Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for hypocritical

So I saw this watch online and thought it was hilarious. I ordered it, thinking I'd give it as a gift to someone who'd appreciate the joke and take it well. But when it arrived, I was in love with it. It was just toooooo funny.

"Just keep it for yourself then." said Viv.

I would.

Except that this watch was not me at all. If anything, it was the opposite of me. I've been known to terrorise people for being even a few minutes late (though now I've learnt to be kinder to parents of babies and toddlers) and at one point, I used to even threaten people that I'd start shopping the minute their lateness commenced, and they would have to pay for every single purchase I made in the minutes that they were late by.

For such a punctuality nazi, wearing this watch seems wrong, doesn't it? Like I've cast aside my principles or something. If I walked around wearing this watch, it would be hypocritical, wouldn't it?

Viv thinks I'm overthinking. I want to think I'm overthinking. Please tell me I'm overthinking.


Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

Whatever we think, you should not care.

If you think so it is for you. Or else, I am sure I am not the one you would ever like to give this watch too! :D

Charan Deep Singh said...

I don't mind a free watch. Gift it to me

Anonymous said...

So I loved how cute this watch is too but I wouldn't wear until I actually have problems being on time :D You see, even before I read the post, I saw the watch and was like 'Ummm nice, but it won't work for me, AT ALL'. So give it away!

Arun said...

This was a real P for Puzzler over my morning cup of tea. No matter how I scratched my head, I couldn't see the hypocrisy in humor directed at oneself.

Charan Deep Singh said...
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Charan Deep Singh said...

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that be I for Irony that someone like you fell in love with a watch like that? ;)

Sayesha said...

Hahaha! Another punctuality nazi? :P

Charan Deep,
Wah wah what a solution! :/

Giving it away might also lead to problems -- the receiver might feel offended? I don't know. Unless they saw it and went, "OMG I WANT!" Then I'd be all "TAKE IT!" :P

Hmmm... yeah I thought of that. But I just feel this watch on my hand will be more puzzling than amusing. :|

Yes. It could also have been W for Watch, T for Time, L for Late, P for Punctual, F for Funny, and a million other things. Gotta pick the one that's in the moment.

Bubblegum inherhappyplace said...

Yes. From what I have heard my friends used to add 40 minutes in the actual time of meeting before conveying to me!
Ask Mr.ISB, when I have to take a flight- I will not allow people to be late even for five minutes from the plan I would have made a night before.

Sayesha said...