Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The big day

This is a true story.


He asked, "So today's the big day?"

"Errr.. yeah!" She said.

"Nervous?" He winced.

"What do you think??"


"Nervous is an understatement, my friend."

"All the best! Hope it's painless!" He said.

"I hope so too." She said.

"And hope you cope well. They're monsters, you know!" He smiled.

"Yeah, I've heard." She thought to herself. And she wondered.

Would it be a he or a she?

"What do I want -- a he or a she?" She asked herself.

Actually, it did not matter, as long as it was fast and painless and there were no complications.

Dr Chen Jung-jung was doing the preliminary check-up.

"Yeah, everything looks fine, no complications. So are you ready?"

"Errr... Doctor, just one thing. Can I have the numbing thing?"

"Numbing thing??"

"The numbing thing. You know, the one that numbs all sensation?"

"Oh! That! Are you sure you want it?" Dr Chen smiled.

"Yes, I do. Please." She pleaded.

"Sure, no problem. Lie down, please."

Tick tock tick tock.

Fifteen minutes later...

"All right. We're done here!" said Dr Chen.

She was amazed. That was fast. And painless. It was over!

Oh, by the way, in case you're curious, it was a she. And she was no monster. In fact, she had the face of an angel.

And you could see that even through the dentist's white mask.


This was a true story.

Sayesha's story.

Sayesha is done for this year. YEAY.

And here's a big bright smile to prove it.



bananapen said...

Found a gentle dentist huh? :)

ABiasForAction said...

Silver Medal again.. A suspense story..can turn it into a bollywood flick.But need to plagarize a few songs for that.

virdi said...

bronze for virdi....... yahooooo!!!!

u and ur stories make me smile... :-)

Abhishek said...

oh ok...so u were at a dentist is it?....i thought it was someone else.lol.

!xobile said...

I got exactly what you wanted me to.. A chapaat!

Congo for the denstist thingy!

Aethyr said...

icecreams now is it!!!

ritzkini said...

baby,ek tHo aur...e-smile !
(if u didnt get it,it's an insanely funny ad for a mouth freshner in india..)
more at:


Harshi said...

Ah, that smiles proves it that it went well! :-)

Rays Of Sun said...

I thought it was the case of an absent minded gynaec:O

Whatever said...

Big-day? Bada-din? Lekin that doesn't come till the weekend :-/

Thanu said...

I dislike going to the annual dental check up... dentists give me the creeps

Ginkgo said...

it was a she??


PuNeEt said...

lolzzz that was funny
too cool

Planck said...

Congratulations on your 'she'.

Chints said...

oh my god, this was really something.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... yeah baby! :)
She rocks man! And not literally, thank goodness! :)

Don't give my Bollywood a bad name yaar. All Bollywood songs are not plagiarised!

You make me laugh. buddy! :D

Yeah yeah, dentist! And now it's overrrr for 2005! :D

One more chapaat from me. Aise hi, pyaar se, Sayesha bahut khush hai aaj, isliye! :)

Thanks for your congo man! What a relief it's over. :)

Ice-creams? Thought that was a post-tonsilitis thing? Anyway, I'm not too fond of ice-creams. :P

Yeah, read about the ad. Thanks thanks! And here's another blinding smile from the chick to the cameraman!

It did it did! No cavities or anything of that sort. So all that twice brushing, mouthwash and flossing paid off! Yeay! :D

Hahaha! :D

Mera bada din toh aa gaya yaar! Weekend par isse bhi bada din aayega :D

I'm terrified of the 'monsters' too. I am so fortunate to have found an 'angel'! :)

Errr... :?


Thanks thanks! My first one was a 'he' and now I have a 'she'. Chhota pariwaar sukhi pariwaar is complete now! ;)


Vikram said...

I have no idea about what's going on but since you signed off with a bright smile, I'm assuming everthings fine so here's a smile from me too.


Can you spot a broken tooth in that smile? hahaha

Raj said...

Chh... Chh...Chh...

Afraid of the dentist, are you?

I think its fun. I remember my teeth being drilled (for lack of a better term) when i was a kid, it was really a lot of fun.

Deepa said...

Say Cheese ;o)

Sneha Acharya said...


Sayesha said...

Yeah everything's fine, buddy! :D
You have a broken tooth? Bachpan mein pit gaya tha kya kisi ladki ke haathon? ;)

That comment of yours was deeply disturbing! :|


Welcome to Sayeshaz! No ouch, only ha! :)

kannan udayarajan said...

Real whacky ....!!
Waiting for you to cut your hair...

Sayesha said...

Hey, welcome to Sayeshaz! :)

Haircut, eh? You may wanna read how I was punked by my hairdresser :D

Vikram said...

//Bachpan mein pit gaya tha kya kisi ladki ke haathon? ;)

Tujhe kaise pata chala??! :O Meine kisiko bhi bataya nahi tha! Accha theek hai, tu bhi kisko batana mat. :D

Sahil said...

...yeah Vikram don't worry she won't tell anyone. But I don't think she would need to now that you've told the whole blog world!

Ladki ke haath pit gaya?! Kya karta hai!

..and Sayesha, dentist se dar lagta hai tumhe?

ursjina said...

O my God...U dont even would want to know wat I thought..now I realize I am really perverted..
na..I dint think it was a gynaec..something else..but let it better die with me on my grave..hehe..and hey enjoy ur posts...

abhinav said...

yar tu hamesha mujhe suspense ke pond mein dubokar dho daalti hai.When I read "is it a she or a he" , I almost yelled "Ueee ma , main mama bann gaya".Between , a big HI to u after all these days.hope u r doing great !

~Lord Anshul said...


tht was hilarious !! :)

Sayesha said...

Shaabaash mere sher! :D

Sheesh! You and ROS should start a club -- the joke killers' club! :P

Yeah, I'm scared of dentists man! Especially those who get hung up on extracting my wisdom teeth! Arre baba I don't want 'em out! :/

//U dont even would want to know wat I thought

You're right. I don't.

Heyyyy you!! Good to see you online man!! :)

//Ueee ma , main mama bann gaya

Oye!! Pehle sala toh ban ja!! Mama banne ki itni jaldi hai?? :O

#Lord Anshul,
Thank you, my lord! ;)

Raj said...

//That comment of yours was deeply disturbing! :|

Did you just...almost..nearly call me a wierdo.

Pata nahin hai kya, "Mard ko dard nahin hota"

Ha ha, i am so out of my league using this line that i cant even tell you :)

sunshine said...

Gawd, you reminded me of the last time I had been to the dentist and almost got killed.... okay, I am exaggerating, but that is what I thought then. It's a humorous story, would blog about it sometime(could I link your blog there?). BTW, are you roaming toothless these days?

Sayesha said...

//Mard ko dard nahin hota

You just made up for that very disturbing last comment with this very hilarious one! HAHAHAHA! Mard ko dard nahin hota it seems! Mard khud sar-dard hota hai! HAHAHA! :D

Sure, you may link my post. And NO, I'm not roaming toothless! It was just a routine check-up! :O

Bonatellis said...

errr, u've been tagged!!

Sahil said...

//Mard ko dard nahin hota

hahaha! someone else uses that too huh?!

ok I HAVE to tell a story about a 6 year old Sahil. So every night my mum used to boil water and leave it to cool over night, the kettle of which used to be placed in a corner of the kitchen. And me being the hyper-active kid that I was, I managed to get a part of my arm burned by it. I didn't tell anyone even though it burnt like hell and I was in excrutiating pain. The next day it had swollen up and got infected pretty badly, and that's when my mum noticed it. A whole 24 hours later. She was really worried about it. But more than that, she was surprised how I was able to hide my pain from everyone and not even say a word. So she asked me:

"Sahil, tujhe dard nahin hua kya?"

and I responded with... yep u guessed it:

"Mard ko dard nahin hota"

I never seen my mum laugh so hard. For the next week, this was the 'story' of what Sahil had said. For the life of me, I couldn't see what was so funny.

(yeah I was a big AB fan back then. Mostly because my brother was a big AB fan. [The dialogue is from the AB movie 'Mard'])

Sayesha said...

Oh noooooooo!! :D

Hahahahahaha! I am trying to imagine a 6-year-old Sahil bravely saying "Mard ko dard nahin hota" and oh boy, it's such a funny mental image!!! :D