Saturday, April 08, 2017

G is for graduation

"Mama, they made us wear A TENT!" said Xena excitedly, as soon as she saw me after school.

I chuckled. Of course, a graduation gown is "A TENT" to kindergarteners. She was talking about her graduation photoshoot.

"Graduation what?!" I hear you. I had the exact same reaction when I saw the letter from the school asking me to pack a white collared formal shirt for 'the K2 graduation photoshoot'.

Just imaging the 5-year-olds in white collared formal shirts having a graduation photoshoot was hilarious. I didn't know finishing preschool also fell under graduation. Kinda like how when someone says, "I'm running the marathon." you look them up and down and ask, "Like marathon marathon? 42.195 K?" And they say, "Of course not. I'm doing the 5K."

Anyway, back to the photoshoot. Apparently, not only did they wear "THE TENT" on top, they even had mortarboards and graduation scrolls! (The school does the photoshoot very early in the year as those going on to international schools leave the school several months earlier than those going to local schools, so March is probably considered a safe time to 'capture' them all.)

I'm very, very aware of this being Xena's last year at preschool and the massive changes the end of this year is going to bring to our lives. So, in a way, in spite of the hilarity, I get the graduation. Because in a way, it will be mine too. I'll graduate from being the mommy of a preschooler to that of a primary school child. I most definitely won't be allowed to call her 'baby' anymore (but who says I'll conform?) and I most definitely won't be allowed to carry on with the fun and games approach to academics (but who says I'll conform?) and I most definitely can't make her bunk school and take off on a sudden holiday in the middle of the term (okay fine, I'll have to conform to this one -- you simply do not mess with the establishment).

But yes, things will get a little more serious, a little more grown-up. And so, whether I like it or not, I'll have to, you know, graduate.

All right then, someone give me my tent already!


Charan Deep Singh said...

I had my first kid recently. And your last two posts scare me.

Charan Deep Singh said...

Today I wrote about my grandparents. Do read. It is a very heartfelt post

Arun said...

One day, when she's Prime Minister of Singapore, she'll have this pic. on the wall of her office, and everyone will say "this is where it began".

:) :) :)

How do we know said...

And she is adorable!!!

Sayesha said...

Charan Deep,
Why do they scare you? :)

Hahahahaha! Xena - a millionaire politician? That would be something! :P

How do we know,
Thanks! :)

Charan Deep Singh said...

@Sayesha - Because you seem to put a lot of effort in your parenting... I feel ill equipped after reading them... My son is just about 4 months old. I think I will learn

Sayesha said...

Hopefully I'm not stressing you out! :O