Sunday, November 06, 2005

Shhh.... Sayesha's studying...

Methinks that for once in life, Sayesha should seriously study for exams.

Blogging will have to take a break (if I can resist it!) till after my exams (last paper on the 16th).

Bar's still open though, feel free to hang out and help yourselves to the ye olde untouchede wine in the cellars.

Cheers to all bewdas at Sayeshaz! Don't touch that dial; your bewdi will be back soon! :)


Clueless said...

i don't believe it!! i'm first!! muhahahaha!!! beatcha, suckas!!!

anyways...just wanted to wish you all the best for ur exams..hope u top everything!! ;)

on a sadder note...u've just reminded me of the whole miserable load of work awaiting my*sigh*

well...u gotta do what u gotta i'm gonna go do it...(u know what i mean!!)


Ashish Gupta said...

// Don't touch that dial

Which one? Make a list of all those preserved things in here and send over ;)

Shittt :O I keep forgetting about my exams! Thanks for reminding.
Wish u great luck for these exams! I am sure after bozzing around all these months u would really need all the luck in the world ;)

Oops and me too !!!!

virdi said...


tu padhti wadhti hai nahi, aur agar fail ho gayi toh koi tere se shaadi nahi karega... fir kisi aenge bhenge se tere ko shadi karni padegi... is liye padh le beta...

samajh mein aayi baat???


Harshi said...

hey sayesha....wish you the Best for your exams. you will do well.

meanwhile, hum check karte rahenge...:-)

Sahil said...


You mean you're not gonna blog, even though the computer will be right in front of u throughout the time ur studying? And that too for 10 days?

Aisa zulm?

I think you should give way to temptation and blog.

oh, and good luck for your exams.

L said...

Oh yeah...!! Exam season all around..!! All the best..!!

Keshav said...

blogging takes back seat while u study ! hmm good bachi..carry on ;)..all da best ! and thanx for keeping the bar open :)...just that we will miss the bartender ..

"The Sayesha" fan! ;) said...

All the best for ur exams!! gosh.. i have so much to finish too!! better wake up atleast now!

Thanu said...

Feels so good to be out of school. No exams for me. Work can get stressing though.

Anywaz good luck for ur exams.


Sayesha said...

Study break #1

Am not gonna welcome you to Sayeshaz 'cos I know you've been hiding here all this while (btw, pple, make sure this kid doesn't get her hands on any alcohol!) but thanks for the holler! :) Good luck for all your schoolwork too! :)

Uhhhh... 'which one' it seems! The one that you use to blog-hop! :O And the list will only be out on the blog-anniversary! ;)
ps: Good luck for your exams too, buddy! :D

Haye sachi?? Agar hum fail ho gaye toh humse koi shaadi nahin karega?? Suna gaanv walon?? Humse koi shaadi nahin karega! Oh right I am SO gonna marry a guy who's gonna look at my post-grad marksheet before deciding whether he should marry me or not!

Thanks, girl! Need all the support I can get! :)

//You mean you're not gonna blog, even though the computer will be right in front of u throughout the time ur studying? And that too for 10 days?

You mean mean guy! Trying to tempt me, are ya? Suna nahin Virdi ne kya bola? Hum fail ho gaye toh humse shaadi kaun karega? Aap?
ps: Thanks for your wishes, buddy! I'll be back soon! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :) Stay around yaar, bartender will be back soon! :)

#'The Sayesha' fan,
Gosh! Yesterday's 'THE' Sayesha fiasco was so HILARIOUS, I think I don't need to do any crunches at the gym for a while! ;) Thanks for your wishes, my dear!

Yeah man, imagine me, as if work and uni were not enough, now I have work and exams!! :O Thanks for your wishes, girl! :)

Vikram said...

Nooooooooo....don't take a break Sayesha....the blogging community is going to miss you...:((...

anyway since i know you'll never listen to me...good luck with your exams...

oxymoron said...

all the best sayesha! make up for the missed posts (if you do happen to miss) during the exam period, by writing 2 posts a day after your exams! will keep all the bewdas happy! till then we'll try to live through the dry spell!

Aethyr said...

Sayesha dont study so hard ..u gonna break ur glasses.
and btw univ exams are not so hard...knowing u , im sure u'd crack it without any effort ;)

so All The Best and Keep Blogging!!

PS . Take my advice i dont use it anymore ;)

croondoodle said...

doodho nahaao pooto phalo...good luck for your exams...mangalmay ho =)

Sayesha said...

Study Break #2

I'm gonna miss the blogging community too :( But you gotta do what you gotta do na. Hey, what do you mean I never listen to you?? :/
ps: Thanks for your wishes! See I listen! ;)

2 posts a day?? Hahaha! I dun think I'm capable of that! :O Will be back soon though. Meanwhile, you should update yours man, when I take my study breaks, I'll still be reading other bewdas' blogs.

Thanks! :) Actually I've been outta the studying scene for three years now, so am finding it a bit difficult to study with concentration, in fact, until yesterday, my breaks were longer than my studytimes! :O

Errr... I dun really see how doodho nahao will help in my exams, but thanks for your wishes, man! :)

Jeevan said...

All the Best for ur exam.

oxymoron said...

2 posts a day is a 'baye haath ka khel' for ya!
thy wish has been granted, i updated mine before posting a comment on yours :)

Bhole said...

Bewdi ;) - Good Luck!

Aj said...

Guess xams r a pretty decent time to all the stuff which one neglects usually

I remember doin all n any kind of weird things in exams like playing TT at 5-6 am when exam was at 8 am..etc etc

It is fun....

PS: See I have time these days still m averaging only a post per week ..pretty bad huh...dont worry ..the baddie will soon b rocking !


Sayesha said...

Study Break #3

Thanks! :)

Ooh you updated, will read it during lunch, gotta rush to work.
ps: No re, two posts a day not baayein haath ka khel! :P

Thanks, bewda! :)

Hey, long time! Yeah, I used to play gully cricket during schooldays. But now, gotta get serious! :)

croondoodle said...

=)...i mean khoob tarakki karo ;)

abhi said...

All the best :)

Canary said...

hey.. Ms. "bewdi" dont drink in the middle of the exams! (lest u fall asleep on top of some question paper!)
jus kidding.. all da best.. :p

HoliDevil said...

All da best


Ashish said...


PS: not thats not a stupid grin. thats a normal grin :P

Ashish Gupta said...

ohh and that was 'coz of an all-nighter to study. not 'coz of drinking - I have never been to any pubs or bars before except for Sayeshaz now !

ritzkini said...

but then..i see "n" study breaks already ! fear...

Ashish Gupta said...


I didn't knew you too liked dahi kachori !!!!! me going to have some. wanna join ;)

PS: accha hai 'waha' hai. Yaha hoti to aadhi khud kha jaati!

Ashish Gupta said...

whose this girl? no one commented on the pic !!!! looking so cute!

bacchi ko dekhkar virdi ki yaad aa gayi..
Hii Virdi, I remember reading you saying "haathi ki bacchi" somewhere :D

PuNeEt said...

hey sayesha...
Wishing u all the very best for your exams....

I'm sure u'll be back soon ;-)

take care

Sayesha said...

Study Break #4

Thanks for the clarification :)

Thanks, dear! :)

Hahaha! Thanks! :)

Thanks, man! :)

//not thats not a stupid grin. thats a normal grin

You don't HAVE a normal grin, my dear! ;)

//I have never been to any pubs or bars before except for Sayeshaz now

This actually made me sing 'Pehla pehla pyaar hai, pehli pehli bar hai'... ooops sorry, very bad joke! :$

Hey hey, Tarzan's still around! Yeah, am hoping to survive my no-blogging drought by these "study-breaks"! :)

//Yaha hoti to aadhi khud kha jaati!

Aadhi??? Haha! Looks like you have too good an opinion of me, my dear! ;)

Thanks! Will be back soon! :)

Raam Pyari said...

all the best, Sayesha :)

Sahil said...

Ashish gupta,

Looks like u're taking over Virdi's role man. BTW - I don't know if you are a Karan Johar fan or not, but is it just me, or do you bear an uncanny resembalance to him? (No offence intended if u dislike the guy)

and Sayesha,

>Hum fail ho gaye toh humse shaadi kaun karega? Aap?

Is that a proposal? If I were to say yes, we all know that you would totally flunk that exam, haina?

I'm not that easy to phasofy. Nice try though. :)

Humjoli said...

all the best sash!

good to take breaks between studies and what better way to chill out than blog!


Sayesha said...

Study break #5

Thanks, girl! :)

Ashish SO does not look like Karan Johar. Karan Johar is a good-looking guy! Muahahaha! :D

// If I were to say yes, we all know that you would totally flunk that exam, haina?
//I'm not that easy to phasofy.

Sahil, I have better things to do in life than try to phasaaofy a guy who answers rhetorical questions just because it boosts his ego.

You're right, the blog's a good chillout place, but I think I'll stick only to the comments page! :P

Sahil said...

U think this ego NEEDS any more boosting?! Hah!

...and no, I don't think you have better things to do in life. And anyway, it won't work, I'm wise to you.

Humjoli said...

yes, you better stick to comments page only. don't write a new post till your exam.

I know its gonna be bit hard for you seeing your past history but may Allah give you all the strength to resist the temptation of serving a new drink at sayeshaz bar!


Ashish Gupta said...

Looks like u're taking over Virdi's role man

noo way! we both have our different roles in the Sayeshaz. He is kinda role model for me :P Hey Virdi dont you think, now that the place is not so moderated (she is hiding with her books), we can play football in the bar :-? That stash on left will be my goal and the rack over there would be urs! remaining bottles (if any) we'll break to celebrate one of us winning :P

Ashish Gupta said...

ohh and in case we end up in a draw we'll break them together (on her head!).
in any case it'll be fun :)

Ashish Gupta said...

Who is Karan? ;) I am not a movie-buff.
Yes it must be only you Sahil though I cannot say for sure! And you gotta do a lot worse than that to piss me off ;) arre obviouslly no hard feelings!

ps: why take risks? I look better riding that horse. Oh and this horse isn't sticking out its tongue. I bet sayesha, you would have made a wooden horse stick his tongue out by sitting on it!

Mr. Quipster said...

hope your exams comin along well. good luck !

rimjhim said...

Behna..padhte rhna..

fail na hona..bore na hona..
sad na hona..mad na hona..

behna..padhte rhna,,,

thoda khaana..peena km km..
kaafee jaagna..sona km km..
comment padhte rhna..
Behna padhte rhna...

GUD LUCK Sayesha...

V said...


Can't imagine you using that word.

Actually, coming to think of it, I can't imagine any girl using that word!

But Hey!, Best of Luck!

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Aargh!! Ok fine, all the best :-D

Sayesha said...

Study Break #6

//U think this ego NEEDS any more boosting?!

Actually you're right. It's already over-inflated.

Thanks, buddy! Inshallah I can fight the temptation! :)

Tera dimaag itna fragmented hai, ki teen teen comments lag jaate hain Sayesha ki insult karne ke liye?? Offo! Kids these days I tell you...

#Mr. Quipster,
Didn't know you were still around! Thanks! :)

That was so hilarious! Reminded me of the 'bhool na jana, ECE bulb lana' ad! :D Thanks! :)

The last time I checked, 'bewda' was not a bad word! :)
ps: Thanks for your wishes! :)

Babe I'll be back soon! Thanks for your wishes! :)

Parth Anand said...

all the best for your well...
yaar...if you don't do we get to pull your leg?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha,

All the best for your exams.

Good Luck


Jay said...

What ... Sayesha not into 'active blogging' till 16 th!! SIGH!!

PS: All the best for Ur exams! :-)

Aethyr said...

ur really studying..thats a lot of studying...
keep it up i should get some inspiration from u..
god dammit my exams are near..:((

PuNeEt said...

Sayesha commenting on Study break

so sweet

Vinesh said...

Good luck for your exams!

. : A : . said...

Study breaks are great (the ones you take while studying).


Sayesha said...

Study Break #7

One down, two more to go... yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

Thanks, man!
ps: Saare jahan mein ek hi leg hai kya?? :D

Thanks! :)

Yeah man, kya karein... gotta prioritise... thanks for your wishes, buddy! :)

Study study! Share my misery! Study some more! :D

Hehehe... kya karein yaar... blogging is so addictive, can't just suddenly stop, at least commenting doesn't take up so much space, and is almost as fulfilling! :P

Hey, long time! Thanks! :)

#. : A : .,
I agree! I couldn't live without these breaks, man!
ps: Remembered the spaces this time! :)

Parth Anand said...

ps: Saare jahan mein ek hi leg hai kya?? :D

Nahin...ek nahin do hai...doosra bhi to aapka hi hai... :)
cool..2 more to go...hope they go well too

Sayesha said...

Study Break #8

Parth my friend,
Allow me to recommend six very interesting legs you can pull: Ashish, Virdi and you! :D

Ravi said...

What? All this fuss for just 3 exams?

Anyway keep up the spirit. Don't let the less number of exams bore you. :)

Sayesha said...

Study Break #9

// What? All this fuss for just 3 exams?

Will answer that in a subsequent post! ;)

ps: Bore me?? Huh?? Kya bol raha hai yaar? Teen bhi bahut hai!

Anonymous said...

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