Monday, August 21, 2006

Ca(ugh)t in the act

I'm not too fond of cats. They are too "human" and always seem to give me that weird "We know what you don't know" look, and they won't tell what exactly it is that they know. Sometimes I try to give them the "Hah! I know too! And more than what you know!" look, but they see right through it, and stare at me with their blue-green eyes till I slink away, defeated.

There are a few cats that roam around my condominium. I dunno who they belong to, but some of them are so darn pretty. This coming from not-exactly-a-cat-lover speaks volumes of how pretty they are. Some are black, some silver, some orange and some are striped. But they're all very very pretty.

Once I saw these three cats - each of a different colour - sitting in a triangular formation, as if having a conference on a serious issue. I cursed myself for not carrying my camera with me. Anyway, I rushed up to my room and tried to take an aerial view of the conference. But by the time I got the camera ready, they'd disappeared, and this is what I got.

A few nights ago, when I was coming back from university, I saw them again. It was really dark, but I rushed up to my room to see if they were visible from my window. They were not.

And that's when I saw the most amazing cat eyes ever.

Would you believe that the picture below is of the exact same thing as the one above, except that this was taken at night?

Amazing, huh? :)


satish said...


bananapen said...

woah freaky ;P

MAC said...

scrap metal!

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Go take a shower! :D

Oh yeah, I remembered you when I took this shot! :P

Hahaha! That was adorable! Scrap metal it seems. I think I'm beginning to like you :)

The Pirate said...

i like the title and the first para about looks .. reminds me of many ppl i know.. lol

and can't believe i missed gold by 4 of you including you ...

Dev said...

Amazing, yes!
Good shot!

Commented by mistake on wrong post earlier... you really shud cut down on the number!!! :P

Hari said...

Hari lifts his arms in ecstasy and looks around with tears welling up in his eyes as the audience give him a standing ovation. He breaks down on the ground and kisses the ground. He did it. He broke into the top 10!!

Ok enough crap...

Coming to Cats... I hate them. I once somewhere read that, U give lots of love to a Dog he thinks "Man! This guy loves me so much. He is GOD" and u give the same love to a cat and that nasty thing thinks "Man! This guy loves me so much. I must be GOD!" Now, I understand why I always relate Girls with Cats!! Both look cute and adorable and the similarity doesnt stop there...(Hari acknowledges the whistles that he receives from the guys)

As for the snap ...well..Recently I had been to Kodaikanal and near the Guna caves there was a board that read "12 men have lost their lives here"... I neared that slippery place and asked my friend to take a snap. Well in the image that appeared... my eyes were reddish and there was this tiny blue spot right near my heart ( A spirit entering me?!!!) I will mail it to you if you dont beleive me!!

Sayesha said...

Arre you liked the title and the first para and you didn't like the thing that the post revolved around - the picture?? :O :D

//and can't believe i missed gold by 4 of you including you ...

Hahaha I can't believe mere yeh din aa gaye hain I am getting metals on my own blog :P

No wonder! I saw your comment in my email and duniya ko hila diya lekin blog par nahin mila! :P

//Hari acknowledges the whistles that he receives from the guys

And does he acknoweldge the one kaan-ke-neeche that he just received from Sayesha? :D

//I will mail it to you if you dont beleive me!!

Yep. I don't believe you. ;)

satish said...

it took me gud long 2 minutes to relate the two pictures!!

and yes, they are indeed the most amazing cat eyes... EVER!!

Iday said...

Good one :)

Snaps taken in the night can be really interesting at times. The presence or absence of light makes such a big difference!

And for cats - i think they are great animals. I am a big fan of their attitude :D

Sudeep said...


The Pirate said...

Hahaha... sash.. u r just too much.. u don't miss a trick.. do you? ;)

not that i dint like the picture, it was good, only that i liked first para and title more.. and anyway m not tht much enthu abt cats or stuff.. i'd be more enthu if u had talked abt aish's eyes.. lol ;)

//Hahaha I can't believe mere yeh din aa gaye hain I am getting metals on my own blog :P

bhai, maloom padta hai apna market khud hi uthane ka try mar rele hain... aandozz

Anonymous said...

where do u stay babes...? looks like some place man! pretty EYE CANDY :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh My God Sayesha..
I missed your 3 posts :-o surprised..mujhe block kiya hai kya?? :(
silly me!! :$ :$ I was waiting for updates..

PS: chalo, i'll read ur 3 posts and give comments :P

rads said...

that was spooky! good observation :-)

sakhi said...

I am back..
@CATS: meoooooowwwwwwww...nice pics ;)

//It's simple - quit or quit whining.
Point noted ma'am ** bows down **

///damn doll..the one and only himesh to sew patiala salwar

@Big B:
He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :)

neihal said...

Me too not a cat lover....but yes they are cute.
and out of context once the last two days...the total length of my all my comments put together...would make one decent post for my blog...and let me believe the content was not too bad I making any sense ?...I'll go now.

Inder said...

cats are such darling creatures :) i love cats because they are the enemies of my tormentors - the dogs.

Clueless said...

Whoa! Freaky! And mighty cool!

And yep, I'm not too fond of cats either. The look, for one, and just that they're so...independent. Like they don't need you. And that scares the shit out of me. (Plus my friend takes seven steps back every time she sees a black cat cross her path, and now, just to be on the safer side, I do it too. Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but still. God knows how many multiples-of-seven steps I've lost so far!)

Dogs now, I like. As long as they're cute and fluffy and all that. :P

Wriju said...

Life is a box of chocolates and you never know what you are gonna get :-)

The first pic reminded me "Waiting for Godot". He never quite arrives, just as the cats are quite missing from the photo.

The second one reminds me of photographerMichael Kenna , and his philosophy of 'expect the inexpected'. Of unusual pictures he had taken of the most commonplace things. One needs to know how to look at things :-)

Really like your blog, keep up the good work.

Harshi said...

Truly amazing. Wow.

I laughed when I read the statement about their giving that look. I feel the same!!! LOL. There was this one time when I was staying with my family at another famiyl friends place, and in the middle of the night I came downstairs to get water. Their cat....followed me down the stairs....slowly and steadily. I think my heart was about to stop. It was way too eerie. And as I stood there drinking water, she just sat there at a distance STARING at me. God it freaked me out! lol

Wonder what she was thinking! :-))

Sakshi said...

hmm. Nothing more freaky than waking up in the middle of the night to have a pair of glowing yellow eyes giving you the LOOK.

Sayesha said...

Haha! Cool, huh? :)

Thanks! :)
ps: Attitude? It's all bad attitude I say! :P

Kya hua re? Scared of cats, are ya? :P


//i'd be more enthu if u had talked abt aish's eyes.. lol ;)

Arre there are thousands of people in the world already doing that! So I decided to be a bit different! ;)

//bhai, maloom padta hai apna market khud hi uthane ka try mar rele hain... aandozz

Dhanda manda ho toh sab kuch karna padta hai bhai! :D

Well, it's a condo in the west, and the west is FULL of cats - both pretty and err... not so pretty! :/

Hahahaha! Arre how can I block one reader hahahaah! If I only I could... muahahaha! *rubs hands in an evil gesture* :D

Yeah, I was spooked out for a bit before I took the picture. :)

Hahaha! Finally you caught up eh? :)
ps: I don't like Big B :P

Hahaha! I love the way you say something random and then threaten to leave. It's so adorable! :)

Dogs have their own problems yaar... most are cute yes, but some are too big and ferocious :O

//they're so...independent. Like they don't need you.

Yes, exactly! :O

//I do it too. Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but still.

Hahahaha! :D

Thanks :)
ps: Just checked out Michael Kenna... amazing play with light and shade :)

Eeeee that's very scary! Maybe the cat thought tu usko offer kiya bina aadhi raat ko talli ho rahi thi?? :D

WHAT? You had one in your room??? :O :O :O

Ekta said...

Well I dont quite like the black cats with green eyes..theyr kinda freaky..dontcha think!?

Ramkumar said...

really terrific.
sometimes u don't need to be a great photographer to take great pictures.

Sumana said...

Yes I was on a long vacation!!

So you have taken to photography now or is it cats ;-)

You know you are very creative! Your ability of spawning such interesting posts from the most mundanethings is great!!

The Light-House. said...

The second snap was eerie

asha said...

hi sayesha. for some reason mujhey pictures access nahi ho rahe. i am able to receive the text but images ki jagah pe blank spaces. it happened with the earlier boredom party pictures too. wondering ke yeh kya ho raha hai.

any way i looooooove cats. in all colours and shades. i love their purring and meowwing. my maasi once had 9 cats at home. one of them was so plump that when he walked his tummy used to touch the floor. he looked like a moving fur curtain.


The Smiling Girl said...

Jaa re ja... cats are not at all cute for me.. for me Dogs are the best.. Cats scare the shit out of me.. :)..

vibhor said...

hi buddy,
me really scared of cats n espacially with their blue eyes..

Sakshi said...

I grew up with a menagerie - I was the kid always bringing strays home (Innocently looking up to Mom.. But ma he is alone and he likes me , see he followed me home - that was the first cat I bought home @ 4 yrs. old).So I had plenty of the eerie eyes experience.

shruti said...

hi sayesha,
i just love cats..n particularly their walk..
how nice to see cat walks na...

Life Lover said...

Take the most mundane of things and spin a story around it. Woah, I love that quality in a story teller and I am trying to develop that too ;) Good one!

Sayesha said...

Hehehe. I think all cats are freaky. Period. :O

Aye aye, sir! Thanks! :)

Aha vacation! I want one too!! :)

//So you have taken to photography now or is it cats ;-)

I was always a photographer, Sumana.
A bad one. :P

#The Light House,
I know! When I first saw it, I kinda freaked out. But I must say the picture looks even freakier! :O

Arre! Yeh sab kya ho raha hai? A few other pple also told me they can't view pics on my blog! :O

//my maasi once had 9 cats at home.

Whoa! Interesting choice of number! ;)

#Smiling Girl,
I like dogs too! As long as they don't lick me! :S

Hahaha! I'm not exactly scared of them but I wouldn't dare to stare! :P

Hahaha! Brave girl! :D

Hehehehe... where do you think the word 'catwalk' comes from? ;)

Thanks! :)

anand said...

For some reason I am not a animal person...when I look at a dog I see it as a dog ..period..nothing more!!
I rarely find dogs or cats..attractive and beautiful!

Di said...

hi girl,i have a link to ur blog from mine...hope u dont mind...
:-)) ...keep up the gud work..

Nirwa said...

Cats, dogs, anything that walks on 4 legs scare me! :P the other day, a cat came all the way up to my studyroom on 1st floor, and i had a hard time getting it out.. it finally jumped off the balcony to this tree outside..

There were even kittens at my place.. sigh, my place is a semi-zoo! :P

Oh and the pictures.. Quite eerie!!

Bonatellis said...

i was so charged up with the heading ;-)

what's this condo? casa del sol?

ashwini bharadwaj said...

very nice :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

cats creep me and scare me. don't like them.
those pics are something. how do you sleep at night?

chitra said...

Cool :)! Quite a phuto Sayesha....

Sayesha said...


Mind?? Hahaha you must be kidding! I'm honoured! :)

You should show them your profile pic, koi paas bhi nahin aayega! :D

//i was so charged up with the heading ;-)

Sheesh! :P

//what's this condo? casa del sol?

Park west.

Thanks :)

#Ipanema Gal,
Hahaha! I listen to 'Chand ki roshni' by KK every night and fall asleep instantly :)

Heheh! :P

Rebellion said...

Whoa Sash!!

That was pretty. I absolutely loved the pic.. It seems sooo adventurous & thrilling :)

Beautiful photography dear.

Take care,

qsg said... did I miss this? Am I sleepwalking again...

Man, great picture...really cat eyes...Or maybe Darth Vader??? ;)

Sayesha said...

Haha! Tukka mara, lag gaya! :P

Hahahaha! Yeah, just take your pic! Next thing you'll say 'Hello Kitty'! :O

Sudeep said...

duhhh!!! arre itna yaad rakhke aaya ki pics dekhne hain pics dekhne hain.. yeh kya hain.. sheesh in ur lingo