Thursday, April 12, 2018

K is for 'Kabhi bhoola kabhi yaad kiya'

This is a song from the 1992 movie Sapne Saajan Ke.

This song is about two very practical lovers.

None of that 'Can't stop thinking about you' and 'Remember you all the time' nonsense for them. They are brutally honest. "Kabhi bhoola kabhi yaad kiya." They frankly tell each other.

It's fine. Both lead busy lives. Which is why, when they meet, they try to make the most of it. This sporty couple incorporates as many activities into their dates as possible.

They play a bit of baseball, depending on whatever props are available. (Wait, is that Gucci?)

He even makes time to do some kinda weird shot put practice while he's on the date.

Okay, so at this point, I'm too distracted to continue listing the sports they play. Seriously, WHAT IS UP with Rahul Roy's hair? It should be declared illegal to have such gorgeous flouncy hair.

I mean just look at his hair versus her hair! What the hell!

Her fringe ain't even moving! UNFAIR!

Sigh. Anyway, getting back to the sports of this sporty couple...

He decides to teach her horse-riding...

...but it's not really her thing.

She prefers a different kind of stud, you see. 

Sometimes playing sports together can lead to unintended fights and accidental violence between a couple... head-butting your significant other.

So she does what every girl has been taught in self-defence class. She bust-butts him.

That resolves all their differences.

It's time to wrap up.

Wait, aren't we forgetting something?

Oh, yes. It's very important to stretch a bit after playing sports.

And speaking of a bit of a stretch, what on earth is Karisma Kapoor doing here?

Mata chaddh gayi hai??

Enjoy their antics. And remember, a couple that plays together, stays together. 


pr said...

Duuuude, you're like soo funnnny!! hahah... Goodness.
Thanks so much for the daily dose of laughter.
Thanks also for learning the gif thing.
S, your creativity, observations, and story telling are just so good!

Meena Chatty said...

This song I have heard! Finally! I redeem myself. :D

What a sporty, and truthful song!

Waiting for more from you. I am loving this series!

Charan Deep Singh said...

It is amazing Rahul's hair didn't do much for his career

I wrote about acts of kindness today. They never go waste


Horizon said...

haha--karishma and the comment "Mata, chad gayi"--so apt.
I am so looking to read your blog everyday for my daily dose of laughter.

Anonymous said...

Flouncy hair, bust butting, mata chadh gayi, hahaha. How about dem eyebrows!

Nalini said...

You are too funny. I always look forward to read your post but never tend to comment. It is a slow day at work and got some time to go over your posts and cannot stop laughing. You made my day...
If you decide to write a book someday, I will want to read it for sure

Sayesha said...

Thank you so much! :D

Thanks! :D

Hair hair!

Thank you. :)

Ah yes, that would take up an entire post! :D

Thank you so much. :)