Tuesday, April 24, 2018

U is for 'Ui amma, ui amma, mushkil yeh kya ho gayi'

As we all know, everything flies in Bollywood. Dupattas, scarfs, handkerchiefs, flimsy plotlines, everything.

But what you're about to witness, from the 1983 movie Mawaali, is one of its kind.

One, a sari flies off. No, not from a clothesline but from a person's body. Said person was alive and well and was wearing the sari at the time the incident was reported.

The 5-metre-long sari just came off her body and flew up into the sky. Just like that. Up, up and away.

It's like Draupadi and the... antiKrishna?

And here's the bigger shocker — it wasn't just anybody's sari. It was Jaya Prada's sari. Jaya Prada, whose name itself immediately brings a sari-clad bhabhi figure to mind. How Jaya Prada consented to shooting an entire song in only her blouse and petticoat is seriously beyond me.

And we also have Jeetendra, looking rather lecherously at her. 

So at first, she's feeling all conscious and has both her hands over her chest, while Jeetendra does his usual Jumping Jack routine. 

Ok, she's now feeling better and only needs one hand across her chest. 

Some more weird dancing and now both hands are off!

Of course, the lyrics offer a perfectly valid justification of this bizarre incident.

She sings: Ui amma, ui amma, mushkil yeh kya ho gayi...

He sings: Tere badan mein toofan utha toh sari hawa ho gayi!

Ah ok, that explains it. Thanks, Jeetu. 

Suddenly, she spots some clotheslines along the beach, with many many clothes hanging to dry. Wow, a buffet of sorts. So she decides to use the beach as her personal changing room...

... and models a couple of outfits for him. 

Finally, she finds and puts on a pink sari and starts dancing again. 

But her joy is short-lived. 

Vastra-haran round II happens and the furious washerwomen take off with the sari. 

She then decides to go back to her original yellow outfit. 

Okay, what's happening here? Not sure if he's trying to murder her or baptise her. 
Please also note random bikini-clad firang women splashing her. 

And finally, after much sari-free dancing and prancing...

The lajja wastra miraculously returns!
Krishna's also had it with these two, I think. Le, pehen le, please. 

And oh, in case the tune sounds really familiar, Bappi Lahiri used this as the standard for the 'Ooh la la' song in The Dirty Picture to capture the glorious '80's wala music wala feel.

I'm sari for making you watch this. 


Arun said...

"I'm sari for making you watch this."

"'This" is quite enough to make a guy shirty!

Charan Deep Singh said...

Yes, a strong resemblance to ooh la la

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Sayesha said...


Both songs have such irritating tunes..