Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Because I don't like to think

Long ago, I wrote this post on the hilarious letters that I get from the little adorable fans of my magazine. Sometimes, I get very profound questions from them too.

Half the reason why I love my job so much is these letters.

Here are some more precious gems to share. These are some of the responses we got from the kids in response to a survey we conducted to find out what they like and dislike about the mag.

There's no point writing about the 'normal/expected responses' so I am only gonna cover the unexpected/weird/funny ones, which show the amazing thought process that kids have. I love the way they think!

What do you like about the magazine?
- It’s nice.

What do you want to see on the magazine cover?
- Anything, as long as I like it
- Durian
- My Dad
- Vegetables

What do you want to see on the poster?
- Horse
And the cover?
- Horse

Do you pin up the pull-out poster on your wall?
- No, because I am really busy and have no time.
- No, because my mum doesn't like posters all over the place.
- No, because I don't want to destroy the magazine.
- My younger brother will tear them.
- I don't want the magazine to lose the poster.
- My maid may throw it away by accident.
- I have no place in my room.
- When I put them up, my mother takes them down.
- I spend too much time doing homework.
- No, because it occupies space.

Which sections do you dislike and why?
- Think Time. Because I don't like to think.
('Think Time' is a section with exam-type questions. Kids hate it but teachers and parents love it.)

- Real People Real Science. Because it is about real people, which I don't like.

(RPRS is a section where we interview people who hold interesting jobs that have a scientific angle.)

Why don't you like these sections?
- I don't know. To me it's not nice. To other people, I don't know.

Whom would you want interviewed in RPRS?
- Mozart
- A pastor

What would make the magazine more exciting for you?
- I don't really know.
- Send me a picture of the editors.
- If I can win the mystery prize.
- More pictures but nothing too disgusting, please.
- Nothing. It’s already very good.


Sahil said...

"More pictures but nothing too disgusting, please"

What stuff do u put in your magazines that drove a kid to say that?!

"I spend too much time doing homework"

(which is probably an explanation as to why they can't pin-up the pullout poster on their wall)

I'm telling you, these Singaporean kids are hassled too much to study by their parents. They need some Indians to teach them how to get through school with the least amount of effort.

Btw am i still first to comment - or has someone like Virdi already commented saying "I'm first! I'm first! Ok now let me go read the post."

Lets see... maybe Sayesha will give me a medal too (pls note - heavy sarcasm used)

Sahil said...

...but yeah, its nice to be first to comment for a change.

An 'oldie' can still beat everyone to it. Kuch baat to hai Sahil mein.

Sahil said...

...and now he's got Gold, Silver and Bronze - that too all in one night.


cubicle said...


brings back fond memories of working with you guys :) i'll never forget those times!

Keshav said...

lol !!

Manish said...

U r one of the fastest blogger baba! I was away for last 10 days or so and so many topics to read!

Ravi said...

Kids are so straightforward. The express what they mean. If you look closely, each of these statements seem to have a deeply profound meaning to them. But the best statement was-

"Why don't you like these sections?
- I don't know. To me it's not nice. To other people, I don't know."

What a gem! I agree this would have been of no help in the survey. But this is a bare fact in its truest form. Ab aisa hai to hai. Yeh section pasand nahi hai to pasand nahi hai. Ab kyun pasand nahi hai yeh mat poocho. Yeh dil ka mamla hai. Dimag ka nahi.

And this kid even demonstrates that essentially people are different. Everyone is unique. I guess some adults (who think they decide whats normal & whats wierd) need to learn the whole concept of individuality from this kid. I'm sure he/she will surely grow up to become one hell of a philosopher or at least a mature individual with clearly defined priorities in life.

Arz000n said...

LOL @ Think Time. Because I don't like to think.

Send me a picture of the editors.
I surely would have asked something like this..

Nice one!!

Thanu said...

As a kid, mom would never let us put posters up. Wall Karab ho jayega was her reason. At that time I wanted a place of my own to put posters wall to wall. Now I've place of my own, but NO posters.

Humjoli said...

What do you want to see on the magazine cover?
- Anything, as long as I like it
- Durian
- My Dad
- Vegetables

beautiful answers by smart kids.

Sayesha said...

Ok you can have all three medals for this post. Khush? :)
ps: I'll also throw in 'the most insane commentator of the post' award! :)

//What stuff do u put in your magazines that drove a kid to say that?!
It's a science magazine, we have many rare pics that some kids consider disgusting, while others love them, such as globby microbes magnified many many times over, creepy crawlies, scary sea creatures, etc.

Yeah man, those were the days! Remember how much fun we used to have, putting the mag together? :D


Hahaha! Too many thoughts huh? :) Don't worry, it's going to slow down soon, cos I have exams coming up.

I couldn't agree more. The "To other people, I don't know." is a real gem! I think I should use that statement as a disclaimer in all my blog posts. Considering that it's not safe to even make a simple statement like "I like pani puri" on my blog. I'll have some MAC jumping up on his/her anonymous high chair and going, "You self-centred, full-of-yourself b****! You don't like pani puri! You like karela!"

Hey, you're still around?!

//I surely would have asked something like this..

What?? Started early eh, you? ;)

Shall I send you a kiddy poster or two to bring your bachpan back? You can take a picture of it on your wall, send it to your mom and say "Hah!" ;)

These kids are AWESOME! I just love the way they think!!

L said...

Dad on cover page...!!

I really dont know
I love to give such answers but somehow feel I am pretending dumb

I don't want the magazine to lose the poster.
Too caring

Wow and the first answer of the blog beats all "Its nice"

Well I dunno if i missed it, but I forgot the name of the magazine...!!

viv said...

Kids say the darndest things! I wish there was more of that show on TV.

Jay said...

//Whom would you want interviewed in RPRS?
- Mozart

:-). "Sound" of music fan eh? An interesting perspective of music ;-)

anuj said...

umm innocent children as alwayzz . HEY sayesha ... whts the magazine name .... does it have an online version or a website or something like tht .

fao said...

"send me pix of this editor." i like this kid. shows incredible potential. will take him/her under my tutelage. catch 'em young, i say!

note to editor: never too late to educate yourself. you too can sign up for courses at my dojo.

wherez sahil?

sahil, sahil, where art thou? thou hath disappeared aft'r thy stupendous grand slam act.

aditi said...

ur job sounds like so much fun...

Parth Anand said...

Kids...the answers depict their innocence and some of them are way too smart for their age...
Reminds me of the show.."Say na something to Anupam Uncle"...oh well in this case..it is like
Say na something to sayesha aunty...
Oh wait..do I hear.. "aunty mat kaho na..."
J/k...Don't hit me for that..Man I use to watch too much TV :)

Sayesha said...

I did not mention the name of the magazine. I dun take no names :P

Did ya watch 'Gurmit's Small Talk'? That was hilarious at times! Remember "The ice-cream melted because the heat is too hot."?? :D

Yeah man, I wanted to tell the kid, "I would interview Mozart for you, sweetheart, but you see, there's this one small technicality..." :P

Hey! New entry, huh? :)
Welcome! The only online info you'll find about the magazine is here at Sayeshaz! :)

Naah, I dun no need no lessons from you Fao. Afraid I may corrupt my precious magazine after attending your lectures! ;)
ps: Looks like Sahil's not interested, Fao. Anyway, he was a rebound, wasn't he? Methinks you should give Virdi one more shot. What say? :)

Hey! Yeah, my job is a total riot! :)
ps: If I'm not mistaken, you work in the media too, don't you? I remember reading it on your profile some time back.

Tu nahin bachega! I will gather all my readers and send the paltan to go get "Parth Uncle"! Beware! Kids, when not cute, can be quite a terror.

fao said...

sahil is not interested? nnaaahhhhiiiiinnnnn!!! i bleed n die in small measures. oh, sweet release of death!

A Jane said...

I'm surprised no one has commented on the thought I had soon after reading your latest post. Sayesha aunty nahin, mummy banna chahti hai!!!!!!!!!!! All these kiddy posts...hmmmm....something fishy

A Jane

Sayesha said...

Bye! Write to me from hell, okie?

#A Jane,

I like my kiddy posts. Too bad you don't.

fao said...

i didn't lose my life...despite sahil trying to hound it outta me. paulo coelho wud say its coz i ve an unfulfilled destiny. so guess sahil wasn't it, after all. keep him sasha...with my best compliments.

there are fiercer battles to fite, greater glories to attain. forward, ho! (oh shush, sasha! stay back! it is just a nautical expression!)

A Jane said...

Hayyyooo Sayesha Amma, was just teasin' ya...itni khadoos kyun?? Aaj bar bandh hai kya? Somebody give the lady a glass of OJ to get back her mojo, quick!

A Jane

fao said...

OJ...oh, he was v. fine! we were really proud of him at the dojo but then, he went n hired some lousy lawyers! n lets not feed sasha on OJ...she sounds quite murderous awready.

Sayesha said...

Good luck to you! And good luck to you, Virdi!

You owe me one! :P

#A Jane,
Naah, bar's open as usual. Hostess ka mood thoda off hai aaj... as a regular, hope you understand. Sorry if I sounded rude, didn't mean to. No amma talk please, it freaks me out. I dun mind being a masi though! ;)

A Jane said...

Maasi?? Arre, is Jane ko ek Tarzan milna chahiye na, pehle! Aur khud ke kiddie posts read karo aur apna mood theek karo :D Especially the kiddie wisecracks, lol!

fao said...

virdee isn't my target...i don't revisit territories. *blowing on fingers after blowing on summin else.*

p.s. - sahil was never really in any danger...n you know that sasha. if you'd looked close enuff, you wudda seen a crosswire on your forehead!

Harshi said...

- When I put them up, my mother takes them down.


How CUTE to receive letters from kids! I find their thoughts very fascinating too. And their questions/thoughts are sometimes SO simple, they are baffling! :-)

fao said...

ok...on a pertinent note...kids! how can anyone ve them? they're messy, smelly, troublesome, annoying, loud n destructive. sheesh!

n then they are vulnerable, guileless, cute-no-matter-what-they-wear-or-resemble, so huggable, easily pleased n placated...aawww! but yeah...like sasha, wud much rather be a kindly aunty than a villified ma.

digression: someone here has gori tera gaon bada pyaara as his/her ringtone. i want it too.

Sahil said...

"Bye. Write to me from hell ok?"

HAHAAHAHAHA that's such an awesome brush-off if I've seen one. And yea, Fao, I know ur covering up ur broken heart - but I wasn't meant for you. Band-aid chahiye?

And Sayesha. Thanks for handling Fao. See the 'knight in shining armour' uses the 'bhai with the bandana' for his dirty work at times too. And someone had the nerve to think I was an MCP. Hah!

fao said...

aiyyo..po soggil weally thot he was gonna score FINALLY? speak up louder soggil...can't hear you v. well thro your miasma of disappointment n self-doubt.

n if it weren't for sasha's cocooning you, i wudda long broken yer delusion n served it as main course to mah beautiful girls...but then again, my frens don't eat junk food.

pal...m just getting started. ve been as decent as possible by being sarcastic...coz i knew that the special school you were sent to wudn't ve taught you to discern sarcasm or anything more complex than mono-syllabic responses. but now look what you did. u crossed the paths of your betters. if sasha doesn't play your 'bhai with the bandana' anymore, we can take this up in earnest...choose your weapon. i give u that advantage...coz if i choose 'wit', the game will be over even before it started, pretty boy. i don't want you severely handicapped here.

Sayesha said...

Ok guys, stop it now. Let's not get into that whole mess again.

Fao, I think you're damn witty. Khush?

Sahil, I think you're a cool dude. Khush?

Sayesha, I think you're gonna have a mental breakdown because of these two.

fao said...

grin! i don't want no war either. i smoked peace pipe with ya. i'm gonna keep my end of the bargain as well as i can.

here, lets get some sake from sasha's n drink to more peaceful times. i'll buy.

ok, you own the place...but this is a goodwill gesture. so just drink up! *slam!* hic! slainte!

aditi said...
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aditi said...

Yea Sayesha, thats right! But am into Public Relations..... in Bombay, India.. Which magazine do u write for? i have relatives in Singapore.. would like to tell them about it.. :)

rimjhim said...

Do you pin up the pull-out poster on your wall?
- I spend too much time doing homework.

This was the BEST!!

BTW wud like to go thru' that magazine sometim!!If u allow :-))

rimjhim said...
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Nandya said...

well u got a huge following here...i feel if i comment i would get lost...but well u do take ur time to reply..so well...

just my 2 words....soooo sweeeet....

actually i just wanted to say nice blog...and keep writing...see nandya is so encouraging...

Sayesha said...

Thanks. Cheers! :)

Will email you later :)

Come over to Singapore, you can spend one whole day reading all the old issues :)

Thanks man! Yes, you're very encouraging :)

Bhole said...

Simple meaningful answers :)


Sayesha said...

Yeah, kids have so much meaning in what appears to be absolute nonsense na? :)