...

Aha! Just the post I wanted to read at the end of a bad day. Cheerful it is. Yay! :)

Vikram said...

MUHAHAHA...I knew you would listen to me and make posts even during exams...:)

L said...

Ahem..!! Great blog analogy..!! U sometimes have cute ways of explaining ur sides...!!

Hmmm aur exams ke liye mug lo..!!!

Sayesha said...

//bouts of jealousy do creep into me and I so much want to be in his shoes then...but I don't resort to mean antics or any of it..

Oh you should totally read this post written by my very good occasionally-friend Sahil on how you can use of this feeling constructively :)

ps: Thanks for your wishes, buddy. Second one's tomorrow! :O

Hey, welcome to Sayeshaz! And thanks! :)

You're ON. Let's partyyyyy!! Your bar or mine? (Does yours serve orange juice? 'Cos as you know, Sayesha ain't gonna get drunk on anything else.)

#Anon gal,
Yes, it is! Let the jealous buggers watch, you stay happy, sweetheart! :)

You lost your sanity by feeding my vanity?? Hahahaha! Ok ok, bad joke! :P

Hehe... it was just the post I wanted to write at the end of the day. Glad you smiled, buddy! :)

Ahem... quoting Enid Blyton in 'The naughtiest girl in school' -- "The courage to change your mind is true courage." ;)
ps: Ok FINE, you were right. Khush? :)

Thanks, man! :)

Ashish Gupta said...

All those who [..] are just jealous of you!

not with you on any of the words!

I take a dig at someone whom I really like;
else with 'strangers-to-my-heart' I am plain formal and non-talkative.

Sayesha said...

Oh Gosh, you misunderstood me! I'm talking about people who post really nasty comments and mean them. Leg-pulling is different from being nasty. I would not classify your crazy comments as 'nasty' in any way, and whatever nonsense you say to me is all taken in good spirit, my dear! Come on, I don't have to tell you that! :)

Vikram said...

//ps: Ok FINE, you were right. Khush? :)


Thanu said...

I knew you could not hold out for that long. Strange even when u say U r not gonna blog foor a while still we check ur site regularly for updates. We know u quiet well from these blogs


Rays Of Sun said...

Oye Madam! Mujhe kaal ratako jhooth bola na:( I did not even check..
Anyhow..they say "Happiness is contagious. I for one never feel sad if someone has that gorgeous smile all the time"
Nothing beats that happiness that you derive from persons who spread that:)

Sayesha said...

Chal tu bhi kya yaad karega! ;)

Hehehe... *sheepish grin*
It's true, sometimes I feel you guys know me too well yaar! You guys can predict things about myself that I can't! Whoa! :O

Jab tujhse baat hui, I hadn't thought I'd be blogging, tu time dekh na post ka... kitni raat ko post kiya! Chal ab gussa chhod and gimme a contagious smile, baby! :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Liked this one:)

who try to make you feel bad about yourself... are just jealous of you!,

Now I know, what I know:D

Rays Of Sun said...

Also see my Smile here..TOOTHY KINDS:)

Ashish Gupta said...

Pssttt #-o

Arre duffer you got me wrong!
I was definitely not talking about my comments here- hey bhagwaan how u girls think ... I'd never get it. . . .
and u talk of kids these days ;)

I was just expressing my view and the girl in my head was my real (elder) sister when I wrote that!

So much for a clarification. now how about ur other leg- where is it?? :D <-- this one is that stupid wali which u love :P

Bhole said...

Why would someone be jealous :-/

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

viv said...

Happiness is contagious man! How could anyone not like it? I wish I could be happy all the time... :P

WV: mturcte

Sounds like 'empty your seat'! Is that what they say at the end of the exam? :)

Macho Girl said...

"The sayesha" fan is here!! :P

Anyways...i see wat u mean in this post.. I have always been really pleased to meet ppl like this! Somehow.. i always find that cheerful ppl manage to turn my grey skies to blue!!! how can anyone feel jealous of a person who makes such a difference in ur moods??!!!

J'Adore said...

Sayesha>i dont do alcohol either. how abt lovely tropical juices :D

Jay said...

Interesting take!

PS :Which subject have U taken up ? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your posts for quite a while.. Very interesting.. For one thing I noticed: there is not much - infact no - negative thoughts or discussions in your blog - which I like the most! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more such posts..!

Sayesha said...

Yeh hui na baat! Hamesha muskurati reh, achhi lagti hai :)

Arre! I thought tu gussa hoke chala gaya, wondered why, and then I probably misunderstood you. Ok baba, hamaari galti. Khush? :)

//Why would someone be jealous

Well, some people are, kya karein... So, rather than ruining my day, I just use this take :)

Thanks a lot for reminding me of exams, man! 'Empty your seat' it seems! :P

#'The Sayesha' fan (Gosh, I still can't get over this one! Hahaha!),
Well, perhaps some people's moods become worse when they see happy people, and that's why they dislike them... it's all about how you take things around you :)

Sounds like a plan! Count me in! :)

Thanks! :)
ps: You mean subject or course? Am doing a Master's in Mass Comm.

Hey, welcome to Sayeshaz! Glad that you find worthwhile stuff here! See you around :)

Rays Of Sun said...

Maine mera rota dhota pic nahi bheja hai na:p dekhegee kya>:))

Kais said...

Hey Sayesha --

Someone told me about your blog last saturday and I couldnt stop reading until I had read EVERYTHING.

You are soooo cool! Your blog rocks!

(...junior at uni in the olden days)

Raam Pyari said... you did give in to temptation..:)
nice post!
hey btw have shifted toa new place now..keep visitin..:)

Harshi said...

Sayesha, I am so happy to see you back! I hadn't expected this soon!Chalo, chalega. U r excused :-) It's our pleasure! :-)

OK, I must admit, one person that I am a bit sick seeing a smile on-screen is Juhi Chawla. For some reason, even serious roles don't make her seem "serious". She still looks sooooo utterly pleasant and sweet :-)

Yes, I think there are a ton of people who get jealous. We are no saints either. We go through various shades of emotion ourselves. But to be mean to make the person uncomfortable, to critisize and find faults, to talk behind the person's back to others, to leave the person out, etc. for no reason,...are all despicable ways to feel more important, and I cannot understand how others go to that length without their conscience saying anything. Unfortunately, I have seen girls engaging in this more than guys. Just my own experience.

rimjhim said...

Behna..tu hai blog ka gahna..
teree her post hai sundar rachna..

per exam bhee to paas hai na...
to behna padhte rhna..
Behna padhte rhna!!

Vaise jokes apart!! Wasnt expecting u to post so sooooooon!! But fayda to hamara hee hua hai mai HAPPY :)) :>D

Gud luck for the next exam dear
Well..I dont feel jealous..But I do think..if this if for real or the person is pretending to be that happy and cheerful..??!!

Sayesha said...

A crying ROS doing laundry... hmmm... sounds interesting, bhej de! :)

Heyyyyy Kais!! Loooong time, eh? :) I think I haven't seen you since I graduated, isn't it?? So who got you here?
ps: Thanks! Glad to know you like my blog :)

Yeah yeah, I gave in to temptation! Dil hai ki maanta nahin! :P

Yo, I was wondering where you were! :)

You do have a point about "fake cheerfulness" or "plastic joy". That IS indeed annoying, but I am talking about people who can't stand someone being a genuinely happy person.

Hahaha! Teri poetry badi interesting hai! :D
ps: I wasn't expecting to post so soon myself! :P
pps: Like I mentioned to Harshi, if someone is just pretending to be all happy and cheerful, and it's really obvious that it's all fake stuff, just to show the world "what a happy person he/she is", then yes, it can really get on one's nerves. But there are some who are just genuinely happy people, and they do bring a lot of positivity to our lives.

rimjhim said...

About poetry..
abhee ..during ur exams..i m goin to continue with "behna padhte rhna"....I care for U afterall..vaise khuda-na khasta (God forbid that is angrejee me)..agar aap fail ho we can say that..these silly exmas dont matter..What matters is tests and trails of life..and as far as that is concerned..Sayesha has alves immersed as "winner"

Per..itnee tareef se padhna mt band kr dena...ok?

//But there are some who are just genuinely happy people, and they do bring a lot of positivity to our lives.
Yes..if smbody is genuinly happy..he/she spreads positive energy everywhere..!!

ek baar me jitna bhee khna kh lena...
baar baar page refrsh mt krte rhna...

kitna khole rkhna..
aur behna padhte rhna..
tum bhna padhte rhan..

hope bore nahee ho raha :(...just trying to make u that after study break u fell charged up again!!

Kais said...

>> #Kais,
>> Heyyyyy Kais!! Loooong time,
>> eh? :) I think I haven't seen >> you since I graduated, isn't
>> it?? So who got you here?
>> ps: Thanks! Glad to know you
>> like my blog :)

Yeah, in fact I've been avoiding you ever since you scared the hell out of us babies at orientation :P
( nah not really - you were the "good cop" )

Not smart..but hey, at least I get to lurk here.

>> So who got you here?

Shashwat, Avyakt, Ritwik etc.
Lots-and-lotsa people know and like your blog, you know. Consider starting a cult :P


Sayesha said...

Thanks for all the entertainment. And thanks for bhadkaofying Ruchi against me! :O

Hmm... I never see any comments by those guys... silent readers, huh? :)

"Good cop" eh? Hahaha! :D

Oooh... a cult in a bar.... sounds like a wicked idea! ;)

Raj said...

Happy people don't make me sick but overly nice people who have a fake smile (i can tell!) plastered on their faces all the time do.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I dun like those kinds either! :S

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Bhavya said...

I like this attitude. It makes me feel so good about myself!