Monday, August 07, 2006

Sayesha's theory of (r)evolution

This post may come across as random and weird, but it's the amalgamation of many things that I have been pondering over for the last few days. This blog post is a post about my blog.

I was watching the SATC episode where Charlotte defines 'great love' as 'a love that shakes your core, and changes you forever'. Carrie professes in the end of that episode that if it was true that each person only got one great love in a lifetime, New York would be hers. I do not believe in only one great love, or only one soulmate. We connect with different people on different levels, and we should have the freedom to not let ourselves be restricted by the boundaries of the so called 'one great love'.

When I first started blogging, I didn't have the slightest idea about the kind of impact it was about to have on me, and the way it would change me forever, in terms of how I see other people and myself. So going by Charlotte's definition, I guess blogging would be one of my great loves.

And just like a first date, my initial blogging experience was rather awkward, punctuated by spasms of silence. I did not know what to blog about, how to blog. Hell, I did not even know why I was blogging! I did not know how to handle my anonymity. I did not know whether to keep my blog life completely independent of my real life. Though 90% of my blog readers do not know me in my real life, there are some who do. They have respected my anonymity and I respect them for that.

In my early blogging days, I thought I would make a list of blog rules. I thought I would keep my blog away from my parents so that they never see the un-pretty side of my life and get all worked up. I would never blog from office. I would never put up my pictures. I would never blog about certain things and certain people. I would blog only for myself and never indulge in any tag-blogging. I would never interact with bloggers outside my blog. But somewhere along the way, these rules got blurred. The more I blogged, the more vague the rules became. I reached a point where I realised that there was no point to having any cast-in-stone blog rules.

This blog has evolved. From being a place where I wrote down thoughts and incidents, to a place where I hang out with my blog friends. Blog friends - now that's a strange term. I used to think that you cannot make friends on your blog. And even if you do, they can never be as close to you as your real life friends are. I used to think that your closest friends are those whom you meet on a regular basis, those who live in the same place as you. But I have found friends through my blog whom I'm very close to, sometimes closer than the friends I meet on a regular basis. Of course, it has not always been pleasant, and even though I have made many many blog friends, along the way I have lost a few too. But one thing I am glad about is that I have not lost faith in blog friendships altogether.

When you have a thought, and you put it out there under readers' and commentators' scrutiny, there's a lot that could happen. You could see a totally different viewpoint, something so convincing that it changes your views forever. You could have a lively and intelligent debate. You could see a loophole in your argument. You could get validation for your theory. And you could get judged.

Truth is - we love to judge others. It makes us feel better about ourselves, and in spite of knowing that we don't like being judged, we still go ahead and judge everyone and everything around us. But lately I've started cultivating this teeny-weeny belief in my heart, that prolonged exposure to blogging makes us less judgemental. I strongly believe that my blog has made me a better person than I was because today I can stand up and admit that in the past I'd judged certain (the keyword being 'certain', please do not flood me with queries on whether I judged you any time and how) bloggers, just as they'd judged me. And that I don't do it anymore, at least not to the extent that I did before. It's difficult for us to completely stop judging others, but I am making a conscious effort not to, and here are some of my success stories.

#Blogger 1, I judged you because you added google ads on your blog. I was appalled at your attempt to make money out of blogging. But I am more mature and less judgemental now, and I have learnt that there is no predefined use of a blog. How I view blogging is not how you view it. One can use a blog for anything, and earning money is just one of them. So even though I refuse to put google ads on my blog, I am glad that today I do not judge those that do.

#Blogger 2, I judged you, because I thought you were materialistic and superficial and whiney. But after interacting with you, I realised that try as you may to put on a bitchy front on your blog, underneath all that is a heart of gold which holds no malice for anyone. And I am glad that I don't think you're putting on a front anymore, because the person who talks to me, and the person who writes the posts, is still you. I tried to fit you into a bracket, and I shouldn't have.

#Blogger 3, I judged you because I thought you were a fake blogger who was writing for others. But now I think that I was just jealous that you were getting 200 comments per post, and I wasn't. And I am glad that I have reached the phase where yes, I feel happy that people read my blog, but I do not keep count of comments. And frankly speaking, I don't think I can handle that kinda volume because I still want to be able to reply to each one of them.

#Blogger 4, I judged you because you did not stand by me at a moment when I thought I would find a friend. But then I realised that by not standing by me, you were standing by someone else. Perhaps you were doing what you thought was right, and so was I. When I was judging you for not being a friend, maybe that's exactly what you were doing - being a friend. To someone else, but it does not matter. I am glad that though my expectations from you went down, my friendship and respect for you is still the same. And it made me a lot wiser about expectations in general.

#Blogger 5, I judged you because the person I knew you as, was so different from the blogger you were. In real life, you came across as cynical and negative, but in your blog, you talked of things like friendship and love and happiness, which I'd never heard you utter in all my days of interacting with you. But then I realised that whatever it may be, it was still you. Maybe it was my ill fortune that I had not seen this happy and emotional side of you. It was just a part of you I had never seen before, and now I accept and respect it without reservations.

#Blogger 6, I judged you because you never had a good thing to say about anyone or anything on your blog. You were so full of negativity that reading your blog made me feel negative. And then I figured that maybe it was your way to vent frustration. Maybe releasing all the negativity on your blog made you more positive in real life. Blogs are supposed to be therapeutic, isn't it? Maybe your blog was bringing you positivity, albeit in a non-conventional way. And I'm glad I was able to look at it that way.

And finally, my MACs. I have had my share of anonymous comments - some that complimented me and then immediately tried to sell me ceiling fans and university degrees. Some that did not compliment me before showering me with mean hateful comments. Some from people I don't know. Some from people I know. Some from people who think I don't know it was them. At first I did not know how to deal with such comments. I got flustered, angry that someone who didn't even know me was judging me. Then someone told me that I should take it as a compliment that someone cared enough for my blog and me, to hate the two of us. That someone bothered about my blog enough to come back and check my reply to his/her comment, and then again to read my next post. I was also told that maybe I was taking the comments - both the bouquets and the brickbats - too seriously. I agree, I think I did. But I am glad that while I have stopped taking the malicious comments seriously, I have not reached the stage where I dismiss the bouquets too. When someone actually takes time to tell you something nice about you or your blog, you don't say "Bah!". You acknowledge it and feel grateful for it because in our world, appreciation is hard to come by. As for malice, there's plenty out there in the world, and so yes, we should not make a big deal out of it. And I'm glad that in those times of frustration, I did not stoop to the level of leaving malicious anonymous comments on anyone's blog. Because such comments seriously don't deserve any attention.

Some time ago, I renamed my blog from 'Sayesha's world' to 'Sayesha's bar'. Just for fun, for a change. I changed it back within a day. Because Sahil asked me to. Sahil, my blog friend who knows this blog like no one else does. Is mehfil ka purana diljala I call him. He said it didn't sound right, and I knew he was right. My blog is not a bar by itself, it's a bar because of the bewdas here. Without them, it would just be me standing along in this place hurling bottles and glasses in the air, and not quite catching them. This place is still 'Sayesha's world'. It becomes a bar only when the bewdas make their way in. And then something changes in the air, everything becomes happy. Lively. So maybe my blog has changed then. It has evolved from something that was only mine, into something I am happy to share.

Just like people, blogs do not stay the same forever. Other blogs change them, people change them. From being 'random ramblings' and 'mundane musings' and 'soul searches', they can become much more. They can be defined, and redefined along the way, in whichever way the blogger wants. That really is the beauty of blogging, isn't it?

So maybe that's what it is. Maybe I don't need to rack my brain and try to figure out so much about how and why I blog, or bother about judgements, or make so many rules. The important thing is to remember all the happiness, friendships, love and positive vibes that the blog brings into my life - and continue to blog for that.

I used to think that my life revolves around my blog.

I was wrong.

The truth is - my life evolves around my blog.


Harsha said...

and now to read

grafomaniak said...

Thank you for this entry. My heart was full after I read this. Sometimes I just learn things so unexpectedly.

adi said...


Harsha said...

I wonder how my blog will be after 2 years :)

I try not to be someone different on my blog. This is one rule I am not going to break. :)

I think you're right that we are judgemental on others. Its ok, we're all human.

Infact I love reading blogs than writing them. And sometimes I pick up a lot of ideas from others. Its just fun relating to the experiences. And from you I have learnt how to break up your para's and how to put points. Something if I had done in my engg would have given me a lot of marks in my subjects. :)

And sometimes we get insights into somethings that we have not yet done. Experience something from someone else. Thats just wonderful.

I love acquire lot of blog gold, so that I can build a big house one day. :D:D:D

Btw, which judgement do you apply to me ? ;)

Restless Rain said...

Hee... When did you write this? ;)
As to your post, it was very incisive and true! Thanks for lighting the way, for me especially....

Sayesha said...


Welcome to Sayeshaz and thanks :)


//Btw, which judgement do you apply to me ? ;)

Uhhh... tere liye ab tak kuchh nahin, but if you insist... the guy who called my joke a PJ? Bwahahahaha! :'(

#Restless Rain,
Well, I've been writing this on and off for a few days now. Finally opened the saved draft and posted it just now :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Yes Sash.. no life revolves around the blog, but as u said it might evolve...

So what Blogger category was I? ;)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

A very 'hatke' post from you.

Blog is the only place for me where I speak my heart out...without bothering being a fool or making fun of myself as happens with me in real life.


saty said...

I agree, but would not comment on the 'one love' stuff...but on writing :-
" A heart has got its reasons of which the mind knows nothing of".. while writing ..especially non-reference/non-work, such blogwriting..... your mind forces you to reexamine/rethink your belief/values/love....something your heart is never going to tell you why.....the process can be revealing, joyful / hurtful, but in the end therapeutic/ self find yourself evolving as a person as you (w)rightly wrote......but I must do this aapka dil budda hona chahiya.....your writings and thoughts show that you are one with a very big heart...keep on blogging, so lazyones like us can enjoy reading them!! :-)

ANKIT said...

superb post...~!

straight from the heart,,,,!

"my life evolves around my blog."

keep blogging ...!

and smiling,


neihal said...

you get hold of a emotion...try understanding it...till you can see it clearly...but most importantly you feel it so closely that you can explain it so well. That to me is the beauty of your writing.

I remember the first time I reacted and responded on your blog. That was the first time I realised we like it or not, we understand it or not, we accept it or not,we do form a relationship with the people whose blogs we read.

there's lot in my mind right now. but wont make a post out of my comment.
Keep blogging. we love it here.

neihal said...

oh and on my blogging I ll come 100 times to see if you have replied to my comment. :-)
is it just me...or others do it as well. dont know?

satish said...

your blogs have become an integral part of my life. there were times wen i actually checked ur blogs first before checking my emails(which was the only thing i used to do every second minute!)

i have learnt alot reading ur blogs!


Bhaarat said...

Yes, you are right. I would say blogging is just a subset of writing. Long back my father advised me that if you really understand something you should be able to pen it down well. Its a separate story that only time in my academic career I worte was exam hall. Rest I relied heavily on my learning by seeing asn experiencing.

If you look at a bigger superset communication, you will realize communication helps one evolve. I am sure you will agree that communication is the highest paid profession in the world. What celebrities do is communicate. People of stature of Bill Gates and Clinton make close to $ 2-5 billion annually for their talks. Just think if you were all on your own and no one to communicate. Do you think you would have been what you are today?

There are certain things you cannot stop people from doing. Judging is just one of them. You know your truth better than anyone in the world. So judgements from others is yet another instrument of learning and growth.

coolant said...

Wow :).
What a gem, this one!

Really, it's like taking thoughts not so new/distant to my own, and putting them out here.

You've got yourself another blog friend (or shall I say fan).

Just luv it :)

Adarsh said...

Each n every word so full of emotions !!!
Gr8 post....
U know... U r one of those...who inspired me into this gr8 world... As far as I was ur post on Singapore rains...and the videos u had posted...which introduced u to me... and since then I m a regular stalker :P
I am a beginner only in this world.... and I m learning.... I have got few blogies(my version of blog-friends) with whom I love to share my life...
abhi tak ka to yehi position hai...aage jaane kya hoga.....


The Light-House. said...

The best part of Blogging for me is that , the thing you may find weird, absurd, strange, outrageous thing and people may agree or share a similar experience.
I personally thing if it is cricket it has to be blogged.I consider blogging the only creative thing/habbit I can do.
It is a sure way of knowing people.
But I think appearnaces are missleading but I have managed to meet Sudeep through blogging and if things fall in place in future would love to meet many more bloggers.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Hmm... that was a nice post. Made me want to go and start writing something immediately! But eventually my natural inertia took over:) I decided to write something nice and short instead and I just did :)I love reading your blog first thing in the morning and I really admire the output. You actually manage to write something interesting everyday- wow!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

mera naam hai kya??
mera naam hai kya??

kya re sash, tu to pehle se talli hokar aayi hai lagta hai, aaj, bar mein. itna sentiful?

i will read in full detailj later.

but Blogger Nambar 1, i judged you because once upon a time we had a deal.. Where i got the gold, and now, it's gone! All in the name of a few singaporean dollars. {siiigh}

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

mereko bewda bola? chal theek hai. am too drunk to respond to that.
hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk

Rebellion said...

Sweet senti post!
Dunno whether came in at the right time or not though!
I don't think il be able to say much right now.. next time!!

Just one thing, you're life evolves around your blog and many lives revolve around your blog.. It really feels great to read your blog Sash!!!

Take care,

Duhita said...

:) Phew.... I definitely can't fall under any category!:D And I totally believe that rules are made to be only broken eventually!!!

Sayesha said...

#Smiling Gal,
Hey bhagwaan, maloom tha tu yehich poochhegi! You are in no category ullu! X-(

Hahaha! Well, we make fun of you in blogosphere too! :D

//to do this aapka dil budda hona chahiya

Hahaha! You know I read this as 'aapka dil buddha (old) hona chahiye'! :D

Thanks dear, I will keep blogging, but does the lazybones wanna consider getting a blog? ;)

Thanks :)

Thanks, dear! I love it here too! :)

//is it just me...or others do it as well. dont know?

Hehehe... others do it too. :P

Whoala, ultimate compliment mara re! Email se pehle mera blog! I thought I was the only one who did that! :P

Ooh, wish I could make a few millions... then my blog would have no posts, only google ads all over :D

Welcome and thanks :)

Thanks yaar! :)

//The best part of Blogging for me is that , the thing you may find weird, absurd, strange, outrageous thing and people may agree or share a similar experience.

Hahaha! I totally agree! I was so shocked to find grown-ups who like Cerelac like me! :P

Thanks, dear! See, I've made a bewdi out of you too! :P

//But eventually my natural inertia took over:)

Hahahaha! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
Haan re... woh World Girl ne rishwat diya yaar... wat to do, mann dol gaya! :D
ps: Tu fultu talli hoke kaiku aayi idhar? Idhar ka daru pasand nahin re tere ko? X-(

Eeesh, now I get it, after reading your email! Bad post for you to be reading right now... sorry baby :(

//It really feels great to read your blog Sash!!!

Thanks, dear! It's great fun to be around AA too! :)

Hahaha! Can't believe you 'phew'ed! :D

Aslam said...

I don't get it. You say your life evolves around your blog. Should it not be the other way around i.e. your blog evolving around your life? How can your life evolve around your blog? If that were the case, you would blog about wanting to swim with sharks and then would actually go and do it. But you blog retrospectively. If your life is boring, your blog will be boring. Hence, your life does evolve around the blog but the other way around.

bananapen said...

Umm I know I'm not supposed to ask, but I get the feeling that I'm one of the #. Yeah? ;P

Sayesha said...

See, this is how it works. I observe, I think, I blog, I read comments, I write replies. The whole processes shapes the way I live my life. For example, my blog tells me I should be less judgemental and I try to follow that in life. And that's how my life evolves around my blog. Actually both are evolving, but my blog affects my life more than my life affects my blog. :)

Hahahaha! Don't break the rules. You're not supposed to ask. Cos no matter what I say, I will have more pple asking me the same thing. So let's not make any exceptions :)
ps: You have no idea how many blogs I read, and how many people I interact with. :)

bananapen said...

Heheh well, I think I know anyway ;)
Cool post. Now, I miss writing again.
Just wish I didn't have to write so much everywhere else...
Keep writing & inspiring :)

Sayesha said...

Argh, don't push your luck, gal! I'm not telling anyone anything! Already Smiling Gal is driving me nuts! :D

I miss your writing too! :( Hey, if I can write a 100-page dissertation on the side, and still come home and blog every night, you can too! Come on, lazybum! :)

Rays Of Sun said...

I know which category I was!

Nirwa said...


I read your post in the morning but could not comment!! :P

What you've written is so true! I think if I were to write about why I am blogging, I would perhaps not differ much on thoughts!!

Yes, this is a wonderful medium where I have made some great friends, and if possible, I would really like to meet them in person some day! :-)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Well, in all honestly, I have so much to disagree about this post.
i never understood how people judge others from blogs, or from appearances or anything, for that matter! I have always been a non-judgmental person, to the extent of being called naiive and often to the irritation of my friends. I don't think it's being naiive- i do not refuse to see, but i refuse to draw conclusions without strong evidence, and in the event that i do, i refuse to share those doubtful conclusions without being sure of them.

I think a blog is so one-dimensional- how can you even think of going through the layers to see the person beneath? it's beyond me. i don't want to come across as holier-than-thou, but i just don't get it. blogs only paint a certain picture of a person..but do not offer much for making any kind of qualified judgement.

ooooooof. i'll stop here.

dharmu said...

my Mr.Blog is quite impressed with all the attention his species is getting from tapori bhai. *he says thanks*

bhai i was thinking about blogging aboutthe same thought but nothing could be better said than you posting it. i was nodding at every sentence with a speed that my upper chamber can be emptied into glasses and served as "brain cocktail" at ur bar.
trust me, bewdas will enjoy that!

this was one post which really touched me, thnaks for the wonderful thought!

Archana said...

Lovely post :-)! I get surprised when I look back and see how many subtle changes blogging has brought about in me without me consciously realizing that!

Long live blogging and wishes for your loooooooooooooong-lived evolution around your blog :-D!

Abhishek said...

awesome post sayesha... too gud... i dint know that much about blogging... and never even thought of thinking of doing that much ananlysis on blogging... i didn't even know the meaning of Gold and Silver until many months after starting... you gotta blog coz you gotta blog... that it wat i thought. But now I'm seeing blogging from a new angle, which again, I will try not to... ;). And get back to just writing and reading. ;))

singh said...

This is actually in ref to your prev post - I've been hunting for the Loveology mp3 since your last post - the damn song is stuck in my head. Any idea where I could get it?
I figured since you're getting emotional about your blogging community this might be a good time to ask you :)

Rebellion said...

Sash bhai, sash bhai...

Am back :D
In mood & action :)
So I read your post again and I think I have lots to say!!!

Point no. 1...
I guess everyone tends to judge the blogs they read.. at least in the start! I used to do it too, almost on the same criteria that you said !!

Point no. 2...
Your blog is wayyyy too addicting.. much more than the champaigne we open every second night (you know where ;)). I get big time talli here, just the difference is... (Thankfully) I don't get a hangover!!! :P

Point no. 3...
Your blog is the reason iv tikkofyed on this blogistan :)

Point no. 4...
Since the time Iv been addicted to this blog world, I always open your blog before my mail :D
Haan, aaj kal do browsers ek saath kholti hun, one for gmail & one for your blog ;)

Point no. 5...
You don't need to be sorry bacha, main mood mein nahi thi.. So your post almost started the water supply but luckily in control! Sochna tha na yaar, already Bombay is flooded with rains ;):p

Point no. 6...
Did I read you writing 'AA'?!?! Whats that Sayesha?? :P:P:P

Point no. 7...
There is no point in this point.. The point is that this point is pointless :P

Its okay, am talli again :P

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Baaaaap Re! Aap kitne gusse mein lag rahe ho!!! You're right dear, one shouldn't judge. Forget blogs, one should always try to be non-judgemental in life but its not always that way! Even though I hate people getting judgemental about me, I often tend to get judgemental about them, even if unintentionally. Happy to know you're not that way :) Lagta hai hamari khoob jamegi... Khoob jamegi jab mil baithenge 3 yaar, Aap, Main aur Bagpiper :P:P:P

@ Singh
I have that song :D :P

Take care,

PS: Btw Sash, I read my previous comment and laughed at my own self.. How stupid na I am :P:P:P

Venky said...

hey sayesha bhai...kya ho gaya aaj kal? senti posts kaafi saare aa rahe hai..blogging se retire to nahi kar rahi ho na..

u know its like those damn cricketers who come up with lines such as "cricket has been my life, it has given me so many wonderful things but I feel the time has come and I should retire when the going is good" types

agar aisa kuch hai to bol do singapore ke liye ticket nikalta hoo,n wahan aake kaan ke neeche ek doonga to sab kuch theek ho jayega :P

hamare BUSY schedule se time nikalke tumhare blog padne aaya aur tumne to ek dum reflective mode mein daal diya mujhe :(

Sayesha said...

Ya allah! One more! :D I'm not saying anything, tum mera muh nahin khulwa saktiii, nahiiiiinnnn! :D

Yes, I have had the good fortune of actually meeting some, but there are so many more I'd like to meet! :)

#Ipanema Gal,
I think you're very fortunate to have this trait. I'm trying to get where you are, and all these confessions about bloggers I'd judged in the past is my attempt to get started on a strictly no-judgmental outlook. :)

Thanks dear! :)
ps: Lekin no outside drinks allowed in the bar. Muahahaha! :D

Same to you, dear! :)
Same to all bloggers! :)

//i didn't even know the meaning of Gold and Silver until many months after starting...

Hahahahaha! :D

Thanks yaar! :)

Nopes, I don't have it. :(

Arree tu Rebellion kabse ho gayi re? :D

//I guess everyone tends to judge the blogs they read.. at least in the start!

Exactly... but the more you blog, the less judgemental you become... that's one of the best perks because it affects how you look at people in real life too :)

//Khoob jamegi jab mil baithenge 3 yaar, Aap, Main aur Bagpiper :P:P:P

Aur mera kya hoga Kaalia??? X-(

ps: I want love-ology wala song, bhej na yaar... :P

Sayesha said...

//PS: Btw Sash, I read my previous comment and laughed at my own self.. How stupid na I am :P:P:P

I think tu piyeli thi... AA ke meeting ke baad aksar aisa hota hai! :D

Harshi said...

Three cheers for Sash and our hang-out! :-) Touching, to say the least. Yeah, interacting with so many people, does open our hearts so much, isn't it...

Not everyone has it in them to want to look at things differently, much less express be humble like this, to be so honest, and have this be able to keep oneself in the others' shoes.

Your thoughts have opened my heart too. It's so easy to get resentful...I have to watch out for that too. Expectations.

>>When I was judging you for not being a friend, maybe that's exactly what you were doing - being a friend.

That's just beautiful thinking Sash.

PS: Sorry yaar, days bahaut busy ho gayen hain....but I will keep checking in 4 sho! Thank you for maafi! :-)

qsg said...

I prefer to think that I am not being judged on my blog, but I know it's really a fake sense of comfort... :)

I do however think that peoples' personalities do peep through their blogs. There is a lot of them in what they write, how they thing, what they say, what they notice, and don't! :)

Great post, indeed esp for a newbie like me.

Sayesha said...

Bhai ke kaan ko mention bhi karne ki teri zurrrrat kaise hui?? Ab dekh tere naam ki supari kya fataafat niklati hai! :/
ps: Aun retire nahin karela (karela??) hai abhi! Stop eyeing my throne! :D

Thanks dear. I think we learn as much from our own blogging as from what we observe in other blogs, bloggers and commentators. :)

//I prefer to think that I am not being judged on my blog, but I know it's really a fake sense of comfort... :)

I'd say so. :) We're all getting judged. We can only attempt to judge others less and hope that it translates into a world with less judgement and more inner happiness. :)

//I do however think that peoples' personalities do peep through their blogs.

That's true. And sometimes you see a side that you didn't know existed. Blogsphere is full of surprises :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

btw no gussa or preachiness there, i guess that just touched a raw nerve..the whole "judging" bit. and i honestly don't get it.
blogs reveal a facet of one's personality. really not enough to make a character judgement, but yes, there is enough and more for a lot of mental imagery. and that's fun too....

and yes, as QSG said, there perhaps is ample judging going on. too bad. because they're mostly off.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

Errr...sorry for being such an ignoramus- what does bewdi mean????

Raj said...

That was one nicely thought-out and written post. Well done :D

*pats ur back*

The Girl Who Sold The World said...

I agree with this one! Sometimes you don't even realise how a normal thing, which might have never considered doing at all, can change you...maybe in this case, blogging. I think almost all the bloggers can say that blogging has brought about some changes, if not many, in them...including me. ;)

As for judging others, it usually happens. No matter WHAT you do, there will always be people to judge it anything trivial like eating roadside panipuri or perhaps something serious like becoming politically active or something. There's no dearth of judgemental people and I guess most of us do have a slight judgemental streak in us.

PS: I think I can make a guess about Blogger#6.

Sreejith said...

"my life evolves around my blog"
A clicher of a conclusion. That line is just perfect.

Sudeep said...

badhiya post thi.. :))

when do i take an appointment to get judged by Sayesha? :D

i also have kept my space hidden frm my parents.. probably thts the only rule i had set i guess

Shekhar said...

Hey Sayesha...great post as usual. Made me think of the 'rules' that I'd thought up for my blog too. But hey, I too have evolved, and so have my set of 'rules', so to speak.

And yeah, the whole idea of being "more mature and less judgemental now" is really nice since you are at peace with yourself and not getting pissed off about someone else having done something demeaning, let alone something as silly as putting Google ads on their pages (I should know). :)

The Light-House. said...

*sticks his head out*
Not much cerelac for me, I prefer Milk Powder instead *grins*

Freddy Mercury said...

It seems ridiculous that you would spend so much time waxing eloquent about MACs, who according to you, don't deserve attention (what with them being malicious). Interesting, that that was the longest paragraph.

It's also ridiculous that in one bit of this extra-long post, you claim that the blog allows for intelligent debate and opposing ideas when clearly, all you ever have to say to contrasting opinions is "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" or "It's my blog, I'll say what I want". That's not intelligent debate.

Are you seriously going around reading blogs and inventing labels for people?
About all the six bloggers that you claim to have judged, it all seems like a "grand gesture", one that claims that these six bloggers DO deserve to be judged for being materialistic or negative or unfaithful and so on, but you being benovelent are being kind enough not to judge them.

It's highly patronising, to say the least and not to mention, reeks of judgement.

Sayesha said...

#Ipanema Gal,
Yeah, I guess it's not something we can totally avoid, but all we can do is try and judge less.

Bewdi means 'drunk chick' :D

Thanks thanks :)

#World Gal,
//Sometimes you don't even realise how a normal thing, which might have never considered doing at all, can change you...maybe in this case, blogging

Yep! :)

ps: Wrong guess! ;)

Thanks :)

Oye, Sayesha tujhko judgement ko doctor dikhti hai kya?? :D

//i also have kept my space hidden frm my parents..

True yaar... parents get too worked up about the slightest things we face :) So I actually copy-paste and send them selective posts :)

Thanks :)

Hahahaha! I loved it too! I used to stuff my mouth with Amulspray and not be able to talk for ten minutes! :D

Hiii! Long time no see! :D

just_another_blogger said...

I am a newbie blogger. Just as you did, I have strict blogging rules.

Life revolving around blogging might be a extreme way to describe the experience. I have tried to be honest in my blogs. But somewhere along the line, I have added a l'il masala, a lil drama so it gets interesting to readers. Why should one's mundane activites be ever interesting to others?

But slowly, but surely, I have started creating interesting moments in my life so that I can blog about it! The silly lies in blogging life get translated to real life. My alter ego and ego unite to produce a different person, though the difference is subtle. Blogging has become one more component that describes your personality.

Your blog has been an eye opener. Thanks!

Btw, keep judging people. Its human nature. If you dont judge, you will interact with everyone the same way and life becomes monotonous. Even if you dont judge people consciously, you do it sub-consciously. Such judgement creates different levels of bonding with people and society and that in turn defines us.

Btw, what happened to your orkut profile?


Vijay said...

hmmm...The beauty of Internet is that we hit it off really well, with people whom we have not even seen or know about...but in real life It is really not that simple
(Ok, this is just my opinion! But does this happen to others also???)

Good Post! Loved reading it!


The Lonely Traveller said...

How profoundly true!!!
Even I have realized that my blogposts have in some way or the other made me a better person.
It has made me realize that I am not a "Nothing", that I always thought I was.
I am ME!!!

Till a few days back I was not aware that unknowingly I was pursuing "The Perfect Imbalance", a situation in which you have only happiness ... No sorrows ... No pains in life.

But LIFE is all about balance!!

And like your's, even my life evolves around my blog!

Have a gr8 day.

Sayesha said...

#Just another blogger,
Wow, interesting comment, it's almost like a post in itself! :)

You're like the fourth person to ask me about my Orkut profile! :P Well, I used to have an account which I had deleted. Then I got a new one. When Google and Orkut merged, I realised that my old account is still alive and my old school friends had added me. So I decided to keep that one :)

Thanks! :)

//The beauty of Internet is that we hit it off really well, with people whom we have not even seen or know about...but in real life It is really not that simple

Hahaha! I SO agree with that! :D

#Lonely Traveller,
Thanks! Keep blogging, keep evolving :)