Monday, April 30, 2018

The swan song


April has ended, and it has done so on a bittersweet note.

Doing the A-Z blogathon this year was a super fun ride, and I know I'll miss thinking of and hunting for crazy songs to regale you with. At the same time, I'm also relieved that it is over. Because it sure was exhausting. I was battling multiple deadlines at work, Xena had lots of assignments and tests to prepare for, and with Viv gone on his annual teerth-yatra business trip to Vegas, and me having to manage everything, it was not easy. April never is, and I ask myself every year why I do this and whether it would be considered cheating if I simply did the blogathon in another month instead. (Yes, it would be.)

But this year's A-Z blogathon felt different. I know it doesn't make sense, but it felt easier as well as more difficult to come up with songs rather than random thoughts for the 26 letters. I also picked up the amazing millennial skill of gif-making, which I am still so excited about that I want to go put it on my resume.

In the last one month, I have watched wayyyy more bad songs than anyone should ever have to. And that too, multiple times before deciding they were worthy, and then multiple times again when creating the gifs. Yes, I am scarred for life.

And YouTube is not helping. My current YouTube 'recommended for you' list is mortifying. If anyone saw it, they'd look at me, tsk, shake their heads and walk away.

Another side effect was that the songs would get stuck in my head, and even if I woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, my brain would be humming 'Gali gali mein pani hai' or 'Barah maheene line mari'. Whenever I'd be in a cheerful mood, suddenly I'd hear 'O happy in my heart dil dance maare re' in my head. And it's not just me. My lovely songs have touched many lives. When Viv came back, I made him watch the Dreamum Wakeuppum song, and 15 minutes later, I heard him singing to himself, "Dreamum, wakeuppum, breakfast mein uttappam".

The song that got really badly stuck in my head was the susu song. I had to literally shut my mouth so I wouldn't end up singing it aloud — Xena would pick it up in a flash and share it at school, especially in Hindi class and I'd be that mother that corrupted an entire class of kids.

There were some songs that didn't make it to the list for emotional reasons. For example, there are several Sridevi songs that would neatly fit in this blogathon, but I just couldn't get myself to make fun of her songs. Not that I am a fan, but it's just too early.

There are so many other songs that didn't make it for various reasons, and I'm wondering if I should do this for next year's blogathon as well. I can't let these precious finds go to waste. They have to be shared with the world, especially with the folks whose lives have not been touched by these gems. Like a friend said, "Yeh kaunse patthar ke neeche ke khopche se did you dig these songs out?"

Thank you all for your emails, comments, messages and encouragement. They meant a lot to me and kept me motivated throughout the blogathon. I will now go and respond to all the blog comments, after which I plan to go into hibernation for a while and then focus on updating my travel blog.

I also need to immediately go and listen to a LOT of normal songs so that my YouTube recommended list goes back to its old glory. Coke Studio, here I come.

Thanks for the love, bewdas and bewdis. I will miss you like mango.

PS: Btw, do let me know which songs touched you in particular.


Anonymous said...

Sayesha, you truly brought some cheer to a dreary April here! It was wonderful to be on this emotional roller coaster journey full of bad dresses and pelvic thrusts. Sad this has to end, though I still have Y and Z to look forward to (havent finished them all!). You should definitely do more of this and Bollywood, even if not at this pace!

Horizon said...

April was so much fun with your daily dose of laughter. Truly enjoyed

diyadear said...

hey Sayesha.. how r u?? Dont know if u remember but we used to connect on bloggerville some 10 yrs back :D im trying to revive my blog.. pls do visit and leave a mark if you can. :)


Charan Deep Singh said...

Hey Sayesha

I also felt this time April Challenge was easy for me as compared to last time (I am happy to complete second year in row)

Your blog has played a big role in encouraging me.

Here is my 100th post which reflects on my blogging journey as well as other milestones in life. Milestones

Arun said...


Touched as "touched in the head"?

All but one did that :))
You yourself noted it in your "Swan Song" :)

The exception was "Vada Karo Nahin Chhodogi Tum Mera Saath" which is a good song.

I wonder how much Bollywood songs reflect the taste of the financiers of the movie.

Sayesha said...

Thanks for the support and yes I will continue this, not on a regular basis, but definitely in next year's blogathon as well. Too many gems are still hidden. :P

Thank you! :)

Yes, I remember! I just hopped over to your blog as well. Welcome back to blogging! :)

Thank you. :)

LOL yassss touched in the head hahahahahaha! :D :D :D
PS: Will steer clear of 'good songs' next year. :P :P

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