Monday, April 16, 2018

N is for 'Nayak nahin, khalnayak hoon main'

Of course everyone knows and remembers this song. It was one of a kind.


Does anyone remember the picturisation?

And the costumes?

Without further ado, let me present our item girl Ramya Krishnan...

Bling it on, girl!

Unchallenged winner of 'worst item girl outfit EVER' award.

And here's our main man Sanjay Dutt...

 ...casually dressed in a garbage bag... 

...or maybe he went to a hair salon and walked out midway without taking off the sheet they put around him. 

To solve this sartorial mystery, we need to take a closer look at his hair.

Yup, that settles it. He was definitely in the middle of a haircut.

So he removes his, uh, overalls, and if you ask me, the garbage bag was better than what he's got underneath. 

So let's see now — he's got a black hat with white polka dots, a black tie with white polka dots, a blazer that has black and white stripes on one side and a black and white checkered pattern on the other, a black shirt, black pants, white socks and black shoes. And the underside of his garbage bag also has white polka dots. 

And oh, his black sunglasses have white stripes too. 

Even the background dancers feel sorry for what he was made to wear. Look at them tsk-tsking.

Even his weird dance moves can't distract you from his clothes. But do check out his 'be still, my beating heart' move.

To give a break to the eyes of the audience after having witnessed that black and white spectacle, the camera breaks away to show the other actors in the movie too.  

Brief given to Madhuri - "Look angry."

Brief given to Jackie - "Look angry."

Brief given to Rakhi - "Look angry, BUT also like you know that tere Karan Arjun aayenge, zameen ki chhaati phad ke aayenge, aasman ka seena cheer ke aayenge."

Enjoy this nalayak song.


Charan Deep Singh said...

Well, Khalnayak is a cult favorite and so is this song...

I wrote about somethings we will never ever do

Never Ever

vinu said...

I remember back then Sanjay Dutt's attire (for the lack of a better word!) was a must-have for all boys!! Every birthday party had 1 boy wearing something similar to this suit!

Sayesha said...

Oh yes. This song was everywhere. And the choli song of course.


Unknown said...

who is the main girl dancing singing the khalnayak song