Thursday, September 28, 2006

The thoughtless side of Sayesha

Recently I saw the thoughtless side of me.


Lately I've been so swamped with office work and school work that it feels like I have no thoughts left to blog about. Or perhaps no time to have the thoughts that make me blog.

I think I'm suffering from a variation of 'writer's block' - something I refer to as 'writer's blog'.

But even though I am out of words myself, I'm glad that there are words by others that give me strength. Words that are on a postcard pinned on my notice board at work for example. Words that have seen me through a lot in life.


"Tough times don't last, tough people do."


jade said...

u mean writer's block rite? anyway suffering from reader's block here n ppl r disappearing from the bloggin world too... hope we both recover soon..

Clueless said...

You read my mind! Man, I could use a little inspiration myself. I'm in a similar situation - swamped with work, and drowning in it. And I do have the thoughts - I just don't have the strength or time to do anything about it. Sigh. Tough times. But they won't last. Must be optimistic that things will start looking up soon. :)

Archana said...

Hey! Good luck and come back soooooooon :-)!

Shekhar said...

Hey, u ARE tough..ok ??!!! No questions asked !! :)

dharmu said...

Haan Bhai, even I needed that word now. Waiting for the tough time to pass.

The Pirate said...

well said... see, u r not so thoughtless afterall... ;)

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

True, very true.....

Bivas said...

...and the toughest of them all creates history!
don't know where that came from but it's quite true isn't it :-)

Rebellion said...


Am in the first 10.. YEAYYYY!!
Now lemme read & get back :D

Take care,

Rebellion said...

Hey Sash,

Thats one of my fav too :)
Don't worry dear, the workload will lessen and ul soon be back :)

Take care,

Janefield said...

Hi5 bahin :(

Sakshi said...

Missed the top 10 by this much *hold the thumb a cm away from the fore finger*
Thats it..
Any way - I can sympathize with being swamped at work. But then I use my blog to vent :)

Sanyukta said...

oh yeah, u r eggjactly correct, di.
par i thought writer's block se at least aapki toh purani dushmani hai...:D
anyways, i'm glad that the first thing i read on my budday is ur lovely post.

Sayesha said...

Yeah, it's a variation for bloggers :)
Recovery to all! Cheers! :)

Yes they will start looking up soon! I'm positive! Lage raho! :)

Thanks dear! :)

Thanks... :P

It will pass, babe! :)

Yeah... a thought on thoughts :)


Hahahaha I guess so :)

Thanks bacha! >:D<

Arre tu kaiku roti hai? :?

Hehehehe... thing is I'm not frustrated (yet)... just swamped :)

Gosh! You! Long time no see! Aur aayi bhi toh budday par?? Happy birthday, darling! :) Hope everything's going great! :)

//par i thought writer's block se at least aapki toh purani dushmani hai...

Even I thought so re... thoda time chahiye bas :P

chandu said...

take a break :)

qsg said...

I am swamped too - totally swamped - I need some food and sleep - that's all! Is that too much to ask?

mysorean said...

#17, good enough for my lazy self! :)

Blog and block is the same in tamizh language - the second official language of Singapore, right?! ;)

And I tell you what, it is tougher to write comments within the top 20 too for your posts!

See, I have survived so many posts?!

Hari said...

Hehehe!! Seeing you handle so many things at a time I had a doubt if you were a really a human or an alien from Jupiter,in the form of a girl!! Good to see the human side in you.
Don't tire yourself out...

Sneha Acharya said...

HEY looks like u have blocked so many thngs .. whr r u mam .. whrs the reply for my mail .. grrr

Iday said...

You have ur exams coming up in Nov.
Make sure u arent burnt out by then.

Take some time off :)
Spread the world map, select a place where there'll be no assassinations/coups and have a holiday with ur gang of girls.
If that place happens to be Chennai, i promise u a supply of loads of pani puris for the entire stay :D

Rebellion said...

Hey Sash,

You got the hug right :P
This shows you're already feeling better, right?? ;)

Take care,

Sayesha said...

Coming soon! To a holiday-spot near you! ;)

No dear, it's not. You'll have 'em. Soon. :)

//the second official language of Singapore, right?! ;)

Well, going by population percentage, it should be the fourth actually :P

//See, I have survived so many posts?!

Errr... congratulations for remained unscathed? :O

Hahaha... yeah, sometimes I face the harsh reality that I actually am not superhuman! :/

Email???? You sent me an email???? :O When?????????? :O

Thanks, dear... my exams are the last things I'm worried about... more tension because of dissertation (due in Oct) and two reports (due in early Nov) :O

Yeah man, I SO want a HOLIDAY! :D

Hahahah! Finally I got it right eh??? It's not <:D> it's not <:D> it's not <:D>.. hehehehe.. now I'll never forget :P

Alternate said...

> a variation of 'writer's block'

And the first thing that came to mind I saw this line is : It should be

"writer's block" OR
'writer\'s block' .

Oookay. && I guess I've still got my head blocked in my last few lines of code :p . Unfortunately this is permanant situation with me :p .

Nice to see that you've recovered nicely though :) .

Dev said...

Sayesha bhai, I can empathize! :)