Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Just a couple of talents

I watched Vishal Bhardwaj's Omkara on Sunday. And no, I am not going to review it here. (Damn, I read too many reviews before going for the movie, and now everything's all messed up in my head, making me unable to arrive at my own review of the movie.)

Instead, I am going to talk about something that caught my ear while watching the movie.

Laakad jalke koyla hoye jaaye
Koyla hoye jaaye khaak
Jiya jaley toh kuchh na hoye re
Na dhuan na raakh

("Wood burns to form coal
Coal burns to form ashes
A burning heart forms nothing
Neither smoke nor ashes.")

I sat up. That voice was immensely beautiful, and it added that x-factor to the song that made it mind-blowingly soulful. So after the movie ended, I went to check up who'd sung it, and it turns out the singer is someone called Rekha Bhardwaj. At once, I googled to find out the connection between Vishal Bhardwaj and Rekha Bhardwaj, and turns out my suspicion was right - they are indeed husband and wife.

Having had a not-so-good impression of music directors who try to give their spouses' failing careers a lift by giving them a break in their albums (Anyone remember the 'Jab nahin aaye they tum' song in the album 'Dev' directed by Aadesh Shrivastava? It was sung by his wife Vijeta Pundit -- the actress with a very innocent looking Kumar Gaurav in 'Love story' -- and sank without a trace), I was very much taken in by how extremely talented Rekha Bhardwaj is. The last I remember being this impressed by the magic of someone's voice was when I'd heard Shreya Ghoshal in Jism.

There's no doubt Vishal is extremely talented. I've been a big fan since his Machis days. I even felt that swayam Lata Mangeshkar did not do justice to his 'Pani pani re'. Not only is he a remarkable music director, he's shown his skills in movie-making too. And then I heard another stunner of a song 'O sathi re' from Omkara and found out that he was the male lead in it. I nearly fell on the floor in shock because he gives such perfect company to Shreya Ghoshal in the song, you'd think it's a seasoned singer. In fact, I'm having a tough time trying to decide whether I like his voice more or Rekha's.

Gosh, so much talent in one household, it almost makes me faint with admiration.

This also reminds me of another mind-blowingly talented couple. Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi. Two years ago, when I was young(er) and (more) foolish, I camped outside the Grand Hyatt to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood stars who were in Singapore for the IIFA awards. I was there for a few days, at really unearthly hours, and I caught most of them on camera, albeit a bit shaky because of other young and foolish fans who kept shoving and pushing each other. Security was tight, and we were not allowed to go close to the stars.

Suddenly I spotted Javed Akhtar near the hotel entrance. Surprisingly, no one was making a big fuss over him. I suspect no one really recognised him. Shabana was standing a few steps behind him. I yelled out his name. He looked at me and gave me a smile for my camera. But I wanted the 'perfect shot' of the 'perfect couple'. I gathered courage and motioned to him to call Shabana too. What cheek! He could have easily done the 'Photo lena hai toh le, warna chal chal hawa aane de' but he actually motioned me to wait, and turned back to call her. She came forward, he put his arm around her shoulder and posed again. When the crowd saw Shabana, they started screaming and she started to wave everywhere. But Javed waved only to me. I was so floored by his gesture I almost dropped my camera.

The shot came out really shaky because of the moron behind me, who had precariously balanced himself on the artificial rocks near the Grand Hyatt's fountain, and in an attempt not to fall into the fountain, decided to use my shoulders as an anchor. Bhai ko hila dala kambakht ne. :|

I did not come back with my 'perfect shot', but I was floored by Javed's humility. No wonder his lyrics are so earthy -- the man is earthy himself. In spite of being Javed Akhtar.

And for the first time, the very idealistic muhavra we'd learnt in school made sense.

"Ped par jitne zyada phal hote hain, woh utna hi zyada jhukta hai."

The more fruits a tree has, the lower it bows.


Rebellion said...

Sayesha ke bar ke bewdon ko sakshaat pranaam :P
Un sab ko, esp TGWSTW aur TGFI ko yeh soochna dee jaati hai ke woh ab humse ulajhne ki koshish na karein...

*As everyone gets busy with understanding the shudh hindi, RT runs with the gold* :P:P

Take care,

Rebellion said...

WOW Sash!!

Loved the way you ended the post! Awesome proverb :)

Nice post, you really love singing na? Your kinda obsession with singers & their voices reflects it :)

Haven't heard the songs form Omkara yet, in fact I think am yet to download them! You suggested me 2 songs right? Vaise most of our music choice matches so am sure if you've liked it, il like it too :)
And I absolutely loved the stanza you gave in the start of your post :)

Off to download the music now.. Nahi mila to ul only have to mail it to me and hope you got that Shaan song!

Take care,

PS: Sash, I took the gold on your blog AGAIN.. This time w/o any competition :D \:D/

MAC said...


Anonymous said...

ok bronze!-creepa!:)
Nice post!

Anonymous said...

vaise roopkumar rathode n sonali rathode is anothr wonderful couple,i must say! n yes! both javed n shabana azmi akthar re down to earth ppl..ive likd shabana since my childhood days wen i watched "masoom" n aftr watchng her AIDS campaign advertisements,i was more attracted to her personality!
Nice photograph..btw,wat did u do to tht moron? :D-Creepa!

The Smiling Girl said...

Man, that was a shaky foto.. pch..
but then , its always true right, ur last lines...
I personally just love Javed Akhtar's lyrics..:)

Send me those two songs, Sash!!

Sreejith said...

loved the pun in the title :)

Sakshi said...

Cool Post, Sayesha.

adi said...

Y forget apna laloo- rabdi couplewa ka jodi... :D. I loved OMKARA too.. and i loved O SATHI RE and NAINA more.. NICE POST.

satish said...

a family with so many gems..

that is what i think about my family kee sub log itne god kaise ho sakte hain ek hee family mein!!

anyways, the muhavara fits perfect to me too naa! kitna sona munda hun main!! ;;)

Anonymous said...

chaliye bye!!


Inder said...

yeah. vishal amazes me no end. i first noticed him as the composer of the title song 'chaddi pehan ke phool khila hai' of jungle book animation. maachis, makdee, maqbool, omkara... he has indeed come a long distance. rekha has got that wonderful rawness in her voice. she can spell magic with soulful folk and sufi songs.

the akhtar clan is awesome - javed akhtar, honey irani, farhan akhtar, zoya akhtar, shabana azmi and kaifi azmi. seems they harvest talent in their backyard.

Inder said...

and... you didn't mention beedi... audacious lines.
beedi jalayle jigar se piya, jigar ma badi aag hai.....
peppy tune. shame that i can't dance.

neihal said...

First I am really really looking forward to watching omkara.VB is undoubtedly very talented. He did the title song foe Jungle book as well as far as i remember.
I loved the lyrics and the tune of jab nahi aaye the tum..but yes the singer did a terrible job...and does anyone know it had a version sung by kareena...and (I shouldnt be saying this) I liked that one a lot...no I dont like Kareena

Abhishek said...

Bhai ko hila dala... LOL... bhai, kharcha pani dene ka tha na .. aisse hi sookha chhod diya kya? Lagta hai bhai ka time ho chala hai ab... :P

Abhishek said...
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Raam Pyari said...


double wow!

javed akhtar rocks!

and as far as omkara is concerned i spent most of the time in the theatre pretending to be an agrejj, asking mum to explain the lines as i cud nt understand them.

Also just two days ago I realised tht Omkara is a only for 18+ movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so shocked!!!
My first adult movie with mum n dad and dad's best buddy and his wife and their two sons!!!!
raam ki leelaz!

Hari said...

Super! I like people who remember their roots even after reaching dizzying heights. Humility.

No wonder I go crazy over Rajinikanth who still hangs his "Bus Conductor" uniform at his home.

No, I din't see it but I have a very strong beleive that it must be true...

PSV said...

ohh...I wanted to read a reall genuine review of Omkara coz all these websites(rediff) and newspapers(hindustan times) seem biased and always have contrasting reviews!
hey how can u not like the title song of Omkara sung by sukhvinder. his voice is so captivating!
and the song really picks up well after about 50 seconds....I got hooked on to it after 3-4 listenings and I havnt stopped listening to it since then...
A genuine review of Omkara please!!!

The Light-House. said...

Did u not manage to give the biger *one tight slap*
Javed Akhtar one of the real good poet and by far the best lyricist in this present age.

Anonymous said...

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Lalit Singh said...

koi gal nahi
theres always a next time.. and then a next...
eib koi hilaye gar taene to ek rakh ke dijo kaan parey aur mor bana dijo uska

Rays Of Sun said...

Awesome..u got to see Javed miyan!!!! AMazing!

sakhi said...

hey sayesha
nice post :)
Have u heard the song "tere ishq mein"...Its sung by rekha bhardwaj..its frm some album i think...
very nice song..one of my favorites 'http://music.cooltoad.com/music/song.php?id=232949'
take care

Anonymous said...

call it laziness or ah! being too cocky...i never dropped my comments on your blog..though i find some of them decent reads...but today since you touched my topic...MUSIC. i thought i wud give my bits and educate you a bit. no wonder it comes from me- an RJ! anyway that's not important!
ok! rekha bhardway is as you rightly said married to vishal bhardwaj. they had even cut an album where vishal composed music, gulzar wrote lyrics and rekha sang---it was called tere ishq mein...if you can take a listen to that, you will die in awe...the voice crawls under you skin and seeps deep within and stirs you from tip to toe..oooooo as i write this i already have goose flesh. vishal amazes me. he is a small town guy, not a very good speaker...very naive...with screwed PR and yet he is what he is today...purely out of his sheer talent and work. he wanted to be a cricketer...so from the dreams of being a cricketer to music direction to direction and three WOW movies to his credit--makdee, maqbool and omkara and now being a singer, the dude has come a long long way..and guess what he is the same guy who composed the lovely lyrics of gulzar for the jungle book---chadhdhi pehan ke phoool khila hai and guchca hai bhai guchcha hai kahaniyo ka guchcha hai...gulzar loved him and thus gave him a break in maachis and boy! what work!!!
phew! guess I can go on and on...but I have a show in another 2 minutes...so before I lose my job...adios!!
the studio is miles away....bhaaaaaagooooooooooooo...
love R

Life Lover said...

I had the privilege of meeting and interviewing Shabana Azmi back in India before 3 years and man is she graceful! She had that tehzeeb and that quiet but strong demeanor of someone who has achieved so much in life. It was such a pleasure to talk to someone who is so successful both in her professional and personal life. BTW I agree completely with your comments about Vishal and Rekha's voices...Rekha also has another amazing song to her credit- Tere Ishq Mein from her album Ishqa Ishqa. I absolutely love that track, her talent shines thru in that one!

Abhishek said...

finally a post on "phillums"....
just as i was reading this...another "shabana" talked with me n made me forget what i was abt to continue with..."crap"!!!
what was i abt to scribble???
gimme some time to think...i'll post again.

kaunquest said...

Nice closing line for your post! I too admire them both, great couple.

I had sort of lost faith in movie music in the recent months. Perhaps i will check out Omkara now!

dharmu said...

bhai, very truely said... i had a very shame-to-shame expereince with jagjith singh in SD concert.

Aseem said...

I dont know how i linked to ur blog...but this post is fantastic..funny enough this is all i remember from Omkara as well...

Shekhar said...

O Sayesha ji...sach kahaa aapne. The truly great know the real worth of humility.

Btw, tussi Orkut se gayab ??

Rays Of Sun said...

Did I tell you, after a long time this was one post of yours that touched me:)
Mast likha hai

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

with someone good at photoshop, you might be able to restore the pic a bit,,i wonder??
but that's a nice story behind it..

qsg said...

Thats a great great story! I am totally jealous of people who are so talented! :(

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Tu aur teri shuddh hindi! :D

Yeah, I'm kinda obsessed with hindi music. So much that I have no time to even develop an interest in english music :P

Got the Shaan song, thanks! :D

#MAC (MAC?),
Hahaha! Nahin re, MACs or for that matter, no anonymous person is eligible for the top three metals. :D

Creepa? Errr... I think you're ineligible too :P

Oh, you're really Creepa?? (?) Errr... uhhh... okay...
I'm a beeeg fan of Roop Kumar Rathod. I wanted to worship him when I heard 'Ae jaate hue lamhon'. But I don't like Sonali that much :)

//btw,wat did u do to tht moron?

Nothing yaar! I had to prepare for the next set of celebrities who were about to make their entry :D

#Smiling Gal,
Sending sending :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Hahahaha! Yeah man, super talented jodi hai apne Laloo-Rabri! :D Yeah, naina thag lenge is also very good! :)

//that is what i think about my family kee sub log itne god kaise ho sakte hain ek hee family mein!!

Tu exception hai na :)

Chalo bye! :D

//she can spell magic with soulful folk and sufi songs.

Ooh does she have a sufi album??? :)

//seems they harvest talent in their backyard.

Totally agree! Look at how Farhan Akhtar changed the face of Indian cinema with one Dil Chahta Hai. Not to mention the lease of life to Saif's failing career. :)

//and... you didn't mention beedi... audacious lines.

Eeeks, I hated that song! And not just because I can't stand Bipasha. :D

Yeah, I have the CD of Dev. I thought Kareena did a decent job with her version of 'Jab nahin aaye they' but that could be just because the original was sung so badly there was no benchmark :P

OYE! Bhai ke baare mein khaali-peeli bakwaas nahin karne ka. Warna Abhishek ko Bhai 'abhi shake' karke rakh dega samjha! X-(

Eh? :)

#Raam Pyari,
I know!! Without the subtitles, I wouldn't have understood half the dialogues!!! :D

Rajni does that?? Wow! :)
ps: Hope it's true :D

I think I was too captivated by these two songs to pay any attention to the title song :P

//A genuine review of Omkara please!!!

Can't! I have no opinion anymore. Damn the reviews! :O

Areee if I had turned around to slap him, I'd have missed Fardeen Khan! :D

//eib koi hilaye gar taene to ek rakh ke dijo kaan parey aur mor bana dijo uska

I think, just like Omkara, I need the subtitles to fully understand the beauty of what you just said :)

I just got hold of it. I still prefer Laakad, but maybe this wil grow on me. :) Thanks for the reco :)

#Love R (:D),
Whoa, thanks for the loads of gyan! :)
And welcome to Sayeshaz, though I suspect you have been lurking around for a while :P

You have a show in 2 mins and the studio is miles away. Hmmmm... bro, I think bhagoooo won't really help you here. :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz! Wow, today I have RJs and reporters in the bar! Nayi baatli kholi jaaye! :D

Errr... okay... buddy, you seem rather disoriented today! :)

Thanks! :)
Oh yeah, do check out the album! :)

Whoala you met Jaggu Dada? Dharmu meets Jaggu! :D

Welcome to Sayeshaz. Thanks for commenting :)

Arre my original account was revived with the Google-Orkut merger, so decided to keep that one only. Found a lot of friends from school who had added me there (I mentioned it in my Chemistry post). :)

#Rays of Sun,
Thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Naah, with my limited Photoshop skills, I can't do much to this. In any case, let is stay, as an attachment to the story that I will tell my grandkids :D

I wanna worship these super talented people!! :O

Rishit Jain said...

Hmmm, that muhavara is not all that true in this world, but definitely worth striving for.

Rays Of Sun said...

U calling me Rays of sun???:O

Sayesha said...

I agree. It's difficult to come across this trait in our days, but it's such a pleasant suprise when you actually see it! :)

#Rays of Sun,
Hahaha! Yeah, ainwain... mann kiya bas! :)

Perspective Inc. said...

As always..your post made for a great read!

Iday said...

great post yaar.
the idealistic muhavra with which u have ended the post is not found very often in real life :)
there are only very few ppl who can be truly great and truly humble :D

Nirwa said...

Hmm.. My sister once saw Goga Kapoor at the Mumbai Airport.. I scolded her for not acting like his ardent fan and running behind him to tkae his autograph! :P :P :P


And yes, what you said about trees is true! :-) And it is even better to actually see some of the saying come true

Anonymous said...

Just to say i was here(After a looooooong time) :)


ps:I know its verrry late, but still... Your niece is very cute :)

satish said...

// Tu exception hai na :)


how did you know??


Inder said...

woh jo hai na... ishqa ishqa... i guess it is a sufi album :)

Ekta said...

I love javed akhtar for his wonderful poetry and lyrics and indeed this is one couple I really admire...although omkara is still on the must see list!

Anonymous said...

hhehe..naa,im not really CREEpa..im Deepa,the name has been twisted by dear chapaat :D!!
N bronze to mujhe mil hi gaya! :D-Cr(D)eepa!!

The Lonely Traveller said...

I absolutely love your posts.
Your Blog is like Lays chips ke packets.
Ek baar aao to aate reh jaoge ;-)


Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Arre the pic seems very good.Kash woh gadha koi aur anchor pakad leta.

I am ardent fan of Shreya Ghoshal she has really sweet voice.

These days no one gives much importance to film stars in Mumbai....bhar bhar ke bhar gaye hain.

Sudeep said...

tht Rajjo character was zhakkas.. of course Saif was the best

Javed Akthar is definitely one of the best in his field..

i hope bhai ne uss hilnewale dhakkan ko tapka nahi daala

void said...

Talking about talent in a family... i know of 2 brothers. Both under 10 rankers in JEE. Both invited to MIT to teach!.. Both played atleast 3 sports each for their state.. Both represented India in Maths and Physics olympiad.. Both are damn good guitarists.. good enough to have shared the stage with Euphoria and Strings!! And then.. both of them absolutely down to earth..

Too many fruits bring the tree down indeed :-)..

Damn good post again.. keep going/

How do we know said...

I like this post Sayesha.

Sayesha said...

Thanks :)

//there are only very few ppl who can be truly great and truly humble :D

Totally agree. :)

Hahahahaha! Goga Kapoor? Hahahaha!
*Sash laughs and then suddenly remembers how she ran after Prem Chopra and got a pic with him* :D

Goodness, where have you been girl?? :) Welcome back! :)

//Your niece is very cute :)

Yeah, bilkul masi par gayi hai! :P

Hahaha! Oye sharaafat toh tere chehre se hi tapakta hai na! :D

Achha I'll check out the full album! :)

I'll give you one advice for Omkara - do not read ANY reviews before going for it, you will enjoy it more :)

Hahaha! This had to be the great Chapaat's work! :D

#Lonely Traveller,
Thanks, dear! Your compliment was funny and touching at the same time! :)

Haan yaar! Uskeo mere hi shoulders dikhe?? X-(

Arree tapkaane ka tame kahan tha, Fardeen aa rela tha! :D

Baap re! That's too much talent of the same kind for one household! Are they twins?? :D

#How do we know,
Thanks, dear! :)

Duhita said...

Wow I'm too slow!:p Anyways now I will have to check Omkara's soundtrack....and good to see you have journalists and RJ's in the house, now we all will learn something new ever so often hopefully:D Do we get privy info you think????

Nirwa said...

PREM CHOPRA??? hahahahahhaa

Prem naam hai mera.. and her perpetual wicked grin! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

Didi has also seen Razak Khan.. Umm.. I hope you know him.. the Pappu kangi of Hindi cinema.. or woh Ishq movie mein jo hai na.. Some naari dinda dindi.. who comes to buy that statue which Ajay breaks! hahahahahah!! Razak khan! :D

But Prem CHopra made me laugh out loud! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Think it was kareena who sang jab nahi aaye the tum...

Sayesha said...

Haha! I hope the journalists and RJs stick around long enough to talk to us :)

Mera mazaak udaati hai??? Prem Chopra is a well respected (and feared) actor okay?? X-(

Kareena sang version II of the song. The first one was by Vijeta Pundit.

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. yeh bhi tera hi 'saccha pyar' hoga joh tune uss baalak ko chod diya .. he he

Raju Bathija said...

Short and sweet post. Made for good reading.

satish said...


Anonymous said...

hi sayesha..m a regular with your blog n really njoy reading it..its humorous n my fav pastime...just wanted t say sumthing dev's song that u mentioned was sung by kareena kapoor herself n not by vijeta..

Chirag said...

I am listening to Omkara's songs for almost a week now. Love the music. Before that it was jhalak dikhla ja and tu hi meri shab hai subah hai :)) .. for about 1 month or so. O saathi re song is mast. Beedi song ki thori zaada hype hai .. I mean it's catchy but namak ishq ka is awesome! Lyrics are really good .. jo bhi kaha us chandrabhaan ne, phut se ho gayi raazi main, bansuri jaisi baaji main ... background janta jo saath mein ga rahi hai give u a feeling that it's typical gaon ki basanti ka naach .. Beedi song is little louder .. not bad though .. I liked the opening line .. na lihaaf na gilaaf thandi hawa bhi khilaaf SASURI .. specially the word SASURI :)) And I liked the movie. Specially Saif and Konkana's performances. Both are brilliant! My favourite actress is Kajol. But Konkana is slowly catching up. Gaon ki ladki ka role bahut hi khoobsoorati ke saath ada kiya hai Konkana ne .. chaliye ab khatam karte hain aaj ka karyakrum .. ijaazat dijiye apne aamin sayani ko ..

Sayesha said...

Kya re?? Sabko mera sacha pavitra pyaar mat bana re... woh toh sirf John Abraham and Muzi hain :D

Thanks! :)

Sathiya gaye ho Satish babu! :D

Thanks :)

//just wanted t say sumthing dev's song that u mentioned was sung by kareena kapoor herself n not by vijeta..

Both sang a version each. You wanna bet? ;)

Hey, long time no see! Mere email ka reply kahan hai? Huh huh huh? X-(

I didn't like the beedi song... maybe because I don't like Bipasha's item numbers :P

Yeah, Saif was excellent and so was Konkona. In fact, I think even Kareena did a decent job. I did not feel like throttling her the way I do when I watch her other movies. :D

Anonymous said...

hi sayesha

am a confirmed addict now! addicted to the blog/ Bar. itna ke withdrawal symptoms hue jab instead of my daily dose i had to do with one post every 2 days on yr blog. was wanting to see omkara, will see it but in the mean time aap ke kripa se downloaded the songs. o.. sathiee re! is my fav. and my parivaar is baying for my blood coz it runs nonstop at home. soon they'll be afer yrs too once they know that i listen to them courtesy you!

plan to purchase a cassette (ya cassette ) today.

like most of yr posts and yr take on issues . took me 2 months of visiting yr adda to jutao himmat to comment. have read all yr posts. hope u read this. liked 2 of yr posts the best - 1. the diwali post with yr kavita, and the mostrecent one about a choice between singapore and bharat desh .

- asha

raven said...

nice one sayesha...

met him a couple of times in june as both my company and a association he's member of were having meets in the same ballrooms of a city hotel. And i totally agree about his humility. Though many other stars were present there (mostly those from yesteryears), they all had an air about them - even the few smiles they passed were all clearly fake. But our Javed bhai was ever so friendly... even when he came out to go to the restroom, he just couldnt stop smiling warmly at anyone his eyes caught up with!
Even those who never liked his music much, became his fans that fine day... hats off to the man :)

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Thanks for dropping by and jutaoing himmat and commenting! :P
ps: Yeah, I'm totally addicted to both O saathi re and Laakad too! My flatmates will be baying for my blood soon! :O

Wow, you saw him from such close quarters? Awesome!! :)

Anonymous said...

In case you don't know, Rekha Bharadwaj has also sung the diametrically different track "Namak" from Omkara.

Sayesha said...

Hmm.. somehow that song did not register in my head... Laakad did though.. bigtime :)

ANKIT said...


was shocked myself to know that vishal had sung that song,,in fact....the way he breathes in the songs,the depth of his voice sounded just perfect....!

rekha has sung one more "namak " in the film,,a sortt of UP folk song...on the lines of kajra re...!

though i am totally stumped with NAINA THAG LENGE..a song in this film sung by rahat fateh ali khan(jiya dhadak dhadak singer fame...),,,,,the lyrics of this is just sheer A1 class...kudoz to gulzar saab....it says EYES CHEAT...!


Gopal Krishna said...

Watching Omkara was quite an experience. There is no denying that the movie was superb and Gulzar's lyrics keeps resonating. The song (Juba pe lala laga re namak ishq ka) by Rekha Bhardwaj stands out.

But each time the X-rated abuses were uttered in the movie, those who were asked translate it were put in a very uncomfortable situation.

In fact the movie opens almost with an X-rated dialogue by Langda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan)

Vishal Bhardwaj deserves kudos for having adopted Othello brilliantly in Hindi. In Shakepeare's play Desdemona (Dolly) is sympathetic to Cassio's (Vivek Oberoi) cause, and promises to persuade Othello (Ajay Devgan), her husband to reinstate him. Iago (Langda Tyagi) seizes on Cassio's visit to plant doubts in Othello's mind about Desdemona's fidelity.

But I think Gangajal directed by Prakash Jha was far more powerful in its over all impact given the fact that it was based on real and original story.


Gopal Krishna said...

I met Javed Akhtar in 1997-8 at National Museum in New Delhi at a poetry recital program. He seemed humility personfied. I took his autograph and heard him recite his poetry "Wo Kamara Yaad Aata hai". He is referring to the room in which he used to live in Mumbai during his struggling years.

Later I read his book of poems- Tarkash...few lines from one poem remains afresh in my memory-

ye tasali hai ki hai nashad sab
main akela hi nahi barabad sab

sab kii khatir hai yaha sab ajanabi
aur kahane ko hai ghar aabad sab

talkhiya kaise na ho ashaar me
ham pe jo guzari hai ham ko yaad sab

and recently i read his recent poem "main aur meri aavaragi"..here are few lines

ab gam uthaye kis liye
ye dil jalaye kis liye

ansu bahaye kis liye
yu ja gavaye kis liye

pesha na ho jis ka sitam dhundenge ab aisa sanam

honge kahi to kargar main aur meri avaragi