Saturday, August 05, 2006

Laugh-ology mein first, baki sab mein fail

In the last few days, I had been observing how people express amusement over something through words. I even observed my own replies to commentators when they write something funny. I realised that I don't use the same words to denote laughter every time. I guess we laugh in different ways, depending on the context and the person. So I made the following list - my laughing 'stock' - in a state of blissful joblessness. It does not include descriptions of laughter such as 'LOL' and 'ROFL', but the actual laughter itself.

This is the regular one, used by almost everyone, including me.

This is possibly the best portrayal of evil laughter. I believe I saw it first in an email that my friend Arch had sent me, and I kinda imagine Ramanand Sagar's Ravan laughing like that with his head thrown back, and his hands on his hips. However, Vikram and World Gal have been fighting over ownership rights for some time now. We will let you know once a consensus is reached.

Khi khi khi
Of course, the one and only Virdi came up with this rather silly laughter, which has now become something that apparently guys are not ashamed to use anymore. And oh, ROS and Jane quickly caught on and have been using this quite regularly.

Saw this in an email sent by my friend Surreal Reality years and years ago. It struck me as weird and strange and very very appealing. But I still claim rights to the other form of it.

Hooo haaa!
My dear friend Hitler's Soul used it first when he got gold on my Kindies post. Very unique laughter methinks. I have never seen it since.

My friend Mavj is famous for her neverending 'Hahahas' in her emails. The longer they go on for, the longer they make me laugh, even if what she'd been laughing at wasn't so funny.

This was something a Singaporean friend of mine in uni days used to write. At first I thought he was being sarcastic. Or as if the person started laughing and choked midway. I only found out years later, when my colleague Bananapen started using it in her emails, that it's also a way of expressing amusement.

I first saw this in an email from a colleague. I emailed her back to ask if she'd just abused me in mandarin. I have still not figured out how one can laugh like that.

Har har har!
This is also something I encountered only in Singapore. I still can't seem to fit it into a category, or figure out how it is different from 'Hahaha'. The only 'har har' I knew was in 'Har har Mahadev'.

I used to associate this with lecherous villains in Bollywood movies of the late 70s, because this particular laughter used to emanate whenever they had cornered the hapless heroine. Also something millionaires in the same movies used to say to their guests while accepting presents at a party. "Hehehe, iski kya zaroorat thi, Guptaji?" But lately, it's been associated with any kinda slightly embarrassed laughter.

Ha ha ha!
A friend of mine told me he will settle for nothing less than Angelina Jolie and I said, "To be close to her, you either have to be a Cambodian orphan or Brad Pitt. Which one are you?" His reply was "Ha ha ha!" Now I'd never seen this kind of spaced-out laughter before. I could almost see his tears filling up the spaces between the 'Ha's. Something like what Aamir did in Andaaz Apna Apna in the restaurant when he found out the truth about the Raveena/Kareena mystery.

I first saw this when I was talking to my cousin Sid on yahoo. I figured he was laughing so hard that he pressed 'A' before pressing 'H'. I encounter it now and then when Chapaat comment on my blog. Every time I see it, it reminds me of someone singing some shashtriya sangeet, and the guru saying "Ahahaha, kya sur hai, kya aawaaz hai."

Hiak hiak!
An editor in my team writes this in her emails. And it's funnier because I can actually imagine her laughing like that! A variation would be 'hyuk hyuk' which I have seen around too.

So tell me, what's your laughter like?


Anonymous said...


Rebellion said...

Anon commentors don't get the gold :D

Take care,
Aarti \:D/

anon said...

muhahaha... when its evil... :-)

Rebellion said...

Now that was unintentional but thats one of the ways I pen down my laughter :P

Apart, I do it in many ways, as you said, depending on the situation & person :P

To show my evil laughter :P

hehehe - Short & sweet laughter for something I find really cute & funny :)

hehehahahahehehaha - Thats for something that REALLY amuses me :D

Apart, I very very often use the chat lingo.. LOL & ROFL :P

Filhaal am still trying to recover from the fact Sash...
I won gold on your blog

Doing bhangra dance \:D/

Take care,

PS: I took the gold \:D/ :P

neihal said...

hahahhaha....that is the answer to your question and my response to the post. Nice post.

neihal said...

hey btw...with anon and arti fighting it out for their medals....i'd settle for anything between...silver and bronze.
let me know which one it is.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

while neihal tries to settle, tgfi runs away with bronze

hyuk hyuk hyuk

satish said...

hee hee hee hee hee!!


Shekhar said...

Mine is the more sadistic 'Amrish Puri as Mogambo' laugh: Hu hu ha ha ha ha ha....

Although it ain't half as effective as the evil throaty laugh that I can manage in person, it kinda gets the message across.

*P.S. I'm going for a bike learning lesson tomorrow on a friend's bike. :D Although injury is inevitable, do pray that I learn quickly.

Raam Pyari said...


type this on YM and you wll know my type of laffter!!!

bade dinoh baad nahin, *hugs*
*maxx fond waala, mummy type luk*

@ shekhar: asheerwaad fellow martinian!*maxx saints type ka luk*

qsg said...


How do we know said...

ha ha ha.. as in the loud, open hearted variety.. :-)

chandu said...


even hahah! and even ":D" may count

lil _kath said...

... hehe ^_^

... ** Happy times become happiest, sun shines the brightest 'n sorrows make a quick exit when friends are around... Happy Friendship Day!! **

.. enjoy weekend too sweetie!


Anonymous said...

heheheheheh to Muhahahahaha as n when necessary...can adapt to different styles :P :P depending on the situation LOL :D
but the best one is a sweet simple smile :)

neihal said...

arti won gold...tgfi won I automatically get silver.
not bad. not bad at all.

Janefield said...

mine would have to be the devil laughing smiley in yahoo msngr :P height of lukhaness sash baby! classifying laughter it seems ;) krrish surrvey ka ka hua??

Janefield said...

aaarti, u struck GOLD!!!! Cooool re ;) shaadi ka kharcha bhi bach jayega :P

and neihal....congrats for stealing the from rite under tgfi's long nose :D

Sakshi said...

Depending on the situation -
Or the best of all - smiley faces.
What can I say I am multi faceted. heheheeee

Harshi said...

Couldn't stop beginning the post with my laugh. Hey Sash....I usually use this form...(dependng on how spontaneously my fingers fall on the h and a button at that time :-)) but I realize the exclamation mark at the end of it really makes a difference in showing that enthu :-)). Usually I end up just trailing it off or ending it with a smile symbol :-).

Sash, aise blog subjects only you can think of! Wow :-). I was laughing throughout. I surely learned something about different kinds of laughs today. I used to find Heh..also kinda odd...a bit incomplete...:-)) but I guess it's just a short lil laugh :-).

What about Ha!


And Bwahahahahaa...could also be a combo of hahahaa and something like a rone waala laughter? :-)) (suits certain contexts :-))

Sayesha said...

Hehehe... new rule - anonymous doesn't get gold. :D

Sahi boli, gold tera :)

Whoa, you're really anon! :O

Hahahaha! Pagal ho gayi hai tu! :D

Thanks :)
ps: You get bronze. Actually you could fight for silver, considering that Anon did not claim it! ;)

#Ipanema Gal,
Neihal's gonna go for silver so yes, bronze tera. Oh yeah, hyuk hyuk! :D

Sheesh, I have to add this one too! :P

Wah that was fast! Already learning? Maybe I should daantofy you about more things! Ja vatsa ja, dwi-chkriya waahaan chala! :D

#Raam Pyari,
Hahahaha! That smiley is SO you! :D
Tujhe bhi maxx fond wala hug! :)

Baap re... satak gayi kya? :D

#How do we know,
Hahaha! Yours also has spaces between the ha's. Do you pause? :D

Naah, lolz type is disqualified from this post :P

Happy friendship day to you too! :)

Well said :D

You have more reasons than that! ;)

#Chosen One,
//height of lukhaness sash baby!

Hehehehe :PP

//krrish surrvey ka ka hua??

218 surveys ho gaye... subscription expired... aur 35 dollars dene ki himmat nahin hai so I will do with this... :P

Baap re, so many different types in one comment! :D

OMG Harshi ki bachi ki mummy! Kahan thi itne din??? X-(

Achha chal maaf kiya :)

//And Bwahahahahaa...could also be a combo of hahahaa and something like a rone waala laughter? :-)) (suits certain contexts :-))

Hahahaha! Yeah my bwahaha with a sad face :( at the end is supposed to represent that... rone wala laughter :P

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

Hi sayesha, Happy friendship day.
a good laugh deserves so much and you have made me laugh continuously.
am so very happy for such a post.
good,good good.
did you consider the giggle of babies. :"gugugugugug"
and the laugh of embaarassed persons "hunhunhunhunmhum"

Nirwa said...

Hawhawhaw is our (didi and my) trademark laughter!

it's actually a sound.. and it's funny coz no one in our family can come closer to the sounds we make.. hehehe

I use all teh above said laughters, my lord!! :D

neihal said...

happy freindship day Sayesha

oxymoron said...

how did ya miss out the santa claus
style hohoho!
anywayz, happy f'ship day! Ho-Ho-Ho!

Rishit Jain said...

Hehehe, I didn't know there were so many kinds of laughter.

Harsha said...

Seen most of the laughters....
Ha ha ha is almost sarcastic one for me, but I've seen people express laughter differently :)

I am the "lol ... ROFL..." type and I do really laugh reading them. :) *and fall down from my chair too*

Muhahahahahaha is my fav (do u rem the dr. evil in austin powers series, yeah thats the one)

ANKIT said...

hey,,you have made me conscious on my style of laughin...!

highly thoughtful the famous gabbar singh style...he ha ha )...!

keep laughing,

chandu said...

why is lolz! disqualified ??

qsg said...

How about the silent laugh - the one women were taught before it was okay for the to laugh out loud???

saty said...

say how about the keshto mukherjee style:- hee-hic-hay...:)

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

So many ways. My world of laughter was limited to Muahaha,heheh,hahaha...

Hiak hiak was the wierdest of all.

dharmu said...

gee...kya mazedar post bhai...
padke-floor pe girke-bohut hasi

Sayesha said...

Thanks, happy (belated) Friendship Day to you too :)

//did you consider the giggle of babies. :"gugugugugug"

If babies could type... :P

For some reason I can imagine you and di making the hawhawhaw sound! :D

Same to you, my dear :)

Santa Claus reads blogs? :O And types out his ho-ho-hos?? Can you please tell him I need new shoes? :D
ps: H(B)FD to you too :)

Well, now you do. :P
ps: I didn't know I could write such a vella post either :P

Muahahaha is my favourite too :P

Gabbar khush hua! :D

Haha! Gotcha! Read the last part of the first paragraph! :D

Sheesh! Hai raam kaisi puraane zamaane type ki baatein karte ho? Ladkiyon ko aisi baatein shobha deti hain kya? Bwahahahaha! :D

Hahahaha! Oh man! Now I wanna watch a Keshto movie! :D

Chal itne saare laughter types sikha diye tujhe... ab ja Abhi, ja, saari duniya ko irritate kar! :D

Thank you thank you :D

bananapen said...

Other laughs:

Hehe (cheeky)
Hahaha (normal laugh)
Muahahaha (evil)


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The Inquisitive Akka said...

We have one more in tamil- kekepeke- that's when you are referring scornfully to someone's laughter :)

Apy said...

Heehee... Naish posht...

The Light-House. said...

Ha Ha ha. ...
thats the most common one I belive. I prefer it too...

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... but my personal favourite is the muhahaha .... it always entails when I pull people's legs or make fun of them... :)

Have been missing your blog for some time. Aate jaate rahenge! :)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... but my personal favourite is the muhahaha .... it always entails when I pull people's legs or make fun of them... :)

Have been missing your blog for some time. Aate jaate rahenge! :)

chandu said...

that is why i said lolz!! :D

okay okay okay... :P

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I was very surprised the day I saw a 'Muahaha' in your email! The evil side is getting you! :D

Nahin chahiye. Tusi talli ho.

Hahaha! I HAVE to learn how to pronounce that! :D

Shanks :D

Lekin why do you have spaces in between? Isn't it one continuous Hahahaha? :D

Welcome back! :)

Ok ok ok, peace out! :D

Sudeep said...

lol @ heh, kekeke n ha har har types n the explanations too

my type is he he he if it is for wicked n ha ha for plain laugh

lekin he he he is not embarrased laughter.. no ways.. coz then i will have to change my type

Sayesha said...

He he he! ;)

The Lonely Traveller said...

Awesome post. Did not ever think
"What lay beneath" , the "he he he"s and "ha ha ha"s....

Sayesha said...

#The lonely traveller,
Hahaha, not yet... maybe you can write a post on it and enlighten us? ;)

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