Monday, September 11, 2006

Making a statement

They say I watch way too many hindi movies and get heavily influenced by them.

I agree with 'em morons. :/

Some time ago, I watched the movie 'Corporate' on Youtube. I kinda liked the movie. It's not every movie that can actually make you like Bipasha Basu.

But I had another reason to like it.

One scene, in particular.

There is a scene in which Harsh Chhaya finds out about some unethical dealing at his workplace and says with a kinda sexy authority, "I will not approve this." Gosh, that scene actually gave me goosebumps. He was so sexy as he made that statement (ok I admit I have a weakness for guys who're principled and authoritative, and even a bit arrogant) that it was unbelievable.

"I will not approve this."

"I will not approve this."

"I will not approve this."

That statement of his played in my mind the whole day, and I wondered when the day would come when I would be at such a high post in an organisation that I could get away with a "I will not approve this!" statement of my own.

They also say if you dil se wish for something, it comes true.

Last week, I was really surprised to find myself in a weird kinda situation. It's surprising that many people who are writing MBA essays can't find any ethical dilemmas in their lives to describe, while people like me who have no plans to do an MBA get more ethical dilemmas than they can handle (this was my second this year). Any MBA aspirants willing to buy my ethical dilemma stories for their essays? Okay, I just realised that the very act of buying my stories for your essays will put you in an ethical dilemma yourself! :P

Anyway, back to what happened at work. So I stared at what I had been staring at for a few hours. Then I finally picked up the whole thing and went to my boss.

And before I knew it, the words tumbled out.

"I will not approve this."

I was as surprised at myself as my boss was at me. Must be 'em hindi movies. I had never tried to over-ride an instruction from above. But this time I just had to. My boss looked at me helplessly. I returned his helpless looks.

"Sigh... Sayesha... have you thought this through? Give me your best recommendation."

Now I was knee-deep in the situation. I could not get out of it. So I continued.

"This is my best recommendation. I cannot approve this."

More helpless looks from him.

Now my boss is relatively new. Though his inexperience with kids' books can be frustrating at times, I must admit he is a good man. He could have easily over-ruled my disapproval. But I know he trusts my judgement. I guess he understood that I was doing the right thing.

I got my way.

As I made my way back to my cubicle cursing Harsh Chhaya and all of 'em damn hindi movies, a thought struck me.

I hope when my promotion papers land at my boss' desk, he does not display a devilish grin and make the very same dramatic statement.

"I will not approve this. Muahahaha!"



Deranged said...

am first!! am first!! yahoo!!1

~jus deranged~

Deranged said...

now holds a bouquet given by sayesha and blows kisses to the rest of blogsphere

~jus deranged~

chandu said...


no need to curse harsh chhaya.. even if u didn't watch corporate thats the same outcome i guess.

chandu said...

yeah yeah yeah silver.. long time :D

Maverick said...

lage raho sayesha bhai....

anjaan ladka said...

Hmm..with whats going on, i can just wonder what you will tell to the girl who posed herself as a chief editor on her resume...

-Anjaan ladka

The Pirate said...

damn those hindi movies... when ur boss sayz "i will not approve this".. you continue and say "I'll not approve your disapproval either dude!!" and so on...

qsg said...

Stick to your guns and principles - everything else will fall into place. You did the right thing, Sash! :)

rads said...


damn, and I can't even laugh out loud as am at work!!

Sakshi said...

Now you have gone and done it - that line isstuck in my head. I have to use it somewhere.

Aj said...

hahaa.. nice post...

Iday said...

If we have to disagree with our superiors, and if that is the right thing to do, then we HAVE to disagree with our superiors!!!
Well done!!!

Perspective Inc. said...

Nicely done!

satish said...

even i would like to be in such a position yaar! and i wud love to go all the way too! bole toh,

'i will not approve of this.'

'what?? i make decisions here.'

'i wud like to resign in that case.'


Janefield said...

bollywood addict!! :P wot hapnd to the impersonator girl??

The Smiling Girl said...

hehe.. Jane said exactly what I had in mind..
tujhe to main abse sahi mein BollyQueen hi bulaungi.. :)

The Lonely Traveller said...

Is alphaz se mujhe bahut dar lagta hai :(
Kabhi bhi boss se chutti poochne jao...har baar kehte hain:
"I cannot approve this " ;(

This month end Swiss jane ka plan hai. Chutti ke liye poochna hai..
and this time if he disapproves : I am going to tell him that I cannot approve his disapproval. ;-)

asha said...

hi sayesha,

having known u over the past couple of months ( 4 or 5) thru yr blogs, i would bet my last penny on u - trust u to do what is ethical.

yenjoyed yesterdays post too. come to mumbai, shall treat u to tons of pani puri and wada pav.

lots of love

mysorean said...


Promotion ki toh vaat lag gaya bhai! ;)

Princesse said...

Way to go girl! And hahahahahahahah at Satish's comment!!! :)

RandomThoughts said...

Talk about fact being stranger than fiction. You should be feeling good that you said those words & they were listened to!!

All the best.


The Inquisitive Akka said...

Way to go gal :)

cardamom said...

Boss : gimme your best recommendation sayesha....

sayesha : (watched sum dharmendra flick last nite) ..Kutte....

and then think about the promotion papers(?)..:))

nice post sayesha..*thumbs down to MBA*

Anonymous said...

havent watched the movie yet.good u mentioned that its available n youtube...any other hindi flicks available in there?

hope ur boss says "I'll approve".
good luck.

abhishek said...

havent watched the movie yet.good u mentioned that its available n youtube...any other hindi flicks available in there?

hope ur boss says "I'll approve".
good luck.

Nirwa said...

And I hope you don't say "I will not approve of it" when you see my resume on your desk! muuahahahahahhhaahaa! :D

Sayesha said...

Bouquet? Kaahe ka bouquet? Khud ka khareeda hua bouquet mere saam se khud ko dete hue zara bhi sharm nahin aati?? :/

I guess so :P


#Anjaan Ladka,
I already emailed her and asked her to amend her resume and send it back to me.

Hahaha! That could go on forever :P

Thanks :)


Arre you toh can use it every day on every one of your students! :D

Thanks :)

Thanks yaar :)

Thanks :)

Hahahaha! One thappad to you for that comment :D

Usko bol diya resume amend karke bhejne ka toh apun consider karega. She apologised and sent me the amended version :)

#Smiling Girl,
Abse??? Arre I am kabse! ;)

#Lonely Traveller,
Haha! Yeah try that and tell me how the job hunt goes! ;)

Thanks :)

//come to mumbai, shall treat u to tons of pani puri and wada pav.

Yum! On! Next year! :D

Aise mat bolo re... two weeks mein results out hoenga... brrr...

Aao thakur, bahut din ho gaye! :)

Hahaha yeah I was thankful they were listened to... warna Harsh Chhaya ki izzat ka kya hota :P

Thanks :)

Eeeesh! :P

Oh there's shitloads of hindi movies on Youtube. Just search for 'hindi movie'. :)

Abhi tere sar par editor banne ka bhoot chadha hai kya? :D

Sudeep said...

lol @ the ethical dilemma para

Harshi said...

I think we'll be getting several opportunities to say this in our life and we should not stop ourselves. Good thing you did Sash. At my workplace, I am kinda facing a dilemma of *how much* to recommend or suggest to my supervisor..and when to just stay quiet. I think I have been bugging him with my questions :-)) and concerns of "why this" and "why not that". I am new there, so I guess I don't quite have that authority? Hope he is not rolling his eyes :-)).

Ravi said...

Good for you. It would have felt good in your heart.

mysorean said...

Promotion tho mil jaayega bhai.. koi tension nahi.. haan haan miljaayega na...

*In that circuit tone of getting an SSLC marksheet of 95% for Munnabhai*

dev said...

I will not approve this comment!
But I already wrote it :(
I'm confused. :P

Sayesha said...


Hey, good luck with your new job! Don't worry, all new people (SHOULD) ask questions :)

Yeah, it did :)

Thanks yaar! Tere muh mein low-fat ghee and artificial shakkar! :D
ps: I never wish pure ghee and shakkar to my friends, too fattening :P

Oye! I won't approve your disapproval! :D