Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scarred for life

When I was seven years old, a little bubble pagri sardar (term copyrighted by Weird Hair Anil) who was happily running in the school playground, trying to flee from his friend, without looking where he was going, rammed straight into me. His sharp metal kada (bracelet) went straight into my right eyebrow, just about missing my eye. Suddenly all I could see was a spurt of blood, which started gushing down, covering almost the entire right side of my face. It was horrifying.

I blacked out for a while so I can't really remember whether I was rushed to a doctor, or a doctor was rushed to me. But I do remember the large bleeding gash on my eyebrow pressed with a large white handkerchief, which was turning red at an alarming rate.

Later, someone reported the matter to my class teacher, who incidentally adored me to death. She took out this thick cane, tucked the end of her sari pallu into her waist and charged forth on a mission to find my assaulter and whack the hell out of him. Later, as I made my way back to my class to get my bag so I could go home, I saw what were the last few strokes from the cane of the very furious teacher. And to my horror, I realised that she had been caning the wrong guy black and blue without listening to his protests!

I know the name of neither the actual culprit, nor the innocent guy (I do hope Virdi is not one of them!) but I have certain things to say to both of them.

Actual culprit - Damn you. You owe me a lifetime supply of eyebrow pencils.

Innocent guy - For some reason, I wanna apologise to you for the beating you got. It was all a mistake, and if I had made it to the scene of crime in time, I'd have stopped the teacher and rescued you from her wrath. But the damage was already done. I hope you harbour no hard feelings against me, buddy. And in my heart, I hope you are around somewhere, reading this blog post with a forgiving heart.

Just remember this -- if you were scarred for life, so was I.

Quite literally.


Anonymous said...

heyyyy me first to reply ,havnt read your post yet but just wanted to reply first, nyways great job sayesh u have a wonderful blog ........yeh dil maange more

Pradyot said...

I have been at the recieving end of misguided rage of teacher... in retrospect it is fun. So don't worry about that guy.. he must be laughing about it right now.

As for the scar.. that must have helped you in running the gang.. right?

someonewhomyouknow said...

Nice one

Dreamgirl said...

Imagine the guy gets back to u..!!!
just a thought!!!!

Gr88 posts...Keep writing..
Tk cr.

Macho Girl said...

this post kinda reminded me of the time when i was in the shoes of the innocent boy! I was accused of hurting some other guy whom i didn't even know! Too bad that guy was not like u... he knew pretty well that i was not at fault, yet decided to put the blame on fact, he just went and named me when the teacher asked who the offender was!! i have no idea y!! atleast if he were like u, i wudn't have gotten punished for a "crime" i didn't commit :(

Nandya said...

i think i am scared of u now..

those pretty hands never thought could be so decieving...the alluring beauty hides a ruthless avenging dacoit....

Ravi said...

If I were the innocent guy, I would be happier if you had named the culprit there itself or at least told the teacher that I was innocent. In spite of injustice being done I would have felt better.

Ab jao aur padhai karo. I thought you were supposed to be studying and not blogging till 16th. But I dont know why am I saying this to you. I mean I would prefer that you blog daily. But when I realise the importance these exams have in your life (Remote post) I don't want to see new posts till 16th.

But I guess you know best. Maybe the first exam was the toughest?

What?? I guess you are referring to some other post.

Thanu said...

Unintentionally we do hurt few people. Sometimes we do realize and sometimes we dont even know that he/she got hurt. That is worse.

It wud be really nice if the innocent guy got to read this


Harshi said...

Oh, sorry for that accident Sayesha. It is touching the way you have sent your word out to Both these guys esp. to the innocent guy. Hope they Do read this, and the other guy....sends you that lifetime supply :-) Maybe when you find him, you must get in touch with your teacher also. Hisaab Kitaab poora karna hoga na unhe :-) Haha

PS: Arre, yeh padh ke toh woh kabhi saamne nahi aayega :-))
Hope he doesn't ram into someone when he flees seeing this :-))

L said...

Hey Sayesha..! Keep ur eyes open... The guy may be in hiding near and will strike with vengeance soon with concluding remarks ,"Yaad karo woh din jab teacher ne mujhe cane se maara tha..!!"

Cant help it..!! Me watching hindi oldies for 3 days..!! So got the idea..!!

eh! said...

tch tch ..I went goose flesh replacing myself in the playground!
aapka actual culprit ek sardar tha ..ask for one pencil, he`ll shower sawa lakh of them :D [sorry for the bad pj!]
btw this wud make a blockbuster Yash Raj Film back home ..bachpan ke scar, will take u both far! sardar wud b a full time nerdy loser comedian, also obsessed with u :P
gosh gray matter`s dishing out ultimate crap!

Shreyansh said...

What I am wondering is, after all these days , what prompted you to write about it.And that too in the middle of ur exams.

the_innocent_guy said...

That's OK Sayesha. The teacher definetly took out all the frustation on me :(.

If you need a life time supply of eye brow pencils, I need a life time supply of Iodex or Moov :)

Sayesha said...

I guess you're the 'dil maange more' commentator who'd commented some time ago too? Thanks! Hope you did end up reading the post! :)

I do hope he's laughing about it now. Thanks for giving me hope, I wish you'd got bashed up instead! Kidding! :P
I guess if I did not cover up the scar every day with eyebrow pencil, it would be a very good 'dada' sign - something like "Pakiya, lock up mere ko inispector ne bhot mara, yeh dekh! Par maine bhi ghuma ke diya re usko!" :D

#Someone I know,
Thanks! Wanna reveal who you are or how I know you? :)

Whoa, if the guy is really reading this, and gets back to me, whoaaa! :)
ps: Thanks!

#Macho Girl,
Hmmm... maybe he's blogging about it now and apologising to you? ;)

Muahahahahaha! :D

Okay first things first. Like I mentioned in the post itself, I can't identify either of the guys, except that they were both bubble pagri sardars. Secondly, I did tell the teacher, but it was too late.

Thirdly and most importantly, don't mind, but I feel as if sometimes you do moral policing on my blog, and judge me after reading each post of mine. If you're expecting ideal behaviour, Sayeshaz is the wrong blog for you. I experiment with my life all the time, and I do the good stuff as well as the bad stuff. Things I do are FAR from ideal, and I have no problems with that. What I do have problems with is being told that I SHOULD have done that, and I SHOULD do this, etc. Hope you can understand my standpoint.

You don't wanna see new posts till the 16th? Uh oh, but I do! Sorry! :P

I do hope he's reading this yaar! Bechara :(

Hahahhaha! I should have a reunion party huh, the two guys, the teacher and me. All hell will break loose! :)

Bahut zyada filmi ho raha hai tu? Welcome to my world! ;)

#The Last Czar,
Wow! Awesome idea. Can I do the scripting?

Produced by the Last Czar:
Bachpan ke yaar
Ek ladki, do sardaar
Teacher ko woh maar

Some memories come back at odd times, isn't it? Though I see the scar every day, yesterday just remembered the actual incident.

#The innocent guy,
Nice try. I knew there'd be some lallu trying this stunt here! :)
Kabhi mil jao, toh aisi haalat Sayesha ki do janmon ka iodex/moov chahiye hoga! :D

someonewhomyouknow said...

Oh ab tak you should know my style, baby:p

someonewhomyouknow said...

Hint: Good morning, Gurl:)

Leon said...

Sorry to hear about your scar.. but from your post, I gather it could have been worse..

I thought of the innocent guy gag too.. but realized in time that when you were seven I would have been five.. :D..

Ashish Gupta said...

[-X bad bad gurl!

Sayesha said...

#Someone whom I know,
Gosh, tuuuuu hai! So much nautanki? :D

Hahahahaha! Maybe you were the kid I bullied in school? ;)

Ab isme bhi tujhe meri galti dikhai deti hai??? Oh God! You really deserve a beating by that teacher of mine!

someonewhomyouknow said...

Kyun re?Aaj tak tujhe kisine good morning nahi bola kya:p

Vikram said...

Hey Sayesha,

I have been on the recieving end once :(. I was innocent and the girl had me taken care of...:( know what I mean right.

bananapen said...

Scar? I don't see any scar...
But that must have been a traumatising episode for the both of you -- you and wrongly-whacked guy :S

Sayesha said...

#Someone I know,
Not talking about the good morning wish re... am talking about the whole "someone you know" nautanki you did! :P

Knowing you, you probably deserved it man. Ooops, sorry! Kidding! Don't cry now! :D

Haha! That's the magic of the eyebrow pencil! Clever concealing, every morning. Why do you think I'm demanding a lifetime supply? :)
ps: Yeah, it was really traumatising. Thankfully, the accident doesn't play itself every morning when I look at the scar :)

rik said...

Had been actual once...and had been the innocent....may b a consequence i guess.hahaha...

Actual: Was Plucking mangoes on a tree, my friend was down handy...took him off.

Innocent: Baap Re!! I wish I cud utter somthing...I was whipped black and blue for markin a guy's shirt blue(ink)...

Ashish Gupta said...

"Ab isme bhi tujhe meri galti dikhai deti hai???"
dekh kar nahi chal sakti kya??? 'aankhen hai ki batatein...dikhta nahin kya'
*remembering Y!Messenger's audible*

"Oh God!"

D'oh ur gawddd #-o How can he be soo irresponsible with Quality control on his assembly line :P

"You really deserve a beating by that teacher of mine!"
and you from me ;;)

Vikram said...

Hahaha! Sheesh...nobody believes me. I'm such an innocent guy...:D

Drops Of Jupiter said...

I owe my nine stitches to someone I know. My DAD!

I feel your pain, but on the other hand eyebrow scars are edgy. My brother has one, deep gash, the price he paid for being two years old and wearing my dad's sandals. My DAD! again!


Ravi said...

OK so you told the teacher. Then its fine. I got the feeling that you did not, hence my comment.

I most definitely understand your standpoint. I'm sorry if I offended you here or elsewhere. But I am like this only - I express whatever is there inside me. I hope I will learn to start adapting my comments according to the kind of person I know you to be.

I know Sayeshaz is the right blog for me. And if I have something to say, I will comment on any post before or after 16th, but without the "moral police" element. :)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! You reminded me of the time I used to climb trees and steal mangoes! :P


Innocent and you? Dunno if you're innocent or not, lekin tera sense of humour sahi hai. Kya joke mara! Hahahahaha! :D

Egads! :O

Nahin re... I was not offended... just told you what I felt :) Tu mere blog par bahut dinon se hai, and you know me very well. By now you should know that I do not indulge in or promote 'ideal behaviour', and so I found it slightly unnerving that you were kinda 'judging' my actions.

You don't need to "adapt your comments". Jo dil mein hai woh bol. Just remember that Sayeshaz is not about lessons on ideal and perfect behaviour. It's about life -- exactly the way it is -- with all its good, bad and ugly. That's all :)

anthony said...

Vultoro said U had one of the best CatBlogs, the term for diary types.. U indeed have a interesting thing going.. Didn't know how I missed it. Nive thing going.. Cheers

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey Sash!

Congrats for the "Silver Medal":)
ROS gives a warm round of applause and cuts a German Chocolate Cake..Anyone in for joining the party??

Vikram said...

Hey ROS,

If the cake has Rum in it...I wouldn't mind joining the party :D....

BTW, silver medal for what Sayesha?..:P

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey Sash!

Re-read this post..Was kinda in a wierd mood this morning..U know when I was in 4th Std, at the time. Someone pushed me down, while playing (at home) and the sharp edge of the metal almirah pierced through my right forehead,as well. I still have that scar on top of my right brow:( Gosh! that was one time, my dad was so shocked as well, that instead of taking me to the doctor, to share the shock, he took me straight to Mom's office. She was all hyper, though:))

Rays Of Sun said...


Umm..Nowwwwww..kal ka mood dekha nahi kya..Dont remind me of "Tiramisu":(

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! And thanks, it was very kind of Vulturo. :)

You made the cake for me yourself, baby? :)
Let's partyyyyyy! :D

Cake mein OJ hai, rum nahin. Chalega? :)
Btw, ROS is talking about Vulturo's desi blog awards.

Yet another spooky thing in common, eh? They dun call us soul-sisters for nothing! "They" who? Sayesha and ROS yaar! ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

Are oye..if I baked a German Chocolate..Ill be the Queen of baking:D

Ya, tu aur mein Soul-sisters:))Sounds like a pan:)))

Rajesh said...

Thats a lovely post. You've been forgiven :)

Vikram said...

//Btw, ROS is talking about Vulturo's desi blog awards.

Wow, that's commendable....can i 'bravo' you now?..:P

abhi said...

Sayesha jee , a running bubble pagri sardaar is like a failed brakes scooter - Jo saamne aayega , apni watt lagwaayega.And I hope that innocent guy's beta doesnt grow and hunt you down to extract inteqaam for his baapu's ke saath hui na insaafi.Shucks , too many movies for me.Exam ho gaye ?

Jay said...

"Damn you. You owe me a lifetime supply of eyebrow pencils."

Thats all? What about an apology? :-)

Sayesha said...

I know you're the queen of baking and all that, but "sounds like a pan"? Frying pan? Sauce pan? :P

Welcome to Sayeshaz!

//You've been forgiven

Huh? You forgive me? Hah! You're only entitled to make that statement if you're Rajesh Singh Gill from Patiala. Are you? :D

//can i 'bravo' you now?

Naah, you still can't. :(
Bravo yourself, buddy cos I think the rating is based on number of comments more than quality of posts. So you guys get all the credit yaar!

Tu bhi? Czar, L and I have already conceptualised the movie. It's called "Ek ladki, do sardaar, yaad rahegi teacher ki woh maar". Scripting is in progress, hop in, buddy! You're right on time! :)
ps: Exams abhi chal rahe hain yaar. Last one on the 16th! Phir shooting shuru hogi! :)

Naah, his apology is of no use to me. Now. 'Cos I have no grudge against him. Now. But eyebrow pencils, yeah, I sure have use for! :)

Raj said...

I was always a good kid so all my teachers loved me. But one substitute teacher slapped me for no real reason which left a little (not really visible) scar near me right eye.
My parents complained and since my school was very strict about these kinda things, she was fired the next day.
Served her right!!

Sahil said...

It's not fair to punish someone without getting the facts right. Sometimes our minds just jump to conclusions, we hear something, or see what someone has done, and our mind automatically makes a connection and we perceive this to be what happened. When in fact, reality is far from it. You may do something rash based on your perception, only later to learn that you hurt someone because of this. But by then it's too late, the deed is already done. You've punished an innocent person.

I hope the teacher realised her mistake and did something to correct her injustice on the innocent kid.

Akanksha said...

i also hav a slightly chipped tooth coz of a kada that my friend was wearing so i can totally identify with u
btw r u an indian?

Sayesha said...

I have no idea what the teacher did later. I had more serious and immediate issues to attend to.

You forget I was hurt too. Rather badly at that.

Hey! Yeah, I'm an Indian. You mean you couldn't tell?? :O

!xobile said...

Actual culprit - Damn you. You owe me a lifetime supply of eyebrow pencils.

oh its easier to crib than to forgive...
but ur also right...

a perlexing situation isn't it ?

Harshi said...

Wow....did I hear "award"? Sayesha, I knew you were meant for great things. Congrats yaar! :-)

Humjoli said...

//And in my heart, I hope you are around somewhere, reading this blog post with a forgiving heart.

I hope the little sardar (sorry, now sardar ji) would read this and will give you a jhappi. (virdi, say yes, it was you) ;o)

Docs Dope said...

conrats on the silver medal..i guess compulsive won gold cos her posts r sluttier than sells in our counry

Rays Of Sun said...

:(( I meant "Sounds like a PLAN"Duffer...

Parth Anand said...

lol at the bollywood movie in the making...

congrats on the award...
(hope it wasn't like mera naam likhna udhar bhidu nahin to doon kya karcha just kiddin)

btw does that scar amplify the "gundi" persona now?
I better run now

Ashish Gupta said...

WTH ?!?!

if this is a fill-the-blank kinda question for me then i would fill it on ur behalf with something like - "thanks ashish for all the affection u shower me with:"> "

else if its a 'i-have-given-up-on-you-and-no-comments' expression then u better watch out! I AM ONTO YOU!

Oh indian ... better wish she isn't in doubt if u are that girl or that horse from that pic !!!!

PS: ok ok i too thank u for ur affectionate feelings :) chillax!

pps: i just cannot get over with that pic :D its one of the most prized/all-time-fav/hilarious/cute/.... snap of my album ;) chk out blackfog@ flickr!!

Sayesha said...

I've no grudges, my dear. Otherwise you think I'd have spared him with a mere 'Damn you'? :)

Thanks, girl! It's a comments-based awards, so we all won it, yeay! :)

If it was Virdi na, I'd have joined in the beating inspite of a bandaged eyebrow! ;)

#Docs Dope,
Errrr.... "Sluttier"?? You mean my posts are slutty? :/

I know baby! Was just pulling the baking queen's leg! :P

Hahaha! You know me too well, yaar! Bilkul sahi bola re tu, pakiya! Woh toh gold medal wali ne monetary kharcha pani diya, apun gareeb gundi toh sirf haath se kharcha pani de sakta hai na... isliye silver only :)

ps: The scar is concealed every morning with an eyebrow pencil. Besides, gundi-pan toh apni personality se aata hai, looks se nahin! If you saw me, you'd be deceived man! ;)

The blank was supposed to represent the contents of your brain.


someonewhomyouknow said...

Lolz @ gareeb gundi:))

Bhole said...

I have been scarred for life too....mere sar pe ek mark hai...bachpan mein while playing got hurt cause of a friend....though you can't see it...lekin scar to scar hota hai na :)

Sayesha said...

#Someone I know,
Haan re... dhanda manda hai aaj kal... aadhi police honest ho gayi hai... baaki aadhi apne hisse ki supari hadap rahi hai... gundi gareeb ho gayi hai :(

Haha! That sounds like another bad Bollywood movie -- "Scar toh scar hota hai na". Or how about "Scar toh hona hi tha" or "Scar kiya toh darna kya?" :P

PuNeEt said...

oooh dear thats sad...

I too hve a scar near my left eye n one on the top of nose ;-)

ur incident reminded me of my accident...

bt it was coz of my masti ;-)

You owe me a lifetime supply of eyebrow pencils

Keep rocking

Sayesha said...

Hey Puneet,
Haha! This post seems to be reminding everyone of bachpan ke scars! :)

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. bechara ladka

i also have one scar over my left eyebrow.. paani ka glass ka edge ghus gaya tha

Anonymous said...

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