Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What a girl wants

So my company organised a Fun Day at Macritchie Reservoir Park yesterday. Events included a 3.2-km walk-a-jog and random games between various departments, which resulted in a lot of commotion as four male designers from my department ended up stripping to their basics (can't blame 'em, the game was so make the longest chain using things on you, and our team soon ran outta shoe laces, bandanas, sunglasses and watches). It was kinda unsightly, but it was cool to see the guys being so rough and so sporty and generally so... err... 'guy'.

When your colleagues get out of their formals and into skimpier attire that is more suitable for long hours of walking in the sun, there's a lot of checking out that goes on. The men were checking the women out. Hell, even the women were checking the women out. Hmmm... I wonder who was checking the men out then.

Funny girly conversation overheard by Sayesha during the walk-a-jog:

Maths editor who thinks she's fat (pointing to new editor whose short shorts are nicely showing off her shapely legs) - "Goodness, would you look at her legs! So slim!"

New editor with shapely legs turns back upon hearing her name.

Maths editor who thinks she's fat - "Your legs, man! Wow... Each leg is like two of mine!"

New editor with shapely legs - ???!!!

Sayesha - :D

It's only at events like this that you see a different side of the people you've been working with. For example, I bumped into a guy I used to have a crush on three years ago. (People who know me from work and are reading this, NO, I won't disclose who it is! :D )

My first interactions with him were really weird. I'd only been working in the company for a few weeks, and I'd been put in charge of 24 books. These were adaptations for the US market, and had very tight deadlines because shipping the books over was going to take up a major chunk of the timeline. In those days, I used to reach my office at 7 am so I could talk to the US office before they wrapped up for the day. I'd have to fax every page after any amendment to them and get their approval before proceeding. Sometimes I just found it easier to drag my chair over and station myself near the fax machine.

And as luck would have it, whenever this dude would go to the photocopier to photocopy something, he'd find me sitting near the fax machine. He'd have this amused look on his face, but he'd say nothing. It really bugged the hell out of me.

These are the first three of our conversations:

10:30 am - He walks over to the photocopier and spots me by the fax machine.
He - I always see you here. *amused smile*
Me - Yeah... *polite smile*

2:30 pm - He walks over to the photocopier and spots me by the fax machine.
He - You're still here... *amused smile*
Me - Yeah... *polite smile*

5:30 pm - He walks over to the photocopier and spots me by the fax machine.
He - You're always at the fax machine, aren't you? *amused smile*
Me (a really exasperated one at that) - Yeah, I came with the fax machine. They had an offer. Buy one fax machine, get one editor free. *straight face*

He never spoke to me after that.

I finally had a chance to work with him when I was put in charge of the kids' magazine. Most of our interaction was via email but we did have meetings now and then. I was starting to get really impressed by him because (a) he was really really intelligent, (b) he was passionate about his job, and (c) he was damn good at what he did. I found all three traits very very cool. Of course I was still annoyed about the fax machine incident, and so I continued to give him attitude so that he would never ever find out about my crush.

In time, I got over my crush, but I still found him kinda cool. I still maintain that there's something incredibly sexy about a guy who takes his job seriously.

Then I didn't see him around for like a year or so because his entire department moved to another floor in our office building. I forgot all about him.

And yesterday, I saw him again.

Not participating in any of the sporting activities.

And suddenly I didn't find him so cool anymore. :|

How will you guys ever understand us? When we don't understand ourselves?


saty said...

Ah... women!!!

cardamom said...

rajyavardhan singh rathode...that's me ...he he silver medallist *As if the name of the blog is sayesha's olympics :P *

now let's see what the post is all about...will come bak to claim the bronze..inshallaah


cardamom said...

Nobody knows what a woman wants...except her dietician and beautician...

i don't know whether editors have any diet...n or beaut...n...tell me sayesha *making a curious face*


dharmu said...

i remembered our company 'day our in the resort' of last year. it was so much fun. and i did check out the guys :)

PSV said...

this post was funny...
I thought you were completely anonymous?
how many people in your real life know about your blog?

Anonymous said...

arey, uss samay aapki life mein main nahin tha naa, isiliye aap bhatak gaye the! ;)


Hari said...

Yeah. Girls are so very confusing, confounding, complicated and consternating!!! It was so difficult for me when, for the first time in my life, I got the friendship of a girl! A small witty comment would send her rolling with laughter and a casual teaser would rage her. Once, pretty pissed off with her adamant behaviour I just cut the line of the phone. She called up again and made sure she brought tears to my eyes!!
I still wonder what made me cry that day...
Anyways those days are distant memories now...
... and I think I am glad about it.

Inder said...

we sometimes have group activities in the evenings on working days. ueah. on working days. we have it after working hours. company is particular that no billing is lost. by that time i would be dead tired and be roming around like a zombie. i go to the activity hall... watch some activity... never participate in them... if some known person participates, encourage/boo him/her... most importantly, finish the snacks... silently abscond from that place.

The Inquisitive Akka said...

I know what you mean. Its happened to me a couple of times too. I find a guy so cool and some time later I am suddenly wondering-"Why this guy??" :)

Sakshi said...

Story of my life........

rads said...

yea, we move on. *end of story* :D

It's like thinking Jackie Shroff was the sexiest bod on earth when he acted in the movie 'Hero' and now when I see him he looks ugh!

dev said...

Uhh.. thats the question that's been hauntin men (and some women, perhaps... for they dont know what they want) for centuries! :D

So Sayesha bhai, what do bhais want?

Iday said...

//How will you guys ever understand us? When we don't understand ourselves?
Okie - i accepted defeat long back and decided that the best thing to do is to try not to understand you girls :D
And yeah - i gave myself this "Be prepared for anything" attitude :P

singh said...

//How will you guys ever understand us? When we don't understand ourselves?
Don't worry about it, Sayesha. Maybe it's just you.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

what u have said is true.
All the great minds who understand girls must read this post.

Nandya said...

godddd!!!.....u are the work of the devil...

The Pirate said...

How I wish I was at Macritchie Reservoir Park yesterday...

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Aare nahi nahi... go on and present him a fax machine and see if he wants the free stuff :D

And yes, the day you understand why/what exactly you want.... please make sure you do post something here :)

Anonymous said...

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sinusoidally said...

Actually I think that conversation was quite funny!

Jay said...

Typical Venusian?

Di said...

he he..yeah the poor things have it tough!! ;)

mysorean said...

Yeah and you also write blogs about it to complicate matters! ;)

sneha said...

that guy is definitely not your kind then? he musn't be a fire sign..probably not even an air sign ..a more reserved and cautious capricorn(if hes really all tht hardworking and job-oriented)?can't rule out the possibility of him being a virgo or a taurian too.. hmm..

Anonymous said...

Did u post this from the fax machine :P... Ok, ok, i know its not poss :D


Iday said...

@sneha - what do u have to say abt scorpios??? ;)

asterix said...

bhai , pehele na tuu define karney ka ki tere ko na life mey kya mangtha hai!

apun ka problem yeh hai ki apun ko sab kuch mangtha hai!

Sudeep said...

lol @ ur reply in the fax machine incident.. was expecting it

I still maintain that there's something incredibly sexy about a guy who takes his job seriously.
i hope there are not many gals who think like tht warna main toh zindagi bhar single rahunga :|

Sayesha said...


Wah kya royal naam hai? Sach mein tera hai? :P

//i don't know whether editors have any diet...n or beaut...n...tell me sayesha

Haha! I'm my own beautician and dietician :D

Lucky you that you had guys that were worth checking out! :D

Completely anonymous? Naah, people have found me :)

Ya allah! Tu kab sudhrega re Satish?

Face it - you guys can't live without us! :P

Wah, very fulfilling :)

Hehehehe.. girls will be girls :P

Join the club, sistah! :D

Hahahahahaah! What an example! Maza aa gaya, I know exactly what you mean! :D

//So Sayesha bhai, what do bhais want?

Hafta! :D

Yeah, that's a good attitude :)

Dude, I've been watchin' you :|

//All the great minds who understand girls

There's no such thing, buddy! :D


Why, you wanted to watch the guys strip too? Hahahaha! :D

//And yes, the day you understand why/what exactly you want....

I doubt if that will ever happen :P

Hey, long time no see! :)

Hahaha! :D


What to do man... I have OCB - Obsessive Compulsive Blogging :D

Gosh! I'm not into zodiac signs AT ALL... I've NO IDEA what you just talked about :P

Sheesh! Your PJs are gettin' worse than mine! :P

Hahahaha! Good luck, buddy! :)

//apun ka problem yeh hai ki apun ko sab kuch mangtha hai!

Milega... sab milega... jo jo tu deserve karega sab milega... bhai ne bola :P

//i hope there are not many gals who think like tht warna main toh zindagi bhar single rahunga :|

Hahaha! tab toh tu gaya! :D

Bhaarat said...

Time is very powerful. Never assume anything to remain same all the time. BTW, is free editor wala fax machine vendor still in business. I seriously need help in getting my blog started again. Can you please pass on the contact info. Otherwise, is your office willing to sell that editorwala fax machine :D

How do we know said...

the last line.. but then, why do guys need to understand us at all?? :-)

The Smiling Girl said...

U r right Sash.. ab koi mujhe bhi to bolde how to get over this crush I have on my 40-something director... :)
Halp re... :)

The Smiling Girl said...

Sash.. main answer karun PSV ko?? :)
#PSV - Sash utni bhi Anon nahi hain... :) There are few people in her real life who read her blog... :D..

Sayesha said...

First of all, nice pic! ;)
Secondly, the editorwala offer has lapsed :D

#How do we know,
They don't, but they do want to know how we work, even though they do not admit it! ;)

#Smiling Girl,
Arre why are you in such a hurry to get over a crush?? I LOVE having crushes... they make us happy for no reason... cherish it yaar... ek din apne aap chala jayega :)
ps: Thanks for replying to PSV :)

Harshi said...

>>>there's something incredibly sexy about a guy who takes his job seriously.

Ditto, ditto, ditto!

I love that part in a man. Yes, so sexy. How do you think of just the right way to express things Sash? :-)

Haan, things change. The sands keep shifting..and we are not even aware of some of those forces.

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Janitri said...

:) nice conversation! I had a hearty laugh @ editor free part :))