Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q is for 'Qarar khoya muhabbat mein is zamaane ne'

You know how Karisma Kapoor in the 90s used to have this really, really annoying habit of not looking at the hero while he'd be singing love ballads to her? There he'd be, right next to her, looking at her, professing his undying love for her, and there she'd be, grinning at the camera in a 'Look at me, I'm SO beautiful!' pose. (Never found her beautiful, to be honest.)

Yes, quite a few heroines of that era did the same, but Karisma did it more than anyone else.

Let my gifs refresh your memory about what I'm referring to.

You only discover where she got this habit from when you watch a movie or a song featuring her mommy Babita. It is very clear that Karisma, having watched way too many of mommy's movies, never got over that hangover and continued behaving like how heroines used to behave two decades before her time.

We will now examine the exact same behaviour in her mommy from this 1969 movie Anjaana.

See? She will not look at him!

Now we will take a moment to step back and examine our heroine's outfit...

...which is straight out of an outer space movie. 

But this movie is a not an outer space movie. This movie is about a wealthy girl who falls in love with a gareeb mechanic. Her parents are livid, but she can find no flaw in him.

Except for one, maybe. 

Pappu can't dance sala. 

This is what happens when you ask someone like Rajendra Kumar, "Sir, thoda dance karte-karte heroine ke paas jaaiye.'

Director: "Sir, let's try again, sir. Dance as you walk towards her."

"Ummm... Sir, less creepy next time, okay?"

"Sir, why don't we do this? Just follow her lead and dance with her."

"Okay, forget it. Cameraman, just focus on the heroine, okay?"

Obligatory soft focus shot to make the heroine look "even more beautiful" (Gaaaah, whatever she's doing with her chin and lips makes me want to throw something at her!)

She's at it again! Refuses to look at him! Decades later, her daughter is going to copy this exact move and drive us batty in the same manner.

Enjoy this offering!


Arun said...

Apparently, in Hollywood, an actor looking at the camera is called "spiking the camera" or "spiking the lense" and is a big no-no: a sign of an amateur actor.

Meena Chatty said...

Haha! Enjoyed this one a lot. Your description of Rajendra kumar dancing is on the spot! He looks like a moron even while walking. And that outfit! Oh Lord!

RB said...

THis is the most insightful thing I've ever read about Bollywood.

Charan Deep Singh said...

Yeah I always noticed this about Karishma... Never knew where did this come from...

Today I wrote about

Questions that are silly and ask at most serious of times

Questions that are silly

Charan Deep Singh said...


Anonymous said...

Top notch analysis!! Also congrats on Q achievement unlocked!

Sayesha said...

Oh wow. Learnt something new today! Amazing how a 'no-no' thing in Hollywood can be so prevalent (and encouraged) in Bollywood.

Thank you. :D

Thanks. :)

It's in the genes.

Thank you! Yes, Q was very difficult! :O