Friday, October 28, 2005

The damn sehri babu and his damn doll

Why is it that sometimes we like something we would otherwise utterly dislike, just because someone we like, likes it?

(Lost a few people in that statement, didn't I?)

I hate remixes in principle. I hate people messing up old songs. I hate random girl X singing and recording a song sung by a legend. I hate the unnecessary extra beats. I hate the sleazy videos.
And especially if I don't even like the original!

And yet, I can't stop listening to the damn 'Koi sehri babu remix - DJ Doll'.

Sayesha, now you're listening to someone who calls herself DJ Doll??!!

Oh for heaven's sake, gimme a break.

Damn you, friend who lives far away from me and likes this song. And now I miss you damnit.


Abi said...

omg me first! ok S. im doing to down load it :-) just to see what the fuss is all abt.

Anonymous said...

yo !! I love that remix :p..some remixes are good..but most of them r crap. Shaan has a few good remixes. Uska I like .

Rays Of Sun said...

Yeay! thats a horrible song! Remixes are bad! but you know "Yeh Vaada raha", and the Asha Bhosle remix of "O mere sona re" are actually more melodious than previous original tracks!!

Sahil said...

o my god. i don't believe u man.

After the whole lecture I gave you about how some songs just turn so great when they're remixed, and you're utter refusal to even digest the possibility that remixes CAN be good - u change ur mind.

Glad u finally did, though wish I was the one who made you change ur mind about it.

Jay said...

"we like something we would otherwise utterly dislike"

How manipulative can people be? ;-)

Sayesha said...

Hope you get the right one. I think they have a few remixes of this song.

Remixes are bad bad bad. And insulting to the original composers.
I'm suppposed to hate all remixes :(
ps: Shaan's career has taken off, he doesn't need to do remixes anymore! PHEW! :)

I still prefer the originals of the songs you mentioned! :P

I have NOT changed my mind! I'm still not for the idea that remixes are good, or that this one is good. I'm just pissed off at myself for liking this one! Weird, huh? :(

//wish I was the one who made you change ur mind about it.

Too bad I don't like you enough to like what you like, huh? ;)

Hahahaha! Unintentional re! I'm sure my friend who likes this song had no intention of making me like it by liking it! :)

Anonymous said...

DJ doll is cool.. :)

remixes are cool...but the now a days ppl are fast-forwarding and calling it a re-mix... what the hell were those kajrare and aashiq banaya remixes...

but otherwise remixes and catchy..and oldies are soothing... i think..

why am i talking like a girl today -:-

Thanu said...

I dislike remixes too, they spoil the real songs. But, I like Bahon mai chale aao and Hum bewafa from dance masti.

I still like listening to Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore.


Anonymous said...

Why are you getting defensive about Shaan ? I guess he has no qualms about it :p lol..waise send me that sehri babu song ! I hate remixes too like I a few ;)...but that doesn't mean they should stop coming up with remixes, there are so many people who like it.

"And insulting to the original composers."

May be, may be not..sometimes..songs that are not too cool(for us)...can be turned into a really catchy one by a remix(one ex for me - hawa main udta jaaye). Coming to the composer...there is no one way to compose a right or wrong depends on how he takes it(if he is alive in the first place)...whats wrong if people still like it ?? ...its for the people to listen and enjoy. Some composers may be cool with it...even they might like the remix...who knows(while composing a song..he might have come up with more than one variety...just that we get to hear only one of them). I am not sure if these remix dudes/dudettes get some kinda permission ?? that should take care of privacy issues, if any. Coming back to the statement - its the way you look at it...why does it have to insulting, of all things !! If the composer feels its an insult, definitely he doesn't have the right spirit(as long as he is "just the composer" and not the lyricist too....doing everything end to end...if that's the case..his creation is being thats an insult, I think !! ). Anyways, jo bhi..mujhe woh sehri babu song send kar do :).

Unknown said...

oh very true indeed!! I hate people who plagiarise other's work especially since its become a fad among musicians!!

Anonymous said...

Can't the dolls grow up and be DJs? Is DJ-ing still not on the list of a doll's 'When-I-Grow-Up-I-Want-To-Be' professions? How old school!

PS: Bon jour, Madamoiselle. C'est va?

'Ami'cably, Anon911

Vikram said...

I know remixes destroy the old song but I love that 'sehri babu' remix :))

All the remix videos and the lyrics are always incoherent but I'm willing to make an exception for 'sehri babu' love that song...makes me wanna get up and

Humjoli said...

Damn you, friend who lives far away from me and likes this song. And now I miss you damnit.

At times a particular song brings back memories of an incident or people. All my close friends remember me when they listen to 'Aa bhi ja' from Sur. I loved this song when it was launched and pakau them a lot by listening to this song again and again whenever we drove out.

Now the best and funniest part is that at any get together they want me to sing this song for them. Don't really know whether they want me to feel good by demanding for this song or I want them to feel good by obliging their request. Either way, its fun.

LovingAndLosing said...

*Silent Spectator speaks yet again*

I see where you're coming from about the remix thing. I used to be a little like you too, though not completely against them. Now I actually "enjoy" a couple. However, I give them credit for at least calling it a 'remix'.

There are people like a certain man by the name Anu #@$^#& Malik who just literally steals songs and takes ALL the credit. Ever since I heard the original version of Bheegey hont tere (which by the way, Malik has copied every single tone, beat and note from), the Hindi song has just lost its complete charm.

*As to why the silent spectator wishes to remain silect is something the silent spectator wishes to remain silent about ;) *

Bhole said...

Not all remixes are good....i guess it depends on a lot of factors....the primary ones being the song and the remix artist. I have heard good reviews about DJ Doll House.

Sayesha said...

I totally agree! When I heard the Aashiq banaya remix, I was like "What the...??!!" It's too fast to make any sense! :O

I still prefer the originals of 'Baahon mein chale aao' and 'Hum bewafa' :)

I'm not defensive about Shaan yaar. I just don't think very highly of people involved in creating remixes, and I am glad that Shaan has enough money not to have to do it anymore.

And the reason why I am against remixes in principle is that the original composer is almost never consulted or asked for permissions. These songs are not yet in the public domain, so how can people mutilate (or fine, "improve"!) them.

Think of it this way, if someone flicks one of my blog posts, and adds some stuff to make it really funny and heart-warming and what not, and whoever reads it just LOVES it and says, "Oh man, this is so much better than Sayesha's original post!" how would that make me feel? Even if it's done after I die, I believe I'd haunt the guy to death.

Everything in the world can be "improved", Keshav. The question is -- should we really embark on "improving" someone else's work of art without asking him/her, just to make it "better"?

#Vikram H,
Totally agree! If these musicians are so damn talented, why don't they come up with their own original compositions and show us how popular they are?

Bon jour, monsieur! :)
I'm sure many 'dolls' out there still wanna be a DJ when they grow up. Do you? ;)

You know what bugs me? I don't support remixes, but I am listening to this one on loop because my friend likes it, and I am reminded of the old days. Which is of course, a good thing. Just that I just did not want a remixed song to do this for me! :P

True, some songs 'create' memories, don't they? :)

#Silent spectator,
Guess they have to call it a 'remix' otherwise, the oldies-loving people would tear them apart! :P
ps: Didn't know 'Bheege honth tere' was a copy! Damn! Why do people do this???? :(

I don't hate remixes, I just hate the idea of remixing. In fact, if I have not heard the original, I may love a remix, but like Ms. V said, the moment I find out, the song will just lose its charm. :(

Sahil said...

>Too bad I don't like you enough to like what you like, huh? ;)

ur loss babe.

Anonymous said...

Yo ! chill :). I think you didn't see my point, when you talk about your blog posts, you are the one who is churning them out, so what you said makes sense. When we are talking about composing, some one else wrote the song (lyricist) and the composer is paid to compose the song ! ...If some other composer takes the same song (ofcourse without copyright infringement) and composes it in a different way, whats wrong with it ? Now, if one guy did everything from writing to composing and all that.. then what you said makes sense and permission ofcourse needs to be taken (in both cases) before recomposing. I also mentioned that above - ("as long as he is "just the composer" and not the lyricist too...")

I guess this analogy suits better, say you have a neat blog designed and the content is provided by some one else(some author) and you are showcasing the content in your webpage, what's wrong if I showcase the same content on my blog if I get permission from the author ?

Anyway, I see your point and somewhat agree with it too :)("the original composer is almost never consulted or asked for permissions"), I dunno if royalty is being paid or not...but nyways, lets just chill with the music as long as it is good, no ?

Anonymous said...

having said that ! I hate remixes too ..98% of the time (margin of error can be 1%, mostly +) :|

Anonymous said...

"Even if it's done after I die, I believe I'd haunt the guy to death."

Yo, if that happens, "kasam blog spot ki" even I'll haunt the guy to death ! just let me know ok ? :p.

Waise why does it have to be a guy only :p.. lol just kidding :). I am posting way too many comments !!

Anonymous said...

Feeling like getting on the Soap box .. and lo, I climb onto one

Remixes appeal to some people's (somebody run a grammar check here) taste and some people would hate them. Ditto for 'original' compilations. However, remixes do give people a chance to hear songs in a more 'current' format and lot of people might actually like them.

Case in point: Meri Beri ke Ber - I had not heard of this song, and might never had heard of it ever, till it came out as a remix. The song was originally composed by Roshan (Hritik's grandpa) for the movie Anokhi Raat in 1968 - the same movie with Oh Re Taal Mile Nadi Ke Jal Mein. Gosh, someone should come up with a remix for that!

Off-the-soap-box, Anon911

Anonymous said...

there shud be a law against remixes. its galling that someone like sophiya wud ve the audacity to desecrate a lata/asha song and even make monies outta it. wherez originality, man? lazy buggers! n like you sed sasha, the videos make me wanna put a brick thro the tv!

hey...there was a non-film album recently...abt. falling in love at the movies...with one helluva chikna n a weally pletty gerl. it had a number by shreya ghosal too...why don't they make more of those? even the shradhanjalis are least the singers sound good n there isn't any annoying rapping or technobeats.

@ yest's anon: heh! took my pills...m in much better mood this morn.'re you doing? *sleazy grin!*

Parth Anand said...

yeah..i dont like remixes too....and someone of the remixed song suck big time...and to top it the videos that are picturized on cant sit and watch it with your family...
but like every coin has two sides...some of the remixes now sound much better than the old numbers....and if given a choice you would surely prefer the newer one as it is more peppy....
just like you like the sehri babu remix...

and btw...koi sehri babu pasand aagaya kya aapko??

Unknown said...

I have heard instances of tamil film directors completely lying to journalists describing how they conceived a particular song while they were in sleep or while in a meditative state when in actual reality, they simply lifted them off from elsewhere!!

And does a person like Anu Malik(the hindi remake king) not listen to his conscience when he whines about not having received a national award for any of his movies!

Sayesha said...

//ur loss babe

I think this babe can live with that loss. :)

Thanks for bringing in the lyricist/composer bit. All this while, I'd been using the term 'composer' to mean everyone involved in producing the original song, but you're right, one needs to differentiate.

Well, remixes don't change the basic tune of the song, you see, so I don't see how adding a few extra beats and a random guy saying 'Yo!" every three lines can be considered as 'recomposing' the song. It's more like 'adding on' without getting permission to use the basic content which is being added on to!

//Yo, if that happens, "kasam blog spot ki" even I'll haunt the guy to death ! just let me know ok

Hahahaha! We'll be two crazy ghosts scaring the hell outta the remixer! :P

ps: Of course, it doesn't have to be a guy only! The term 'guy' is a general term! Would you wanna read something loaded with slashed terms like 'guy/girl', 'he/she'?? Gosh, Keshav. Is that even a point you wanna argue? :P

Of course, many people like the concept of remixes just because they would have never heard some of the oldies otherwise. I'm just not one of them :)
ps: I hope they never do a remix of 'Oh re taal miley'! :O

Oh man. Dunno if you're talkin' about the same person, but there's one singer called Sophie who totally gets on my nerves! :O

And yes, I LOVED the 'Pehla yeh pehla pyaar tera mera' album you mentioned. Great song by Kumar Sanu, very good looking couple, great picturisation. I haven't heard the other songs of the album though, and now that you've mentioned the precious-find-of-the-decade Shreya Ghoshal, I must kill myself to find the song! Halp!

ps: Yeah man, whatever happened to original non-film music albums??

//f given a choice you would surely prefer the newer one as it is more peppy

Naah, like I said before, if I have heard the original, I'd already have a bias against the so-called 'peppy' version because I'm against remixes in principle. So I don't think I will 'prefer' the remix. Even in the case of Sehri babu, I don't 'prefer' it. I just like to play it because someone I like, likes it. :)

//koi sehri babu pasand aagaya kya aapko??

Hahahaha! What has that got to do with anything here? :D

#Vikram H,
You know what saddens me? I believe Anu Malik is BRILLIANT. He is incredibly talented and totally capable of creating original and beautiful compositions. I just don't see why he has to do lift other people's stuff :(

Pujya said...

the scene is worse when the females in those videos who have nothing on..has fat at all the wrong places..wish atleast the choreographer (or whoever) had some "figure " sense.

Anonymous said...

yup, man...same person. sophie, sophiya. MTV vj. n that shreya ghosal album...haven't you heard yeh kua hua...tere mere pyar ki baatein, kyun duniya ki nazaron mein aa gayi...? both of em watching a film...j'adore cet homme...his abs, his arms, chest, chinky eyes...mama! i want!

n i LOVED aika dajiba! rockin' video! quite raunchy...these marathi songs kick-ass!

n i thot bheegi bheegi raaton mein with anupama varma was an awesome song! thats pro'lly the ONLY remix m willing to wink at.

Parth Anand said...

Even in the case of Sehri babu, I don't 'prefer' it. I just like to play it because someone I like, likes it. :)
Precisely because of this I asked... koi sehri babu pasand aa gaya aapko...and now I got my answer :)

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! I'm amazed how they think they can pull off lyrics like "Saiyan dil mein aana ji" and "Morey piya rangoon" in those costumes! :D

No, I haven't heard the song! :O I only remember the 'Pehle yeh pehla' song where the friends barsao popcorn on your hunk and the chick.

Gosh, what's happening, Fao n Sasha are becoming friends!

Hahahahaha! Don't read too much into that, my dear. The person who likes the song is my good friend, and not 'some sehri babu jo hamein pasand aa gaya hai'! Hahahaha! This is hilarious! :D

LovingAndLosing said...

I don't think a single song in Murder was composed by him. I'm sure of 3 songs at least being COMPLETE copies including the peppy "Kaho naa kaho".

If you have the time...

1. Click on the following link:
2. Check to see if the album you see on this page is 'Pyar Karanu Dil Karda' by Najam Sheraz.
3. Scroll down.
4. Check the box next to the fourth song title 'Menu Tere Nal'.
5. Click on the button "Play Selected".
6. Listen to the song.
7. Feel terribly disappointed, and maybe even slightly ashamed.
8. Hate Anu Malik.
9. Hate Anu Malik even more.

I just don't believe that this guy has even an iota of talent in him. IMHO, he shouldn't be allowed to compose music ever! When his songs are pitted against the others in award functions, it's an insult to the other music directors who work hard to make their music. I despise him with a passion!

Anonymous said...


Well music in any form whether remixed or originalis worth listening.

My fav Remixes remains Dil Kya Kare --- Julie released sm ages back


Young Master said...

sehri babu! some pleasant memories associated with that song :-)

remixes rock. and i like them strictly for quality music. absolutely nothing to do with the associated videos.

Sayesha said...

Just heard the song and realised yes, I've heard it before! And while looking for it, found something that disgusted me. Shreya Ghoshal has sung this song called 'pyaar ki baatein' in the album, which is a total rip-off of one of my ALL TIME favourite songs 'Chandni raatein' by Distant Voices. Shreya ne dhokha diya :(

#Ms. V,
Just heard 'Mainu tere naal'. Oh man, Kunal ne bhi dhokha diya :(
ps: Didn't he win like a million awards for that song?? :(

Yes, I know which one you're talking about. But if you listen to the original, you will notice that the "feel" of the song is missing in the remix... the whole "dil kya kare jab kisi ko kisi se pyaar ho jaaye" helplessness seems lost in the dhik-chik beats.

Pleasant memories! Well well. ;)
ps: Do you remember the mathematical analysis we did years ago, of the girl in the music video? RP, if you're reading this, I'm sure you're grinning from ear to ear! :D

Anonymous said...

*clutch heart!* don't shatter my belief system! shreya ghoshal is all thats good with current music! for that plagiarism, i blame the music director...or like the hobbit, whoz been blaming martha stewart for everything that goes wrong in her life (everyone is blaming martha stewart for everything n hobbit wants a piece of the pie too), i blame anu malik! he seems to be everyone's fave whipping boy here.

Sahil said...

//I think this babe can live with that loss. :)

rahena pare to chalo rahe jayenge
thodi kami, yeh chalo sahe jayenge

Toh phir jao rehlo sehlo phir batlao....

Anonymous said...

Oops! soo much 'damning' going.
O ji wo hum sooch raha hoon ki behti ganga mein, madamji, hum bhi haath dho leta hoon thoda sa ;)
_!!_ Damn Saz _!!_ Damn Saz _!!_

LMAO =))

Sayesha said...

Gimme someone to blame too! Quick! Anyone but Shaan or Shreya!

Hahahahaha! I love that song man! Now you've made me laugh, and I don't wanna be mean to you anymore. On this post at least. :P

May the behti nadi be infested with piranhas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sayesha, I listened to the remix version and started off well, but uske baad, no comments..hahaa :-)

U r very right, remixes sometime spoil the entire charm of the original. We can enjoy a remix on "another" level, if it has been done well, but I come across so many where they don't do justice to their own self, forget, to the original! :-) But perhaps, they were not "meant" to do any kinda justice to the original?

I am forgetting some of the remixes I have actually liked..but "Aap Jaisa Koi" is one among them. I love that one. Perhaps, because they have not unnecessarily speeded it up.

Sayesha, I understand how it is...when we like something, that the person we like, likes, that we otherwise wouldn't have liked....(better get out of this maze fast!) :-) I am sure that person is flattered! :-)But my dear, you are stuck now! Haha...Enjoy the song :-)

Sahil said...

yeah yeah. Apology accepted.

Anonymous said...

blame rupert murdoch! its coz of his network that cable tv boomed in india...and made careers for sohies n DJ dolls n DJ aqeels!

n that bby viking fella...ugh! bet hez never hit a single right note his entire life, man!

i want lucky ali! mere khuda mujhe itna bata, kya aisa hi hota hai pyaar.. (i want the boy in this too...neck downwards only) or kitnee haseen zindagi hai yeh...honton pe jaise kahani hai...sada yahaan kiska thikaana hai... this time, i'll take the girl :-)

Sayesha said...

Yeah, I think your point about 'another level' is very valid.
ps: I'm over the song now. Phew!


I don't like Bombay Vikings either. Remember the 'Chhod do aanchal' video? The blasted way in which that bimbotic female wears the sari... it just makes me so angry! Aarrghhh! :@

Anonymous said...

// Why is it that sometimes we like something we would otherwise utterly dislike, just because someone we like, likes it?

I totally forgot about something you said which was similar to that, albeit having an opposite effect of sorts on you.

About how you used to so love watching India playing cricket, until you became very good friends with someone who was totally mad about cricket and suddenly, you lost all interest in the game! :o

Sayesha said...

Hahahahaha! You remember, eh? ;)

Yeah man, I gotta get my interest in cricket back! :O

ritzkini said...

How about
"Honton pe aisi baat..dabaa ke chali aayii..."
the new one yaar...with jhankaar beats !!!
Rivetting..the song..i mean..

Sayesha said...

Nope, I dun like random girls singing oldies :(

Anonymous said...

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Bhavya said...

In that first statement, where you thought you'd lost a few people, you grabbed all my attention. It's so true.