Friday, September 01, 2006

Karan, alvida na kehna

Hey Karan,

Look what I found!

It’s a picture of you that I took when you were here in Singapore for the IIFA awards 2004.

Look at you. Good-looking, suave, sophisticated, humorous, not fat, not bald, rich, famous, successful.

Is it really any wonder then that when your name comes up, most guys throw their hands up in the air and scream "Gay!!!!" as if it’s a bad thing?

I guess guys are more freaked out at the thought of two gay guys together than girls are about two gay girls. Or is it that gay people make guys uncomfortable? Insecure? That they may become ‘one of those’ if they hang out in gay company?

All this talk about you and Shah Rukh annoys me. Maybe you guys are a couple, maybe you aren’t, who cares? What’s that got to do with anything, really? And in any case, whatever happened to strong friendships within the same gender? Do they not exist anymore? Now you can’t be nice to your friends who are of the same gender as you without being labelled ‘gay’?

But I don't care what they say about you. I like you. I really like you, Karan. To me, you’re the perfect celebrity. And like I always say, celebrities are not married or old or gay. They’re just celebrities and they belong to everyone.

In other words:

Tu haan kar, ya naa kar, tu hai meraaaaaaaaaa Karan! :D

You know, Karan, you’re like Shaan to me. I like Shaan so much that even though I know he must have sung at least some crappy songs, when I try to think, nothing comes to mind. It’s almost like blogging. If you like a blogger, anything they write is awesome. If you don’t like them, even a great post by them will make you go "Oh puh-leez!"

So maybe that’s what it is then. I like your movies because I like you.

In spite of the fact that I don’t like all your movies or all parts of each movie. They say “Ah, a typical Karan Johar movie!” like it’s a bad thing. Maybe that’s how they define it. But to me, a Karan Johar movie is a movie that has moments that pierce right through your heart. Even if some of your movies don’t quite make sense as a whole, there are scenes that will always stay in my heart. I enjoy your movies by dissecting them into scenes.

Your critics say that you pull at the pursestrings under the guise of pulling heartstrings. I say – what’s wrong with that? If a guy can reassure me that in this cynical world, I still have some sentiments left in my heart, I will be so grateful I won’t even mind him making money out of my tears.

I admire your ability to make me cry. I admire Bollywood for its ability to make me cry.

Because I believe that it is easy to make people laugh, but it is not easy to make people cry.

When the train pulled away with a teary-eyed Anjali waving to an equally teary-eyed Rahul with Tina looking on helplessly, when Aman told Anjali to go ahead and marry the one she loved, when Rohit introduced himself as Yash to Rahul, when Krish sang the Indian national anthem in London and made his mother cry, when DJ saw right through Rohit’s useless attempts at tying his shoelaces, when Naina cried in the rain for lost love, when Jenny told Lajo who Jiya really was, I have turned on the Ganga-Jamuna waterworks at all your movies.

All except KANK.

Now here’s the thing – there are many reasons why we like a particular hindi movie. It could be that the story is our own and we identify with a character. Or we experience such a strong emotion for the character – whether it be love, hatred, anger or others – that we wanna see what happens to him/her. We are rooting for them to get what he/she deserves.

Here’s why I did not like KANK. I couldn’t care less about any of the characters in the movie. I did not identify with any of the characters, nor did I sympathise with them. Before the movie started, my friend and I were assessing our tissue situation in order to be prepared, but disappointingly, not once did a single tear roll down my cheek, even though Rani was crying buckets. I just sat there, emotionless, waiting for your movie to end.

Why not?

Simply put - I did not 'feel' anything for any of the characters.

I did not care why SRK was tearing as he declared his marriage to be a failure. I did not care why Abhishek was breaking vases and plates and asking Rani why she didn't wanna sleep with him. I just didn't care.

And I was surprised that you made a movie in which I did not care about anyone.

In K3G, I loved Hrithik's character. I rooted for him to unite the family. And in spite of disliking almost every character in that movie (Kajol and Kareena especially, who I thought were bordering on annoying at times and Jaya Bachchan who I thought belittled herself, literally and otherwise, by standing on a stool and allowing Amitabh Bachchan to make a statement like “Ab aap lag rahi hain Yashwardhan Raichand ki dharampatni.”), I liked the movie for Hrithik. And the fact that it showed me that I was still capable of crying for a completely fictional character. My heart was still functional.

In KKHH, I cried more than in K3G. Because unlike K3G where I'd disliked some characters, here I liked everyone. I wanted everyone to be alive, loved and happy. Even the otherwise silly Sallu! My heart went out to him when Kajol went to SRK.

KHNH was different. Yes, SRK hammed like he hams in every other movie, and this movie was nowhere close to Anand, but it was a movie that spoke to me. Perhaps I needed it at that point in my life. The underlying message of ‘Jiyo, khush raho, muskurao, kya pata kal ho na no’ (“Live, be happy, smile, for all you know there may be no tomorrow”) is something that pierced deep into my heart and has stayed there since.

KANK had its funny moments and emotional moments. But as I do with all your movies, I selectively filtered out the humour and entertained myself, but I took nothing back from the movie. I did not think about it for days after watching it, the way I do with many hindi movies.

And in the end, I asked myself - so what was it that I did not like?

Perhaps what I didn’t like was the way you stuck to the conventional definition of an extra-marital affair. Did you really need to culminate the ‘extra-marital affair’ with the love-making between Shah Rukh and Rani? And the way in which that whole scene was picturised - I wondered where the love was. SRK and Rani were supposed to be in love, weren't they? On a more general level, what really is an extra-marital affair? Is it wholly defined by you sleeping with someone else outside your marriage? So if you’re totally in love with someone else but you only have sex with your spouse, you’re not cheating on him/her? Is that not an extra-marital affair?

Of course, I applaud you for taking up a subject that's still kinda taboo in India. And they say Karan Johar sticks to ‘formula’. The last movie in which anyone picked this subject was perhaps 'Murder', but they chose a heroine who's not exactly portrayed in a positive light, and conveniently finished off the guy who caused the infidelity. I applaud you for not showing convenient solutions such as the ‘strayers’ realising that what they were doing was ‘wrong’ and going back to their marriages. I applaud you for not conveniently killing off someone at the end. I applaud you for not making the ‘strayers’ suffer and die lonely and painful deaths because ‘they had sinned’. And yet, you managed to add in a convenient end. I couldn't buy the fact that SRK and Rani were happy ever after because they did not seem to 'belong together' in the first place, something that you always take care of in your other movies - the chemistry between the lead pair.

So in spite of the bad reviews almost everywhere, KANK made a huge profit. Critics who had dismissed the movie shook their heads at the ‘stupid audience that eats out of your hand’. Speaking of bad reviews, I actually saw one that hinted at your being gay (what’s that got to do with your movies anyway??) and said something to the effect of "Karan Johar will probably never get married and so he's not qualified to make a movie on extra-marital affairs." HUH? So someone who wants to make a movie about a suicide bomber has to blow himself up and then come back in his next life to make the movie?

In the same vein, someone said "Karan Johan always sticks to movies about North Indian affluent families. For once, we'd like to see a movie on a South Indian, a Bengali, etc." HUH again! He makes movies about North Indian affluent families because... DUH! Sheesh. Make up your mind people, do you want him to make movies with settings he's familiar with, or not?

So maybe you're the kind who appeals to the masses. Who are the critics anyway? People who just disagree with the masses? Most of the time, if the movie is a hit, critics don't like it. If the movie makes a loss, critics say they loved it. Agreed that there are some movies you should make that you can look back proudly at, but what will a commercial movie-maker do with bouquets from the so-called critics? And just how long should he keep doing it - till he's bankrupt?

I'm not saying that there are no movies that are liked by both the masses and the critics, but how many of those do we actually have in a year? Think about it. So why is it considered so wrong if you make commercial movies for the masses?

They say Karan Johar sticks to the same storyline. But when he experiments, they diss him. It's not easy to please everyone anyway. So Karan, you do whatever you want! Experiment all you can – you surely have the money for it! You're one of the young directors who's maintained the link between the old style of Bollywood movie-making and the new trends. Aditya Chopra was another, but of course after the fabulous DDLJ, he went on to produce Fanaa. Enough said.

I guess I really like you. When you like someone so much, you don’t mind it too much if they disappoint you once in a while.

And that’s why even if I don’t like some of your movies, I will root for you all the way.

I'll love you unconditionally.

On one condition. :D

Just please don’t ever come up with a movie like Banaras. :|

Love always,


The Pirate said...

All that glitters is GOLD

Aslam said...

I quite liked Benaras. A very well made off beat film on mysticism.

The Pirate said...

//girls are about two gay girls?..
believe me, boyz dont hav any problem to tht either... :P

//Because I believe that it is easy to make people laugh, but it is not easy to make people cry.

don agree. Its the other way round. Its harder to make ppl laugh.. ;)

//I'll love you unconditionally.
yeah, y not? he's so gay... :D

n now KANK is so much talked abt for its uselessness, i'll hav to see it for myself.. :(

satish said...

whats in here for me?

satish said...

arey, we had talked abt it long back naa, and you took this long to post an entry on this!!

kahin aapne KANK phir se toh nahin dekh lee, aur kJ ke liye aapka unconditional pyar kam(come??yaa cu_?? :P)toh nahin ho raha tha.. and so u decided to post sumthing tht wud remind you tht u have loved him for 'whoever' he is, and bhoolkar bhi u dont want to hate him!!

may be, sumtime, in distant future, i will make a movie on affluent north indian people and the way they so desperately want to fall in luv to understand the TRUE meaning of luv..and may be sumday, sumone will write so flattering blog for me!!!



chaliye bye!!

(is this comment comment ever??!!)

Sayesha said...

Pirate ho, gold toh tumhara hi hoga :D

Really? Wow. Gosh I hated it so much you know! :P

//don agree. Its the other way round. Its harder to make ppl laugh.. ;)

Look at the number of smileys in your comment. See, I made you laugh. But you think any post of mine can make you cry? Think about it. ;)

//whats in here for me?
Nothing. :|

//(is this comment comment ever??!!)

No. :|

//sumone will write so flattering blog for me!!!

Hahaha! You wish, buddy! :D

madjazz said...

I thought the scene where rani mukherjee and srk have sex after taking a cab and then booking a room was the lowest form of picturistaion of love in indian cinema.


fafridi said...

wow! that was long and i survived it all through :P
ur post was something like a karan johar movie itself, somethings i like some others i dont, some things i agree with some others i dont, but overall i will think about it even after i've finished reading it.
one thing that i also always say is that its easier to make someone laugh than to make them cry, and thank god for that! :)

Deeps said...

Sash, it has become a sad world. People are afraid these days to hug people of the same sex, 'cause they might be thought "gay". The carefree friendships are no more, I guess :((.

As for KANK, I want to watch the movie, just to make fun of it :-p.

satish said...

maine soacha..aap kahoge, le satish tu thoda late aaya toh kya silver sub tere hain! :|

aur itne saare 'no', 'nothing'..mere komal hriday kaa kya hoga, ishh vishay mein aapne tanik bhi nahin soacha. Lying makes very-very-beautiful woman gorgeous!!

ab i dont know how we can compare beautiful with gorgeous, par i watched kill-bill2 sometime back and these words had been used there with similar effect.

(is this like best comment ever??)

The Pirate said...

bhai saab, kat lo yahan se... gold to mera hi hai... baaki jo maangna hai maang lo... :D

dear, not everyone makes me put smileys. Thr are too many dark blogs out thr which makes me wanna jump from a light house into the sea and cry my kidney's out... but it takes a sash to bring on a smiley... ;)

get the point?

@satish again
read above... now thts called d best comment evr dude.. :))

Turkish said...

thank god !! someone finally accepts the fact that Karan Johar and SRK are a couple !

its not that we, who think they are a couple/gay, find a big deal about it. Its the other way around. People are vehemenntly against the notion of them being partners. that annoys me and thts why i love driving in this point.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with madjazz's comment.

And, as for it being a typical KJ movie.. well.. did you see all the buckets of tears rani had?or for that matter the whole pseudo cool tag attached to the film? or the "grand" sets wasting away NYC for a 4 hour marathon of tears and overdone emotions? or how finally, somehow, srk and rani end up together and happy. everything magically falls into place. if that's not a typical KJ movie, i wonder what wat is.

anyway everyone's entitled to opinions and this was my 2 cents :)

Sayesha said...

I couldn't agree more!!

Hahaha! LOL @ you comparing the post to a KJ movie. :)

Yeah... sigh...

//(is this like best comment ever??)

ps: Le gaya tera bacha kucha komal hriday! :D

What's with the best comment competition today? Apun ke bar mein contest ho rela hai, aur apun koich nai maloom? :/

//someone finally accepts the fact that Karan Johar and SRK are a couple !

No I don't. All I am saying is that maybe they are, maybe they aren't. Does it really matter? Why is it such a big deal to you?

Like I said, how you define a KJ movie is different from how I define it. You look at the negative points of it, I look at the positive ones. You look at the pseudo cool tag, the tears, the grand sets. I look at the thought he puts behind each scenes. And that is why I don't think this was a typical KJ movie - it did not have the points that I define a KJ movie by, though it may have had the points that you define a KJ movie by.

And yes, you're entitled to your opinion as much as I am :)

Raam Pyari said...


karan mera haiiiiiiiiiiiii


Archana said...

You dedicated a whole post to Karan Johar of all people !?!!!!

*shakes head sadly and walks away*

Satan said...

karan johar??


karan johar????


karan johar????


i'll get my gf to read this post... it's so full of shit and sentimental i'll save money by not taking her out to the movie...

New MAC on the block said...

so what even if people talk about him being gay? what's wrong? isn't a celebrity's personal life discussed by the general public?
even if people consider gays to be bad, they've a right to do so, just like you seem to consider karan johar some kind of adonis. sorry, not everyone's as painfully politically correct as you are.
and actually remembering all the dialogues and characters' names? LOL!!! this is what we could call wasting your memory on useless stuff.
what a way to waste your time! really, to write a post on karan johar?! woman, have you basically exhausted all other topics to write about that you've had to churn out a cheesy post on that guy?
and yes, i didn't like the post and still read it. so, don't throw your trademark dialogue of don't-read-if-you-don't-like-it. is this the best thing that you can come up with to defend your ideas?

#satish and the pirate:
stop bickering and look at this comment. this is what you would call the best comment on this post so far.

Clueless said...

I was waiting for your post on KANK. I hated it to yell-at-the-screen levels, probably because I was expecting so much of KJ after KKHH, KHNH and K3G, and I wanted to know how you felt.

You nailed the reasons I didn't like the movie either. It just didn't allow me to feel for any of the characters. And don't even get me started about the 'infidelity scene'. My friends and I were so outraged - total, total, total waste of a perfectly nice song. Sheesh.

//when Rohit introduced himself as Yash to Rahul
I just saw K3G again a few weeks ago (your CDs, yay! :D) and I have to say that I love this scene to death. I, personally, think it remains Hrithik's best scene to date - the emotion was so palpable. I'm not the sniffly type, but I swear I was in tears at that point when I first saw the movie. Just a brilliant, brilliant performance by HR. Same for his scene with DJ. So utterly sweet and cry-worthy at the same time. *sniff*

And for some unknown reason, everything about KHNH appealed to me, and it's a movie I'll love forever. For Saif, for the settings, for the theme, and for that insanely beautiful title song. Sigh. I guess I went into the theatres to watch KANK expecting KNKH standard, and the movie fell disastrously short. Eh.

KJ still rocks, though. I'm a bit meh about him right now, but I'll be back to normal (and my KJ-loving self) once I get the bad taste of KANK out of my mouth.

Apologies for the lengthy, lengthy comment. KANK just brings out the rambler in me. The bitter one. You can check my blog for proof. :|

Sayesha said...

#Raam Pyari,
Hahaha! Bahin bahin share karte hain! :D

I did, indeed! :D

Chal I saved you money :)

Hahaha! Let's keep the faith... KJ will bounce back! I hope! :P

Hari said...

Your post seems to be longer than an archive of posts stringed together from my blog. I havent read the post fully... but I read something like making people laugh is easy but to make them cry is difficult. The guy who issued visa to pakistan must surely have different opinion about this one...

Iday said...

//Even if some of your movies don’t quite make sense as a whole, there are scenes that will always stay in my heart.

Thats exactly what i would say abt his movies :)

//I did not care why SRK was tearing as he declared his marriage to be a failure.


//I did not care why Abhishek was breaking vases and plates and asking Rani why she didn't wanna sleep with him.

Nope - Abhishek dint break the vases for that. He broke the vases when Rani told him abt SRK. Abhishek, i think, is the best part of the movie.

I liked KKHH when i saw it in my first year @ college. We saw it in the college auditorium and i guess the College atmosphere added more spice to the movie. It was a "leave ur brains out" joy ride movie. Thus began the KJ saga. I hadnt seen another of his movie till last year - a gap of nearly 5 yrs. This was coz of all the rave reviews KHNH was receiving. I liked this one too - because of the feel good factor and Saif! I also learnt to ignore SRK's (so called) acting skills. We seem to be sailing in the same boat w.r.t KKKG - Hrithink show all the way. I got a DVD just to have the "Dekha Thumkho Jabse" song. Since i had the DVD, i decided to see the movie anyway and it was not bad. The family sentiment worked i guess :)

But KANK!!! i had this "drugged" feeling by the interval. The snacks gave me some energy - but i was back to being drugged in 30 mins. AB senior had nothing to do and Preity had nothing to do (That's perhaps a good thing). Abhishek was good in patches and awesome in the songs :) The only time i ever felt like being in a movie hall was when "Where's the Party Tonight" and "Rock and Roll Soniye" were on screen. An old SRK and a fat Rani in extremely week characters made the sad story complete.

I now have serious doubts abt KJ's skills. I am actually waiting for his next movie to decide whether KHNH was a fluke or KANK is a one-off mistake.

Err... long comment befitting the long post :P

Rebellion said...

LOL Sash,

True louuu speaks!!! :P

On a serious note, not that I like or hate KJ but I liked the way you wrote it. Many statements that you said in the post were really awesome!

But one statement that I kind of disagree on.. Laugh & cry wala. Somehow even I believe that its easier to make people cry than make them laugh!! Forget bollywood, its got the capacity to make us laugh & cry at the same time too but apart.. Think about it, someone is really happy and shares his happiness with you and you behave ignorantly or rudely to him, he can get into tears immediately but if he's really upset, you'd have a real hard time to really make him to make him smile!

Yeah this is possible that the statement applies to you coz maybe its easier for others to make you laugh than to cry and well, thats a good thing actually. Butttt, where am concerned, if your happy posts make me laugh, your sad posts make me feel hurt too, not necessarily cry though!

Take care,

Harshi said...

I was just waiting for this post Sash! :-)

Not one tear in KANK. Same Here!!!!
But I definitely applaud Karan for trying to put his thoughts and ideas across in this form and trying such a storyline. I actually wholly agree with that general thought or philosophy behind this movie. I liked the fact that Rani and SRK did not rush into each others arms after finally separating from their spouses. I liked the fact that in the end, they all got *mutual love*, something that all of us deserve. Karan has questioned tradition, and thus am sure, has raised questions in a lot of peoples minds. Perhaps, the older generation..and many of our generation too, am sure. I think such a movie was definitely needed. Anyways, it was interesting reading recently an article that said that Karan did not think that SRK and Rani were going to be this picture-perfect couple in love, who lived happily ever after. Not at all. Infact, he always thought that yes, they'd have happy moments together, but their marriage was going to be quite complex and riddled with issues. He thought, that Abhishek comparatively, was going to be much happier, and Preity..well, she was this strong career woman, she did not marry in the end...she seemed to have found an equation with her son and she was happy with that. I know, the lovemaking scene kinda made me take a *gulp*..:-)) but I think Karan just wanted to show the extent and completeness of their bond. Maybe it wasn't necessary though. I liked knowing Karan made a movie with people who had flaws, and who were confused. He certainly thought things through, as much as he could. Yeah, there were some loopholes, but it's okay. We can let that go :-)). I simply did not identify with Amitabh's character AT all. It was just over-the-top.

Anyway, sorry if I digressed from the point of your post Sash. Yeah, isn't it silly how people put directors into these boxes. Sure, they have signature styles, but in the end, they are creative heads! They should keep exploring different themes, different styles. They will stagnate if they don't. They are growing as people too. They don't have to be married to make a movie on marriage..:-)). I was surprised Karan did so much research thru books and interviews with people and even marriage counselors, had his own knowledge through observation and discussions with people he sure he was living and breathing marriage esp at this time.

PS: Sorry..for the extended comment :-)).

Sakshi said...

YOu like this guy!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa. I have to rethink this situation.
Bhai likes this idiotic director - a guy whose characters live in opulent homes, break into a song and dance and make no sense what so ever.
You like him :-(
Me going to drown myself in a stiff drink.

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Yeah man... he could make me almost cry so easily... and I only laughed towards the very end. Good example. :P


Haan yaar... I actually DISLIKED him in this movie! I hated his character and his portrayal equally! :/

Abhishek was ok ok I felt... but not really 'saving grace'... I mean nothing really 'saved' this movie :P

John was the best part! :D

Haan yaar... remember pavitra pyaar and all? ;)

//Think about it, someone is really happy and shares his happiness with you and you behave ignorantly or rudely to him, he can get into tears immediately but if he's really upset, you'd have a real hard time to really make him to make him smile!

Yeah you have a point there. I guess my point was more for people who are experiencing neutral emotions at the time when you're trying to make them laugh/cry.

//Butttt, where am concerned, if your happy posts make me laugh, your sad posts make me feel hurt too, not necessarily cry though!

Hehehe... see, you just supported my point! Easy to make pple laugh, not easy to make them cry (as in shed tears wala cry, not just sad types) :P

Wow, nice thoughts... liked your points about the 'mutual love' bit... in the end they each got what they loved (even if their definitions of love were different) - SRK had Rani, Abhishek had Catherine and Preity had her job.

//I liked knowing Karan made a movie with people who had flaws, and who were confused.

This is a very good point. Perhaps we're not yet used to characters who can't make up their minds, or those who do not conform to a particular 'type' and that's why we hated it.

/PS: Sorry..for the extended comment :-)).

Don't be silly babe. You know the bar is as much as friends' space as it is mine :)

Hehehe... haan yaar I like him wat to do... :P

//Me going to drown myself in a stiff drink.

Hahaha! Cheers! Zyada talli mat hona babe! ;)

turkish said...

thts my point. its not a big deal to me. but when i say it as a passing comment people get so worked up about it denying it as though i was calling THEM gay.

and THATS when it becomes a big deal.

singh said...

isiliye kehtey hai...don't drink and blog.

Nirwa said...

//Because I believe that it is easy to make people laugh, but it is not easy to make people cry.

I don't think so, I think it is easier to make people cry than to laugh. It is very easy to make social dramas, and you can manage to make the audience cry, but it's not easy to find humour in movies, which oculd make you laugh till you cry! :-)

Anyway, coming to KANK, yes the movie was bad. Very bad, in fact. I could not relate myself to anyone. Having said that, let me say, I have enjoyed all his other movies. I was veyr much looking forward to this movie, because Karan Johar movies mean enjoyable movies, the mvoies which make you laugh and cry.

But the movie was bad.

And no, I have not seen Banaras. Am I saved? :D

Iday said...

//bhishek was ok ok I felt... but not really 'saving grace'...
Dunno - may be another case of Dear Einstein Baba's theory of relativity :)

//John was the best part! :D
John looked awesome - as usual.
But his attempts at being a DJ were not that impressive. He looked artifical in that role :)
Yeah i know i'm askin for trouble now :P

The Inquisitive Akka said...

On a different note- Why am I not able to access the_girl_from... and janedoe's blogs??:(

Shekhar said...

//Just please don’t ever come up with a movie like Banaras. :|

And what if he made a movie which had a song going something like 'On the roof, in the rain ??' [silly ishmyle]

Abhishek said...

yuck....i just hate him....
but really thank him for that "preety" look for PZ in KHNH....really makes me go crazy.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I suppose when something really matters to pple, they get hurt easily.

Thanks for the advice. This is a bar.

Compare the number of people who burst out laughing at funny scenes in a movie with the people who shed tears at the emotional ones. :)

//And no, I have not seen Banaras. Am I saved? :D

Teri toh kya, tere grandkids ki jaan bachi! That movie could have scarred you for life. Lekin you should watch it. Just to see how unbelievably bad a movie can be! :P

John toh John hai... just place him anywhere and we'll go bonkers - who cares whether he looks artificial or what :P

The girl and Jane doe have gone to khopcha and refuse to come out. Don't ask me what it means. I dunno either :D

You will never get over that, will ya? :P

Oh boy she looked super gorgeous in KHNH!! Stark contrast to her KANK look.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

what nonsense is this?

Di said...

dont agree on the other karan movies, nor do i weep at them......but agree tht the critics of KANK did focus too much on karan and his style than the movie!!!

singh said...

//Thanks for the advice. This is a bar.

Agreed. Par jab bartender bevdi ho jaaye to bada dukh lagta hai. :(

chappal sympathiser (if that word exists) said...

Koo? :O Noooooooooo. :/


(Rhymes, hai na? :P)

The Smiling Girl said...

Sachi mein, must be the only post of urs that i didnt feel like reading... :)
But yes, I do agree with u.. I dont mind if they are a couple or not.. BUt i will always like SRK... :)

Janefield said...

seriously have to agree with sistahs...this post is scary! poor Koo might feel stalked by Sash if he lands in Singapore next time :)))
ROFL @ Chappal sympathizer!!!

The Lonely Traveller said...

Hey Sash....
Your post was better than KANK. Only thing is lacks is a song.

You can use:

"Mera pyar....Karan Johar" ;-)
ROFLMAO @ imagining a Singapore full of KJ lovers ;-)

Now .. that's imagination ;-)

Iday said...

//John toh John hai... just place him anywhere and we'll go bonkers - who cares whether he looks artificial or what :P
I know I know :)
I never said he looked bad :D

Sudeep said...

i was gonna tell a real kissa 'bout SRK lekin tu india aake mujhe maaregi so better i dont..

gay ppl r gud as long as they are just frnds n not start hitting upon the straight category..

the middle part of letter had me hooked.. nice one

btw, tere pyar ke list (i dint say pavitra pyar this time :D) ka aur ek item samajh mein aaya

the idea is to mint money.. so Karan Johar or for tht matter Ekta Kapoor is also gud at tht.. no matter whtever she shows on screen she manages to keep the women glued to the screen like Sayesha does to readers of her posts
Ekta=Sayesha :P

*runs away in glee*

Inder said...

ha... whatever... i liked kank a lot. may be, it is because i don't try to identify myself with the characters in the movies i watch. to me, they are all alien. and i am okay with watching aliens as long as they do what the storyline of the movie demands :)

i have this hunch... may be... just may be 5 - 10 years down the line, kank would be looked up as a novel pathbreaking movie. may be, kank is a bit ahead of its time :)


If Karan is agay then Koffee with Karan is like having coffee with a gay.

If u like Shaan so much, then do u watch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on thursdays and fridays on Zee TV from 10pm to 11.00 pm? Shaan shows different kinds of facial expressins when he hosts the show. Cute to see it.

KANK was a disaster with SRK. silly concept.

Yash chopra can make people cry more than anyone else.

As he is becoming older SRK is more keen to sleep with heroines rather than act like with Rani in KANK and Kareena in DON. Sick SRK.
Even though he was my fav hero.

Rani looked much aged in the movie too.

Kayeesha kikes Karan Kohar.

Mathi S said...

>> Or is it that gay people make guys uncomfortable? Insecure? That they may become ‘one of those’ if they hang out in gay company?

let me answer that.. nope, its not bcos of being uncomfortable or insecurity. its simple, its bcos we dont have enough common subjects to talk about. think abt it, would anyone want to talk abt something that they dont give a damn about. its uncomforatble for both parties. disastrous company. well, men do it with women -i mean listen to them go crazy talking over their shopping expedite- bcos at least we collect brownie points to pop the hood later. believe me you :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Ayesha,

I luv the way wrote about my movies.'Am sad you didn't like KANK, may because like Banaras, it too was meant for intelligent audience.
I promise you sweetheart that next time around I would make something for you.
Luv... Karan J.