Thursday, September 14, 2006

The fine lyin'

So we were in the class of The Prof when he made an announcement.

"I have a very interesting video I want to show you but I'm not sure if I should. Actually I feel guilty when I show my class videos, because while they're watching it, I just sit there and do nothing. I feel like I'm not doing my job. What do you think?"

"But sir, if we all want to watch the video, you have no reason to feel guilty." I gathered the courage to say it.

"Hmmm... I know you would all prefer watching a video to listening to me talk and bore you to death, isn't it?"

Our silence showed that we did not disagree.

So he decided to play the video. There was a slight murmur of celebration in the class. We love videos. Whenever our professors play videos, they dim all the lights and we can each do what we want, especially if the video is really boring. Half of the class takes a nap, while the other half engages in other forbidden behaviour in class such as eating, drinking and smsing their friends about how sleepy they are. I myself have finished half a sandwich and a can of iced lemon tea while a video was going on. All that, being the geeky girl that I am in class, while sitting in the first row.

He started playing the video, and then paused it.

"I suppose you want me to keep the lights on, in case you want to take notes?" He asked.

There was a silent collective gasp of horror.

"Notes??" One of my classmates exclaimed.

"You will not take notes??" He sounded offended.

"No sir, we don't need to. We'll watch it with full concentration." Another cheeky classmate chirped. (I swear it wasn't me. I wouldn't have thought we could have gotten away with that.)

He agreed.

So out went the lights and the video started. It was about political campaigns in the US, and soon half the class went to sleep. I did not have any food or drinks on me, so I actually sat and watched the video.

An hour later, the video came to a sudden end and he switched on the lights rather abruptly, while some of my classmates were still rubbing their eyes.

And that's when his eyes caught something.

"You...!" He said to a girl sitting in the back row.

We all turned to see whom he was talking to. It was a girl, and she'd been caught pressing the keys of her mobile phone.

Another silent collective gasp of horror.

"You... you know you have violated my classroom rules?" He continued to look at her sternly.

Yet another silent collective gasp of horror.

Our hearts went out to the girl, as we waited for the big telling-off.

Without batting an eyelid, the girl said, "Oh, I was recording the video on my phone for my reference, sir. Now I'm just saving it in my folder."

"Oh! Then it's okay." He said, delighted that someone found the video so interesting to actually record it.

I bow to thy presence of mind, missy.

Either mobile phones can really record 1-hour videos or we were in the company of the world's most skilful liar.


renegadefade said...

gold! ha ha

and what a ghissu u r!

Sayesha said...

//and what a ghissu u r!

Hahaha! I dun even know what that means! Dude... that better be a compliment warna tere naam ki supari nikli aaj! :D

Sakshi said...

You don't count Sayesha.
I am going to ban all phones in my class.
But damn that girl is good.
Why didn't I ever think of that??
*Goes to sulk in the corner*

Deeps said...

Bronze, bronze :-D

Really quicky thinking on the girl's part. Kudos to her ;-).

Deepa said...

Fantastic presence of mind

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! awesome woman. i think whats cool about taking the risk of getting into trouble is the joy of getting away scott free :D

satish said...

main toh darr gaya tha. thankyou bhagwan, iss estory kaa happy ending karne ke liye!

The Pirate said...

Hahahaha!! Maybe I'll take classes from her.. :D

Iday said...

mobiles actually can record 1hr long videos :)
but i bet she wasnt doin that...

i too bow to thee, missy.

Hari said...

/*Whenever our professors play videos, they dim all the lights and we can each do what we want*/

Oh! God!! *Nervous*

/*other half engages in other forbidden behaviour in class such as...*/

Oh! *Very Nervous*

/*eating, drinking and smsing their friends about how sleepy they are*/

Dart! *Great disappoinment*

renegadefade said...

arre compliment hi to tha bhai.. it means hardworking :P .. waise can't believe the prof bought that .. talk about gullible

Hari said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
chandu said...

awesome response :D

@hari's comment

kikass!!!! roflol!!

Restless Rain said...

That girl is good. Really good. Maybe it's years of training heh....

rads said...

omg. that was quick thinking! mobiles and classrom notes indeed! :D

dharmu said...

hgats off to her, that was some quick thinking, witty and skilfull.

who classes deti hain kya???

The Smiling Girl said...

Or that missy is Lajjo, coz Lajjo has a really trendy fone, Sash... *looks around to see if Lajjo is around*
Did u take a good look at her? :)

shekhar said...

This on a day when I too was caught in the classroom with the mobile phone (my ex msgd me). Of course, the dear faculty just asked me to switch it off and put the cell phone away. When someone cheekily muttered 'confiscate' from the other end of the room, all that the prof said was "..ab inke is umar mein kya confiscate karun...abhi to use karne ke din hain"... :|

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

shaani S.G! haan haan my phone records one hour long videos also. tera kya?

zoxcleb said...

truth be depends on the phone :-) but that was amazing... seriously.. who'd have ever come up with such a lovely story

PizzaDude said...

Whoa!! Am totally amazed.. That was some real quick thinking!!!

lol at hari's comment. :))

Nirwa said...

Hahahahahaha.. I love her presence of mind yaar!!

Can I have her number?? I would like a few tips myself! :P

Anonymous said...

Refer to Hari's comment for a gist of my comment :P

"... we were in the company of the world's most skilful liar."

What! Liar?? Thats called 'presence of mind', girl! :D... Guess u r jealous that u cudnt think of such a clever response :))


its me said...

hahahahahahah!!!! tooooooo good...

mysorean said...

LOL! Good one! So, it was Sowmya is it? Good one Sowmya!

Rohit Talwar said...

Has happened with me! I used the same thing! The professor was up with this superbly boring agro-stats session on the screen. I said, 'Mr D, I wasn't SMSing. I'll be using these figures in the research at the end of the semester.'

It worked! :P


Naresh said...

too good... thtz wht i call creativity!
awesome girl she is... :D

cardamom said...

moral of the story : always goto the class with a camera mobile...or else remain a ghisssu for life...

arey sayesha bhai apun ka post padhne kaa kyaa...aur jor se hasne kaa..iss baar mast likhela hai apun...chal bye bolta hai...


Inder said...

that was one really quick-witted girl.
i am trying to imagine what i would have done had i been in her place... may be, "sir, i was just using the mobile as a torch to write down some notes...". but, i think i would have never used mobile in the first place :)

Sayesha said...

//You don't count Sayesha.

Hahahaha! Mere hi blog par mujhko hi oust kar rahi ho?? :D

//Why didn't I ever think of that??

Hehehe... well now you do. Don't let your students get away with something like this. Demand to see the recording! ;)

Hahaha! Yeah, if she was lying that is. She could have been telling the truth for all we know :D

Hehehe! Yeah man! :D

Well said! :D

Tu itna kaiku darta hai re? :/

Hahahaha! :D

Hehehehehe.. so many pple bowing to her, I'm sure she must be having hiccups! :D

Hahahahahaha! :D
Dunno what you did in uni... we toh study like good boys and girls *angelic look*
^ ^

Hahahaha! Baal baal bach gaya tu :P


#Restless Rain,
Me thinks engg grad from NTU, what say you? ;)


Hahaha! Sabko classes chahiye lagta hai! :D

#Smiling Girl,
Hehehehe... if Lajjo is a 20-year-old Chinese girl... heheheh :P

Hahahaha... cool prof man! :D

#Ipanema Gal,
And prat what do you use it for? :D

Hahaha! Presence of mind man! :)

Hehehehe... we're all LOL-ing at Hari's comment :D

Hey bhagwan tujhe bhi lessons chahiye? Naah, I'm sure you can teach her a thing or two! :D

Hahahaha! Jealous me? I'm too geeky to even try any stunt like that with such a strict prof... unless I'm in one of my cheeky moods :P

#It's me,

Areee it wasn't Sowmya! I don't even know Sowmya! Sowmya is just trying to take credit! Kyun Sowmya?? :D

Wah! Trust you to do that :D

Yeah! :D

Tu roz aake idhar apne post ka marketing kaiku karta hai re? Aayega na apun aaram se... tu bohni kar le :D

Hahaha! Yeah, me neither. I wouldn't DARE to take my mobile phone out in his class! :O

Anonymous said...

So in Singapore you address your professors as Sir/Ma'm?

That's interesting.

Anonymous said...

For the record, mobiles can record 1hr of video. The gizmo-geek has spoken!

The Smiling Girl said...

Arey Sash.. u never know re.. shayad ho sakti hain.. waise bhi we didnt see Lajjo no.. ;)
And she has this new phone which can record 1 hr videos re... soch le.. aur next class mein tikh se dekh le us ladki ko... :)
*waiting for Lajjo's reaction*

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Without any pun intended, that lady has got the balls! :)

Wow... she should quit marketing and join politics, Sayesha... she'll make an awesome spokesperson.

qsg said...

Waaah - she is good, man! Reeeeallly good! :D

Anonymous said...

I have a Cell phone that can record little more than 1 hour of video with a bad resolution, but it doesnt seem to work when its dark.

Kudos to her prescence of mind.

Sayesha said...

//So in Singapore you address your professors as Sir/Ma'm?

No, there's no such rule. Most of the time we call them Dr S etc. But once in a while, we also call them (esp the Indian profs) sir :)

Ah! I was waiting for the gizmo-geek :)

Tum dono yahin shuru ho gaye? :D

Hahaha! If I'm not wrong, she already works in one of the Ministries here (this is a post-grad class, so most are working people). :)

Oh yeah! :)

Well, hers seemed to be working in a pitch dark environment! ;)

Di said...

wow!! wish i cud learn to bluff like that !!!A huge bow to the liar!

Anonymous said...

wow! that person is sure prescient!

- s.b.

Anonymous said...


You are the only person who interpreted my comment properly :D...


"...I don't even know Sowmya!"

WHAT! :( :(( X-( *Leaves in a huff*

Ok,that was a lil too much :P...

And btw, i work for the Ministry of Blog Affairs... So, u better be careful :))

Anonymous said...

Oops, the prev comment was mine :)


Sayesha said...



//You are the only person who interpreted my comment properly :D...

You cannot be that person, Sowmya! Cos you're A BIGGER LIAR THAN HER!!!! :D

Trying to take innocent Chinese girl's credit?? Dhikkar hai tujhpar! :P

//WHAT! :( :(( X-( *Leaves in a huff*

Ya allah! Is ladki ka kya hoga? I meant I do not know you in real life.... uffff you're an even more dramatic drama queen than me! :P

Anonymous said...

"...uffff you're an even more dramatic drama queen than me! :P"

Arre! How can you say that when 'U' trained me!! I cant get better than my guru, can I?:D


The Inquisitive Akka said...

She's one smart cookie!

Anonymous said...

amazing Presence of mind...hats off to that girl!!

starbreez said...

she's getting a standing ovation in my mind right now.

Bhaarat said...

And the Prof agreed to that excuse:D
Certainly the gal is smart.

Sayesha said...

Guru is dilwali... she doesn't mind her chelis getting better than her! ;)


Hahaha.. yeah! :)

True man.. if she indeed was lying, that was some fast thinking she did! :)

Yeah :)

sneha said...

uber-smart (and gifted) chick!

Sudeep said...

ha ha.. sahi

aur u all can eat n drink in class.. how lucky

Bivas said...

that was one of the best excuses in class I have heard of...hats off to the lady.
Hi, first time on ur the link thru innumerable references to this place on Smiling Girl's space. :-)