Friday, April 13, 2018

L is for 'Lazy lad saiyaan'

So this was a tough one. I was sooooo tempted to pick 'Ladki shaher ki ladki' but then I realised I love that song too much to write anything damaging about it. A friend also suggested the song 'Ladki badi hai kamaal ki' but other than Venkatesh referring to Raveena's jeans as 'kya mast jins hai' just so she could rhyme it with 'raste ka prince hai', it was pretty monotonous. And it had the same old harassment theme, which I didn't want to repeat so soon.

Finally I decided on something different and something few people know of — lazy lad saiyaan. This is a song from the 2013 movie Ghanchakkar, described on Wikipedia as an Indian heist black comedy drama film. Whoa, what a mouthful.

The song is quirky and very bizarre.

It starts with Emraan Hashmi chilling in his very yellow and very green house.

His wife, played by Vidya Balan in dhinchak clothes, enters and starts lamenting about her lazy lad saiyaan.

In these words...

Let ke sofe pe killaan gaade
Plasma TV ka mukhda taade
Lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan
Lo kar lo baat

Kaam ki baaton se palla jhaade
Bewajah kismat pe yeh bill phaade
Arre lazy lad, lazy lad saiyaan
Lo kar lo baat

Oh dear Lord, is that a chaddi?

Oh no, she didn't! :O

Anyway, after the remote control meets its watery grave, the song moves to their very pink bedroom...

...where Vidya tries to seduce him by indulging in some hilarious cosplay. 

He shows her a large tool box with 'TOOL BOX' written on it and exits.

Tsk tsk. He had no idea that she had plans with him. And four others apparently.

I have no words. I do not know how to explain what on earth is happening here. 

Pressure cooker ki seeti
Sayaana banke
Siyaaron se sayaana
Bahana karke
Yeh fan hai khud ka
Hi sabse bada

She has baked him a cupcake. A teeny-weeny cupcake. Meanwhile, he has answered the wine bottle. 

The teeny-weeny cupcake has now taken a life of its own. So has the absurdity of this song. 

Yeh sab kya ho raha hai, beta Duryodhan?

See if you can make any sense of it? Even if you can't, don't worry. This song has other highly beneficial effects. If your saiyaan is being a lazy lad around the house, you just have to sing this and he will spring into action. Just to stop you from singing this horrible song. 


Charan Deep Singh said...

I had liked this song and film a lot actually.

I wrote about Leaving things behind and how to go about it.

Read Left Behind

Anubhuti said...

Belated happy birthday sayeha!!!! Hope you had an amazing time in your special day!!!💐💐💐

Arun said...

Funny that The Atlantic had an article on this very topic!

I suppose Vidya Balan's efforts were just as fruitful as those of "Dear Therapist". :)

Sayesha said...

Wow, I couldn't even get myself to go watch it.

Wow, thank you so much! This is so unexpected! :)

Thanks for the link! Lot of food for thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Another song featuring cupcake. Are you off desserts?? :)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha no wayyy! :D