Thursday, October 27, 2005

At least gimme a different department, for heaven's sake!

Some people are so amazingly capable of doing things I know I never can.

One of the subjects in my course is jointly taught by this American couple. And they work so amazingly well together that it leaves me astonished. He teaches the theory, she teaches the lab work. Sometimes, they even take the class together.

But when they look at each other, you don't sense a "Oh no! Not you again!" expression. In fact, they're quite cute. He rewards us with Kit Kats when we answer questions (now that's my kinda professor! And the reason why it's my favourite subject!) and warns us "You can eat the Kit Kat in class, but hide the evidence afterwards. Don't let Prof. R see it!" And then she walks in, sniffs the air and says, "Whaaaat's goin' on here? Have you been spoiling the kids again, Prof. R?" And then he pretends to be all innocent. It's really damn cute.

He says things like "Yes, I have two Master's degrees and one doctorate. That's how sick I am." And she says, "Oh, don't you guys listen to that guy over there!" The chemistry between them is so obvious that it seems as if they're dating, or are newly married, though they have three grown-up kids. Wow!

I don't think I am capable of that. To me, this is how it would work.

Say you get married to guy X. You open your eyes in the morning, you see guy X. You have breakfast with guy X. You go to work with guy X. You're seated five feet away from guy X at work the entire day. You have meetings with guy X. You have lunch with guy X. You come home with guy X. You watch TV with guy X. You go to bed and guess who's there -- guy X! Next day, you open your eyes again and surprise surprise -- guy X is there! Even if you get away from him, and hang out with you kids, you look at them and you're reminded that you made them with guy X. There's just no escaping this guy X!

I can't do that. I need to have my space. I need guy X to have his space.

Don't you need to be away from guy X once in a while to miss him and be reminded of what he means to you and how much you love him?


renegadefade said...

haha me first!

renegadefade said...

hmm.. thought i'd add something constructive and suitably lovey dovey but nope.. i'm out
although can i just say good luck to that guy x. he's gonna need it ;)

Rays Of Sun said...

Oh no! I cant take too much of the same person every day..Atleast not at work:D 24/7..No way.......
P.S..Ok I guess this was the guy whom you talked about on my post, eh?:)

Anonymous said...

well, i guess one has to keep working at stuff like this to maintain the freshness ... but then again, easier said than done ... :)

Aethyr said...

And thus the 'Wise' Sayesha spake...

way to go girl!!

Thanu said...

I don't think that we need to be away from our loved ones to miss them. Working with a loved one - that is a whole different story. My parents have been working at the same place for like 10 years now they really like it, but I don't think I would like it.

Jay said...

"Don't you need to be away from X once in a while to miss him and be reminded of what he means to you and how much you love him?"

Agree !

Deeps said...

If you love someone, just a moment away from him can make you miss him. Sad, but true :).

Starbreez said...

Wah, looks like The Life of the Baghban can exist in real life too. Schweet shudder of Maud, but to each his own.

Raam Pyari said...

hehehe..yeah thats too much of x!!!!!!
i totally agree ....u cant possibly spend 24X7 with one person!!!
okay yeah myb some ppl can.only one thing can explain this: It takes all types to make this world.

L said...


Ya cant digest the fact that u see smone 24 hrs... Well even I know of office couples but never imagined this aspect of time...!! Guess love first blossomed coz they work together and later never got time to change jobs....!!hehe

Just another ... said...

Wow! Hats off to them.

24x7!!!! There's no way I could do that and still be sane. I'm sure my other half appreciates the time away too.

Vikram said...


No silly humor this time around. Totally connected with what you said in the last line of your post. I've been there :(

Vikram said...

Oh yeah I read you last line by replacing 'him' by 'her'....sheesh read that line after I made my previous comment and it gave out a wrong more silly humor from me today :(

Parth Anand said...

Totally agree with you on this...
too much of sugar leads to diabetes.. and as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Ashish said...

ok for once I'll talk serious business, without bad jokes in between :P

wonder where u got that thought.
I would rather spend 7lifetimes x 24/7 every lifetime with my beloved. kudos to them :)
wat more- I can just wish good luck to Mr.X

Harshi said...

Yeah you have a point Sayesha. Space does help and has its meaningful role to play.

But there's something so incredibly satisfying about seeing a couple work so well together as a team! I have always looked at such couples with great envy and wide-eyed appeciation. I wish to have that kind of superb compatibility with my future Him too :-) And a sense of humor with each other just caps it all so well together :-)

Perhaps some couples just Never get tired of each other? Possible? :-) Kya pata...

But let's hope...that if one or both of them Do need their space, they are still getting it.


Sayesha said...

Hahaha! That was so Virdi! :P
ps: Good luck to guy X? Hey, what about the wife? She needs as much luck as he does!!

Yeah, this is the same Kit Kat professor I mentioned on your blog! :)

Freshness, that's the word. You gotta maintain the freshness, and for that, some distance is mandatory I feel.

Hahaha! The wisdom tooth's already at work, eh? ;)

I believe that things worked differently for our parents' generation. They had more so much more patience and tolerance than we do. Am not generalising, but I feel that most of our generation is more individualistic, more egoistic and has less of a sacrificing streak. Personal space is so much more important to us than it was to our parents.


And it's only when you miss him you realise how much you love him, isn't it?

Yeah, that's my policy too. To each, his own. But me, naah, can't do this!

First time here? Welcome to Sayeshaz! :)
I agree -- it takes all kinds! :)

Hahahaha! You may be right! :D

#Just another,
Yeah, I think I'd go insane too! :O

Hahahahahaha! Oh man, Virdi's got competition for the position of 'clown at Sayeshaz'! ;)

Yeah, I agree! :)
However, absence should not be for too long a period, otherwise the mind tends to forget and get used to the absence. Some day I will post on why I don't believe in long-distance relationships.

Wow, 7 lifetimes x 24/7??? I can never do that! :)
ps: Why the hell is everyone wishing good luck only to Mr. X??? What about Mrs. X????

I know what you mean! When I see Prof. R and Prof. R, and how well they work together, it amazes me! But even if I have a guy whom I can stand 24/7, I don't think I would want to. :)

Bhole said...

Excessive of anything is not good :)

viv said...

I agree that each one needs to have his/her space.

I guess sometimes, when X and Y share the same hobby/passion, it's like they are not together at that moment because they want to be together, but because they enjoy doing the same things. It's as if they're friends then and not a couple. The thing is that it very rarely happens that two people are so passionate about the same thing. Not for nothing do they say that opposites attract.

Ashish said...

'coz may be Mrs. X seems to be in no mood to give-in to the needs of relationships. No I am not saying that she (or anyone for that matter) knows in advance what relationships might demand from her tommorrow, but then she is having ideas and developing ideologies about the unknown which to me at least (donno why others aren't wishing her luck!) seems a silly thing to do.

I mean don't have a standpoint yet, work on the things when demand for acting-out on them arises. May be need to 'give space' would arise, say 10 years down the line. OK, go ahead give space THEN; but NOT NOW. Don't stand firm on the idea of "my freedom", "my space" . . . . dont pave a ground beneath- love doesn't need that- it needs unpaved ground for its roots to penetrate - a clean slate kinda thing.

I personally feel that forming such strong opinions, biased towards one particular ideology/mindset inclines our personality so much towards that way of life that later-on such way if life seems to be the best one from social, moral, personal standards. The ideas we form in young age become an indispensible part of our adulthood. If the relationship so demands then go ahead, have ur stand, develop a mindset, follow some course of action. But getting biased right now so strongly towards ONE PARTICULAR thing is like . . . . then we'll be sowing seeds of love on a paved ground, with not much freedom for the roots to spread equally in all directions but one particular direction would be favoured and then the relationship would be biased on the side of the person who doesn't "give-in" easily.

One of my fav. quotes: "In every relationship there is always one person who loves more", [and I feel strongly to be that person myself. D'oh but she doesn't give me any chance to do that:P ]

abhi said...

You put the lamp in the dining room , and the moth is around it.You put the lamp in the drawing room , and the moth is there.You put the lamp in a locker , the moth is there.This sure can look irritating , but to an outsider.When the lamp and the moth are in love , and i say love , then to be together all day is something like paradise.i think so , coz i was away from her most of the times , and i badly wanted to be a moth then.

fao said...

a happily married old couple? thats not an urban legend? man, you can knock me over with a feather now!

if i don't ve my space from mr. x, i'll pro'lly turn master planner of homicides. also, i'll become more familiar with voodoo.

Sayesha said...

Yupp, I agree. :)

Yeah, I think if Mr and Mrs X have some common hobbies or are friends who like to hang out together (my ideal scenario) more than a married couple who MUST do everything together, then it's cool. Otherwise, you're just sitting in the same room lookin; at each other with no room for conversation.

I get your point, but I think you and I are talking about different things. :)

It's not about Mrs X not "giving in to the needs of the relationship". There are no "needs" here, and there's no "not giving in". This post is just about me appreciating something some people are capable of, and admitting that I am not capable of doing that.

Chalega na? :)

I know what you're talking about :) When we're "newly in love", it's true that we wanna be the moth, (and yes, that phase is quite an amazing one) but spending your whole life being the moth? I think not. At least not for me :)

Ashish said...

intelligent comment :)
daudega :D
I am also bragging about my own feel for the subject at hand :)

Sayesha said...

Sorry girl, missed your comment, we must have posted at the same time.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm sure I'll go insane too. And so will guy X! :)

angelsera said...

u know it cud be tt Mr and Mrs X may not be doing every thing else together...they might ve other interests and apart fm this time and prob sleeping n waking up, they may not really be sharing much..

I guess u nvr know..n different ppl have different needs.You might need ur space and want guy X to do do the same but mayb they dont ve tt...

Sayesha said...

//You might need ur space and want guy X to do do the same but mayb they dont ve tt...

Of course! Did I deny that? :)

Must reiterate again - this post is not me saying "Oh God how can people do that??? Are they crazy?? It sucks!"

This post is me saying "Wow! People can do that?! I can't!"

Clearer? :)

ritzkini said...

aajkal bahut zyaada X and Y chal raha hai !
Gets us ordinary mortals confused yaar...
PS:On a more serious note,i guess you do have a point..

Minal said...


Well said.

My hubby & I have the same qualification, therefore I am often quizzed by his and my family, why don't you work in the same office.Both go, no thanks, we did it once, it was our fortune we were in different locations and never bunped into each other at work. Now that we are in different organisations we will continue being that way.

Nothing beats the excitement of having not seen him for the day and getting back into his arms after a hard day's work:-) It's nice to be away and miss your loved ones:-)Obviously not for too long, then it gets miserable;-)

Anonymous said...

wat?!? fao is a girl!! thot hez a guy :-(

rimjhim said...

hey Sayesha..
What 'bout wisdome tooth pain??
gone or not!!!!

gud post..
Infact i've seen sm couple/...first having a love marriage..then shifting in the same ofc...goin together..cmng together...and later DIVORCE coz of space problem...
Actually things turn worse when mrs X want to have space...but Mr X dsnt like it that way!!!

fao said...

awesome! just bleedin' awesome! it seems m a guy now!

aaaaarrrgggghhhh!!! m not a guy, you anon! n while m at it, i also deny that m the hobbit or biteme or parasite or anyone else in between.

what i am is tired and really, really annoyed!

m outta here, man! stop smiling sasha..i meant, for today!

virdi said...

X rated guy kini... wht else can he be... just like u... porn god...

Sayesha said...

Hehe... been using guy X too much in my posts lately, huh? But being a nerd yourself, you shouldn't be the one complaining about the variable I use yaar!

//Nothing beats the excitement of having not seen him for the day and getting back into his arms after a hard day's work:-)

WOW. That's so cool. If and when I get married, I think I'd like to have this arrangement with my hubby. :)

Hahahaha! Yes dear, Fao is a girl. Had a crush on him, did ya, girl? Don't worry though, if I know Fao, and if you're hot enough, she'll consider you. What say, Fao? ;)

Divorce cos of space problem... that's just too sad :(
ps: Yeah, tooth's much better now, thanks! :)


Tera dimaag bilkul one-track hai... Kini did not mean any porn stuff, you moron! Sab teri tarah nahin hote! :D

Dreamcatcher said...

That's exactly like my sister and my brother in law. I dont know how they do it - same office and everything. He finds buying birthday presents traumatic because she's always around.But i agree with you, i would need to be around other people so that i could realise the value of the person.

Sayesha said...


//He finds buying birthday presents traumatic because she's always around.

Hahahaha! That's so funny! :D

Koi Pahailee said...

well in case of my guy (x?), i want to do just that

and its not awkward

it really is not
but for now, he is going away somewhere
and its sad
when i am so much used to him
how the hell will i survive

can totally relate to the American Couple

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Sigh!! I don't know about that. if I don't see my stupid Guy X everyday, I feel weird!! I am sure it will wear off and then I will sick and tired of him :-P

sheela_b said...

Hi!Happy Diwali!

No, I guess I would not feel weird if I see my guy beside me every morning when I open my eyes. I would fee blissed...hmmm, maybe because I don't have that Guy X yet. Who knows.

Sayesha said...

#Koi pahailee, Kroopz, Sheela,

I guess -- to each, her own :)

Anonymous said...

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Bhavya said...

Totally agree with you on this