Friday, December 09, 2005

Red roses -- from a gal to a guy

If you have read Virdi's latest post, you may be interested in knowing this side's story too. So here goes.

In a life that is full of surprises, it is ironical that the ability to surprise has become a rare commodity. In a world where unconditional love has certain conditions, and a no expectations deal has expectations, it
has become increasingly difficult to give people genuine suprises. So if you're getting a chance to do it, grab it with both hands, I say.

Which is what I did.

People on this blog would definitely know who Virdi praji is. People who have been on this blog for a while would also remember how Virdi and I became friends. So when I found out that his birthday is on the 11th of this month, I could not resist but come up with a master plan to surprise my dear friend Virdi -- one of the most amazing guys I have never met.

Pure at heart, genuine, happy, selfless. The one who always makes everyone smile. I wanted to give this guy a reason to smile. For himself. So I decided to suprise him on his birthday, by having a surprise package delivered to him. At his office address. For maximum impact of the surprise.

Step 1 - Decide on what to send

Red roses. There was no deciding to be done on this. I wanted to send him a bunch of red roses, not just because it is so rare for a girl to send a guy red roses, but also because he deserved nothing less. And a chocolate cake to tone down the extremity of a girl sending a guy red roses to his workplace! ;)

Step 2 - Find out Virdi's office address

I cornered Kini the flatmate. Found his email in a silly forward that Virdi had happened to send long long ago to many people including Kini and me. Kini readily supplied me with the office address.

Now what happened after that is really funny. One evening, Kini had forgotten to close all his windows before freeing up the computer for Virdi. Virdi saw my name in Kini's inbox, and started jumping up and down, "Oye what's happening between you and Sayesha?? Why is she emailing you??" I had sworn Kini to absolute secrecy, and being the sweetheart that he is, he played along. Instead of answering Virdi, he just smiled.

Virdi, with his overactive imagination immediately created in his head, a world where Kini blushed at the mention of Sayesha and sang romantic hindi songs to himself, and maroed dialogues such as "Kuch kuch hota hai, Virdi, tum nahin samjhoge."

Apparently, Virdi even gave Kini some fundas (read warnings) such as
"Achchi ladki hai! She's a nice girl. Don't you dare fool around and betray her!!!" Yeah, Kini told me this himself, along with a plea, "Meri ma, can't you send him the gift asap and get this over with??" Hahaha! Poor thing!

Soon, all of their friends, Shubham, Arun, Priya and others, got worked up about who Kini's "chick" was. Kini's comment space got flooded with queries about the chick. Soon, even his undergrad e-group got involved in the discussion.

I was having a blast. I even suggested that I should send Virdi a 'joint birthday gift' with the words "With love from Ritesh and Sayesha". This freaked Kini out to a considerable extent. Alternatively, I suggested that I should send some red roses with a matching love note (What a heartwarming sentimental song! And what meaningful lyrics!) addressed to Kini at his home address, making sure that it was Virdi who 'accidently' got the flowers and the 'lurrrve note'.

Kini's response to this idea of mine?
"Yeah, send the red roses, and a garland too for my funeral ceremony!" Hahaha! :D

Virdi and I were talking on yahoo once, and I dropped a few hints here and there about Kini. Virdi said he was gonna save the transcript to show Kini, so I went a bit more ballistic and said things which would have made even Kini rub his eyes in disbelief.

Then sometime during this hoo haa, Virdi calls me, and in the course of the conversation asks, "Achha yeh tere aur Kini ke beech mein kya chakkar chal raha hai? Tell me what's happening between you and Kini??" and I went all blush-blush (Yeah I can blush on the phone -- it takes special talent!) then he was like "Should I ask Kini then?" I was like "No no, don't ask him! When the right time comes, we will tell you ourselves." That made our sardarji go absolutely bonkers! Awesome fun!

Anyway, along with the Kini story, my surprise plan was also shaping up well.

Step 3 - Find out if sending flowers to his office would be embarrassing for him

I managed to prise out the information that his boss is a real cool chap, and not a jealous and khadoos one who would fire Virdi for receiving red roses at work. Also, I know some of his colleagues (they visit my blog now and then) and I knew they are all very cool.

Step 4 - Find out if Virdi was going to be in the office on the day

Some people take leave on their birthdays. Others resign before their birthdays. I was worried that my gifts would reach the office when Virdi wouldn't be around and my cake would end up in the stomachs of Fao, Hobbit, et al! (If you're reading this, sorry guys, but you guys seem like a scary and perpetually hungry bunch who would snatch the cake from the 12-year-old Virdi and gobble it up!) Kini to the rescue again! I asked him to inform me if he learnt of Virdi taking leave or handing in his resignation.

Now this is where the most important discovery was made. During my discussions with him, Kini brought to my notice (with utter glee) that Virdi's birthday would actually fall on Sunday! Well, that wasn't gonna dampen my spirits! I decided to send the stuff on Friday instead. Anyway, sending them earlier would have upped the surprise value too.

Then I decided to bring it forward by one more day, to Thursday, firstly because I was too excited to wait anymore, and secondly so that if there was a screw-up with the delivery, I could call up the delivery guys on Friday morning and blast them just in time for them to do a make-up delivery before the office closed for the weekend.

So on Wednesday night, as I clicked and dispatched my order, I was really excited. Last morning, I emailed him to make sure he was at work. The moron told me he would be going to work late! I panicked. I kept asking him throughout the day when he would be in the office, but I did it cleverly so he did not get suspicious. Soon it was time for me to leave the office and yet there was no jumpy email/sms/call from him to tell me he had got my gifts. I panicked again. Before I left, I could not resist emailing him "Dude, I'm outta office now, talk to you tomorrow. Sms me if something happening happens today." ;)

I waited and I waited and I waited. It was freakin' 9:30 pm here. 7 pm in India. Visions of the delivery guy giving my precious red roses to his blushing sabzi wali bai and sharing my choc cake with her, crossed my mind. As each half-an-hour slot passed, I got more and more impatient.

Finally, my phone rang. But I was in a very noisy bar, so I didn't hear it ring. Luckily he called again, just as I took my phone out to see why he hadn't called. And there it was, the call I had been waiting for all day! Let's just say that no amount of alcohol in that bar could have given me the high that I got when I heard the excited voice of my dear friend telling me what a great surprise I had given him, and how totally unexpected it was, and how no girl had ever sent him red roses.

He even read out the note I had enclosed, where I had instructed him to save one of the roses and a slice of the cake for Kini for taking so much flak from the public for me. Thank you, Kini, for your help and for being such a sport all the way till the big revelation. Hope you got the rose and the cake slice. By the way, to your utter relief, this marks the end of the love story of "Kini and his chick". And though I set you free with a heavy heart, I will wish that your eventual chick is exactly like me. (Hey, why are you running away? Did I say something wrong???)

Anyway, here's wishing a very happy birthday to my buddy Virdi, who has brought countless smiles to me. May you always stay the way you are. 'Cos you rock. And I rock. Actually, we both rock.

And Kini rocks a little bit too.


Jay said...

:-)! Thats interesting!! :D

Raj said...

Am i the first?
I was till somebody wrote a comment while i wrote mine.
I'll still consider myself first.

I really thought that you and Virdi were school friends.

I think what you did was very sweet.

You really rock!!

Dreamcatcher said...

Sayesha that was brilliant. A very Happy birthday to Virdi and he is very lucky to have a friend as thoughtful as you.

Rays Of Sun said...

Forgive me CAPS comment!
But, thats the least I can do reading all this FANTABULOUS stuff!
So now here comes an end to the "Chick"story. but, I always knew Chick could be none else but Sayesha!
That is incredible girlie:)
To think about someone and making him feel special on his special day is special.
Thats why I think Birthdays are special.
Viks are you listening??
The smile that gleamed on Virdi's face was Priceless..Now. I shall put up that Birthday wala post on Sunday!!
I so want to hug you right now:(

Rays Of Sun said...

I have never known how you guys (You and Virdi) met each other until I read this post!
I was filled with every possible "nicest"emotion one can feel after seeing two blessed friends' friendship. But, I hate to admit..I did feel a little jealous. Not on you or him or on the friendship. But, kinda wondered, I have tons of friends, guys and girls. But itna pyaar karne wala dost shayad nahi:(
Sorry guys! nothing on you.Its just me!

Anurama said...

"Never miss an opportunity to surprise a loved one" - You follow what you write and thats why you rock. Keep it up Sayesha!!!

virdi said...

Sayesha you are the best!!! :-) bus bus... no more comments from me... You have made my day!!! My week!! My year!! :-)

Anonymous said...

The best thing have come across blogsphere, keep it up guys!!!
If Benaud was here he would have said
'Simply put, Simply superb'

!xobile said...

oh man sayesha!!!

you virdi and kini ! all three are awesome!!! all 3 rock...(pathar ke insaan ho teeno)



shit yaar!! so coooool!

i dunno how to react..


about the post
- one of the most amazing guys I have never met.

Fao said...

we are scary n perpetually hungry? dammit! (dammit, hobbit! we succeeded too well!) but sasha, we'd never steal from a child. weally. we still ve a smidgen of decency left.

but your gesture was just phenomenal! you are my pin-up girl now! such lou! my heart brimm'th o'er! you are a rock star!

p.s. - the cake/roses...didn't see either of them live. pix is all we got too!

Khushi said...

That was really shooooo shweeet :)

A Jane said...

Awesome posts from the teenage child and his adult long distance friend! :-) Its eons since I visited your blogs and thanks to Praaji for pointing me in the direction today....he specifically said to go read both blogs and I had no idea why! needs to be updated with this tale! Very sweet gesture from you, b'day is coming up in Jan *wink*

Thought this was a cool line too..."one of the most amazing guys I have NEVER met"

ritzkini said...

/*By the way, this marks the end of the love story of "Kini and his chick". */
huh ?? already ???
/*I will wish that your eventual chick is exactly like me.*/
dua de rahe ho..ya..badhdua ??
/*And Kini rocks a little bit too. */
yeah..tell me something i dont know..

Sayesha said...

Yeah man, I've got a hanger in my mouth, can't stop grinning! :D

Thanks! :)

//I really thought that you and Virdi were school friends.

Hahahaha! :D

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :) And don't be jealous babes, the "chatur chaar!" are always there for each other! ;)
ps: Touchwood! :)

Wow, you remembered that from the earlier post! :)

Hehehehe! My 'lurrve note' said that, didn't it? "Say Sayesha is the best! Now!" :P

Thanks! :)

Thanks man! Chal tu bhi paththar! Join the party! :)

REALLY??? Who on earth ate the cake then?? When word reached me that Kini and Virdi only had half a piece each, I thought "Hmmm... Fao and co!" :P

Thanks! :)

#A Jane,
Aha! Someone must be so relieved that the Kini-chick love story is over! ;) Let me maro a senti Bollywood dialogue "Kini toh mera kabhi tha hi nahin, A Jane. Woh toh hamesha se tumhara hi tha." ;)

#Kini dahling,
//huh ?? already ???

Yeah baby. I place you in the safe heart of A Jane. Khush rehna mere yaar...

//dua de rahe ho..ya..badhdua ??

Aapko kya lagta hai? ;)

//yeah..tell me something i dont know..

Errr... ok since you asked... how about "Over the last few weeks of planning this, I really started developing feelings for you..."?

Muahahahahaha! Ok don't run for cover, I'm kidding! :D

Ginkgo said...


Vikram said...

This is the best post I have ever read on your blog, Sayesha. No cheesy wise cracks from me this time. :)

Truly awesome...=))

Abhi said...

Wallah !!!! This is awesomely fantastically sweetly amazing.

Man , whoever said life is a drag needs to come to this blog and see the wonderful people being connected through it.Great work sayesha , kini and virdi.Truly awesomely unforgettable.

And Happy Bedday virdi paaji !!!:)

Shuuro said...

Damn!, you planned everything so meticulously, i mean you even found out whether his boss would mind receiving such things during work hours. I was very excited while reading your side of the story, did not expect so much of planning and gossip!. Watch out now its virdi's time to surprise u ;)

oxymoron said...

kudos sayesha,
for perfect planning, perfect execution and as always, beautifully blogging about the whole event!

Vikram H said...

A beautiful example of a great friend!..Way to go! :)

amit said...

in IIMA lingo....tht was Ossum ( Awesome)..... really liked the surprise, just imagining wht wud hv been going in Virdy's mind when he was opening the gift...... never knew the gals can do so much planning ;)

Anonymous said...

hey sayesha..u dont knw how happy i felt readin it..lafd all the od da most butiful things dat happnd in blog galli..

priya said...

Beautiful..jus beautiful..
uve done sumthing tht ive wanted to do in quite sometime.. bring a genuine smile on sumone's face.


Ravi said...

This simply is adorable. I'm happy. Thanks for spreading the happiness.

malika said...

Whoa! Girl you ROCK or what??? That is so sweet!Im going to have a good weekend,just knowing that people like you still exist....Oh! And Happy birthday to Virdi..

Sayesha said...

Back at ya! :)

Oye tujhe kya ho gaya?? You don't sound yourself, buddy! Let's take you to a doctor! :)
ps: Thanks! :P

Thanks man! And thanks for the email. Though Virdi claims I made his day, I feel like my day has been made today! :)

Yeah man! I wouldn't want a 'Suprise on Thursday, fired on Friday' situation for my buddy, would I? :)

Thanks! Kini was an integral part of the perfect execution too! :)

#Vik H,
Thanks! :)

Yeah man... I missed the look on his face when he saw the red roses for him! Now THAT look would have Ossum! ;)

Thanks, dear!
"Blog galli"? I like that! Apni blog galli mein kutta bhi sher hota hai muahaha! :D

Thanks, girl! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

I feel like I'm the birthday girl, thanking everyone! :P

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey Birthday girl,
The pillar of "chatur chaar".

Saw you in my "sapna"today. I doono what it was. But I guess instead of fighting on emails, the chatur chaar were fighting on the face and you were bascially sunaoing the poor me!

I wanted to write this on email, but abhi yaad aaya to likh deeya. Bhool jaoonge naheeto:O

J'Adore said...

honestly! this is why the world needs girls!!! :-D
doubt, many straight guys would send their boy pals roses and cake!

Just another ... said...

Awww. That's so sweet.

Keshav said...

That was some surprise.. to make a friend's day :) and Happy birthday to Virdi !

Aethyr said...

that was sweet!!

Harshi said...

Loved your red-rose surprise!!
And.......shluurrrp..that chocolate cake looks soooooo yummy :-)).

It's so exciting to plan surprises :-).

Raam Pyari said...

Its cold here..but i feel nice n warm.

Chints said...

come on sash, you disappointed me by not sending flowers and cake from my site. After reading your post I checked all the chennai orders to find out if there is one for Mr Bhavdeep Virdi but was disappointed. You could have got some discount on my site ;o)

by the way good to see friends who really care!

Rohit Talwar said...

awesome! how thoughtful!

great stuff. good work!
lucky dude has friends who surprise him like this!

Thanu said...


You are one of the greatest friend anyone could have. I read Virdi's post b4 I read ur and I was so HAPPY. Then I realized, Virdhi must have been so happy.

Manish said...

happy bday virdi!
& also well done Kini u played ur part really well!
aur Director sahiba aapne to kamal ka kaam liya apne actors se :)

Sahil said...


Eclectic Blogger said...

First time here.. really cool.. hamesha life mein aise kuch na kuch hota hai to zindagi mast rahega ;-)

L said...

And I thgt Bollywood was always exxageration..!!

Really a adorable task... !! U r the ultimate ..!!

Half of my laughter(while at ur blog) lies in imagining ur expressions preparing such stunts..!!

Sayesha said...

Tu aur tere sapne... geez! And I was sunaofying you! Yeh achha hai, meri marzi ke bina mujhe situations mein daal deti hai, just because sapna tera hai?? Pitegi! :D

//honestly! this is why the world needs girls!!! :-D

Hehehe! :P

#Just Another,
Thanks! :)

Wow, long time no comment, huh? Busy busy man? :)

Thanks! :)

Yeah, I was also lookin at that cake, and going "yum"! :P


FloraIndia is your site?? Arre, pata hi nahin tha! Reliable hai ya aapki tarah hai? ;)

Thanks! :P

Thanks, girl! :)

Haha! Shukriya shukriya... chalo film hit ho gayi, tees-chaalees award mil gaye, mera black money white ho gaya, aur kya chahiye! ;) Waise yeh naya ladka Kini bahut tarakki karega, is saal Filmfare award toh pakka hai. Best debut award bhi hum dono ko hi milne wala hai! :)

Sahil!!!!! Kahan they aap ab tak?? What's with the sudden disappearances every now and then?? :(

#Eclectic Blogger,
Welcome to Sayeshaz! Mast baat bola re! :)

Arre mere toh rag rag mein Bollywood basa hai! :P
Thanks! :D

Rays Of Sun said...

Hey wait wait wait...

Jab dekho pitegee boltee hai mujhe!! What happens during the day is what you see in Sapna.Now you know why I saw the sapna in which you were basically sunaoing me?:D

Chints said...

//FloraIndia is your site?? Arre, pata hi nahin tha! Reliable hai ya aapki tarah hai? ;)

Try both and you'll know ;)

virdi said...

Dear Everyone... This is for everyone... I feel like top of the world today... :-)

I guess this is the first time in my life that so so so many people have wished me Happy Bud-Dey... I am a winner in life today...

Thanks soooooo much Sayesha... Thanks soooooo soooooo much...

For me, Life is all about getting happiness and I am happy... really really happy today...


Sayesha said...

#ROS ki bachi ki ma,
So I sunaofy you?? Hmmph!! Thhrrrbrrrt! :P

Haha! Maybe I will send you flowers from your own company on your birthday! Tab dekhenge! :D

Glad to see you so happy, buddy! Kal daaru shaari bhi free ki! Achhe din ja rahe hain tere! Last day of being 27 (that's the sexiest guy age, by the way!)... jee le beta! :D

jade said...

that was so so so sweet of u!
u know wht every guy needs to be given a rose once by a gal.. i did so too once and boy! u shud have seen this guy's face!
and its even more special when that friend says, this is the first time someone has done something like this for me!
keep it up! keep surprising all of us with ur special little thoughts!:)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

//u know wht every guy needs to be given a rose once by a gal..

Well, I think the problem is that though every girl can gracefully pull off giving roses to a guy, every guy can't gracefully pull off getting 'em! :)

Chints said...


don't send me red roses otherwise virdi might kill you for that ;o)

by the way my bday this year has already passed and you need to wait for full 9 months to do that. (pregnancy period? something gonna born in 9 months?)

Sayesha said...

Virdi won't have to kill me cos I'm not sendin' any guy any red roses again, my friend. I don't repeat my surprise ideas. :)

Chints said...

good girl

bharti said...

this was too cool sayesha...too cool....

Siddhu said...

That was like really cool! Never thought surprises happened it real life. W2g, ma'am!!

Rays Of Sun said...

Aiyoo..Virdi mereko 25 bola...Yikes! Virdi hides his age:D

me said...

this was damn sweet of u to do sumthing this creative for ur friend..infact the very thought of sumthin lyk this is so amazing in itself.

Rays Of Sun said...

Oh! is floraindia really your site??
Its my sis's anniversary and I wanted to send flowers for her, reliable hai to batana:D
India mein kisko phool nahi bheje;)

Sayesha said...

Haha! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

25 my foot! (Quite literally, hehe!) Actually, lamba chauda funda hai, he is 25 and 28 at the same time. I think his real age is the difference between the two.

Thanks! :)

Chints said...

very strange! you guys are doubting my site's reliability just because of me? And what the hell I have done for which I have been termed unreliable?

let me make things more clear for you guys. We have an efficient team to process orders. so even if i am 'unrelaible', you can trust other people (in team) to handle your orders 'properly'. And all the orders are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee.

//India mein kisko phool nahi bheje

I am stumped at this. Don't know what to say...

Sayesha said...

Geez! All right, administrator needs to intervene now.

# ROS, Chints,
Yeh online shopping mere blog ke baahar bhi ho sakti hai, thank you thank you! ;)

RandomThoughts said...

Sayesha u seem to be a wonderful friend. Meticulous planning & making sure you give Virdi a birthday he'll never forget!

God bless the the friendship the two of you share.

Touch wood!

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :)

lil _kath said...

oh thats so sweet of you sayesha..your friends are lucky to have you^_^

spamtaneous said...


Leon said...

Wow.. Happy Birthday Virdi.. :-)

Am a little late in reading this.. but I had to say something..

My birthday is on September 7th.. :D.

Sayesha said...

#Lil Kath,
Thanks! :)


Hehehe... too late buddy (to tell me your birthday, that is!) ;)

Leon said...

Well.. there's always next year.. ;-)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Awesome Sayesha!! Very very sweet :-)

Sayesha said...

Ah, clever boy! ;)

Thanks, babe! :)

Anonymous said...

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Bhavya said...

That's a lovely story. I've always wanted to do that to one of my male friends too. I will, soon.

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Anusha Sharma said...

How is it possible for anyone to plan so meticulously....! Hats off...

Ashish Kumar said...

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