Saturday, August 19, 2006

Re-search topics

Some time ago, I wrote a post on the keywords that people google, which make them end up on my blog. The list I'd compiled entertained me so much, I decided that I'd compile one such list every few months.

So here's part II of 'I know what you're searching for':

  • notorious from head to toe
  • damn doll
  • fire theory
  • Indian saamaan
  • lamb dand gol pind
  • hazaar blood pressure pills
  • trumpet song in DDLJ
  • sai baba sexy
  • been a tomboy skirt tips
  • Fao San
  • queen of angels
  • tarazu songs susu
  • gay crabs
  • sleeping angel oil
  • take off shoes barefoot office
  • penicillin shot ouch
  • the one and only himesh reshammiya
  • tanhaayi
  • Russel Peters do the dishes
  • Kutta palo billi palo
  • doctor aapke mardangi
  • live the beautiful life
  • pandrah august
  • how to write bodhisattva in sanskrit
  • timepass photo
  • kumar sanu magical
  • goosebump movies
  • how to be wild and weird
  • microbes magnified
  • munna with thalassemia
  • jayalalitha collection of shoes
  • sharara gets dirty
  • how to sew patiala salwar
  • stop a wedding
  • barefoot in the office
  • muzamil ibrahim
  • sole soulmates
  • taller wife
  • bichari bachi
  • don't the trust indians
  • broke her shoe
  • lage raho munna bhai
  • I can't remember what happened


The Pirate said...

the color of gold... is golen... ;)

The Pirate said...

its golden* .. ;)...

aur lage raho sash bhai... lol

Deeps said...

Hehehe funny :)).

I can't believe my eyes, silver after a lonnnnnnnnnng time :)).

singh said...

"lamb dand gol pind"?
= Long-punishment, round-village?

I don't remember a post with those keywords.

Anonymous said...

and here i was thinking that i had read almost every post written by you!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Mind running faster than fingers can type eh? ;)


Lamb dand gol pind = Long bat, round ball = Cricket

//I don't remember a post with those keywords.

The keywords don't have to be in the post itself. Even if they are in the comments, google finds them. :)

Well now you know :)

The Pirate said...

LOL... bingo sash!!... Just can't typppe thez dayz... n mind's light years ahead of fingers... ;))

Sakshi said...

Jeez this is hilarious.
"gay crabs" - why would anyone search for that.
or "sai baba sexy"
And I wonder about those who searched for "how to be wild and weird" or "stop a wedding"
Damn funny.

justme said...

sai baba sexy...

GOD..!! which jerk was dat??

Rohit Talwar said...


You certainly get your kicks with this! :P

neihal said... favs.
"been a tomboy skirt tips"
"taller wife"
"how to write bodhisattva in sanskrit" ( I might google this as know the answer?..:) )

LOL....and who the hell was looking for "tarazu songs susu" (whtever that means)

Nirwa said...

I must come up with second list too! :P :P :P Very entertaining it is indeed! :D

Iday said...

LOL :)
Looks like only very few of us come here to read ur posts :P

singh said...

//Lamb dand gol pind = Long bat, round ball = Cricket

In Bombay, the local word was Kirrrkit. LDGP must be a Bihari thing.

Lalit Singh said...

sai baba sexy

taller wife
hmmmm look like u fit someones bill... all da best

Shekhar said...

//sharara gets dirty

OMG !!!!

//how to be wild and weird

This bloke seriously needs to get in touch with me.. :D

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Gosh, it sounds SO weird!! :)

Liz said...

I havent commented in a long time..! How're classes going?:) ...and how dya watch movies on youtube??..been searching..but can't find!!:)

Rays Of Sun said...

Sai Baba sexy..narak mein jaayega:))
And some bichara crab must be looking for his gay partner:P
I actually googled the 'Kuuta paalo thingi' aftr u mentioned it..check it takes u to one comment on your blogs:))
Funny list:)

Sayesha said...

//mind's light years ahead of fingers... ;))

Dude, you'd better run after your mind. I can see you're already on the verge of losing it. ;)

Hahaha! :D

Hahaha! People search for all kinda things yeah? :)

Oh I do! :D

Hahahaaha! I think there's a movie called 'Tarazu' with a song called 'Susu'! Unbelievable I know! :O

Oh yeah, your last list was SO fun! :D

Sheesh! :/

It's not a Bihari thing. It's how you say cricket in hindi.

Hey bhagwaan! Aate hi shuru ho gaye? :D

Hahaha! You wanna be wild and weird with random blokes, eh? ;)

Hehehe :D

Yeah, classes are okay so far... but exhausting yaar... how's yours? :)
Just search for 'Bollywood movie' on Youtube, and you'll find LOADS! :O

//Sai Baba sexy..narak mein jaayega:))


Yeah, I googled kutta palo billi palo too! :P

The Pirate said...

LOL... thts it.. i give up.. u r too full of ideas.. :)

Sayesha said...

Muahahaha! :D

Sudeep said...

Sai baba sexy :O
whts with ppl nowadays??

whts with ur blog n jayalalitha? lollzz..

thnx for reminding 'bout Russell Peters.. will watch his video tomo again

i bet u (n ur meet wale frnds) r more happy for the Muzamil Ibrahim entry.. ;)

Adnan Siddiqi said...

Kutta palo billi palo

What kinda stuff do you write on your blog?:D