Sunday, August 27, 2006

Eye b(r)ow to thee

"Hi, is Meiling in today?" I asked.

"Meiling, ah?" The person at the other end asked.


"Actually... Meiling doesn't work here anymore... she's left..."

WHAT??!! :O :O :O

I think I was as shocked as I would be if a close colleague had resigned.

Meiling was no ordinary girl, you see. I believe she was the only Chinese girl in Singapore who could thread Indian eyebrows. What's so special about Indian eyebrows you ask. Well, after seeing many many local chicks here sporting the single-line-high-arched eyebrows that make them look like they're part of a Chinese opera playing the part of a perpetually surprised character, and hearing horror stories from my friends about how they had unwillingly been converted to that eyebrow character in the Chinese opera, I had resolved that I would only get my eyebrows done during my annual visits to India, at a beauty parlour recommended by Mom. But getting it done only once a year would mean bearing a deep resemblance to Karishma Kapoor during her 'Prem Qaidi' days. So I was more than thankful when a friend recommended this salon, where an Indian lady R did the threading.

So I went to her, and she did a pretty decent job. I became a regular at R's. During one of my visits, an apprentice of hers - a very young Chinese girl - attended to me. I was really sceptical so I told her I'd like to wait for R. She said she'd only do the basic threading and that R would take over for the final touch up. I was getting late for a movie, and I hate missing trailers so much that I decided to give in.

I tried to give her specific instructions to reduce the risk of me ending up looking like Mona Lisa so I told her that I did not want my eyebrows too thin, or too high, and that she had to be careful because I had been scarred for life in my childhood, etc. etc. She kept nodding, and I was afraid she did not even understand what I was saying.

After she was done, she handed me a mirror. With trembling fingers, I held it close to my face.

I was shocked. Shocked. I think I was sporting the 'perpetually surprised' look on my face!

Of course, that was only because I was, indeed, surprised.

The girl had done a fantastic job. Much better than R could ever have done. Even the scar on my eyebrow was not a problem anymore. In fact, you could not even see the scar. It's amazing how someone can just come along with a roll of thread, a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers and take all your problems away.

"This is fantastic!" I told her.

"Do you want me to finish up?" She asked shyly.

"Of course!"

The 'finishing' comprised pulling away extra hairs with a tweezer (do I see the guys wince?) and using a pair of scissors to level the hair. I felt safe in her deft hands.

After that day, I would only ask for Meiling. R was really surprised because once I insisted on waiting for Meiling to finish attending to the others, even though R was available.

And every time I went to Meiling, I'd be surprised to see how good she was. I just couldn't get over it. Guess it takes a while to get over stereotypes.

So when I found out that Meiling had resigned, I was really shocked. I asked R what happened.

"She's gone to Malaysia to do a beauty course..."

"She was brilliant... The only Chinese girl I know who could handle Indian eyebrows... " I said.

"Yeah, I know... she was very good... my place is always open for her if she ever comes back to Singapore..." R said.

Argh. Lucky Indian chicks in Malaysia, my bad luck has become your good luck! :/

Isn't it amazing, how some people can surprise you simply by being who they are, and doing what they do?


fafridi said...

well hv been a silent regular visitor to ur blog for the past few days, just felt like making a debut stealing the much sought after gold :D

How do we know said...

SILVER!!! I don't believe this!

How do we know said...

Oh.. and All the Best with those eyebrows.. man, you're REALLY out of luck!!

Rohit Talwar said...

I'm surprised you didn't scream, 'NAHI! Yeh nahi ho sakta!' when you were told that she has left.

Disha said...

Bronze!!This is my lucky day...err night.
U r right, we understand someone's value only when person walks out of our life.
Anyways, Change always brings something good(usually!)so best of luck in finding a new one.

satish said...

yup!! it really is amazing!!

i have also surprised many ppl by simple being what i really am.., and doing nothing.

and yes i winced!

chaliye bye! :D

Rebellion said...

Yeah Sash..

Some people can really do that!! Even I've recently faced a similar problem.. This gal had a real good hand at threading and she's on a leave.. 6 months leave :O:O:O

Don't worry, am sure ul find another good one :D

Take care,

The Pirate said...

alright, i really hav no idea wat to say... i am surprised

Sudeep said...

when my cuttingwala left i didnt know wht to say 'bout the type of cut i want to the new one coz earlier i just used to go in n sit n the man used to do it like he was doing it for past 6-7 yrs.. a big loss
hope the next one is better lest u get mobbed by Karishma kapoor fans :D

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

damn. i feel your sorrow babe. hope you find another place that can do eyebrows just as well.

Duhita said...

where where where????!!!!! tell tell.

Di said...

totally understand....atleast all the girls here will.. ;-)

PSV said...

Sayesha, I am surprised I ended up reading such a girlie post and thatz just coz you wrote it so well.

amazing post girl...are you a professional writer by any chance?

qsg said...

I know exactly what you mean - the desi woman who does my eyebrows is due to move back to India this December - I am dreading it! :( And in denial - not even searching for an alternative...

Yes, it's amazing how some ppl can make such a huge difference by being who they are!

sakhi said...

I havent threaded my eyebrows cant comment on tht part..but yeah..i hope tht u get a good substitute!! :)
take care

Sayesha said...

Welcome to Sayeshaz! :) Gotta welcome you formally even though you have been silently lurking around for a while :P

#How do you know,
Well, now you do :)
ps: Haan yaar, apun ka bad luck hi kharaab hai :P

Hahahahaa! I'm sure I did. In my head! :D

Thanks :)

Hahaha! :D

Tu toh India mein rehti hai... gali gali mein achhe threaders hain... yahan aakar dekh teri eyebrows ki kya waat lagti hai! :P


ROFL at 'cuttingwala' :D

//lest u get mobbed by Karishma kapoor fans

Eeeks! :O

#Ipanema Gal,
Hehehe... thank you thank you :)

She's in KL but I dunno exactly where... just look around for Meiling :P


Girlie post?? This was a girlie post?? Hahahah! If you say so :)

//amazing post girl...are you a professional writer by any chance?

Thanks... and errr no :)

Hope you find a threader soon! :)

Thanks! :)

Rishit Jain said...

Beautiful :)

Iday said...

why not grow ur eye brows???
invent a new bushy-bushy brow style in Singapore :P

Nirwa said...

Threading!! :O :O Such a pain in the.. er.. eyebrows!! :O :O I know what you mean... ;-)

Anonymous said...

totally understand yr pain sistah! hope Meiling returns and soon!

Clueless said...

I don't think I'll ever have to worry about getting my eyebrows done because I barely have any.If I got them plucked or something, I'd be left with nothing at all. :|

sneha said...

i can TOTALLY understand ur plight!! i have been victim to such a desertion too! i was left in the hands of weird girls who made my eyebrows tooo curvy and destroyed my arch(i love the arch!).. oh i miss my regular girl soo much.. i just keep hoping that i bump into a similar threading-goddess soon.. *sob sob*

Sakshi said...

"a deep resemblance to Karishma
Kapoor during her 'Prem Qaidi' days"
Gosh.. I had forgotten.......
The blog speaks to all girls I think.

Koi Pahailee said...

o crap
do blog asap when u get your visa
u will
that embassy is so bull shit
dont ruin ur weekend.

Harshi said...

Wow..good for you for coming across her. Such talents, which match our requirements...are not so common I think! Hope you find another like her.

I have never gotten my eye-brows done professionally. I just do it at home. I think about it, but then I get so scared, that "what if..".. what if they mess it up. (Like I have had some unimpressive haircuts's scary..) Atleast at home, I have total control over every move. It would be a miracle to get it done outside and to have it look perfect! :)

Sometimes we come across people who just seem so meant for us...but then they go away :(. Am remembering this lady who used to give just the perfect cut for my curly hair.

Ekta said...

ohhh sayesha!
I soooo relate to this pain!
Even in HK after ages have managed to find one indian lady who does a good job!!..thankfully!...and whts best is that she even comes home to do the job for u...thank god for small mercies!

The Smiling Girl said...

Oh man.. similar thing with eyebrows.. mine become so red and swollen that I get them done only once in 3 months.. :)
Poor Sash.. come here, I will recommend a nice parlor to u.. ;)

Sayesha said...

Thanks! :P

//why not grow ur eye brows???

Sheesh! Grass samjha hai kya?? :O

I don't find it painful actually... if you use an epilator on your arms and legs... nothing is painful! Hahaha! :D

Thanks! :)

Haha! I gotta check out your Mona Lisa eyebrows some day! :P

Hahaha! LOL at threading-goddess! :P

Hahaha! You remember the caterpillars that Karishma used to sport in those days? :D

#Koi Pahailee,
Visa got approved! :)

Wow, you do it yourself? Amazing! :)

//Am remembering this lady who used to give just the perfect cut for my curly hair.

Waaaaa! :'( Mine lives in Delhi! :'(

Wow, you're one lucky chick! :)

#Smiling Gal,
Owww that sounds painful! :O
ps: Aayenge aayenge... kisi din aayenge :)

Anonymous said...

damn neat title...way to go! i can see you go up the ladder as a pro writer....all the best!

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