Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for zoom


And it's gone. April, that is.

I can only imagine how slowly it would crawl without the A-Z blogging marathon, with Viv being away (for three weeks this time!), and me having to take over his half of Xena-related stuff too. I would literally be counting days and wondering why time was passing so slowly. However, the blogathon ensured that instead of me groaning, "When will it be tomorrow???" I say, "WHAAAT?! It's tomorrow already?? Whyyy so fast, whyyy whyyy whyyy??"

However, I have to say that the panic attacks I used to have in previous years of the challenge did not happen this year. At least, the intensity wasn't so high. Perhaps it's because this is my fourth year of doing this. In fact, this year I have felt the most relaxed about it. In previous years, I'd decide on what I'd be posting at least the night before, or occasionally even have a typed-out draft ready, but this year was very different. There were actual days when I sat down in the evening at the computer and said, "Hmmm... so what's the letter for today? What shall I post?" My Google search history also shows fewer instances of 'Words that start with...' But of course, I have to admit that I miss some of the hilarious mass panicking that used to happen with the challenge.

By posting today, I've broken the rule that says no posting on Sundays. But tomorrow is a part of May, and this is supposed to be an April challenge! It would be super-weird to have 25 posts in April and 1 post in May. I'd also feel like I missed a deadline or something. Oh, the horror.

It's day 2 of a 4-day long weekend for us, and I'm glad to be wrapping things up today. I want to take some time over the next two days to respond to the comments on my posts, and also go and read and comment on other people's A-Z posts.

As always, the blogathon has left me rejuvenated about blogging, and I hope I will continue to blog as regularly as I possibly can.

Thank you for hanging out!



Arun said...

This bewda is medium.

Sayesha said...


Charan Deep Singh said...

I complete my first April Challenge today too... And thanks to you Sayesha for making me go through this experience. I think when my kid grows up and is a adult, and he reads these 26 posts, he may discover new things about me..

My last post about pronunciation


Sayesha said...

Congrats on completing the challenge. Hope this has motivated you to blog more too, and not just in April. :)

Kavity said...

Loved all your posts this time, as always is the case! I completed mine too, though a day late :/ Thanks for the inspiration!

Charan Deep Singh said...

Well Sayesha. Not sure if I blog more. But today I found time to post a non April post about change in my life...

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