Monday, September 04, 2006

Waat lagaate raho Munnabhai!

So it looks like I have already whacked the hell outta my brand new flatmate.

I said - it looks like.

Actually, the chap had dental surgery done last week, and his right cheek was swollen. As if bhai ne ghumaake diya ho do-chaar.

Aur khelo kitchen mein cricket. :|

Because of the stitches, he was having difficulty eating and drinking. Hell, he couldn't even laugh properly. "Please don't crack any more jokes," he requested to me day before yesterday, before forming a circular shape with his lips and letting out a controlled Santa-like ho-ho-ho. (By the way, all those traumatised by my PJs should meet this guy. He can give my PJs a run for their money any day.)

So when he said he wanted to go watch Munnabhai II, my first reaction was "Are you sure????"


"But you can't even laugh properly, it will be a waste man."

But he insisted. So I asked him to rehearse his Santa-like laughter several times, because there are few movies in the world that guarantee laughs, and this was one of them.


So we watched the movie.

Oh man.


And oh, I loved it!

Vidhu Vinod Chopra ki jai ho! Rajkumar Hirani ki jai ho! Abbas Tyrewala ki jai ho! Munnabhai ki jai ho! Circuit ki jai ho! Sab ki jai ho! Koi bach gaya? Uski bhi jai ho!

I don't remember laughing this hard at a movie in ages. AGES!

Now and then I'd look at my flatmate as he tried to manage his manufactured laugh. Boy, he so needs a second watch.

And if his wisdom tooth fairy is listening, I want a wish (since I doubt he's gonna ask for one).

"I want THIRTEEN Munnabhai movies, and I want every character in the movie to come back in every movie, just like they did in this one. Please don't let anyone associated with the movie die before all THIRTEEN are released."

It's not every movie that you love every miniscule bit o f.

It's not every movie where you can't make up your mind if the first one was better or this one.

It's not every movie that makes you adore a leading guy you never liked in any of his other movies.

It's not every movie that has scenes that can make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Haha..i'm numero uno today??:D..Gold ;)..
I loved the movie to bits!!! Circuit was sooo adorable..the music was simple and sweet..and it made up for every bad movie i watched in the past 2 months..INCLUDING KANK!!!:))..What days you have classes now?..i'm walking arnd with the mehndi looking for you :P

Liz :))

ps: you've moved places?:S Ouch! I hate lugging arnd my stuff when i move houses!!:S

Viks said...

Man!! you are killing me. Since last time I visited this place, there are THREE posts. So I complain about having to do too much of reading. Hope I keep getting chances to complain like that..:D and on my other fav blogs.

And Yeah.. all the best to you for your new place.. its obvious you are excited about it, cheerful posts all along. Keep it up.

Viks said...

And.. just returned from Munnabhai.. share your sentiments. Hillarious stuff..[pain is stomach kind :)] specially Circuit !!

shub said...

me too! :D and how often doesa sequel turn out as good as , if not better than the first one?!

Iday said...

i gotta take some time out of my essays and go see this one. Your post jus made me feel so bad about my being soooo very busyyyyyyyyy :(

This week i will see this...

Nirwa said...


I LOVED IT TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can watch it again and again and again and again! :D

Nirwa said...

oh, and i am before Aarti, TCO and others! YAYYYYYYYY

Inder said...

munnabhai's II avatar is on his way to holland. i think i should be able to watch him this weekend :)

Raam Pyari said...

I cud not get the tickets:(
And ALLLLLL I get to hear is how great the movie is!!!


mere guy ke saath movie:O:O:O:O
kya bahin...
*maxx sad nd disappointed luk*

dev said...

No tickets over the weekend.. bhai se poocha ke black mein milega kya... usne bola ki black ka ticket bhi black mein bhech diya.... kya karu ye filim hi to aisi

Got the tickets anyway! Me goin tonite!!!!! Woo hoo!

ursjina said...

aah...long live sash for this post..n i completely agree to the last part of ur post..i mean especially agree..hehe

naari said...

U Bet naari!

Circuit ka character jisne bhi conceptualize kiya woh genius hai. I haven't laughed this hard in a movie in a long time. I was so impatient for the intermission to end and for seconf half to start.

Btw movie ke pehle, Eklavya ka trailer dekha tha and I can't wait for the trailers to be released on TV.

satish said...

munna bhai ko jaake toh ab dekhna hee padega lagta hai!!

and talking abt thirteen sequels, arey agar sanju baba mar bhi gaye(i mean in case, waise woh amar rahein hamaari dua se) toh aap hain naa!!

sir-kit kaa role toh main kar dunga.

dhaansu movie banegi.. ekdum rapchik!! ;)

Sakshi said...

I am reconsidering the sanity of owning your own bar, bhai.
First Karan Johar and now this

Viren M. said...

Lekin bhai...aapki orkut profile kahaan chali gayi..woh condi rice waali?


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm gonna have to find tickets for this weekend!:) Too many positive reviews coming in.


qsg said...

Totally lurved the movie - bherry phunny! :D

The Pirate said...

hahaha... dimaag ki watt lag gayeli hai mamoo... jhakkas picture hai... :)

tgwstw, almost off to bed said...

I'm before TGFI and I just shot Liz. With this, I lay claim to the gold. :D

And Munnabhai is one of the few Bollywood movies that I'm gonna watch without plans of dissing it. :P

renegadefade said...

circuit rocks!

Anonymous said...

sooper dooper phillum only :)) fultu five istars i yam giving it. poor flattie, usko dubara leke jao after tooth recovers :) paisa wasool anyway!

Clueless said...

Dayum, woman! Don't tempt me like this, will you? I have an exam coming up in 2 days, and all the while I'm going to be thinking of how badly I wanna watch the movie! *sobs - nay, weeps*

Mujhe movie janaa hai! Abhi! Isi waqt! Waaah! :(

Sudeep said...

i want to see this movie to dispel my notion tht sequels cant be made in bollywood..

Anonymous said...

@sudeep...its not a sequel, its a series :-)

RandomThoughts said...

Now i'm all teh more keen to see it!

Thanks for the feedback!


Sayesha said...

Circuit was phenomenal! He had a way meatier role too than the last one! :D

I have classes on Wed and Thurs. LOL @ your mehndi-stalking :P

Yeah, I have moved to the east now. Yeay! :D

Thanks :)

Yeah man.. though technically it wasn't a sequel cos the story did not continue from the last one... but it was AWESOME! They should make more of these movies! We really need them! :)

You MUST watch it asap! I guarantee it will be worth the time you take off the essays! :)

Dhaaki tiki! :D

Hope you watch it sooooon! :)

#Raam Pyari,
Hahahaha! Lagta hai munda tujhe really bha gaya. Theek hai I will set up a movie date for you guys when you come here. Just pray that the movie is not like Banaras! :D


Hahahaha! Looks like you too laughed and cried at the same scenes that I did. :)

Haan I saw Eklavya ka trailer too... woh bhi dekhna hai! :)

Wah wah. Me Munna, tu Circuit. Producers ke paison ki kya waat lagne wali hai! :D

Gosh what's happened to you? You didn't like Lage Raho Munnabhai? Wait let me rephrase that - YOU DIDN'T LIKE LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI??????????? :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

Ji aapne insult kar diya humne hata diya :)
ps: I'm using my old orkut account now, that's why. Found a lot of school friends there :)

You haven't watched it yet??? Mera naam dubaayegi tu! :O


Hahahaha! I wanna watch it again for the dialogues man! :D

#World Gal,

He SO does! :D

#Anonymous Jane,
Only five ishtaars? Chih! Dhikkar hai tujhpar!

Oh man... you should have just come with us when I called you yaar... studies se break bhi ho jata... anyway, go watch it right after your exams! :)

All sequels suck. As in, they can NEVER match the first one. That's the universal truth. But the good thing about this one is - it is NOT a sequel! Bole toh? You go watch, tab pata chalega apun kya bol rela hai :D

#Anonymous Jane,
Tu chinta mat kar... apun achhe se kharcha pani dekar samjha diya is Sudeep Chikne ko... :D

You should watch it ASAP! :D

Anonymous said...

Gooooood morrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnninnnnnnnnngggggg Sash :D, arre, 5 ishstars out of 5 re...wot to do, ratings are that much only.

Sneha said...

it makes you laugh. it makes you cry..and most importantly it makes you think!
such an awesome movie. it needs standing ovation!

mysorean said...

You should read my review to see how much we both agree on this! :) If you find it worthy enough to leave a comment I had be honoured!

Agree with you! :)

raj said...
Sayesha, visit the above site for a post inspired by one of your posts last year. It doesnt acknowledge you ofcourse. Maybe, it is a coincidence. Maybe not.

educatedunemployed said...

Sounds tempting.Will try and catch it by the weekend.


Vidhu Vinod Chopra is my favourite director. I like 1942 A Love Story, Parinda, Kareeb, Mission Kashmir, Munnabhai MBBS....

aur kuch baki rehgaya is also my favourite.....ha ha.

The Light-House. said...

Vidya Balan ki jai ho!!.
Laughing like Santa Cluase.
Santa was briefly misread as Santa of Santa Singh fame :P

Nimrat said...

hey after reading so much .. about this movie.. are you by any chance associated with the movie publicity system?... he he..
Honestly I didn't like it at all... too tapori for me and I think I am slowly becoming a cynic or somthing.. :)

Dan said...

wow, seems to be a great movie from all I hear!
M.B.B.S is so far the only good Hindi comedy I know. In fact it was so good that even my bollywood-sceptical friends liked it a lot.
I'm quite excited to finally see the sequel :)

You wrote that every character was back in the movie. I hope they didn't omit short circuit? Uska nam sab se achha joke hai :)