Saturday, October 22, 2005

My friend Shaan

Have you ever felt an immense sense of affection towards a complete stranger?

Towards someone you don't know, and have never met?
But you feel like you know them very well. You know their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, you know what makes them happy, what hurts them, what angers them. You know what gets them.

I feel that about Shaan.

Yes, I love his singing, but I am not a gushing fan who would queue up for days to get his autograph or pose with him for a photograph to show the grandkids. What I love more about him than his voice is the way I feel for him.

To me, he is like a friend I never met.

I don't know what it is about him, but I feel like he's a guy I grew up with, and hung around from school thru university. The kind that was never good at studies, the kind whose homework I would do every single day. The kind who would go and get his heart screwed over by some random girl (who hung out with him because he won the college singing competition, and then got tired of him 'cos he was so simple at heart). The kind who would come to me and tell me about her and how special he thought she was. And then we would talk about it at the poolside and everything would be okay again.

I laugh at myself for thinking like this, but it's true, I do feel that connection with him. And even though I may never meet him (actually I don't want to meet him, 'cos that would just spoil everything), I still feel there's a common bond between us. Which I believe, no one except me can really understand.

Shaan sings every song as if it is his first song. He puts his heart with all its sincerity into it. That's why he always seems like a new singer, though he's been around for a while now. I feel this certain sense of comfort when I hear him sing.
His movie songs are very good, yes, but what I really like are his albums. They have that fresh charm in them that makes them way more appealing to me than the movie songs. That reminds me of 'our old days'. After all, we saw each other through our first crushes (actually, we probably were each other's first crushes!), our first heart-breaks, and it shows in the level of comfort and peace I feel when at the end of the day, I get home exhausted from work and school and the draining emotions encountered in the day, and he is there to ask me how my day was.

And he can sense how my day was.

When he sings 'Gumsum ho kyun', I can really feel him calling out to me, telling me that he is affected if I am gumsum. And just for that guy, I want to smile again.

Gumsum ho kyun, paas aao na...

Roothhe ho yun, maan jao na...
Dil mein hai jo, khulke kaho...

Dil mein chhupao na...

Jaane kis baat pe tum aise khafa ho gaye

Shaayad anjaane mein mujhse koi khata ho gayi

Bas itna toh bata do ke meri kya bhool hai

Phir chahe jo saza do mujhko woh kubool hai

Kuch toh kaho chup na raho, aise satao na

Gumsum ho kyun...

Tum jo hansti ho toh yeh mausam muskurata hai

Kaliyan khilti hain sara aalam gungunaata hai

Tum ho hansti ho har sitara jhilmilata hai

Mere dil ka shaher khushi se jagmagata hai

Dekho kabhi rona nahin, mujhko rulao na

Gumsum ho kyun...

When I heard 'Tanha dil' for the first time, it got me. Yes, it was about a tanha dil, but it was full of energy, exuberance and youth. It was about dreams, it was about what each of us aspired for. It was about memories, which never let go of us, even if we try and let go of them. The song spoke to me.

Aankhon mein sapne liye

Ghar se hum chal toh diye

Jaane yeh raahein ab le jayengi kahan

Mitti ki khushbu aaye, palkon pe aansu laaye

Palon pe reh jaajyega yaadon ka jahan

Manzil nayi hai anjana hai kaarwan

Chalna akele hain yahan

Tanha dil tanha safar

Dhoonde tujhe phir kyun nazar

Tanha dil...

Dilkash nazare dekhe, jhilmil sitaare dekhe

Ankhon mein phir bhi tera chehra hai jawaan

Kitni barsatein aayi, kitni saugaatein layi

Kaanon mein phir bhi goonje teri hi sada

Waade kiye they apna hoga aashiyan

Waadon ka jane hoga kya

Tanha dil tanha safar

Dhoonde tujhe phir kyun nazar

Tanha dil...

When you're heart-broken and he sings 'Bhool ja', you can see how much he feels your pain, and how badly he wants you to forget whatever happened.

In aasuon se kisko kya hua haasil

Mana kehna hai aasaan nibhana hai mushkil

Phir bhi ae yaar mere sun le meri iltja

Bhool ja, jo hua usey

Hai kasam tujhe, muskura

Khud ko yun na de tu saza, un yaadon ko tu bhool ja...

Woh toh nahin tha teri wafaaon ke kaabil

Jaane kya sochkar tuney de diya apna dil

Is baar dil ka sauda karna na yun bewajah

Bhool ja bhool ja...

Teri zindagi teri hai kisi ki amaanat nahin

Jab chahe tod de aisi ek imaarat nahin

Is baar dil ka sauda karna na yun bewajah

Bhool ja jo ua usey bhool ja

Hai kasam tujhe muskura

Khud ko yun na de tu saza, un yaadon ko tu bhool ja...

When I heard 'Faasle' for the first time, my first thoughts were "I wish I had written this song!" The words are incredibly beautiful, yes, but when you hear him sing the words, you understand and feel their real depth.

Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho
Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho
Milke bhi hum toh mil na sakey

Dil ke armaan dil mein rahey

Tumko pa na sakey, gham nahin

Tumse paya hai jo, kam nahin

Jo hua ek tarah se sahi hai

Tumko khone ka darr toh nahin hai

Faasle hain magar, faasla nahin hai
Zindagi se hamein koi gila nahin

Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho...

Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho...

Tumko yaadon mein laate na hum

Kya karein bhool paate na hum

Waqt haalaat majbooriyan

Jaise dil pe chale chhooriyan

Dil dhadakta raha chal diye kadam

Rukh badalta gaya, ruk sakey na hum

Milke bhi hum toh mil na sakey

Dil ke armaan dil mein rahey

Tum nahin door tak, phir bhi paas ho
Tum mere koi nahin, magar mere khaas ho
Dil ke paas ho...

I heard Lamha lamha by accident, and I was amazed. Where were all these songs hidden? Why hadn't I heard them before? And why doesn't anyone know about them??
And most importantly, are there more of them around?

Lamha lamha jalte rahein

Haan, is pyaar mein
Girte sambhalte chalte rahein

Haan, is pyaar mein

Kabhi tum jaise zeher, kabhi tum zindagi

Kabhi tum shab-e-peher aur kabhi roshni

Milke chain se saath reh na sakey

Aur judaai bhi seh na sakey

Lamha lamha jalte rahe

Haan, is pyaar mein

Girte sambhalte chalte rahey
Haan, is pyaar mein

Ek pal anjaan ho, ek pal meri jaan ho

Ek pal uljhan si ho, ek pal aasaan ho

Ek duje ko hum suljhaate rahey

Par kabhi bhi samajh na sakey

Lamha lamha jalte rahein

Haan, is pyaar mein

Girte sambhalte chalte rahein

Haan, is pyaar mein...

When others sing, they entertain me.

When Shaan sings, he convinces me.


abhi said...

Yeah, shaan is a good singer.he has this feel about him which is like "hey , he is very clean at heart".but as for growing up with him , i dnt have any internal voices making me feel that way.i wud rather prefer growing up with aishwarya rai.

And all you guys , stop clapping , i know i am the first one to comment , but i have always been known for doing great things.

Vikram said...

Hey Sayesha!

I love his voice too. In Hindi music and in my ratings, he figures after Kishore Kumar. I can get high on Kishoreda's voice. Actually I'm thinking I'll dedicate a post to him :)

anon gal said...

very interesting concept that .. celebrity friend u never met :) .. *whacking my head to think of never met before celebrity friend* prolly i dun hv one .. now, everyone neednt have one, rt.. hehe, nice writing gal!

Aye Kay said...

Hey lady! You really should stop writing such long posts :-) Takes ages to read, and yet cant see a post at Sayeshaz and not read it either :-p

Tanha Dil is really gooodd. You can really feel his enthusiasm gushing out of that song!!

PuNeEt said...

Gosh this is crazyyyy

I never felt this way for any stranger…

I like his singing…

Tanha dil is a cool number… like that…

Bhul Jaa is really an awesome song…one of my favs
So positive n encouraging

He convinces me



ankur said...

Listen to 'Yeh Samaa' by Shaan. i have a feeling you will really like it. let me know if you cant locate the song...


renegadefade said...

yes tanha dil is a nice song and all but shaan is really annoying. on the tv show he's got he's always nice to everyone - too nice. the sugary, smiley act gets irritating after a while.

priya said...

hi!! long time me no blogging.. good to be back :D

"tanha dil" makes my dil go places :)))


SHAAN said...

nice to have a fan like you...would luv to get to know u time ur in mumbai y dont u drop in?

REVerenD said...

umm sayesha you do have a vivacious imagination!!!

Rays Of Sun said...


Yeah,,Shaan is my fav too..BTW, have you heard this song from an off-beat movie Jhankar beats? Shaan sings very well in that too,

Tera Muskurana Phir Has Ke Paas Aana
Mujhe Apnana Batana Phir Pal Mein Gum Ho Jana
Ehsaas Hai Abhi Us Pehli Baar Ka
Kaisa Yeh Nasha Hai Tere Pyaar Ka
Dil Se Dil Mile The Jaise Do Phool Khile The
Tab Maine Kuch Kaha Tha Tumhare Hot Sile The
Mujhe Yaad Hai Who Lamha Intezar Ka
Kaisa Yeh Nasha Hai Tere Pyaar Ka

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! It was not like I picked him as 'the celebrity I'd like to have grown up with'. It's just that when I see him, I go 'Gosh, it feels like I grew up with him!' :)
ps: Growing up with Ash? Isn't she like a decade older than you? She'd have treated you like a baby! :P

Lookin' forward to your post on Kishore Kumar :)

#Anon gal,
Hey, don't try and consciously figure out who's yours. One fine day, you'll wake up and you'll know who it is! :)

#Aye Kay,
Hahaha... sorry for the torture man... complete with full lyrics... just couldn't help it, the lyrics are so beautiful :)

Yeah, Tanha Dil and Bhool Ja really speak to you, don't they? :)

I can't find the song! Send it over, will ya? Thanks a ton, man!

Arre yaar... ab host smile nahin karega toh kya rudely baat karega contestants se? Give him a break yaar! He's not supposed to be a Simon Cowell! :)

Hey gal, welcome back! :)
Yes, Tanha Dil is almost intoxicating, hai na? :)

I am not your fan, you moron. I am your friend from school. So stop acting pricey with me, you idiot! Humne tera homework kiya hai! :P

You have NO idea, my friend! Sometimes I scare myself! :O

Of course I have heard the song! And I love that movie too! :)
ps: This reminds me of another song of his.

Seep mein moti hai lekin, koi chunta hi nahin
Baat ek kehni thi humko, koi sunta hi nahin

Ravi said...

Who wouldn't like Tanha Dil? It was just for this one song that I bought the album. Anyway after that I started liking song after song, which is pretty surprising. Gum Sum was one of my favourites.

Humjoli said...

hey sash, i like shaan too specially his song 'dil ne tumko chun liya hai' from jhankar beats. its awesome!

ps. check out something interesting on my blog.

Harshi said...

Sayesha, I understand how you feel towards him.

If it isn't a rhetorical question, then yes, there *is* someone like that for who I not only have that overwhelming sense of affection
:-) but also this solid sense of "knowing" them (in most things)and wanting to "be there" for them, and being sure to the hilt that they will "like" me. Being extremely sure, that when we glance at each other, it's going to be a little more than just a passing one. It'll be one of understanding, depth, and recognition. I have never met or spoken to this person. Makes me smile when I think of Him. And as you so rightly said Sayesha, no one really understands. Rare is the reaction that doesn't laugh it off :-) So I have basically stopped telling anyone about this :-)

Coming back to your know..I had never really known Shaan's songs had such meaningful lyrics. Never heard his album songs. Must do that.

Bhole said...

Yea he is a good singer.

The only song i've heard (of those you listed) is Tanha Dil....maybe I should...


Parth Anand said...

Wow...Had only heard Tanha Dil before...Got my hands on bhool ja and faasle after i read your post and they are awesome...
you should also listen to le chale from my brother nikhil sung by him..thats wonderful too...
celebrity singer friend concept is interesting..for me i think it would be sonu nigam..

Sayesha said...

//Who wouldn't like Tanha Dil?

Good question. I have never met anyone who's not said, "I LOVE that song!" about it. :)

Oh yeah, that's one peppy number! I think I need a separate post for his movie songs! :P
ps: Checked out your blog. That was hilarious! :D

Yeah, there are things that no one really understands. But I look at them as "secrets I have with myself" :)
ps: Do get your hands on these songs, I am sure you will love them! :)

Yes, do get the others too! They're amazing!

Yeah, I have all three versions of 'Le chale' (Shaan, KK, Sunidhi) and I love that song! Other movie songs by Shaan that I like include 'Tuney mujhe pehchana nahin' and 'Woh pehli baar'.

spamtaneous said...

yeh muvi kon se theatre mein dekha maine? ;)

wah kya filmi post hain....
must be some 'thesis on bollywood' effect

Humjoli said...

here is the link for your buddies. Say 'I love you' now! ha ha ha

Sayesha said...

Hahahahahahaha! You're probably right! :P

Thanks, man. :)

Jeevan said...

First time here. u r comment on shuuro's blog is very nice. u r world is good.

HoliDevil said...


He is the best amongst the current crop of singers; though not at all in league with KISHOREDA. I liked his Naujawan song wid Sagarika also. NW those r 3 new songs I hv to dwnload.


Sayesha said...

Hey! Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
ps: Yeah, Shuuro has me really worried man... :(

One can't possibly compare Kishore Kumar with Shaan. Totally different leagues, isn't it? :)

Yes yes, you MUST get all these songs!! :)

virdi said...

my first full senti love was in his show... :-)

me and a girl dancing together... and shan singing senti songs and i fell in love...


Sayesha said...



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Anonymous said...

Hi Sayesha,

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rt r said...

I feel similar...towards Atif...
Sometimes I get righteously jealous when someone else listens to his songs..

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