Monday, April 23, 2018

T is for 'Tu mera Superman, tu meri lady'

This song, from the 1988 movie Dariya Dil, has to be seen to be believed.

Told ya. 

Yup, it's Govinda and Kimi Katkar, in Superman and Spidergirl outfits respectively. Just casually flying, ya know. 

And I have to clarify that is is not a superhero movie. It's just a regular movie, with some irregular moves.

"Tuuuu meraaaaa Supermannnn!" She sings.

"Tuuuu meriiiii..." He starts off and then realises he cannot say Spidergirl because she's only just wearing the outfit, you know, and doesn't really have any superpowers, and also has too much hair to fit into a Spiderman mask anyway, so he completes it with "laaadyyyy".

Yes, let's put it all together, for it is incredible.

Tu mera Superman...
Tu meri lady...
Ho gaya hai apna 
Pyaar already...

And as if this wasn't enough to undermine her, we have the following wonderful words.

She sings: Humdard hai tu, kamzoro ka hai sahara...

He sings: Tujhe mere liye ambar se gaya hai utaara...

So he's there to be hamdard and sahara to the kamzors of the world, but she's just there to hang out with him and do mid-air dances with him.

Yep, they sure do some very high-level dancing. 

And not just any dance. The most ridiculous airborne dance you can think of.

They fly in, um, all positions.

But... they are not high all the time. They also get down and dirty.

This only makes me wanna say one thing — "Gogoji, aapka ghaghra."

Oh, by the way, look at this picture closely. So Superman DOES wear a chaddi inside too. 
(Yes, your whole life has been a lie.) 

Winners of the 'Weirdest Ballroom Dance Move Ever' award. 

So the hamdard and sahara of the kamzors stops dancing when he sees a woman being assaulted...

...and comes to the rescue. And how. Whattawow.

The kamzors are thanking them, but they find themselves unable to wave goodbye without continuing their dance. It's all about keeping the momentum, yo. 

Watch it to believe it. 


Charan Deep Singh said...

Sayesha, I declare you a Bollywood Master.

I mean I thought i had seen all shit of 80s and 90s...

Today I wrote about my struggles to learn a new language

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the Bollywood Master tah!

Anonymous said...

Tag* I mean..

Sayesha said...

You had not seen this?? Bwahahaha! :D

Thank you. :)