Tuesday, April 03, 2018

C is for 'Chori chori yun jab'

Today's song features the trio of Sunny Deol, Neelam and Paintal from the 1988 movie Paap Ki Duniya.

So Sunny Deol is imagining himself with Neelam...

But actually there is no Neelam. He's with his best bud Paintal. Who isn't too thrilled to be at the receiving end of Sunny's affections. 

But our hero continues imagining. And for some reason, his imagination takes him to a lakeside gig where he and Neelam are jamming away. 

Please note the drums and guitar in the background and the flute in his hands.

They proceed to do what can only be described as jumping rather than dancing. A pity considering that Neelam is a good dancer, but I guess they had to be fair to Sunny Deol as well. 

We will now pause here to take a closer look at Neelam's outfit. Oh Neelam. Oh poor adorable Neelam. What on earth did they make you wear? 

Her costume starts off innocently enough with a dupatta and a blouse, but just when you expect a lehenga, there is none! There is a salwar instead! Mind. Blown.  

In fact, her outfit is so distracting, you almost don't notice the wireless electric guitar that Sunny Deol is now playing. 

At this point, the cameraman has just discovered the magic of a colour filter, and he decides to show off. Like REALLY show off. Two colours in one screen. Wowza.

In fact, the characters literally dance their way from one colour into the other. 

All right, time to change the location. Off they go to a forest. Neelam is still going strong with her hybrid costumes. This one looks like she's tucked a white top into a white dhoti and embellished it with as much gold as the music director Bappi Lahiri could spare. 

Please note the presence of five Neelams below. The cameraman was surely moonlighting as a wedding videographer. 

Neelam changes her costume again, and it's a belly dance outfit this time. Except that she looks like she's doing ballet. See pose below. 

The cameraman is now lying on the grass to take a creative horizontal shot. Sunny Deol continues showing his talent with an assortment of musical instruments (though the drums have been in the background for a long time now and no one has played them yet...)

Close-up to Neelam and I have no words for her headgear. Maybe she decided the outfit just wasn't hybrid enough compared to the previous ones. 

This headgear could only have been procured from one place -- Burger King.

The song ends with Sunny Deol and Paintal dancing their way back home, with visions of Neelam still popping up now and then. 

The first comment on the Youtube video of this song killed me. Some guy has written, "When I was young I used to watch this video and think that one day I will get a wife like Neelam but finally ended up with a wife who looks like Paintal."  

Oh by the way, the song has this very annoying and repetitive flute bit, and it's been stuck in my head since this morning. Sorry, Bappi da, but it's VERY irritating. Here. Over to you guys. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Charan Deep Singh said...

While video might be funny,the song is really catchy...

I wrote about influential conversations today


Aditya B said...

All I noticed was that how young (and slim) Sunny prahji is looking in the first few stills.
Still, that wasn't enough to make me play the video. The warning worked ☺

Arun said...

The great acting ability of the stars is proven by the fact that (in all your examples) they're able to prance around like this without helplessly dissolving into embarrassed laughter.

Divya said...

Heard this song after ages. Was instantly reminded of Walk like an Egyptian. Looks like an intelligent "inspiration" :-)

Anonymous said...

The headgear in the last sequence is clearly because there was extra kapda left. They paid tailor for 4 yards, they gotta get back 4 yards.

Sayesha said...

Hehehe I was just glad to get it out of my head. :P

Oh yes, he was one of the most handsome Bolly heroes in his younger days. Nothing compared to his papa, of course. :D

That is SO true! :D :D :D

I haven't heard that but yes, several YouTube comments refer to it.