Friday, April 06, 2018

F is for 'First time dekha tumhe'

Okay, surely you guys remember this song? Jaan Tere Naam from '92? Ronit Roy and Farheen's debut film? No?

Oh, come on. Stop pretending you didn't bob your head to this beat as a pre-teen/teenager.

I, for one, have amazing memories of this catchy number.

The song starts with a group of wedding crashers dressed as bandwalas, led by our hero Bandman. They enter the garden and start singing and dancing. 

It turns out Bandman is not a bandwala at all, but the jilted lover of the bride-to-be. He's come to claim his sacha pyaar by making very un-shallow statements like 'First time dekha tumhe hum kho gaya, second time mein love ho gaya'. 

What makes it worse is that every time he sings "Dil kya cheez hai jaanam, apni jaan tere naam karta hai', he does a pelvic thrust. Way to profess true love, dude. 

What is amazing is how nonchalant the family members are about this whole thing, even though they know what's going on. Instead of band-bajaoing the bandwala who is singing to the bride in sadakchhaap language and disrupting the wedding, they are simply sporting very helpless 'Arre ab what can we do he's dancing na' faces. Let's check them out one by one. 

Bride's father

Bride's mother (and mil-to-be?)


The bride herself doesn't seem to give much of a crap. 

Hmmm... Should I do something?

Well, if bride's dad is not doing anything, why should I?

What is happening? Why so resigned? Where is your can-do attitude, people?

However, the wedding guests seem very impressed because as Bandman sings, this isn't a run-of-the-mill love-at-first-sight kind of story. It was love at second sight, if you may. If that isn't sacha pyaar, I don't know what is. 

So all the wedding guests ditch their hosts and jump into this Bandman's bandwagon.

'Father se tere kya lena ise?', they sing. Right to the face of the guy who invited them in the first place. 

Wait, why was Charlie Chaplin invited?

We just literally met the guy but we will passionately agree that yeh akkha India jaanta hai yeh tumpe marta hai. 

Oh dear, our hero looks shocked. Tactics not working?

It looks like the bride is all set to get married. Even the groom seems to be saying, "Uhh... are you sure? Ready when you are, btw."

"Yes. Now shut up and marry me."

Pheras have started. It's literally the countdown.  

Can Bandman stop this wedding before the 7th phera? *suspense wala music*

For that, you need to watch the movie! 

Until then, this should do. 


Unknown said...

Random trivia - teh bride's father was in Yaadon Ki Baraat (Bhura Liya Hai Tumne) and also was in that . "Meri Soni Meri Tamnna" song na? Plus wasn't he Indrajit - the serpent arrow waala ?


Anonymous said...

"What can we do he's dancing na" Hahahaha! Best is when they come to a happy party and sing a sad song eg in Naam Kumar Gaurav shows poverty pics and the rich people are still too drunk to realize he's ruining their party!
Oh and also, I wont be able to sleep thinking of the resolution of this song. You are not nice Sayesha!

Charan Deep Singh said...

I actually love this song :-p

I wrote on the subject of why i write?

Free Spirit

Horizon said...

OMG--I so remember this song and movie and yes the catchy number that it was , I have also hummed it couple of times..the post was hilarious..So laughing out loud

Sayesha said...

Ah yes, I remember him from Chura liya. Dunno any serpent arrow wala though. :O

OMG you made me go back and watch that Naam song. Holy cow he had a whole gareebi slideshow going on! ROFL! :D

I think we all did. :)

Thanks. :)