Wednesday, April 18, 2018

P is for 'Prem patra aaya hai, usne bulaya hai'

Does anyone remember the cuties from the '90s?

In particular, the cuties whose Bollywood careers refused to take off? Vikas Bhalla, Prithvi, Avinash Wadhawan, Vivek Mushran, Kamal Sadanah, Atul Agnihotri, Inder Kumar, Sumit Sehgal, Chandrachur Singh, Sudesh Berry? Any more?

(Sorry, Harish fans. Your man doesn't fall in the 'cuties from the '90s' category. More like the 'Arre isko hero kisne bana diya???' category.)

Before moving on to today's post, I absolutely have to declare that once upon a time I was madly in love with Vikas Bhalla and I even followed some horrendous daily Hindi soap because he was in it and then the story went into some weird punarjanam territory and it was too much even for me so I stopped.

So this song from the 1992 movie Geet features one such '90s cutie -- Avinash Wadhavan.

Our hero wears a black cap with the word 'FAN' hand-painted on it. Because the 'FRIEND' cap from Maine Pyaar Kiya was so 1989, you see. 

He has just received a love letter and as you will see, is very excited about it.

Someone please tell me what's going on with the red water in the pot.

And then he goes to a primitive photocopier, squirts some ink over the top and slots the love letter in!

I'm thinking, oh maybe he wants to make a copy in case he loses the valuable original? How sweet. 

But no, sir, no. We're not talking about ONE copy here. Man here has gone bonkers.

And then he goes more bonkers. He starts handing them out on the streets, like it's some kind of flyer announcing the opening of a new beauty parlour. 

He hands a copy to the postman. And a couple to the bhaji wali. Subah subah bohni ke time pe...

Of course, the women tell him exactly what they think of it.

He even thinks it's ok to share the contents of the love letter with a bunch of impressionable children.

See, even the littlest boy knows — yeda ho gaya hai kya?

And then he goes and skips a bit with the womenfolk. After all, it's a village and that's what grownass village women do all day.

He's also an artist who only has three colours — yellow, red and black. And you're so excited to see what he's going to paint with it, aren't you? His lady love's portrait, maybe? Ooh. How romantic.

And when he's done and steps back to admire his artwork, realisation strikes you.


For your viewing pleasure. 


Charan Deep Singh said...

Again never heard or saw this one. How come you have seen more bollywood crap than me?

I took potshots at restaurant toilets today.

P for Pots in Restaurant Toilets

Sayesha said...

I think it's a tie. :D