Saturday, April 28, 2018

Y is for 'Yaad sataaye teri neend churaaye'

Today's song has a strong social message.

It teaches you that you can be anything you want to be.

No, wait. Let me rephrase that.

It teaches you that you can be anything you want to be — as long as your bae is agreeable to spending her life doing nothing but dancing in apsara costumes for you.

The song is set at a beach, with ladies in colourful costumes, dancing amidst carefully balanced colourful pots, carefully balanced cardboard sitars and random background explosions involving leftover colours from Holi.

No, seriously. Check this out.

A David Dhawan movie featuring hero no. 1 and heroine no. 1, and no budget for real sitars??

Anyway, so our heroine starts a random hugging dance with her cardboard sitars, waiting for our hero...

...who has come running to the beach... right after his convocation. 
(No, she didn't attend his convocation. Phir dance kaun karega?)

And because he is Govinda, his degree scroll is.... a flute. 

Our heroine has been told, "Jab tak tere paaon chalenge, Govinda ki tarakki hogi.

And she is taking it seriously. 

For it is true. 

See? He is now a navy guy. Because she never stopped dancing. 

Please take a moment to admire this bit of choreography. He literally runs away from her to do his signature step and runs back to her. Wow.

He looks all set in life, but she knows her job is not done. Gotta keep dancing. Maybe only then will be become like maybe an army officer and maybe he will marry her and she can finally stop dancing. 

Oooh, has her dream has come true? 

Nope, not yet. 

'Cos he still has the air force to conquer, you see. 

Out comes the apsara costume. If this won't get him flyin', she doesn't know what will. 

Aaaaaand... bingo!

Behind every successful man is a dancing apsara. Enjoy. 


Charan Deep Singh said...

Oh i miss those times, when David Dhawan and Govinda were churning out such masala

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Sayesha said...

I think they are all on YouTube. Jao dekho. :D