Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The bored room meeting

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine asked me a la Hrithik in Lakshya, "Sayesha, tum kabhi bore nahin hoti?" ("Sayesha, don't you ever get bored?")

So I coyly looked at my nails (an action that precedes most of my replies to his weird questions) and said, "Mere paas bore hone ke liye waqt nahin hai." ("I have no time to get bored.")

So you can imagine my shock when last weekend, I found myself experiencing what I never ever do - boredom. :O

I mentioned in a recent post that when we say we have no time for something, we're just bullshitting ourselves. If we really wanna do something, we'll always have time for it. I guess that holds for boredom too. If you really wanna get bored, if getting bored is important to you, if you truly value boredom, you will surely find one way or another to achieve it.

Nevertheless, for a person who drafts and follows a timetable for everything, it was quite shocking.

Like many people, my usual weekend description follows the very eloquent expression by Circuit in Munnabhai - "Shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya". ("Ended the moment it started.") In a typical weekend, if I can get some dissertation work done, meet up with a friend or two, go to the gym, squeeze in a movie, and clean my room, I consider it an achievement to be proud of.

Which is why last weekend was really weird. The time just wouldn't pass! I got up, made pancakes for breakfast, worked on my dissertation (Gosh! Writing a 100-page dissertation is not easy, they should just allow me to copy-paste my blog posts and submit it as my dissertation!), caught up with my school gang and some cousins on Orkut, called up my family and spoke to everyone, washed two loads of clothes (okay fine, I did not exactly sit at Dhobyghaut MRT station and danda-peeto my clothes, but it's work all the same), wrote a blog post, updated Hopscotch, separated clothes to give away to the cleaner in my building, packed some of my stuff (I'm moving in two weeks), put my bank statements in order, went to the gym, went to the dentist, watched four hindi movies on Youtube (Sheesh, that's 12 hours - half a day, 25% of a weekend!), stared out of my window.

Stared out of my window.

Stared out of my window.

I could have gone for a walk, but did not feel like stepping out of my room because I think my current flatmates were in the living room, interviewing someone to replace me after I move out.

And I don't like people who try to take my place. :|

So after a while, I turned to look at the clock, expecting it to be 10 pm on a sunday night - bedtime for good girls - so good girls can go to bed to wake up at six to go to work on Monday morning, when I realised to my horror that it was only 6:30 pm.

So I decided to spend some quality time with my pets. I have three of 'em - a dog called Frodo, a fat chick called... err... Fat Chick (one of my most TP posts was on her washing machine experience) and a fish called Nemo. And I haven't been able to pay much attention to them ever since I started my Master's course.

So I invited the three of them to a 'bored' room meeeting in my room, and here are the party... errr I mean meeting... pics.

The invitees are on time! They know Sayesha hates it when people (and animals) are late!

Conspiracy theory - "Where do you think Sayesha has kept the booze?"

What? Frodo is already drunk?!

And so is Fat Chick!

"Nemo, tu bhi thoda sa pi le" *Pat pat*

"Lekin main toh abhi bacha hoon..." Nemo decides to observe Frodo...

... and now Nemo observes Fat Chick...

Now Nemo is drunk too!

"Nemo, you're my best friend!"

"Fat Chick, you're my best friend too!"

Fat Chick says goodbye. I think she's had a bit too much. Alert - chicks should watch their drinks.

After the party was over, I snuggled into my comforter and started wondering about this extra time in the game called life that I had just encountered. And just like that, a thought struck me. We get an extra day every four years because the earth takes a little more than 365 days to revolve around the sun. Maybe there's a glitch in the matrix somewhere, that causes each week to be slightly longer than what we expect a week to be like, and it all gets added up one fine day to give us that extra time that surprises us.

Maybe once in a blue moon, we get a 'leap weekend', but we're just too busy to notice it.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha!

Abhishek said...

This is gold.... ;))

satish said...

arey it was me!!!


Abhishek said...

anonymous ppl dont get it.. LOL ;))

Abhishek said...


//glitch in the matrix somewhere

too gud Sayesha ... just brilliant!! that in fact does explain al the extra time.. lol

I didnt use to get bored too, till I came to US ;))

Iday said...

cool post as usual :)
i promise that ur next weekend wont be so boring :P

satish said...

ofcourse they will. unko huq kee ladaai ab main ladne wala hun. naah, i dont have a masters in law, just few rocket launchers, thousand grenades, few atom bombs(hee hee) and my fav rampuri. :D

anyway, i guess i can inspire nations to waste their time. little different from getting bored though, as in addition to getting bored they will also have guilt complex.

adi said...

I can get bored anywhere, anytime, I want. And if you attend ORGANIC CHEMISTRY class 4 days a week you are bound to get bored atleast 5 times. So most of the time I am getting bored. Nice post though.

The Lonely Traveller said...

Wow!!! That explains my 'super bore' weekends...
I do lot of things to entertain myself but somehow manage to save time to get bored ;-)


P.S> And all this talk about booze, has make me open my Jack Daniels that I had been saving for later ;¬)

neihal said...

now who would have thought about an interesting post on 'boredom'. lol. Yeah maybe we are too busy to notice the leap week... and your party with your pets...now thats what I call killin time skillfully..:)

Perspective Inc. said...

Love the post( esp the pics)... so..you really were bored huh? :-)
Am totally with you on the leap week..explains soooo much!

dharmu said...

bahi, zabardast!!!
frodo, fat chick aur nemo ko "hello" kehena.

Inder said...

you still play with dolls!? hahaha :P

sakhi said...

super cute post..
To Fredo, Nemo n Fat Chick: Mujhse Dosti Karoge???
btw, what did princess sayesha drink in the party?? :P ;)

Dev said...

I think Sayesha bhai had much more to drink (and much before) than poor ol' Fredo... :P
Kya bahi... apni doston ko itna kyu pilati ho... yeh galat baat hai...

singh said...

That'w why I like reading your blog - if it's not entertaining, at least it makes me feel better about myself.

Janefield said...

bhai ab lukhagiri karne laga hai kya :P nemo is darn cute indeed, and fat chick is still my fave, esplly her name :D

Vikram H said...

lol...yet another creative post! :)...by the way, i'm back!

Wriju said...

My first time to your blog - this is so amazing...
Cutest post i ever saw!
Frodo is the best! Heck am gonna invite all of them to my party next time ;-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

ha ha ha!!! :-) kya party tha! gives the "will you introduce me to your cute friends" a whole new meaning!

i don't get bored easily either. definitely not this bored! ;)

Archana said...

OMG! You actually had a party with your dolls - LOL :-D! You must have been real, REAL bored :-))! But cute toys, I must say!

Sayesha said...

Hans le beta. Tu do second mein rone wala hai! :D

Indeed it is! :)

Naan sense. Anonymous pple don't get gold. If you'd signed in as Satish, I'd have considered *looks coyly at nails*

Yeah, they just don't GET IT, do they? :D

Hahaha! Now THAT explains all my extra time! Iday sir ne homework nahin bheja! :O

Chal chal! Haq ki ladai it seems! Is bar mein rampuri se koi ladai nahin jeet sakte ho... haan agar PANIPURI ka offer doge toh apun consider kar sakta hai... :P

Tu maarega lekin I used to like Organic Chemistry... Chemu ne achha sikhaya tha yaar! :)

#Lonely Traveller,
Cheers! *clink*

Haha! Thanks! :D

Thanks! :P
ps: I was totally utterly bored! :O

Sabko hello bol diya hai teri taraf se... hangover khatam hote hi waapas hello bolega! :D

Dolls?? You call 'em dolls?? :O Dolls toh mere India mein hai... whatta Barbie collection... :D

Hosh mein aate hi dosti kar lenge don't worry! And princess Sayesha had loadsa orange juice in the party! :D

Hahahahah! :D

Very cryptic comment that. I dunno if you complimented me or insulted me. But whatever. :D

#Chosen One,
Hahaha! Bada hi original naam hai na? :D

#Vik H,
OMG! You're back! It's been what - half a year now??? Sheesh! Welcome back! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
ps: Are ya gonna invite me or only them, eh? :/

#Ipanema Girl,
Yeah, loadsa pple wanna be introduced to them! :P

Dolls again?? X-(
Fat chick - Oooh thanks for calling me a 'doll'! *hic*
Frodo - Hey, who're you calling a doll?? *hic*
Nemo - Yeh doll kya hota hai? *hic*

The Pirate said...

ab sash bhai already posting ke paband hain.. nahi to bolta ki bore naii hone ka kya...ek ad aur post likh dalo ;)

btw.. not my first time here.. can u guess who am i?

Shekhar said...

For once, I'm not thinking on the philosophical path (along the 'leap weekend' lines)...

Just laughed myself silly at the pics. :P

Ekta said...

I loved ur party snaps!
Dont u think nemo is too young to drink:-)?

shub said...

elloo!! We knew you were bored...but we didn't ask for porrf! :P sheesh! just how bored can ya get babe!!

FOUR movies on youtube? FOUR? Good God!!!!! which ones? ( was it 'soucha' na tha 4 times? :P)

shub said...

err... I meant proof....

Jeevan Baretto said...

I prefer sleeping rather than running around with things. But the last weekend was a hectic one. There was this football match organised on Independence day. In order to practise for that, we had to sacrifice our weekend time to it.

Nice post.

Rishit Jain said...

Hehehe, I particularly liked the "boredroom" party.

Iday said...

//Iday sir ne homework nahin bheja! :O
haan!!! Iday sir bhimar ho gaya :(
cold and fever - sara weekend waste ho gaya :((

this weekend, will send stuff for sure :)

Inder said...

so my theory is correct. those who play with fluffy toys are prone to playing with dolls too :P :P :P

sandy said...

heights ya :)

Sayesha said...

Arre! Kaun hai re tu? Apun pehchana nahin! :O


Thanks! :)

//Dont u think nemo is too young to drink:-)?

Areee! Where do you think the phrase "drinks like a fish" comes from? :O

Usko mana kiya yaar... lekin woh pi gaya... bola peer pressure from dog and chick... yeh naye generation ke pets aise hi hain... haath se nikal gaya chhokra...

Arreee I was really bored yaar! Tu jo India mein jaake baithi hai! Waapas aa, phir apun log bhot sara SATC and hindi movies dekhenge :D

//FOUR movies on youtube? FOUR? Good God!!!!! which ones?

Phir Hera Pheri, Chup Chup Ke, No Entry and Corporate :D

"Sacrifice" your weekend? And what fruitful use did you have planned for it my friend? Kumbhu kahin ka! :D

Me too! :P

Theek hai! Sayesha and Ian look forward to receiving homework. :D

Ya allah! Teri theories toh meri theories se bhi gayi guzri hain! :D

Yeah! Totally "high"! ;)

Raam Pyari said...

nemo ka muh kinna cute hai!!!!!
super CUTE post!!

Harshi said...

Hey Sash, you seem so organized and great in time management!Shaayad isi wajah se...extra time mil jaata hai. With me, I have no idea how time flies, and still nothing's done!! :P
But concept is interesting!!! :-)

Rebellion said...

Aawwwww >:D<

Kitni cuuuute post hai Sash :)
Talk to me about "boredom" :-s
Now thats a nice way to kill boredom but only once a while.. If I keep such a party at my place everytime I get bored.... Don't ask! Till now am just threatened, now they'll actually throw me to the nearest mental asylum!!! :(

Dam cute post dear :)

Take care,

Anonymous said...

hi sayesha

agree with the pirate. actually was going to drop in a line yesterday - tabiyat etc theek thaak hai na? itne mahinon ke daily dose ke baad withdrawal symptoms ho rahe hain yeh once in 2 or 3 days ke posts ki vajah se. raat ko blog visit karneke baad naya post nahi dekha toh hum bore hote hai. pata nahi chalta agla 1/2 hr kaise kaate. bore hota hai to 2 posts likho naa... (kidding of course). u must be busy withyr schedule after all! and once in a while bore hone kaa hakk aap ko bhi hai madam. and then we shaal come to yr rescue with our 'why no post ' queries. u ans them and then again bore hone ke liye waqt hee nahi milega


Anonymous said...

dil ke armaan aashuon mein bah gaye,
hum wafa karke bhi tanha rah gaye!!

buhuhuhuhu...(three dots imply infinite sequence!)

now i have decided that i wud comment only as anonymous now onwards!

Sayesha said...

#Raam Pyari,
//nemo ka muh kinna cute hai!!!!!

Hahaha! Yeah I think so too! :P

Wait till I finish my Master's. I get back into my super-slacker mode! :O

Hahaha! So you're saying that my party was mental asylum material? :D

Hey! Arre yaar jabse classes shuru hue hain, blog ke liye waqt kam hai... I used to blog after coming back from work. Now I go for my classes after work, and by the time I get back, it's bedtime! Will still try to post once in 2-3 days though :)

Ya allah! Ab tu emotional ho gaya! Oye tragedy queen Meena Kumari ke nana, nautanki band kar aur bata tu kaun hai? :D
ps: Anonymous people are not entitled to 'certain' privileges on this blog, remember? Not to mention that I'm forever suspicious about them :P

anand said...

next time can I also join ur bored room party pls!?

qsg said...

hahahahaa - too funny sayesha! Great post,indeed...truly cheered me up! :)

Vidya said...

so cute !

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Looks like you managed to get over your boredom after all! You have really cute stuffed toys :)
Oh btw I finally got my blogroll in order!!

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash!!

I thought you'd say that :P
Nahi re dear, I said that I'd love to party like this but these people around, the so-called-grown-ups & kids-showing-as-grown-ups would take me as a mental case!! Not that it bothers me much actually, I still name my soft toy & fight with my 5 year old neice over it ;):P

Take care,

Prayank said...

posting a comment after a long time ...
too cute ....

past few weeks have been so damn hectic tht i am dying to get that 'leap weekend' ...

rt said...

too good post...
but i guess u r getting efficient in doing ur routine work so the xcess time..

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Jeevan Baretto said...

Yeh "Kumbhu" kya hota hai???

Sayesha said...

Pls submit your request via one of the three. :P

Thanks! :)

Indeed they are :P

Thanks! :)

Mental case! :)

Welcome back, man! Hope you get that leap weekend soon! :)

Thanks :P

//will keep yawl posted on the fares that I received

W'yall are not interested. :/

Arre you dunno Kumbhu?? He doesn't know Kumbhu!!! :O
Arre bhai, Kumbhkaran ka nickname hai! :P

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. u keep a timetable? tu toh woh DCH ke 'forgot his name' se bhi danger hain re :D

cant see pics :((

some days shld be reserved for boredom so we can value the other busy n happy days :)

Sudeep said...

btw, orkut se gayab?

sakhi said...

wher art thou? UPDATE UPDATE!!!

Sayesha said...

Arreee you can't see the pics either! :( Bahut badi cheez miss kar raha hai tu life mein! :O
ps: Am still on Orkut... my old account with my school friends... orkut-chirkut ke liye zyada taim nahin hai na! ;)

Kya bol rahi hai yaar?? Teen naye posts likh daale! :O

Jeevan Baretto said...

ohhhhh okkkkaaaayyyyy....;-)

Sudeep said...

arre ghar se dekhne ka yaad nahi rehta.. aaj ke bhi pics miss kiya maine toh :(
okk.. naye frnds ko kalti.. thik hain ji

Sayesha said...


Dhakkan computer hai tera! :@

Sudeep said...

dhakkan computer nahi main hu jo sacche pets honge ye ummid leke aaya tha.. stuffed toys nikle :x
but lines were hilarious..

n problem computer ka nahi hain .. company ne pics block kiye hain.. abhi ghar se dekh raha hu

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