Saturday, October 08, 2005


It's gettin' hot in here. Stressed Sayesha needs to chill for a while. I am going away for a well-deserved mini-vacation to hibernate in a cold place with no computer. No, I am not locking myself in the refrigerator. Though that does sound like a tempting (and cheaper) option.

Gotta go.

Be right back.

Meanwhile, here's a message for you guys! :)


Rays Of Sun said...

Woow! OK! So me and Sayesha online at the same time and me the first commenter tode:)

Chillax, Sayesha!! Have a great time and see you soon:)


bindu said...

Have a nice time!
i'll miss your blog:-(


virdi said...


tusi ja rahe ho??? ok jao jao... and we are not going to miss you... ptthhhhrrrrbbbrttttt.... (calvin style)


Ashish said...

I had learnt that only cold-blooded "animals" hibernate...
phew :-" {rotfl}

Oh and again a baby :-ss wat are you doing sayesha?

ok ok .... bon voyage, take care and be ready to update as soon as u land back!!!!! we'll miss you :(

Bonatellis said...

i think u've misunderstood my comment :-) something made me think it would be some raunchy confession :p ... LOL

Shuuro said...

Have a nice time, see you soon. Baby's eyes convey helplessness than being menacing :-P

Fao said...

*sniff!* don't go sasha! :'-( i miss ya awready. come back sooooonnn!!!

n ve a wonderful time. (what? i mean it, k? m not all bad! the tips of my hair are all good.)

bon voyage!

J'Adore said...

Sayesha> why would you go somewhere cold? damn u ppl in the tropics have no idea how good u've got it. ;-)

rancho relaxo amigo!

PuNeEt said...

It's not that I'm afraid of that punch... but truly
will miss u loads...

Come back soon...
Lot of my blog friends r going for vacation...
Puneet sobzzzz

Enjoy your trip... have fun
and I'm sure u will loads to blog once u r back...


Miss u
Take care

tragicomix said...

no place cooler than the west

Pradyot said...

ok... i will miss you and your blog. But only because I love my nose and don't want to mess with my looks.

Harshi said...

Going by ur hectic life, It did sound like u needed a vacation Sayesha. Good for you for taking time off! Have a verrry-verrry relaxing time. And gosh, I wish it were hot here! I am already missing Summer :-( Got out my warm clothes quite reluctantly.
And needless to say, ofcourse you will be missed :-) You have a great eye for just the right pics! Haha...:-)

Take care..

Anonymous said...

hey hav a gr8 time..but we wud b hanging out at sayeshaz,beer mugs et al.. ;-)
cheers 2 sayeshaz

Humjoli said...

will surely miss you sayesha darling. hope to see you back soon.

take care

Starbreez said...

Man, RGV and I were wracking our brains trying to figure out what happened to you, before I checked your blog. You ain't got no roamin' on your phone, eh? Visions of bloody murders were floating before my eyes, man, and I realised I didn't know how to contact anyone who cavorted with you outside of work!!!

the Monk said...

hey, nice blog...keep postin...and drop by mine sometime...

spamtaneous said...

have a nice mini-vacation sayesha ...u r already a mini-celebrity ...16 ppl missing u already ..err 17 inc. me :) ...thats a lot

Aj said...

going to some hill station is it?
I luv them all !
been to a lot of them...very few left... almost all the time with parents on LTC trips in childhood :P

for sure they r relaxing and TOTAL-MASTI-NO-TENSION places.

Hav fun

REVerenD said...

well am a regular reader of ur blogs.. happy vacationing!!!

Siddhu said...

Ave a nice time, ma'am! So where u off to? Siberia?

Come back soon, destressed Sayesha :)

amit said...

message only fr boys.........:)

Vanathi said...

We will miss you...

Ravi said...

Yeah, Right!

I'm not going to miss you one bit. Ha Ha Ha. Now you can come & punch me.

I'm desparately waiting for my punch.

Sayesha said...

#Rays of sun,
Thanks gal! I'm back! :)

#Hey Bindu,
Silent reader, eh? :)

#Virdi praaji,
I am back. So 'ptthhhhrrrrbbbrttttt' back to you! :P

Tu phir shuru ho gaya?? :D

Ohhhh!! That way! And I thought there goes my job! :D

//Baby's eyes convey helplessness than being menacing

Hahahaha! It's like a helpless threat! ;)

//why would you go somewhere cold?

You have to live in Singapore to know that! :)

Thanks! I am back! Yeay! :)

Moolah no enough, leave no enough. So I settled for Genting Highlands. :)

Hahahahaha! :D

Thanks! :)

Beer mugs et al?? Any spills on the carpet and you're so in for the punch! ;)

Yeah, I am back! :)

Haha! I never get roaming on my mobile when on vacation. No phone no Internet, that's a real vacation! :)

#The Monk,
Thanks! :)

Ooooh, the MAC missed me, did he? ;)

Yeah, hill station. Awesome place!

Thanks! :)

Haha! Singapore to Siberia?? The mere change in temperature would kill me! :P

Errr.. thanks?

Thanks, girl! I am back! :D

You n me. Outside. Now.
ps: Bring your boxing gloves. And a bimbo with a first aid kit, to attend to you after I kick your ass. :D

Sahil said...

Bad-ass Sayesha.

I wonder if u're really as strong as you say u r?

Sayesha bhai it seems.

Sayesha said...


//I wonder if u're really as strong as you say u r?

Dude, you wanna try me? Ho jaaye fist-fight?

Sahil said...

I would.

But I don't hit girls.

Sayesha said...


We'll see who's the one getting hit. Up for the challenge? Or did I scare you, my friend?

//But I don't hit girls.

Oh right. I forgot you only hit on them.

Sahil said...


Sahil doesn't hit on girls. They hit on him.

//Oh right. I forgot you only hit on them.

btw that was funny. If you fight as well as u write, then beware world.

Sayesha said...

//If you fight as well as u write, then beware world.

Oho, aaj bahut tareef kar rahe ho? Kya baat hai! :)