Monday, April 09, 2018

H is for 'Har dam dam bedam'

Guess what, y'all? Last night I successfully Googled 'How to make a gif from a YouTube video'!!! Yay, I have a new skill to torture you with!!!!!

Can you imagine how excited I am??? So excited that I went back to the last 7 posts in this series and replaced some of the screenshots with a gif or two. Check 'em out if you can bear to sit through the songs again. Go on, I dare ya. Or you can just read the post below -- you can tell I've really gone overboard with my new skills.


So what happens when you take two cute-looking, innocent people who are definitely NOT actors and get them to act?

Prem Aggan happens.

Remember Prem Aggan -- Fardeen Khan and Meghna Kothari's debut film from 1998?

Prem Aggan, for which Fardeen Khan got the Filmfare Best Debut award because he's the son of The Feroz Khan.

Prem Aggan, for which Meghna Kothari got ghanta because she's the daughter of The Nobody. And also because this is what she was made to do.

 In this infamous scene, Meghna can be seen spouting an unbelievable line like "Sooraj, mujhe woh haseen dard de do jo aaj ke baad main kisi doosre ke saath na baant sakoon". 

Oh. Em. Gee. 

The song starts off with the poor guy suffering from very dark circles because he's spent all night pumping iron and perfecting the marvellous dance steps you are about to witness.

But Meghna Kothari seems VERY impressed with his moves.

You know how when Bobby Deol dances, you can't quite make up your mind about whether he's really good or really bad? All you know is that you just can't look away. He's so into it that somehow you also get into it, but deep within, you know something is not right with his dancing. Fardeen Khan dancing is kind of like that but maybe a little worse -- you're pretty sure you want to look away but you can't because you don't want to miss even a moment of his expressions and actions.

Obviously, Daddy Feroz doesn't think so.

"That's mah son. The next superstar. Wait and see."

What I don't get is how you can get diggaj singers like Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan and Sadhna Sargam to sing a song and then do this to it.

I was actually wondering what on earth Sadhna Sargam was hired for in this weird 'PREMAGGANPREMAGGANPREMAGGANPREMAGGAN' song, when suddenly Meghna Kothari breaks into an aalaap. Anupam Kher: "I don't understand anything but wah wah."

Watch it. Believe me, you will not be able to look away. 


Meena Chatty said...

Ha ha ha ! What a song! As usual, I have never heard it. But, I could not complete even the antra!

Kudos on your new skill of creating gifs.

I have seen the pretentious movie reviews of this film by kanan gill and biswa kalyan rath. It is hilarious. That is why I know the dialogue you are talking about. Have you seen that?

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Horizon said...

Oh God--My eyes, my eyes what have they seen!
The picturization--wah wah!

Anonymous said...

Loved the analysis of Bobby Deol's dance haha. Best part of this song was the unshaved armpits that actually managed to distract from backup dancers. And the uncles giving running commentary!

Charan Deep Singh said...

Killer haseen dard... I remember that dialogue.

I wrote about memorable holidays today, including one in singapore...

Holidays that were memorable

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say OMG I'M SO PROUD OF YOU IT'S LIKE YOU'RE A MILLENIAL NOW! Gifs and all!


Sayesha said...

Yes, loved those reviews they did. Too bad they stopped after they got famous.


:D :D :D

I think anyone who watched the movie had that dialogue branded in their heads forever. Unforgettable shit.

Hahahaha! Thanks, baby girl. :)