Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mole tol ke bol

My friend Virdi is hilarious. And most of the time, he doesn't mean to be so.

So Virdi notices something on my Christmas post and calls me up.

"Oye Sayesha!"

"Bol, surdaar!"

"Teri dadhi par mole hai kya?"
(Do you have a mole on your beard?)

I almost said, "Yes..." before realising what he'd just said.

In my head I went, "WHAT THE...??!!" before I decided to explain some basic concepts to him.

"Chin par, gadhe. Chin par. Mere chin par mole hai. Meri daadhi nahin hai. Teri hai. Nahin, teri thi! Tuney nikaal di! Clear?"

(On the chin, you donkey. On the chin. I have a mole on my chin. I don't have a beard. You have one. No, you had one! And you shaved it off! Clear?)

And this senseless conversation led me to write a post on the mole on my daadhi... err... I mean chin.

When I was very young, I wasn't too fond of the mole. Mainly because my cousin Sid (I spent at least a third of my childhood plotting his murder) used to say, "Do you know who has a mole like that?"

"Who?" I'd ask happily.

"Aruna Irani!"

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aunt, your son is teasing me!"

And Aunt would come over and say, "Don't listen to him, Sayesha. He's talking nonsense. Do you know who else has a mole like that?"


"Zeenat Aman!"

"Really?" My face would brighten up.


(I still don't know if Zeenat Aman really has a mole on her chin. I hope she does.)

My sister used to call my mole 'Sayesha's emotion button'.

When I was five and she was nine, she used to do this odd routine.

"If I press it once, you will smile. I press it again, and you will stop smiling, okay? I press again and you give me a sad face. Okay?" She'd say.

"Okay!" I said happily. Sheesh. She really ragged me without my knowledge man.

And she'd proceed to 'press the emotion button' and I'd happily change expressions just to see her laugh hysterically.

As I grew up, I realised I wasn't very fond of it. In fact, there was a time when I hated it so much I wondered how I could get rid of it. So once I put lots of Mom's compact on it, and blended it so it was pretty much invisible.

My mamaji almost had a heart-attack when he saw me.

"What happened to your mole, baby?????" he asked.

"Oh I got rid of it."

"Got rid of it??? How???"

"Operation." I said seriously. I was all of seven I think. Operation it seems.

"Operation??" Mamaji was all set to give my Mom a big lecture when Sid burst out laughing, and so the show was over. I got the lecture instead.

"We love it, okay? It's beautiful!" Mamaji said. "Never ever think of getting rid of it, understand?"

"Okay." I nodded.

Years passed by, and it kinda became my identity. I was 'the girl with the mole on her chin'. Even on my passport it's my identification sign. Mom and Dad used to call it my 'beauty spot' (they still do!). Everyone told me it's my lucky charm. My friend's mom told me it was my inbuilt kala teeka to save me from the evil eye.
My grandma told me that it was sign of good fortune. Somehow over the years, I found myself liking it more and more.

Oh, I almost forgot the weirdest incident associated with it!

A couple of years ago, I was standing outside Mohammad Mustafa when this sadhu baba ('holy man') in saffron robes and one big teeka walked past me. Suddenly he paused, turned around, walked up to me and peered at my face. I tried to move away from him, cos I had heard about these sadhu baba type conmen who will tell you your fortune and ask you for money. But he refused to budge. I was beginning to get slightly nervous.

He pointed to my mole and said, "You are very fortunate. You are meant to spread a lot of happiness around."

I gaped at him, now knowing what to do. I figured that I had to pay him since he had already 'told me my fortune'. But as I opened my bag, he shook his head and simply walked away, leaving me very very puzzled.

But I never quite forgot his words. I believe that the first part of what he said is true.

I'm working on the second part.


Raj said...

Me first!!!


Raj said...

I think the second part of what he said is true too. You are spreading happiness.

Reading your posts make me happy :)
Even now I was bored and overworked and your post totally cheered me up.

I'm sure you know who else has a mole....Cindy Crawford and yes, Aruna Irani too.


The Girl Who Sold The World said...

YAY!!! Bronze;) I'm learning this game. :P
I love such moles...and I think Zeenat Aman does have one. Hey, yours looks good in the pic. Had I been at your place, I'd have flaunted it around in my childhood too, saying that it's a special kinda mark for those who are hypercool...yeah, sounds crazy. :D

Whatever said...

Hmm... Raj said it - Cindy has it!

PS: Aruna started off as a child artiste (in Abhimaan I think), acted as a heroine in Gujju flicks and a few Hindi flicks, and then settled for the evil side.

Go lady go ... Devil's waitin for ya ;-)

Whatever again

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention one thing. I think that Baba must've read your blog and had told you what everyone already knows. ;):P

ABiasForAction said...

Bronze it seems. By the way how things are moving.I shall be missing from action until 2nd Jan

Sayesha said...

//I think the second part of what he said is true too. You are spreading happiness.

Oye Singapore mein day khatam hone mein ek hi ghanta bacha hai, but you still made my day man! :)

//Even now I was bored and overworked

You're working at 8:30 pm??

Cindy has it above her lip na, that's kinda cool too! :)

// I'm learning this game.

Hehe... my blogging patterns are pretty fixed. Blog around 10ish, reply to comments around 11 before I hit the bed, reply to comments the next day at 6:30 am before I leave for work, reply to comments during lunchtime, and once more in the late afternoon! :)

//I'd have flaunted it around in my childhood too, saying that it's a special kinda mark for those who are hypercool

Arre yaar where were you in my bachpan yaar? Kuch tips dena tha na? Itne saal waste ho gaye! :D

Oooh the evil side is kickin' in! :D

Hahaha! I have only been blogging for one year, and Baba met me at least four years ago. :D
ps: The thought of a blog-reading Baba is hilarious! Ooops, sorry, all you blog-reading Babas! :P

Things are going great! Had the biggest laughs of my life on the comments on the last post.

//I shall be missing from action until 2nd Jan

Me too. After tomorrow. Happy New Year! :)

educatedunemployed said...

Nooooooooooooooooooooo you don't have to work at it,You already do.
So many times, I have laughed, even had mist in my eyes..
So many times I understood you, so many times just frowed away..
But some thing makes me come back..
I think its the warmth in you.

aditi said...

U KNOW WHAT? I HAVE A MOLE ON THE EXACT SAME SPOT ON MY CHIN!!!! :) and u know what.... ive heard those lines b4... aruna irani etc etc.... and i hated it b4 tooo.. but now i like it.. gosh im gonna send u a pic.. so u believe me "mole sister"!

The Anonymous said...

Heck! I had to leave that passport-form column empty. (Identification mark)

But the authorities insisted on giving at least a name, so I made one up then and there and wrote it.

jade said...

i noticed the mole too:) it looks pretty in a way:) i too have a mole above my lip,which virdi wud refer to as muchhi:P
ppl notice it quite often and its kinda irritating.n i feel it makes me look like yucky old hindi movie heroines, with a fake beauty spots!
when i was 13 or something i rem a frd of mine, who is quite pretty, askin me how come i had a beauty spot and she didnt have one! indirectly tellin me i wasnt pretty!

Abhi said...

Abbe teri , sadhu uncle ne to ekdum dhamaka news dee hai - The mole plays a part in the way you spread these smiles ?
Yar tere cheeks , nose , forehead , eyelids pe moles hotein to poori world smile karti fir to ! :p .

And Mole bada anmol(e) hai re.u really spread truckloads of smiles.

Rohit Talwar said...

My sister used to call my mole 'Sayesha's emotion button'.


Thanu said...

I have a mole on my cheek(not really cheek, but more closer to nose), my mom has it at the same place and her mom has it as the same place. So the mole is very special to me.

Tinku said...

//Meri daadhi nahin hai. Teri hai. Nahin, teri thi! Tuney nikaal di!

Ye daadhi kaise nikalte hain yaar? Daadhi katwate hain. South Indian kahin ki! lol

That sadhu baba was right in his observations. Don't know about the first part but he was right with the second part.

I noticed you have long hair in the Christmas post pic. Now you keep them short. Tune baal nikal diye kya? =))


virdi said...

chor di dadhi mein mole!!! wah wah wah... what a dialog... :-)

abe tera mole bahut khatarnak hai... ekdum mast item lag reli hai tu... ;-)


virdi said...

Tinku... woh aisa hai ki I am surdar and now I am clean shaven... so Daadhi is ekdum gone... so you can say Daadhi nikal di... :-)

gayab.... its gone... chole geche... ;-)


Harshi said...

Wish I had a Sadhu Baba say something (anything!) to me :-). I love these kinda things. It's so mysterious, and could be true too! It's nice when someone can see things we can't or don't realize.
Such a nice thing he said. You do spread smiles Sash.

Vikram H said...

i have a mole on my left arm! So please ask your baba if that means im gonna use my hand for the wrong reasons! ;)

Tinku said...

Virdi paaji - logically speaking you are right, but usage wise it can mean exactly opposite. When a little kid starts showing a sign of hair on his head , we say "bacche ke baal nikal gaye".

so "baal nikal gaye"=hair growth :p

But yes, baal ki khaal zaroor nikali ja sakti hai. And thats what I am doing! lol

ps: a belated belated happy birthday! :)


Bhole said...

LOL @ inbuilt kala teeka

I know someone who has a mole on her chin...i think :)

Eclectic Blogger said...

Cindy crawford does have one too.. but who sees her chin anyways :)

Rays Of Sun said...

I have two on my eyebrows! maybe one for good fortune and other to compliment that:)))

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

WHEEEEE!!! Now, I know your blogging, lemme try for the next gold then. ;)
Oh as for being there during your bachpan....when you were 5, I wasn't even born...let's just say I was some buddhi aunty irritating the hell outta her family... ;) I think in my past birth, I did try to send you this "flaunt around" idea but your sister brainwashed you or maybe your cousin Sid came in the way of the psychic transmission. :P Hehe.

Sayesha said...

Thanks! I feel honoured to read your comment :)

Whoala!! Bhej bhej, photo bhej! :)

#The Anonymous,
Hahaha! It would be lovely to see a passport with the name 'The Anonymous'. :D

Hahaha! Yeah, I got that too. The word is such that it could mean both ways -- that either you're beautiful that's why you have one, or that your face is so devoid of beauty that there is a spot to distract people! HAHAH! :D

#Juggu Dada,
Oye mere face par itne saare moles honge toh face dikhega kaisa? Ek kaafi hai bhaiya! :)
ps: Thanks! :)

Yeah! You look at her now, and you won't even imagine that once upon a time she was the hyper badmash ladki, and I was the shannt innocent one! Complete role reversal over the years! ;)

Come on! Don't be so rigid. Nikal dena can mean remove. Removed his beard yaar! :D But yes I agree, katwa diye is better! I think it was shock of being accused of having a dadhi that did something to my hindi! :P

Sorry to disappoint you sweetheart, but I'm not a south Indian. Why would you assume so? :)

//Tune baal nikal diye kya? =))

Hahahaha! Yaar I suffer from a terminal illness called 'perpetual bad hair day' so decided to keep it 'short and sweet'! ;)

//chor di dadhi mein mole!!!

HAHAHAHA! Shabash mere sher, kya likha hai! :)

// ekdum mast item lag reli hai tu... ;-)

Hehehe! Apun toh hai hi item yaar! Friends ko kahan dikhta hai? Ghar ki murgi and all that! ;)

Oye mere pyaare ex-surdaar, thanks yaar! Yeh Tinku bahut sabo kar raha tha!
ps: Tinku, ho gayi tasalli? Huh huh huh? :)

Thanks, babe! :) Yeah, it was really mysterious, and someone said he could not get himself to take money because he was telling the truth for the first time! :D

#Vikram H,
//So please ask your baba

Oye! Bapa kya mere backyard ke 'baba quarters' mein rehte hain?? Hahaha! :D Ask your baba it seems! Hahaha! :D

Haan tu baal ki khaal hi nikaal raha hai! Kabhi Sayesha ko mil gaya na toh teri khaal nikhalegi! Bachke rahiyo! :D

You think?? Try pulling it out man! Then you'll know if it's real or fake! And don't tell the person I gave you this tip! :O

Hehehe! :P Yeah man, she's too pretty yaar! :)

//I have two on my eyebrows!

Wow. Are they symmetrical?

Hehe... buddhi aunty bachi ho gayi lekin budhapa nahin gaya lagta hai! ;)

Ginkgo said...

yaa Sayesha...time to proove the second part right as well :-)
I was looking to buy a new Gaadi' this new year...wat say :-P

Btw, looks like we have seen ur eyes separately, and now the lips and the mole ...all thts left is ur nose..:-)

when is the D day :-P

Sayesha said...

Yeah buy it. It will make you very happy. See, my advice is already aligned with what will make you happy. Hence proved second part! ;)

//Btw, looks like we have seen ur eyes separately, and now the lips and the mole ...all thts left is ur nose..:-) when is the D day :-P

Kyun oye? Mere face ke saath jigsaw puzzle khelna hai tujhe?? :/

Ginkgo said...

arre it aint me thts doing the puzzle..:-)
itz u..showing us part by part..:)

Whatever said...

Bachpan mein suna tha ki people who have a large number of 'til's are very lucky.

Luck = f(n(til))

Viva la mole-r power!

Rays Of Sun said...

Nahi, ek upar and ek neeche on opposite sides:)

Sayesha said...

Ooops sorry I missed replying to your comment! I think it's an amazing coincidence that the mole and its location have been passed down over the generations! :)

Eeeesh. Stop it already, I don't like the sound of that. :s

//Luck = f(n(til))

Hahahaha! Mast nerd hai tu! :D

How come it's not obvious in any of the photos I have seen of you?

Tinku said...

//I'm not a south Indian. Why would you assume so?

I think I read somewhere, or I assumed Virdi to be South Indian and you called him a neighbour somewhere in your blog...pata nahin. Maar goli..chadd pare..jaane de..let it go..


Whatever said...

Totally unrelated, but you gotta see this:

Whatever said...

The link again

Rays Of Sun said...

Are oye Sash tumhare daant to motiyon jaise chamak rahe hain:)

Suds said...

Hey Sayesha the mole on dadhi looks beautifull...:):) About the sadhu that was amazing incident to happen... Jai sadhu baba ki.. U really do bring smile to lot of people with u blog.. Enjoy...

Vikram said...

I have a 'til' on my face somewhere. I haven't been able to locate it for the past couple of weeks. Maybe because I haven't shaved my beard for two weeks.:D

PS:Good thing you said it's your identification sign. If I run into you sometime, I can confirm your til first and then start pulling your leg..Muhahaha...

Deepa said...

Hey ,i got one on my right cheek and one on my chin ...
i really don't like the one on my cheek ...

Raj said...

//You're working at 8:30 pm??

Yeah, I worked till 8:30 pm yesterday :(

I agree with ros, tumhare daant sahi main motiyon ki tarah chamak rahe hain. Dabur lal dant manjan ka kamal hai na?

Sayesha said...

You were right. Virdi is a South Indian surdaar! But I'm an all-Indian Sayesha! :P

Yeah, I'd seen this long ago. :)

Eeeeeeee I used to hate that ad and that Raju and that masterji! :S

Thanks and welcome to Sayeshaz! Silent reader, eh? :)

Wah kya buddhimani wali baat ki hai! Shabash! Tera kya hoga re! :D
ps: Hope you find your til man! :O

Hehehe... use compact to conceal it! ;)

Oye itna kaam mat karo yaar! :D
Eeeeks! Dabut lal dant manjan. Eeeks! :O

chitra said...

"In my head I went, "WHAT THE...??!!" before I decided to explain some basic concepts to him."

He he he ...... too good!

The Anonymous said...

Hahaha! It would be lovely to see a passport with the name 'The Anonymous'. :D

As I said, there's a long and emotionally disturbing story behind this name, and you are laughing? :-( :-(

(O.k. I am just kidding!)

ritzkini said...

tol mol ke bol...chor ki daadhi mein lal dant manjan da !!???
wow !! nostalgia-time ekdum !

debubhai_bole_to_ said...

oye Sayesha the genius....tusi great ho....noh....tusi ahh....i donno....u r beyond words!!!!! wht the sadhubaba forgot to add is,"Sayesha....YOU are a gem.....a true gem....".....and btw....the 2nd sentence is as true as the sun and the earth! and you spread happiness around is an understatement to say the least.....god! if anyone asks me, i will say, well, Sayesha's writings are a big big biiiiiiggg source of inspiration, joy, delight and comfort to me.....i think the hindi words 'shukun', 'chaayn' are closest feelings tht i get.....
YOU JUST ROCK SAYESHA! never in my life i hav seen someone so so sooooooooooo full of life.....hats off to you:)))))

Rohit Talwar said...

So, hyper badmash ladki, what are your plans for the new year?

Sayesha said...

Hehehe! :P

Arre yaar aise ladki ke saamne rotey nahin! :)

And while I'm at it, let me crack another bad one about your name:

So when you fil forms that ask you for your name as in passport, do you write 'Anonymous The'??


Sorry, I know. Bad one! :P

Oye where were you man? Sammy kya mil gayi, apni ex-chick ko bhool gaye? :O

OMG I can't believe this! You're back??? I thought you left my blog for good! Teen mahinon se kahan they aap mahashay?? Your last comment was in September I think! :O

ps: Thanks! But you're embarrassing me again :P

Hyper badmaash ladki will tell you in the next post! ;)

The Anonymous said...

Hans lo, koi baat naheen.

Naam waalon ko kabhar kya,
benaami kya cheeze hai.


debubhai_bole_to_ said...

well....i hav mostly been a silent admirer of ur blog Sayesha....and i don't always comment does never mean i don't visit Sayeshaaz!(hope i spelt it right:)) infact soemtimes it so happens tht i go thru 3-4 of ur writings at one go:) but ever since i saw name of ur blog in rediff i havnt missed a single of ur posts....thanks Rediff.....and thank you Sayesha, for all ur posts....for everything tht u wrote till date....u know wht..i visit so many blogs....mostly good...maybe they r all the end of the day...its the way u write...i mean i can connect with you....its straight dil se...

priya said...

all i have is moles on my body and face.. 2 on my face .. 2 on my neck.. sum gazillion on my arms and back.. sighhhhh.. if i think of getting rid of it.. will have to lose my dad's wealth on the surgery :)

if i keep a bindi .. ppl say oh.. uve got 3 on ur face.. and sumthing tht looks jus a like a bindi..
me: (insulted) it is a bindi!! ( u moron!! ) >:-{


ritzkini said...

/*Oye where were you man? Sammy kya mil gayi, apni ex-chick ko bhool gaye? :O*/
haan..aaj pooja,kal dooja..aisa hi kuch case hai yahaan..
ex-chick !?? Chick toh chick hai yaar ! "ex-" kab se ban gayi !

Raam Pyari said...

u have a nice ,sweet smile :)

ursjina said...

I think how Virdi gies fida over ur hand..I might go crazy over your too think I shud restrain myself..hehe...
And hey dat sadhoos prophecy..I think U have mastered the second art also...

Happy new Year..and may u spread more joy around...

spamtaneous said...

sayesha... U R so blah blah blah blah....
but still i love to comment here ....

talking of moles have a white (NOT black) birth mark on my cheek everytime i go fora medical check up...iam asked to meet a skin specialist... doctors sux...

Canary said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Canary said...

plz ask sadhu baba about the happiness spreading power, of a girl who has around 10 little moles, on her hands, face and neck..! :p

Shriedhar said...

Hi sayesha.First timer 2 ur blg.Nice post.I'v a comment..

Don't b surprised if someday someone asks u "Hi im the publicity manager of close-up,would u do ad campaign 4 close-up ?" :D

The Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot something!

Arre Sayesha ji, aapke daant to motiyon jaise chamak rahein hain!!

Kya yeh Dabur Lal Dunt Manjan ka kamal hai?

Anonymous said...

Nice mole ... but can't see it in your bachpan wali pic ...

Sayesha said...

#The Anonymous,

Gumnaam hai koi, badnaam hai koi
Mere is blog par, benaam hai koi


Wow, bas karo, bas karo, nahin toh it'll get to my head! :P

Waise, thanks! :) I'm just happy to know that you're still around :)

Ah, the bindi problem! I always make sure my bindi is smaller than my mole, otherwise it really looks like I have two bindis on! :O

Arre jao jao! Bahut dekh li teri wafa, you bewafa! :D

Thanks :)

Thanks! And happy new year to you too! :)

I know yaar! I'm so blah blah, but you're also not any kam blah blah! Kahan they itne din?? Huh huh huh? :/

You too?? Arre, like I said, sadhu baba does not live in my backyard yaar! Hahaha! :D You can only hope to run into him some day, just like I did! :)

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
ps: Are you the publicity manager of close-up? ;)

#The anonymous,
Eeeeeeshh! You're the third person to have reminded of the horrid ad! Bas ab bas karo! :O

Haha! The bachpan ka pic is a photo of a photo, I guess the resolution is too low for the mole to be visible. :)

patiala pataka said...

funny i have a mole too at exactly the same place!

glared said...

I think the 2nd part has already been fulfilled. You've brought joy to some of us through your blogging.

Lalit Singh said...

Do read the lyrics on this page

Sayesha said...

#Pat Pat,
Arre wah! Maybe, just like soul sisters, there are mole sisters too! ;)

Am honoured that you say that. Thanks :)

Bahut saare lyrics hain yaar us page par, what do you want me to read? :)

Lalit Singh said...

Start from the 6th line of the first stanza of lyrics...

Sayesha said...

Can't access :(

Bivas said...

second part was absolutely true...and ur blog is one of the medium thru which u r doin it...know what...have become totally addicted to this blog...
am sure u r also spreading a looot of khushi arnd u in general at the ur univ n at home...
Mubarak ho lucky girl :-)

Anonymous said...

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